Seridan Brehevik

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Seridan Brehevik
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16 ABY

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Dark Blonde

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Light Blue Double-bladed

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Seridan is a somewhat passionate yet bookish Miraluka, born in 16 ABY. Disagreeing with his people, he abandoned everything he once knew; to start a new life. On his adventures, he worked as an abused Republic Scout, became a vigilante for 5 years, and eventually stumbled upon the ruins of Menat Ombo when he was 26, and was inspired to search the Jedi. After a year and a half, he found the Jedi of House Odan-Urr. He was accepted quickly into the group, and he began to study under the experienced Adeodatus. Since his Knighthood, he became heavily involved in Clan and House activities, and for a time, he was the Jedi liaison with the New Tython Intel division, the Sentinel Network and Aedile of House Satele Shan. However, after a time, he relinquished most of the responsibilities he had, and tried his best to fade back into the shadows. He has since started exploring the lands of New Tython, unofficially working as an explorer and scholar, putting new tribes on the map and documenting their culture. Unbeknownst by the Clan, he also spends his nights patrolling the streets of New Tython more populated areas, as a vigilante known as the Molator.

Character History

Early Life

The People of Alpheridies

"Peace, that is non-violence, should be put before all else."
―Miralukan Proverb

The population of Alpheridies is almost all Miralukan. There are a few members of other species, but these are incredibly rare. Before the rise of the Empire, Miraluka helped out in the Temples of the Jedi. In the wake of the Jedi Purge, in which many Miraluka were killed, the Miraluka started to resent the Republic and the Jedi. They resigned from the Empire early on and became quite isolated. Their culture hasn’t changed. It remains to be one of peace and knowledge. They banish anyone who practice acts fuelled by negative intentions. If they were to offer opinions on the Jedi, they would undoubtedly support the Light Side.

Very few Miralukans ever became Jedi; in the Jedi temples of old, they mainly helped out and assisted the Jedi. However, since the Great Jedi Purge (where many Miraluka were slaughtered) the Miraluka of Alpheridies were very reluctant to associate themselves with the New Jedi Order or the New Republic.

Seridan’s Upbringing (16 - 22 ABY)

Seridan was born on Alpheridies in 16 ABY into a close-knit village on the outskirts of the capital. He lived his very early years constantly learning. This led to his profound passion for knowledge. His family were renowned scholars and were keen for Seridan to follow in their footsteps. From a young age, he was taught a lot, developing his logic and lore.

Luka Sene(23 - 31 ABY)

A Luka Sene Student

"Knowledge. Prestige. The Force"
―Luka Sene ethos

In 23 ABY, when Seridan was only 7 years old, he was gathered by the village elders in the centre of the village, along with all the other children. He was singled out as a particularly strong user of the Force, and was selected to go to the elite academy, the Luka Sene. The Luka Sene cast an immediate impression on Seridan. It was prestigious, and brought honour and pride to his village. But it wasn’t only that. It had the largest libraries on Alpheridies, and the best and the brightest minds anywhere on the planet. At first Seridan felt intimidated by the amount of knowledge, but his keen mind started devouring the information. And as he learned, he wanted to learn more and more.

Seridan continued to further his knowledge and wisdom. He was also taught the teachings of his ancestors, as he was being prepared to lead the Miraluka. His understanding of technology, as well as how the galaxy operated, was greatly improved by his time at the Luka Sene.

He was taught by many, but his favourite teacher was Mithrain. Mithrain was healthy, for his age, and taught many subjects, from politics to geography. Mithrain had many controversial views, which sometimes came up during classes. He wanted to bolster Alpheridies’ economy by trading with the Republic, sometimes even journeying to Coruscant to try to pioneer some trade relationships with the large companies (though he was always unsuccessful). He was also an advocate of individualism, trying to bolster independent thinking, confidence and ambition in his students.


