Waldron Ravenblade

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Waldron Ravenblade
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Physical Description





5,75 feet


149 pounds




brown and red

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Known masters:

Locke Sonjie



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Character History

Inna Oliga (Waldron's mother)

Family Story

The story of the Ravenblade family begins within the Jedi Temple, while the young padawan Hektor Ravenblade finally gets his title of Jedi Knight. Subsequently, he is joined to that rank by his childhood friend, Inna Oliga, with which he has developed, over time, very strong emotional ties. Although the Jedi Code forbids to its members the attachment and passionate emotions, they reciprocally left free rein to their love, but they nevertheless kept their relationship secret.

Unfortunately for them, after several years of well-kept secrets, Inna became pregnant and couldn't retain discretion about her relationship with Hektor anymore. When it was unveiled in public, the Jedi Council took the decision to expel them from their order depriving them of their dreams and the only honest way they had to meet their needs. Outraged by this severe decision, they left Coruscant with their young baby, Waldron and withdrew to the outer rim. Here, to feed his family, Hektor became mercenary and bounty hunter. His fame even spread to the republic because of its effectiveness which was closely connected to his mastery of the force. Over time, their hatred of the Jedi Order never stopped growing, and little by little, they fell patiently to the dark side.

Finally, when one of the great jedi war was about to begin, they were recruited by the Sith who had heard of them. They promised them a generous reward and all that they had lost because of the jedi order: the power, a good position and a rewarding work. No need to mention that, given their hatred, now fierce for the Jedi who abandoned them, they accepted the offer without delay.

While there were only few time before the end of this great jedi war, on the battlefield Hektor and Inna Ravenblade fought their own ex-former master Ridex Deban together . But when this one seriously struck Inna, Hektor wavered leaving many fatal openings in his defense, which also caused his loss. Their death made their son, Waldron an orphan who was immediately sent to the Coruscant orphanage by one of the closest friend of the family.

Before the Brotherhood

Waldron was born on Coruscant, the capital of the republic. His parents left the planet almost immediately after his birth. They settled in the outer rim near the Hutt space and that's where their son grew up for part of his life. The Ravenblades chose this place more than another because of the disgust they felt toward the republic after the expulsion of the jedi order. Were also their pride at stake, any work that the republic could propose not deserve their attention. Hektor wanted action, he wanted adrenaline, he knew that only work as a mercenary or bounty hunting could fill it. He also knew that it would be easier to find this kind of job out of the republic, near the Hutt space and the Black Sun. People of all kinds and of all races lived their surroundings thus avoiding the eyes of the republic on their business and their crimes. The only law that governed the area was the law of the jungle: the strongest prevails. Because of this, no sector around was safe and many times they had to move. They never stayed very long in one place, thus Waldron was raised as a nomad and he learned very quickly not to get too attached to that surrounded him except his parents.

His parents also began his training as he had inherited from their sensitivity to the force. Apart from that, he lived an almost normal life until the day when the Sith crossed the path of his parents. The day when his parents joined their ranks, his life changed: Hektor and Inna had become so busy with their tasks he was assigned to their closest friend. He did see them very rarely from this point. Few times after this, a war broke out between the Republic and the Sith, but Waldron was far from the conflicts. However, he knew that his parents, themselves, were at the heart of the action.

Finally, he was informed of their deaths during the battle and the circumstances of these ones. He vowed to avenge their deaths by killing the Jedi Master responsible for the assassination: Master Ridex Deban. After this, his tutor (the one his parents had assigned to keep him) took him up to his home planet, Coruscant, and left him to the hands of a shabby orphanage. At that moment, he was only 13 years old. Adapting to these new circumstances was not easy, however, he did not really got used to it. He had lived until then in a luxury and nothing was missing. Now he had only the bare minimum and could no longer count on his parents for the rest. Having grown accustomed since childhood not to focus on his surroundings, he stayed away from the other orphans of the institution and continued solo. He lived like it until the age where he could finally leave the orphanage.

After he left, he first looked for a work that would allow him to leave Coruscant with a reasonably well-filled purse. He found a job in the commercial transportation which greatly facilitates its primary purpose. He worked there for 1 years and a half which also allowed him to learn about the location of the Sith on Antei. When he was ready, he headed himself to that direction in order to obtain the power to accomplish the vengeance of his parents.

Waldron Ravenblade young

Birth of a Dark Jedi

With the undeniable affinity with the force he had from his parents, his lust for power and his hatred for the Jedi, he was easily received by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood that made him one of them. He joined the Clan Naga Sadow. Being new to the academy and making remarkable progress in record time, Ravenblade became the enemy of many other apprentices.

The rivality was common among the Sith order, it was even encouraged. In addition, the order of the Dark jedi was based on a system of prestige, which often pushed some students to fight against each other to win the approval and the respect of the masters.

Many times, Ravenblade had frictions with some of them, but lacking experience and mastery, he finished his confrontations with a crushing defeat, all covered with bruises and wounded in his orgeuil. Fortunately for him, the apprentices of the temple, like him, only used training sabers, which never did much damage as a real one.

After the humiliating defeat, he decided it was time for him to change the course of events. He had then turned to one of the Naga Sadow clan’s teachers, which he was now a part. His master, Locke Sonjie, who had at this time a very low opinion of him, began his extra-formation. When Waldron mastered everything his master shown him, he challenged the same apprentice that previously ridiculed him. He also chose a place where every member of the Brotherhood could see the fight. However, his victory was not easy, but he gained the favor of his master and the respect of many.

DJB Facts

A Vornskr


Just after the Great Jedi War X, Waldron Ravenblade's first mission was to investigate in the city of Kar Alabrek which is located on the Tarthos planet. The city was under reconstruction, but the workers were frightened. There had been many reports about violent paranormal activity. And as was said, this violence was increased against people sensitive to the force. After few days of exploring, he encountered the beast that scared so many people of this place... But it wasn't what he expected. It was a Vornskr: a nocturnal canine predator who had the ability to feel the force-sensitive prey. He slayed it easily in a cave. He also found there, by chance, an old Sith Book full of forgotten spells and skills. By the way, he deduced that it was the artifact and the lure of the dark side that led the monster in a place like this. He finally returned to the Dark jedi Brotherhood and made his report, but deliberately omitted to disclose his discovery to his master, keeping the Book to study it by himself...

Meteoric Rise

Since Ravenblade had returned from his mission on Tarthos and that he had brought back the mysterious sith Book, he had not ceased to study it and try to understand it. He always managed to be alone, by the way, nobody can catch him. Then began a very enriching elementary education for the young apprentice who also followed the precepts of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in the same time.

His progress in many areas was, at this moment, surprisingly fast. But, fortunately for him, no one really asked from where he drew all this knowledge and skills, instead attributing his success to luck or training (which, between us, was not false too ...). However, Ravenblade was not a fool either ... He made ​​sure never to show his true potential, keeping his best card in his sleeve as would make a good pazaak player ....

Outstanding Achievements

  • Waldron Ravenblade is the lowest ranking individual of the Brotherhood to receive the seal of Loyalty 1 month and half after he joined them.
Ravenblade's mount


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