Plagueis Powers

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You must unlearn what you have learned.
This article contains obsolete data. It reflects a Dark Brotherhood policy, position, or object that has been removed or replaced. It is preserved here for historical purposes only and should not be used/referenced.

In the wake of the Ninth Great Jedi War, Muz Ashen and the Dark Council came to the Dark Jedi of Plagueis and offered them secrets: Knowledge gleaned from holocrons containing the teachings of past Dark Lords. Included in these were teachings of Lord Plagueis himself, and it was from these words that they gleaned the greatest insight into two new Force Powers - Convection and the Spear of Midnight Black.


Prior to Lord Ashen's decision, Plagueis operated using uncertain and unspecific abilities, pieced together from the remnants of Clan Exar Kun and Clan Satal Keto. Including vague extrapolations of hard-to-focus abilities and including aspects pulled together from flimsy mind control and illusory abilities, the power system quickly fell out of use and out of instruction; as with the rest of the Brotherhood, the teachings of the past were too vague and shaky to be of any real use.

Following the Reclamation of Antei, Darth Ashen and his servants entered the Dark Hall on Antei, seeking to restore whatever had been lost. To their surprise, most of the Council's knowledge was intact, along with the remainder of Crask's treasure trove that had been left in the Hall - several new holocrons. From these, information was gleaned that would better arm the Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood; two new abilities were selected from these holocrons, and were assigned to a gatekeeper of Darth Plagueis to ease their instruction to Plagueian minds.

It was at the Dark Tower that Muz met with the Consul of Clan Plagueis, Alaris Jinn di Plagia, and presented this knowledge to him. Jinn was pressed to his limits under the Dark Lord's careful watch, but ultimately he prevailed; next to be taught was his Proconsul, Vivackus Kavon, as well as many powerful Equites and the Di Plagia.

Since that day, the Spear and Convection have been instructed to all Plagueians at the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and above.

Force Techniques


"My heart may be cold, but my flesh burns."
―Darth Plagueis' avatar instructs Alaris Jinn on Convection.
Alaris Jinn heats his body to extreme temperatures.

Those that study this Force Power learn how to alter their body chemistry to cause their skin to burn at intense temperatures. This power can be used to cause an opponent's temperature to rise with a physical touch. This can range from merely making a subject uncomfortably warm to outright boiling someone's blood, depending on the user's strength in the Force.

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  • First Tier: The user can heat themselves enough to keep a small room warm, or heat an enemy enough to make them uncomfortable.
  • Second Tier: The user can heat themselves enough to hurt a person who touches their skin, or heat an enemy enough to do damage to their flesh.
  • Third Tier: The user can heat themselves enough to burn flammable items that touch their skin, or boil the blood of a foe.

Spear of Midnight Black

"Focus your fury and you will need no weapon; your rage will be lethal enough."
―Plagueis' avatar instructs Vivackus on the Spear of Midnight Black.

This cruel Force Power allows a Force User to forge an invisible (although visible using Force sight) spear out of raw Dark Side energy and hurl it at an enemy causing pain or death much as a physical spear. Stronger users can cause more damage and throw the invisible weapon with greater speed.

Main article: [[Spear of Midnight Black|Spear of Midnight Black]]
  • First Tier: At this level, the spear can be used to harm an opponent, but it is slow-moving and easily deflected by those with force sight.
  • Second Tier: At this level, the spear moves very fast, and can cause grievous damage to those who it hits.
  • Third Tier: At this level, the spear is ridiculously fast, and almost always lethal.

Instruction and Regulation

The instruction of these techniques is a very close-guarded secret of Plagueian Dark Jedi, and is passed down with the greatest oaths of trust. Equites instruct new adherents viciously, giving them no mercy or forgiveness should they fail and pushing them to their limits at all times. Afterward, they are trained in the different uses of the powers - examples being how multiple Spears can tear targets apart, or how Convection can be used to thaw frozen equipment or ignite fuel as well as to harm enemies. Ultimately, only students willing to Adapt, Ascend, and Avail fully comprehend the abilities given to Plagueis.

Following departure from the House, the Dark Council personally oversees the suppression of Plagueian techniques - protocol to ensure no House or Clan gains total supremacy over its peers. Should one return to Plagueis, they need only a few weeks of instruction to bring the repressed knowledge back to the fore; however, their powers from other places are similarly suppressed.

Should this suppression fail or be overcome, the Dark Jedi is typically neutralized through either the Force being stripped away or, more commonly, by death.


  • Clan Plagueis used to specialize in the schools Mind Control and Illusion – the combined paths of Exar Kun and Satal Keto.
  • Clan Plagueis received the 4th and 10th overall draft picks for the Clan Powers thanks to their 4th Place finish in the Ninth Great Jedi War.
  • Following the Reform, House Plagueis had this article renovated to reflect that the powers came from the Dark Council - not from Plagueis himself.