"Don’t just sit there and watch the world go past. Get up and make the world better!"
―Mithrain’s philosophy class

Seridan learnt a lot from Mithrain, and the two ended up spending a lot of time together in one-on-one tuition. Seridan learnt politics, finance, critical thinking, among other things. In return, Mithrain gained a friend, and a supporter. Seridan’s affiliation with Mithrain soured some other teachers’ views on him, but he was smart enough that it didn’t have too much of an impact on his attainment.

However, on one of his pioneering trips, his mentor was taken captive by a pirate gang. The High Council was sent a holovid, asking for a large ransom. They stayed true to their principles, and disapproved the offer. They tried to find a more peaceful resolution to the matter, a compromise that would benefit them both. The pirate, whose name was Ka’laush, found the whole ordeal amusing. But the Council’s stubbornness ultimately led to Mithrain’s demise.

It soured the Council further on any relationship with the Republic, retracting almost all contact with off-worlders. Seridan, who had suffered a great deal at his mentor’s death, went into a short self-exile. When he returned, he had adopted a new mindset, willing to take action if words would not suffice.

Flexibility, Integrity, and Strength

The New Republic Scout Service (32 - 35 ABY)

In 32 ABY, Seridan gained access to galactic-wide news services. At the Luka Sene, very little was taught about the rise of the Empire, but Seridan spent many sleepless nights browsing the HoloNet and finding out about galactic history. It wasn’t long before he discovered what had happened to the galaxy only 50 years before. Through his research, he discovered that the Miraluka of Alpheridies had been very apathetic and wrong. They had just detached themselves from everything, leaving them to their fate. His mentor’s ideas of compassion, and self-worth stayed true to him then. The more he thought about it, the more he didn’t like it. His people were cowards: they’d left countless innocents to a fate that could have been avoided. Even though the galaxy was now at peace, they were still adamant on having no contact, especially after Mithrain.

After spending countless hours reflecting on what he’d learnt, he confronted a few people: mentors, elders and other adults. Whilst being civil, they all basically told Seridan that he was wrong, and that what they’d done was right. It made Seridan conflicted, as everything he knew was Alpheridies, but now he knew its secret he didn’t trust it. He had to make a difficult decision: accept the truth and live with it, or leave Alpheridies.

Seridan tried to accept it, and live with the secret, but the longer this went on for, the more and more it all just seemed like a manipulative dogma. After a long time spent considering his options, Seridan bought himself a ticket to Coruscant. He decided to right the wrongs he felt, and try and do something good.

Seridan, in Coruscant.

He attempted to join the Intelligence branch of the New Republic, but was immediately turned down because he couldn’t ‘see’ by conventional standards. Seridan decided that the New Republic hadn’t had that many Miralukas around. Instead, he tried out for the New Republic Navy, who didn’t turn him down at first glance, but forwarded him to preliminary trials. He passed the knowledge exam with flying colours, yet performed less well with physical strength or stamina. He was very close to being chosen for officer training, but was inevitably turned away. A scuffle in a cantina later that day confirmed Seridan’s suspicions: it was due to inter-species prejudice. Miraluka were scarcely seen, with lots of them residing on Alpheridies.

Seridan’s options were rapidly slimming, until he found the recruitment booth for the New Republic Scout Service.

After a lengthy application process, he successfully joined the Scouts. Before long, he was assigned to a team of able and experienced Scouts. However, as he did more scouting missions, he felt more and more uneasy. It seemed his team was run extremely militantly by a human called Jok. He had made his crew into bullies, yes-men who would follow Jok and his orders. After a while, it became apparent that Seridan was the prey, the victim. He was constantly bullied, berated, and abused for a number of years. He was given the worst jobs, and was forced to work through the nights. There was one other crewmember who disagreed, though when he spoke up against Jok, he was beaten, tortured, killed, then disposed of. There was no one who he could talk to, to speak up to. Whenever they returned to Coruscant, they would keep a very close eye on Seridan to make sure he didn’t rat them out.

Seridan got very sad, yet angry. He’d joined the Scouts to help the galaxy, and to repay the guilt he felt for his people’s apathy. Yet all that the Scouts had offered him was injustice and pain. Seridan was resolute and stoic, however. He still knew that there was goodness in the galaxy, and he could help.

