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Imperial eraNew Order era.
Haran Urr
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15 BBY (age 54)

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1.9 m


81.6 kg





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The Daegella Sisters, Jastra Vel, Wamaw

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Imperial Standard

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Councillor of Urr


Imperial era, New Order era



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"Tens hikikne. Hoko ruya pulyana oolwan spa steeka gush shuku ponoma three pe."
Greedo, a former bounty hunter

Haran Urr is a Rodian smuggler who currently operates under an exclusivity contract with Clan Odan-Urr. Hailing from Rodia, he grew up exposed to the strong anti-Imperial sentiment which permeated the steamy jungle world at the time of his adolescence, and operated within these circles. He flew a RZ-1 A-wing interceptor during several major and many minor engagements during the Galactic Civil War, until turning to a life of crime, shortly after the New Republic declared victory against the Empire and began to downsize its military. As a crack pilot and willing smuggler, he was in high demand, particularly within the Hutt Cartels, but yearned for the days of moral clarity he spent fighting for the Rebellion.

Character History

Growing up on Rodia (14 BBY - 0 BBY)

The jungle world of Rodia

Haran was born to the Chosam Clan on Rodia--in the capital city of Iskayuuma--during the height of anti-Imperial sentiment on that world. Growing up in the most cosmopolitan region on Rodia, he was exposed to a plethora of both non-Rodians and comparatively advanced technology, and he showed an affinity for both, learning a number of alien languages (including Basic and Huttese) as well as learning to pilot basic air- and landspeeders. His parents, both heavily involved in clan politics both within and outside of the capital city, tailored his education to support these particular aptitudes, and, by his twelfth birthday, he was fully fluent in Huttese and Verpese, which he took up in order to better communicate with the clan's Verpine mechanic, while letting his Basic slip due to the anti-human attitudes popular at the time.

It was during this period of early adolescence that Haran's parents were both killed in a violent move against their property by a rival clan. While in most societies, this would leave the young Rodian an orphan, Rodians grow up quickly, and Haran was absorbed into the larger membership of Clan Chosam. His aunts and uncles enrolled him in what passed for a flight academy on Rodia, choosing to cater to his warlike tendencies over his diplomatic potential. They maintained the hope that he would graduate and pilot one of the, by this point, badly outdated Z-95 Headhunters fielded by the clan in a variety of piratical activities throughout the Savareen Sector.

The dense jungle landscapes of a post-Clone Wars Rodia

While at the Iskayuuma Flight School, Haran excelled as both a pilot and a technician, earning high praise from a variety of instructors and officials, including Peebb Ghos, the academy's top administrator, and a freighter pilot during the Clone Wars. It was this executive who, despite the young pilot's acclaim, prevented him from graduating and entering clan service in 1 BBY, citing a variety of paperwork and administrative issues. While, within a year, a third of what would have been Haran's graduating class had been killed in the brutal clan wars across both Rodia and the Savareen Sector, Haran remained at the academy, befuddled and forlorn at the humiliating halt in his academic progress, but unable to challenge the decision of the old and politically influential Rodian.

While repeating his final year at the flight school, Haran was mostly left to his own devices by the rest of the academy, students and instructional staff alike. He had already completed all of the required coursework and passed the required active and written exams in order to graduate with full honors, but remained in limbo. Much to his surprise, Peebb Ghos gave allowed him full access to the academy's resources, including its motorpool. As such, the young pilot passed the year continuing to hone his ability, pushing the simple and low quality training craft to their absolute limits, often shattering both long-held academy records and the internal workings of the starfighters. Above all, he became obsessed with pushing the limits of their speed, racing them above the dense jungles and fecund swamps, as well as through violent storms ever present across the Rodian planetscape.

It was after the destruction of Alderaan that Peebb Ghos approached Haran while the rest of the cadets slept and revealed his authentic motivations in preventing the candidate's graduation, as well as his ties to the growing Rebellion. While sympathetic, and much to his later embarrassment, Haran was unconvinced by Ghos's moral plea, but the promise of flying some of the most modern and nimble fighters in the galaxy swayed him almost immediately.

Rebellion and the Hutts (0 BBY - 28 ABY)

Rebel Alliance and New Republic (0 BBY - 14 ABY)

Haran's RZ-1 A-wing fighter during the heyday of the Rebellion

Despite being a talented pilot, and the destruction of Alderaan immediately preceding his "enlistment" in the Rebel Alliance, Haran was not sent to Yavin, but rather to the Mako-ta Space Docks in the Calamari Sector. Here he was commissioned as a lieutenant and he began his service to the Rebellion in a test squadron, known simply as Ochre Squadron. for a variety of modified R-22 Fighters, including the RZ-1 A-Wing variant.

During the time Haran spent at the Mako-ta Space Docks, he grew enamored with the Alliance for its liberation-ideology as well as its loose and informal structure, allowing him to grow as a pilot and officer befitting a future Rodian smuggler. In fact, Haran had begun to develop a reputation as both an excellent pilot who was devoted to the cause, and also incredibly difficult to work with. While he conducted himself professionally, he was also prone to belittling or disregarding higher ranking officers, and, according to official reports, perpetrated an incident involving the base commander's uniform and a latrine. These antics and disregard for authority led to the Rodian earning a substantial amount of ire from his superior officers, who finally, toward the close of 3 ABY forced a transfer to an active combat squadron aboard the MC 80 Cruiser Liberty.

Within a week of being assigned to Sage Squadron aboard the Liberty and assuming the call sign "Sage Four" Haran saw his first action at the Battle for Sullust. As the low-ranking member of first flight, the young pilot was relegated primarily to covering the rest of the flight as they skirmished with the nimble TIE Interceptors fielded by the local garrison. By the end of the combat, his squadron was severely depleted and ultimately folded into the over-sized and traditionally mixed-type (though by this point comprised entirely of A-Wing starfighters) Green Squadron.

The MC80 Cruiser Liberty

During the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Haran distinguished himself for the first time as a combat pilot. Flying high cover for the Liberty, and leading third flight, the Rodian pilot scored five kills in the target rich environment, including three TIE/sa bombers engaging the MC 80 cruiser, and two TIE/In fighters which were attempting to flee to their carrier ship, after the destruction of the Death Star.

Service to the Hutts and the Yuna Puna Bootana (14 ABY - 28 ABY)

The Yuna Puna Bootana, Haran's C-ROC Gozanti Cruiser

Smuggling for Odan-Urr (28 ABY - Present)


Appearance and Attire

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Jastra Vel


Positions Held
Before Position After
none High Councillor of Odan-Urr
28 ABY - 30 ABY
Drodik Va'lence al'Tor
Ronovi Tavisaen Proconsul of Tarentum
26 ABY
Who knows?
none Director of Satele Shan
33 - 34 ABY