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Mako Henymory
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Mako Henymory recently returned from a decade long deep cover mission for the DIA only to witness his oldest friend and person he considered his little brother, Sight Nortorshin, being executed. Mako has since stepped into Sight’s role as Rollmaster of Clan Arcona. He has also taken Sight’s Fade Lilly Nortor Erinos as his own.

Character History



On Coruscant in 5 ABY Mako Henymory was born to Gerald and Frea Henymory. The couple were happy to have a son as they ran a successful business and a son guaranteed it would remain a family business. Though they were happy the Henymory’s were simply too busy to spend any time with their child. To ensure their successor was properly cared for they hired Katherine Nortorshin, the wife of their personal security officer Shi Nortorshin.

Katherine and Shi quickly grew attached to the young Henymory, going so far as to move into an apartment a floor beneath the Henymory’s penthouse. The Nortorshin’s did notice that the child seemed to be more quiet and distant than other babies they had seen, but played this off as him just being unique.

It was in 7 ABY just over a year after Mako’s sister, Gwen Henymory, had been born to Gerald and Frea that the Nortorshins began to have issues with Mako acting out and being aggressive. These issues would continue and become worse over the years until they reached their peak in 11 ABY

11 ABY

"Frack off old man"
―5 year old Mako Henymory as he murdered Shi Nortorshin

It was in 11 ABY on the evening that Sight Nortorshin was born that Mako finally snapped. The 5 year old child had found an old lost lightsaber when he had been playing in the lower levels that day. He used the weapon to cut down the Nortorshins and his own parents and sister. Once he had seen what he had done he fled to the ground level of Coruscant finding an orphanage.

Katherine Nortorshin surcumed to her wounds as the paramedic’s rushed through the door. They were however able to save her unborn son Sight. Having no relatives the medical staff sent the young Nortorshin to the same orphanage Mako had run to a few days prior.

13 ABY - 15 ABY Several years passed before Mako and Sight meet for the first time when the administrators placed them together as roommates. Upon their first meeting in the orphanage Mako was moved by the child's openness and the young Henymory’s heart was touched and for the first time he decided to protect something other than destroy it. So as the years passed they two grew closer, becoming as older and younger brother.

The orphanage was a rough place for the two young boys. However the two had found out early they had a connection to the Force. Though they didn’t call it the Force at their age. They used their abilities sparingly as to not cause a stir amongst the administrators, however at night they would practice under the cover of darkness.

It was in 15 ABY that the two ran away from the orphanage for the first time. They only stayed away for three days before they trudged back in defeat out of the necessity for food. From that first taste of freedom the two would escape for a few days at least once a week. Mako and Sight constantly going missing worried the administrators at first, however after the first several times the orphanage staff came to realize the two children would always come back.

18 ABY It was in 18 ABY when the two first began to seriously refer to each other as brothers. They lived every moment of their lives together, running around avoiding the older meaner boys and causing as much trouble as possible. They caused so much trouble that the administration began to call then the devils children.

Early Life in Arcona

23 ABY On the day that Mako turned 18 he was unceremoniously kicked out of the orphanage, the official statement was that they had no money to feed those that had reached adulthood. As Mako walked through the front doors to the orphanage the staff had to physically restrain Sight from following him

Mako had been given enough credits to feed himself for three months, which he used to board a freighter as a passenger. The freighter took Mako to the Dajorra System where he found his way into the Arcona military. Before he went off to official training he made sure to send Sight a final short message.

"When you are older follow me little brother, to the Dajorra system."
―Mako Henymory, 18 years old

The next few years of Mako’s life was filled with military training. He was quickly found to be a perfect candidate for military intelligence. The young Henymory thrived in the intelligence field quickly rising through the ranks and eventually gaining the eye of the Shadow Clan due to his ability to utilize the Force.

28 ABY In 28 ABY Mako was accepted into the Shadow Clan as a Journeyman. However he never gained much training in the ways of the Force before he was dispatched on a mission to the Empress Teta system. His mission was to infiltrate a Krath cult on Empress Teta and gather all the knowledge the Krath still clinging to their home system had.

Upon arriving on Empress Teta, Mako was able to track down a small Krath cult actively looking for members by utilizing the skills he had learned in the Arcona Military. After a bit of surveillance he was able to arrange a meeting with the cult’s recruiter. The man was impressed with Henymory’s control over the Force for being untrained in the ways. With his infiltration a success Mako began to learn the ways of the Krath and gain knowledge and power.

30 ABY In 30 ABY a messenger found Mako on Empress Teta. The encrypted message the young DIA operative delivered to Henymory was of the founding of the DIA and Mako’s transfer into the new Arcona Military intelligence division. Though no change was made to the Krath’s mission he was now classified as a DIA Deep Cover Operative and had been given high security clearance.

32 ABY By 32 ABY Mako had been raised to the middle levels of cult membership. Shortly after his elevation multiple Krath cults on Empress Teta, including his own, went to war against each other. This Krath war of dominance would last for several years and would see Mako elevated higher in his cult.

34 ABY It was in 34 ABY that Mako’s cult gained the upper hand in the Krath war. This was due to Henymory’s insistence on returning to the earliest ways of the Krath and training those members under him to become a strike force that would leave no enemy alive on the battlefield.

36 ABY In 36 ABY Mako engineered a series of events that left him as the Leader of his cult. Upon his ascension to power Henymory initiated a final campaign that left the other Krath of Empress Teta either a member of his cult or dead. Because of actions during the war those Krath in the cult began to refer to Henymory as a demon in whispered tones when they thought he could not hear them.

37 ABY As his mission was coming to an end Mako used his now considerable power over the remaining Krath on Empress Teta to collect a vast majority of knowledge on the Krath ways and their knowledge of the Force. He also began to set in motion a series of events that would leave the other members of his cult dead.

A Return to Selen

38 ABY In 38 ABY Mako completed his deep cover mission by personally killing the last remaining members of the cult he had infiltrated a decade prior. Henymory didn’t want to leave any loose ends behind. Once this was completed he sent for a DIA shuttle that would carry him back to Arcona space and the Shadow Clan.

Mako's personal emblem

Mako arrived back in the vicinity of Arcona space with a chance rendezvous with the Shadow. After assisting in the rescue of the Nighthawks crew, he witnessed the public execution of Sight at the hands of Ethran.

After returning to Selen, Mako stepped into the position of Rollmaster of the Shadow Clan and took over Sight’s position in the ACB to fill the spots his little brother Sight had left upon his death. Mako also took Sight’s Fade Lilly as his own Fade as per what Sight had ordered her to do.

"If I should die, you are to find my older brother, Mako Henymory, and follow him as you have followed me."
―Sight Nortorshin to his Fade Lilly

Except for performing his official duties Henymory stays mostly to himself so he can deal with the loss of his brother away from the prying eyes of others.