Vigilanteism (35 - 36 ABY)

"I am the strong arm of deliverance. I am the Scales of Justice. I am He-Who-Guards-Unseen. I claim the shadows that the Shadow may not. My way is hard, but I serve unbroken. In shame, honour. In darkness, light. I will do justice and love mercy."
―Excerpt from the Night Angel vows.

Sometime, in 35 ABY, his crew landed on an arboreal planet. It appeared that a battle had taken place not long before. As he explored the rubble, a mine went off nearby, and Seridan was thrown to the ground. Damaged and hurt, the crew weren't bothered to heal and help him, so they decided to abandon him. Before leaving, however, they saw it fit to brutally beat him, to bring him closer to death.

Seridan journeyed toward civilisation, following a crude track in the earth. The first sign of life was at a settlement he passed, where the some of the inhabitants were leaving to the capital city. Seridan managed to get a ticket onto a shuttle, and was taken to the spaceport. He also found out that the planet he was on was called Harakoa.

With no funds or support, Seridan was ignored by everyone, presumed to be a beggar. On his first night, he was the victim of a street mugging. The city had lost order: it was in chaos, due to the recent attacks on them. Many looters raided shops, and bands of criminals would mug anyone who was alone. The second night, the security force was out in force. After a brutal beating, Seridan was arrested for petty theft, despite his innocence. However, that night in the cell didn't last long. He was broken out by a Wookiee vigilante named Miro.


Miro had witnessed Seridan's unlawful arrest, and proceeded to treat his wounds. Miro listened to Seridan's story and offered him an opportunity: join with Miro as a vigilante lawkeeper. Seridan decided that it looked a lot better than any other option, so he accepted.

After an intense training regime, Seridan had to patrol a sizable settlement in South Owyhyee for a month -- Miro called it the final test. Aftewards, he revealed that he was part of a galaxy-wide group of vigilante justicars called the Night Angels. Seridan had to take a vow and pledge himself to the upkeep of justice. He visited the headquarters for the Night Angels a few times, meeting other vigilantes and training further in skills like combat and investigation. On New Tython, he upheld justice. He was a shadow, someone unseen who guarded the innocent and judged the guilty.

After a couple of months working alongside Miro to uphold the rights of the innocent, he was told that he was ready to move on, up in position within the Night Angels. Miro told him that traditionally, only one Night Angel would patrol each planet, and that Seridan was ready for his own. The process of selecting a new planet was a long one, and Seridan spent the next few months training in the Night Angel HQ. He developed his skills in perception and problem solving, by solving crimes for the local populace.

On one combat training session, Seridan instinctively pushed a throwing knife out of the air to save Miro. The thing was, the throwing knife was 20 feet away from Seridan. He'd manifested Force-powers and moved it out of the air. Miro concluded the session prematurely and called a private meeting with some of the other Night Angels. The Night Angels were worried about the Force. It was a unique thing, that was very rare. On top of that, it was usually cause for arrest. Seridan was forcefully interrogated, where he revealed that he hadn’t done anything like it before. Miro understood, as New Tython had, until recently, been home to a group of Jedi, who had been exiled by the current government. They came to the conclusion that Seridan would leave, to join up with these Jedi. Even though they were worried by the use of the Force, Seridan left in good spirits, and maintains most of his contacts to this day.

The Search for the Jedi (35 - 37 ABY)

"I don't care what they think of me, but it's important what I think of myself."
― Seridan, after a fight.

Miro was able to find out a planet where the Jedi could be, and sent Seridan on a long-haul jump-ship to it. However, once his journey had finished, there wasn't any trace of Jedi. No one seemed to know anything. Seridan ended up going to the cantina, to buy himself a few drinks. Whilst there, he noticed a man who held himself differently than the others. Upon further observation, he caught a glimpse of a lightsaber under his cloak. Seridan followed him around the station, through winding corridors and such, but eventually Seridan lost track of the man. Later that night, Seridan was awoken, and confronted as a potential Sith. After explaining his situation, he was brought before the Jedi Council.

