Jon Silvon

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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" My grandfather had a saying: 'There's always another secret.' He was more right than he knew."
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Jon Silvon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

14 ABY

Physical Description





1.9 Metres


249 LBs





Personal Information

Jaida Argus


Marson Argus


Artemis, Scholae Palatinae


Shiro & Kuro, Throwing Daggers

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Step

Chronology & Political Information

Clan Odan-Urr

Personal Ship:

The Carnival



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Jon Silvon, born Shane Argus, is a Mercenary contracted with Scholae Palatinae, and the grandson/protege of former Imperial Intelligence agent Jon Argus.

Character History

Early Life

The child who would become the infamous mercenary Jon Silvon was born in 14 ABY, roughly a decade following the Battle of Endor, on the planet of Coruscant, under the name of Shane Argus. Having been orphaned at a young age after his parent's died in an accident, he was adopted by his grandfather, Jon Argus. Jon, unknown to his late son or grandson, had been a deep cover operative for the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, who was set adrift after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. Jon had been supporting his family by secretly doing freelance work for various legitimate and illegitimate groups, without his family's knowledge.

By all accounts, the early years of Shane's life was entirely ordinary, sans the untimely deaths of his parents, and the boy had a very normal childhood under the care of his grandfather, as well as Artemis, Jon's personal astromech droid from his operative days. That changed when Shane was ten years old, and Jon decided to teach his grandson "the skills of the trade."

Travels and Training

Jon Sr. and Shane began a nomadic life, traveling from one part of the galaxy to another as needs dictated, taking on jobs that utilised Jon Sr.'s skills, and subtly passing those same skills on to his grandson. At one point, Jon Sr. worked as an enforcer for a powerful Hutt crime lord on Nar Shadaa, and at another the pair acted as covert investigators for a New Republic senator

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