Rathelm Canex

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Rathelm Canex
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Date of Birth:

10 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Naga Sadow

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Roxas Buurenaar



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A warrior of Clan Naga Sadow, Rathelm Canex is a native of Corellia. An avid fencer from his youth, Rathelm's path ultimately led him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Obelisk Order.

Before the Brotherhood

Childhood on Corellia

Rathelm was born on Corellia in 10 ABY, the fifth child of a Corellian Public Safety Service (PSS), formerly known as the Corellian Security Force (CorSec), and his wife in the small mountain town of Bela Vistal. A hand-to-hand combat and fencing trainer, Kieran Canex trained all ten of his children in these arts.

As the fifth child, Rathelm was never comfortable in his family. Though he was treated just as well as his brothers and sisters, Rathelm always had to prove himself to his four older brothers, especially since, as the youngest boy, he was the closest to his five younger sisters. He was bullied just like most little brothers, but his father taught him early that the way to stop the bullying was to earn his brothers' respect. Rathelm learned this lesson all too well.

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The Brotherhood

In and Out

In 31 ABY, at the age of 21, Rathelm found his way to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. There he was accepted as an Initiate, and was ultimately placed in House Cestus of Clan Tarentum. He earned his promotion to Acolyte quickly after arriving in the Yridia System, but then his path took an unexpected turn.

In the first weeks of 32 ABY, Rathelm received word from a friend in the information trading business on Corellia that the eldest of Rathelm's sisters, Teniel, was being tricked into marrying a man with something of an unsavory (but rather unknown) past. Rathelm had never been willing to set aside ties to his family, and though he was attempting to find his place Clan Tarentum, no one would mess with his sisters and survive. No one.

Leaving no notice of his departure, Rathelm boarded a ship and made his way to Corellia. There he...dealt with the young man engaged to his sister within a short time. Disgraced at having abandoned the Brotherhood, Rathelm decided to use what funds he had left from his time before the Brotherhood and travel the galaxy in order to find his place.

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The Return