House Odan-Urr (37 ABY - Present)

Seridan practicing newly learnt skills

"We're all connected, and nothing is destroyed, only changed. When a tree falls and decays into the ground, it feeds the life around it. When a tree is burned and smoke rises into the air, it's absorbed by raindrops or gathers on the wings of birds. Nothing is ever lost. That is the Force"
―One of Deo’s teachings

He worked hard, and was apprenticed to the man who’d discovered him, whose name was Adeodatus. Deo taught him how to effectively commune with the Force in order to harness its power. Deo practiced dueling, and taught lore. Seridan’s already extensive knowledge, perception and combat skills were useful when teaching skills like lightsaber combat and sensing the environment using the Force.

Before long, Seridan was improving. He was enrolled as a member of the covert intelligence unit Strike-Team Ooroo, where his stealthy, yet combat-based skill-set helped him to excel.

He was taught to think outside the box: to consider every option, no matter the absurdity. Seridan had a number of lessons with the Battle-team leader, Revak Kur, who taught him advanced dueling, and other covert skills.


"There is a very distinct difference between Strength and Power."
―Seridan, advising the Company

This training didn’t last forever. It was revealed to the Jedi that they were going to reclaim their homeworld, New Tython. Seridan was excited: he got to return to the planet where he had learnt everything he knew about justice. Seridan was elected to control the information received from the Shadow Company, who were pretty much controlling the resistance on the surface.

In the first phase of the conquest, he was sent as part of Strike Team Ooroo to New Tython, where he aided the prison break of Purity Rock. He helped his team free the Knights of Allusis, as well as countless colonists and Harakoans. They fled into nearby tunnels, to escape the deadly reinforcements. After emerging from the tunnels, they attacked a group of Alpha's Omega, where they captured two Assassin-Corvettes, the Pride of Owyhyee, and the Proxia Mustirion.

In the second phase, Seridan went with the newfound manpower to the Dac Compound. Ooroo, along with the Melewati Bushfighters, disabled the defences and used covert operations to kill the enemy. These covert operations include turning the Dac Compound’s automated security against them, and striking important tactical positions unexpected.

In the third phase, Ooroo, Solari, Kah Manet and the Legion of Steel attacked the Tanduran Settlement as the vanguard. They infiltrated its border and disabled its shield generator, enabling the major forces and the heavy artillery to attack.

The final phase was simple: take back the capital, Menat Ombo. Seridan worked with the Shadow Company to help weaken the defences of the capital before the Jedi’s arrival. He also talked to The Ratchets Maintenance Department, who also had also designed plans to weaken the defences. When the Jedi arrived, Seridan first went with Ooroo to destroy the air support, and then joining with the Tribal Army to kill the remaining guards. In the last charge at the Imperial palace, Seridan killed many Elite Guards, feeling like a Night Angel once more.

After the battle had ended, Seridan helped rebuild. He also looked into the whereabouts of Miro. Their past safehouse empty, Seridan presumed him dead. Seridan mourned his loss, for Miro was one of the best people Seridan had ever known.

Fading Light


After only a few short months, Seridan was sent into battle, on the One Sith world of Bosthirda. He went as part of an elite strike team whose mission was to stop the other houses from getting the ancient Sith sword ’Revelation’. They weren’t successful, but they killed a number of One Sith soldiers, and suffered no casualties.

Seridan was one of the Jedi chosen to go to the Sith world of Begeren, again after a Sith artifact. The Grandmaster kept sending the Clans to retrieve these ancient, powerful objects, though the purpose of this didn’t surface until much too late. Seridan was confronted by a Dark Jedi Master, whom he fought. In the face of this huge disadvantage, Seridan fought his hardest, but eventually fell. He was recovered by Odan Urr, with a deep wound in his forearm.

After recovering from his wounds, Seridan trained extensively, preparing himself from the battle he knew to be coming. The Great Jedi War XI came, and Seridan was at the front of the fighting. He was near the Legion of Steel in the battles, and the droids saved his life a few times. In that war he accumulated a good number of scars, but nothing serious.

