Dlarit Army

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Dlarit Army
Organizational information
Led by:

Chief of Staff

Parent organization:

Dlarit Security Force


25,000 aprox.

  • Army: 5,000 aprox.
  • Police: 5,000 aprox.
  • Marines: 15,000 aprox.
  • Pilots: 300 aprox.
Chronological and political information


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The Dlarit Army is the main security and law enforcement division of the Dlarit Security Force. The Dlarit Army is overseen by the chief of staff, who holds the rank of general and reports to the adjutant general of the DSF.

The General Staff consist of the head of the Dlarit Army, his adjutants, advisors and other staff personnel. The chief of the general staff is based on Tarthos in the main Dlarit Security Force Headquarters at the garrison city of Kar Alabrek. The HQ is officially guarded by a battalion but members of the marine corps and the trainees at the Dlarit Military Academy, also located in the city, are on call in an emergency.

The Dlarit Army is organised into a number of independent divisions, most are overseen by a major or colonel. The commanding officer on any given planet is under the authority of that planet's governor. Where there is no governor assigned to a particular planet or installation, as is the case on Kangaras for example, a military governor is appointed from the ranks of the Dlarit Special Operations Group to serve as prefect.

The army is organised into two main branches: the police force and the naval marines. The police provide day to day law enforcement and security for the main mining colonies throughout the Orian system. There are about fifteen thousand uniformed officers on the streets and in the mines. The marines provide support for the Dlarit Navy, including security for the main space stations above Tarthos.

Order of Battle

General Staff

Chief of the General Staff: General Byron Cargas

Cenota Facility

CO: Major Milar Tanos

Kar Alabrek

CO: Major General Kaylin Tyr

Platform Onyx

CO: Major Comm'ali'skora