Tiberius Di Cloud

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Tiberius Di Cloud
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7 ABY (age 32)

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Character History

Humble Beginnings

In the year 5BBY a baby boy was born to a poor, loving farming family on the Planet Antei. Where the ground was rich with iron and wet with nutrients. This helped the farm to prosper; growing plenty a crop of veg and feeding the cattle kept on the farm. The child's own nutrition was also positively affected by the crop-surplus; growing very tall, strong, and quite active. Even more so than was to be expected by his hardy farm-heritage's standards. By the age of seven he was taller than any other boy or girl he knew in that age-group.

At times this was a secret source of pride to him, and aided greatly in not just his chores, but also in deterring bullies from teasing him about his minor speech-impediment. Which, oddly enough, didn't to bother him at all. It was a way for him to hide the latent intelligence that he seemed to be budding at an alarming-rate. More often than not, older children were curious of him and frequently sought his company.

Clearly Cloudy

At age ten he was officially given his name, Mist di Cloud, by the elder of his clan; As the Elder began to name the child, a cloud of mist settled over the village and farm where he was born; An obvious omen not to be ignored. And to say the name suited the youth would be an understatement: By this time several of his Clans members were aware of not only his existence, but also the youth's ease at carrying out menial or complex tasks beyond the common expectations for his age-bracket. As well as his contemplative-nature. Mist di Cloud's future among his farming-community was assured in their eyes.

Thirst for Knowledge

Mist's growth and development excelled further. Attended to by his loving family, he was given lessons in life and on how to be a good person. They taught him right from wrong, and how to work hard and earn a good living on a farm. Mist’s life was a happy one: He went to school and learned the basics of life, with the usual added reading and writing, which Mist found interesting enough. But, due to his knack for academics, he easily became bored with the learning skills he had gained and was usually found, when not attending to crops, reading machine manuals and whatever Craft schematics happened to past his view. By this time school was a simple pass-time, and no other available avenues of self improvement escaped his scrutiny. Finding the Clan's traditional activities interesting and fun, but not particularly difficult, he was eager for new challenges; Both physically and mentally.

By age sixteen, Mist had passed all the Basic Exams available to him, as well as some others: History and Chemistry. Along with Republic History, which, unsurprisingly, he gained a degree in.

His family kept a close eye on their son, as he was their only child and was special in their eyes. This influence was what prompted him to return to the farm and help his Father, and learn the ways of farming and the ways of life as a farmer. Wanting to please his family and make them proud among his clan, he went along for a few years in this manner, never once voicing disdain or reverting to feelings of ungratefulness. He simply took it as his duty, even though he didn't really feel it was to be his destiny. By the age of twenty he became restless and anxious at the way his life was panning out. He became positive of one truth though: Something had to change... And soon.

Duty; A Four-Letter Word

Mist, being the social-creature he had grown into, wanted to see what the worlds had to offer him. More importantly, he wanted to know how life would be like if he was something other than a Farmer. His boredom had all but gone unnoticed; he could only be found when working using all his free-time to learn whatever he could of the surrounding spheres in the Antei System from traders, freighters, scavengers, other farmers that had traveled off-world, and even smugglers, when he went to market, on occasion. It wasn't until one fateful day his curiosity was quenched.

Mist came across an advert' that read, ''Join the Republic's Navy and See the Galaxy!'' Mist was not taken a back by this ad' in the least. Instead, his wish to improve his life and expand his knowledge compelled him to return to his family and asked 'permission' to join the Republic's Military; an act he was sure would make his parents more proud of him than they had ever been.

On the contrary, and to Mist's great surprise, this news was not happily received by his family. In attempting to explain his thoughts, he became somewhat animated and incited his father to an anger he had never witnessed in him prior. His positive projections of his career in the Navy was improperly interpreted by his father as an insult to their clan and agriculture in general; seeing as the Navy, like all other military war-machines, destroyed crops and showed no regard for farm-families what-so-ever, in his opinion. The conversation became more and more heated, and resulted in his father soundly beating him for his 'bright idea'... Afterwards there ensued a period of emotional distance between them, which had never before been present in their relationship. He would frequently be unavailable for his father's audience, except when working together, which Mist avoided any chance he could.

Always the one for preparedness, he began to spend a small portion of his spare-time in taverns patroned by Naval-Enlisted and Officers, purely to learn a little more about the Republic's Navy firsthand. This further widened the rift between he and his family, as word surfaced in his vast farming community of his associations and expressed wishes toward Naval-Service. Although Mist’s Father was deeply sorry for harming his son, it was too late, the damage had already been done. Their true feelings were manifest to them and revealed to all who would take notice. Mist, feeling rejected and unwelcome within his family, and scorned by his Clan and local people, departed the village without so much as a goodbye to anyone whom may have been concerned; He was positive no one was.

Ay, Ay, Capn'

Mist marched directly to the Naval Recruitment Office and joined straight away. Deemed a perfect military-specimen, he breezed through the initial battery of physical and psychological profiling. After which, was immediately inducted as an Ensign and worked hard; already possessing a stable constitution and work-ethic, partnered to reliable intelligence, allowed Ensign Cloud to excel in his early service.

But, as time went on, sterile military-life made this lonely soul a bitter and unhappy person. With no family or friends to share his achievements with, the accolades felt hollow. He was still feeling the effects of his self-imposed exile and compensated by, once again, throwing himself wholly into his work. This paid off to some extent, as things began to pick for the young man. He began finding his niche, and eventually spared less and less thought on his past or anyone in it. Things were beginning to unfold as he had always foreseen.