A Time of Peace

Seher’s Citadel

Now that there are no wars or conquests being waged, Odan Urr and its Jedi have had the time to greatly expand themselves. Changing the structure of the clan, they have not only improved themselves, but grown their influence. They have reached out to the Harakoan natives, and House Satele Shan has made their home the Harakoan city of Seher. Seridan spends his time practising, reading and helping the people around him in whatever they’re doing.

He has been involved in the New Tython government system and helped to develop the structure of the army and intelligence branches, among other things. After his involvement with the Shadow Company during the Liberation of New Tython, he became a regular at their headquarters. He's helped on a number of their missions. His involvement with them was so successful and friendly that he was assigned the role of Militia Captain. He was the Jedi liaison that works with the Company, although Seridan would’ve say that nothing had really changed except his official title.

Seridan also was given the role of Battle-team Leader for the Disciples of Baas. The Disciples are a great team of Jedi, and he had a grand vision for their future. His only issues were figuring out how exactly to adapt, develop and expand the team. However, after only he was needed to help run the House, and was promoted to Aedile before he could implement many changes. He left the Disciples in Lu`aisha Gresee’s capable hands, and moved to Seher, to help run the House with Mar Sul. Eventually, it all became too much to bear. Something inside Seridan snapped, and he felt the need to fade back into the shadows. He realised that too much time in authority, and in places of responsibility, was not good for a former vigilante. He was used to shadows, stealth, and making decisions that only impacted him. He relinquished his positions, and started to explore.

He spent his time travelling around New Tython and both discovering and documenting newly discovered tribes, and furthering documentation on existing ones. He also has restarted his vigilantism. In some of the tribes he visits, there are underlying criminal elements, and so Seridan takes these matters into his own hands, regarding them too menial to bother the authorities with. Quite obviously, in order to maintain a secret identity, he has had to create a facade for himself, and also he mustn’t ever use his Force powers or his lightsaber, lest he reveal his origin. During his career with Odan Urr, one particular group he particularly hanged out with was Echo Team, and as was customary, he was nicknamed with the Dejarik character Molator. As such, he uses this moniker as his vigilante name.


Seridan has grown up around pacifists and advocates of peace, so he is profoundly peaceful in his efforts. His upbringing also encouraged continuous learning. Hence, Seridan has become wholly more curious about the world and the Force.

However, Seridan has a drive for justice rarely seen in the Miraluka. A result of the injustice he has faced, Seridan has a drive to stop any oppression around the galaxy. He acknowledges that knowledge and wisdom alone cannot win every battle. His experiences have sculpted an almost unique perception of the world. He accepts that there will always be injustice and evil, and he works so that he is able to combat it wherever he encounters it. That being said, he doesn’t often seek it out without a good reason.

He accepts that everyone has flaws, and he himself has done some things that could be called unjust. He isn’t a perfect example of the Light side, but he yearns for peace and a just world, not absolute power.

Physical Description


Seridan is a tall and slim Miralukan Male. He wears dark robes that sometimes seem to meld with the shadows. They are well-tailored, and respond well to Seridan's movements. This can be very helpful in combat and also in stealth. That said, they can be voluminous too, masking the tricks that he has up his sleeve.

He has dirty, messy blonde hair that is kept well cut, but not well groomed. He wears a simple and undecorated mottled-grey blindfold to cover his empty eye sockets. His brows are particularly noticeable, and they are able to portray a surprisingly wide variety of expressions. Seridan has high, distinguished cheekbones, and a sharp jaw. His head molds itself onto his slender neck, which in turn rests upon his slim shoulders.

Since his recruitment into Odan-Urr, he has gathered a number of scars. He has a long, jagged one on his right forearm, and innumerable scars on his shoulders and torso.

His height and slimness, combined with his near-perfect posture, often creates the illusion of Seridan being overly tall, when he is about average for near-humans. His posture and his distinguished facial bones often suggest a natural aptitude for precision and accuracy.

DJB Facts

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