Arik Shathis

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Arik Shathis
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Date of Birth:

9 BBY (age 50)

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1.93 meters

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Chronology & Political Information

Physician and Politician


Mayor, Seng Karash


Clan Naga Sadow

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Arik Shathis is the current mayor of Seng Karash and formerly a well-renowned physician.


Early Life

Born on Bastion in 9 BBY, Arik Shathis grew up on Coruscant. His father headed a leading biotechnology company, while his mother was a prominent physician. Because of his parents' profession, it was expected that Arik would enter a biomedical-related field. He dreamt of being a researcher, making major breakthroughs that would change the face of medical science. He graduated valedictorian from his preparatory school and was well-liked by his peers.


In 9 ABY, Arik attended the prestigious Imperial University on Coruscant. He majored in xenobiology and biotechnology, hoping to be relevant to the biomedical needs of the diverse species across the galaxy. He graduated early and with summa cum laude honors for two bachelors degrees in 13 ABY, and would recall barely beating out his close childhood friend Hiale Serros, who pursued similar fields of study and with whom he had a friendly rivalry.

Medical Career

Though he had originally intended to pursue a career in research, he chose to do a brief internship in a clinical lab at the Lamoramora Medcenter on Coruscant. Almost immediately after beginning his internship, Arik chose to change his career direction and in late 17 ABY returned to the medical college at Imperial University to obtain a degree in medicine. After completing his residency in xenobiological internal medicine he became an attending physician at Lamoramora and would eventually specialize in rare communicable diseases. Within a few years of finishing his residency, Arik become renown as an expert in the field of communicable xeno-diseases. He became the chair of the clinical pathology department and would soon hire his old friend Hiale Serros.


In 25 ABY Arik and Hiale were working the case of a patient with an unknown, degenerative neurological disease. The symptoms of the diseases included dysfunctional motor control, manifesting as unsteadiness at first but eventually becoming severe tremors and ultimately impacting other faculties such as vision and speech. A rare aspect of the disease was its transmission by touch alone. It was further found that the disease could rapidly adapt and cross species.

During the management of their patient, both Arik and Hiale contracted the disease. Utilizing their shared education and the full resources of the Lamoramora medical center, the two physicians managed to develop a therapeutic treatment for the disease which would prevent transmission, but had no effect on the neuro-physical symptoms. Despite the complaints of fellow physicians, the board of the medical center refused to terminate the contracts of Arik and Hiale out of gratitude for their service to the facility. Instead, they were moved into administrative positions and would eventually jointly run the entire medical center.

The two would continue to privately solicit experimental treatment, refusing to succumb to the disease while attempting to minimize the outward appearance of their degenerative states.

Government Career


After a year of managing Lamoramora, Arik transitioned into government in 27 ABY. He would eventually oversee the main continent of his homeworld, Bastion. However, as his illness progressed and it became apparent to the public that he was sick, he found himself ousted from politics for fear of inability to make his own decisions.


In 28 ABY Arik left Bastion in search of a home on a recently colonized world. His search brought him to Tarthos, where he would again practice as a physician. When a viral epidemic struck, he contacted Hiale for assistance and their success in staving off a catastrophic outcome would establish them as saviors in the eyes of the local population.

In the course of the epidemic, the local mayor succumbed to the disease and, as he had the experience and the population had faith in him, Arik was quickly elected as the mayor of the local government. In the days that followed the election, Hiale Serros would return to Coruscant and retreat from the public eye.


During Dlarit Corporation

In an effort to utilize both his skills in governing as well as understanding of xenobiological disease, Dlarit Corporation offered Arik the position of Mayor of Seng Karash, the capitol of Aeotheran in the Orian System in 30 ABY. The opportunity to benefit a population by both governance and medical care, in addition to the lucrative financial incentive offered by the corporation, was too much to reject, and soon after Arik relocated to the government district of Seng Karesh.

Only later was it revealed to Arik that Dlarit was a front for Clan Naga Sadow, who had expected the development of biological weaponry within rebel-run satellite facilities of the industrial district. Shathis' experience was considered necessary to identify the threat early in order to extricate the rebels. Before this opportunity arose, however, Dlarit Corporation was dissolved and replaced by the democratic Orian Assembly.

During Orian Assembly and Warhost Influence

After the dissolution of the Dlarit Corporation, Arik had to reinforce his popularity among the populace by an aggressive campaign in order to maintain his elected position in the Orian Assembly absent the backing of the corporation. He succeeded and has maintained the office in the absence of Dlarit since 32 ABY. Without Dlarit as a public influence, Clan Naga Sadow maintained its control of Seng Karash by less obvious means. Though not open about his affiliation and holding the position of mayor as a publicly elected official, Arik maintained loyalty to the Sadowans and influenced public policy towards their desires.