He rose rapidly in rank and changed his name, as he felt this was a fitting for a Naval-Officer and wanted to be known as a man. Dead was the sweet Misti he had been known as in childhood and adolescence. Only Tiberius Di Cloud remained: The 'self-constructed Man'. Not only was he an Officer in Antei's Naval Command, he was becoming aware of the Force; his Force-Sensitivity being uncovered to him through his previous frustrations and brooding.

He would seek out a Master in the ways of the Force and find one in the Wookiee, Dark-Jedi, Starrett. The multi-tasking aptly consumed his time and mental energies, propelling him to the rank of Jedi Hunter in a short period of time. Now he was positive he had made the right choice those years ago; it seemed like ages since he'd seen his family, or cared to, for that matter. Or so he had convinced himself.

Mists of the Past

Tiberius was on duty when an attack took place, which would haunt him for the rest of his existence. His ship was tasked with the detail of protecting his home planet; a fact which Tiberius purposefully neglected to divulge to the crew and Captain, as this would, in Tiberius’ eyes, reveal a weakness he refused to show anyone. In any case, it was of no consequence; that wasn't his life anymore. He just needed to keep his 'nose to the grind-stone'... This would be no obstacle.

The ship had been on routine-patrol at the time, when the Navigator noticed something that was not quite right: There was a Star-Destroyer in orbit around his home world! This shocking discovery resulted in his ship being put on red alert, ready to defend its charge.

What proceeded to unfold before Tiberius' eyes was unbelievable and, to this very day, is still seared into his memory: The Destroyer attacked his Planet and dessimated it within an moment.

It was in this same moment, Tiberius refused to lay-down his guard and let anyone in ever again. His existence from then on would be a solitary one, distancing himself from even those he had befriended after joining the Naval Command. It was whilst in this solitude he felt the true embrace of the Dark Side of The Force.

It was through his lust for retribution that lead him down the perilous road to becoming one of the Sith; the conquerors of galaxies, the vanquishers of the indomitable. It is through his new found power, that this Dark Jedi Knight plans to exact his vengeance upon those that would seek to oppose his destiny, which he's no doubt received glimpses of: Sith are well-known for their intuitions into possible immediate-futures and situational-outcomes, aiding them greatly in Stellar-Combat.

The Past Has Gone New Beginings A New Clan

Tiberius was not settled within Plaguies and wanted to be more, active and to be part of a Clan, and be a gretaer part of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, as he sat down by his deak in his Quarters on the Plasgius Home Planet, he sat at his desk and looked at the paper-work he had to finish and brought out a blank piece of paper, and looked out-side the window there was a thunder storm out-side and the lighting was a welcome comfort to him, as he began to write his Notice to the Consul, he sighed and wondered if this was a good idea how-ever Tiberius overcame his doubts and began to write.

His Notice was execpted striaght away by Tra'an with a heavy heart, Tiberius began to pick his bags and get the earliest transport, to the Naga Sadow Home World and to new beginnings, after saying goodbye to all at his old house and having a fair well party, he sat on the transport and began his trip.

Once he arrived at the Naga Sadow Home World he stepped off, and was shown his new Room were he would do all his work and rest and play, he un-packed his bags and had a rest and a meal and then began a tour of his new home, the naxt day Tiberius began his new role, within Naga Sadow and worked hard fighting and doing his duty for Sadow, Tiberius believe's that he is at home here in Sadow and remains a active and loyal Member of the Clan.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Now that Tiberius has joined CNS HMR, has been given a new roll within HMR as Flight Leader of HMR's Battle Team

Outstanding Achievements

  • Tiberius di Cloud's name was formerly Mist di Cloud, but he changed it when he became a Jedi Hunter; feeling "Tiberius" to be a good name, with much meaning to him. Tiberius can be said to have been "in the wilderness for a while", and was unsure of his place within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a whole. This was somewhat a source of turmoil, until he settled down into a place where he could call his home: Plagueis and the House Exar Kun.
  • Tiberius has a lot going for him; he's achieved his first ever DM Degree, which he is proud of. He is now working on finishing his second DM Degree, which is the DMF; as he has only one exam to go.
  • Tiberius has also earned 5 Scrolls of Indoctrination, which meant he had silver ones, and they'd been upgraded to show a recognition for recruiting-fervor and success.
  • He is a highly decorated Officer and Foxtrot-Uniform, in ownership of a string of awards, given to him whilst fighting the GJW; when he'd been a member of Clan Arcona. Tiberius experienced difficulty adjusting to life in Arcona; he tried too hard to fit in with the Clan and this ironically resulted in a lack of acceptance between him and other Clan Members. So he left, where upon he found the welcoming arms of the proud ranks of Plagueis; where he is much needed and more than welcome, Tiberius Di Cloud may have finally found a home.
  • Not long before Tiberius found a new home in Plagueis, he asked for a Master, and Cassandra El'sin stepped forward; following the disappearance of his former master, Starrett. With this new master Tiberius was nervous, but quietly contented to do as his Master directed him to; which he enjoyed, to his own surprise.
  • Tiberius also was the Master of Zuser.
  • As Zusers Master, Tuberius was disappointed with him, and during a Training battle Tiberius Killed Zuser.
  • Once Tiberius, Lefted Plagueis he worked hard within Naga Sadow within the GJW X, and was gievn the Title Perfect of Tarthos, although after the new Consul came in, Tiberius was known as Prefect Emeritus of Tathos, he was also given the role of the First Conaul's Black Guard, and earnt his fisrt Steel Cross.
  • Tiberius Di Cloud has out ranked, the Dark Jedi Knight rank and is now a Sith Warrior.