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Rrogon Skar Agrona
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Character History

A new face

Rrogon Skar was born to the Clan Seshai on Kalee and was trained by his older brothers in the traditional ways of the Kaleesh warriors and hunters. However, little know to any of them Skar had a rare connection to the force which he used to survive in the harshest conditions.

Skar's Village

It was on a month long expedition to the frigid Grendaju region of Kalee, at the age of nine, he slayed a deadly Karabbac which earned him the respect of his older brothers and the trust of his father. As a result, his father would later name him the heir to the families riches, and next in line to be the esteemed clan leader.

But no sooner had his tenth birthday come that his oldest brother Batilith, unbeknownst to his father, sold him to Gorga the Hut to gain a large stockpile of weapons and medicine to fight local clans that threatened the mighty Seshai. Subsequently, Rrogon was transported to the planet Nar Shaddaa where he was thrown into the fighting pits for the Hutt’s entertainment.

It was in those pits that his hatred for Batilith and the Hutts that ruled over him grew. The anger he harboured in his heart, fueled his ruthless tenacity in the pit. Ultimately, he became a prized fighter for Gorga the Hutt and was transitioned to the Gladiatorial arena with a promise of freedom in the event he could best the mightiest of foes presented to him.



Five years passed in the Hutt’s Arena as Rrogon built his body and tempered his anger as a powerful weapon in the arena. It became increasingly obvious that he would never be freed on account of his merit in the gladiator arena as had been promised to him. Luckily, during a particularly grueling battle his battle prowess caught the attention of one Kanis Da`uul. Kanis immediately exhausted his personal resources in an exchange with a begrudging Gorga the Hutt for Rrogon's freedom.

No sooner than the exchange was finalized did the pair realize they had been tricked by the savvy Hutt. Facing a dire situation that would result in either continued forced internment or death the pair initiated a daring escape. They planned to make their way to an awaiting craft aptly named the Black Star. The thieving Hutt Gorga stopped them mere steps from the ship and a fierce confrontation ensued resulting in the death of the Hutt at the hands of Rrogon. What was to be a moment of internal vindication, instead only fueled Rrogon's desire to travel the universe methodically hunting and brutally killing all those who wronged him. It was an extreme desire bordering on insanity; extreme and consuming insanity...

Ghost of Seshai

After several months working alongside Kanis Da`uul in Clan Arcona, Skar began to have visions of home and his brother’s betrayal, what might have happened to his family in the five years he was gone. After a few days of this he finally asked Kanis to take him back to his home planet Kalee to find his family.

The next day Kanis and Skar where off to his home. But on the way there Skar felt something that he had not felt for years happiness and to be honest it scared him. When the reached the planet and finally set down in the desert not far from his, home it was about a three mile walk to the village from the ship so not wanting to waste any time he and Kanis set out into the desert.

Skar's Home Planet

After an hour or so of walking what the found at village was not what the came for, the whole town was in ruins, huts burned to the ground the temple ransacked and torn down and his people, family and friends where dead on the streets. Anger consumed him as he buried what was left of his family and friends someone had to pay for this there was nowhere on the planet he wouldn't go to find who did this.

It was Kanis who finally spoke to him after reaching his home, he knew what Skar was thinking and he encouraged it and so after searching the village for signs of who had done this Skar set out to find the killers and burn their home just the way that had been done to his.

But his lust for blood was not satisfied he needed more, it was not until two villages had burned was his lust for blood finally sated.

It was not until he had returned to the ship where Kanis was waiting for him Skar remember the Old legend that his father told him that hand been passed down for generations that should Seshai ever fall the ghost of its people would take revenge on its enemies and any who had wronged it so they would fall as well just like he had done.

Leaving the past to dust

Having time to reflect on his past Skar had begun to disconnect himself from social interaction in the Brotherhood so that he could focus on training his mind and body to forget and let go of the past so it could no longer burden and affect him. And after several weeks of long solitude he finally came to the realisation that he had lost the ability to care anymore about what had happened the folly of his brother was his to bare and those that stayed damned himself to their fate and he would not be dragged down by the loss he felt.

A lone code

During his training to become a dark jedi knight he began to form a sort of moral code that he would live by he would not fight for anyone save Arcona he doesn't fight for petty gain in power or personal standing he just fights for the sole reason testing his skill and bettering himself.

When given a choice to chose one side or another he will always chose the side to which he feels is the most honorable goals for honor even if to most is laughable notion it is all he cares about in a fight.

He doesn't care for the infighting that may plague his clan from time to time he will only take action if it directly will hurt those that he cares for most and then wary should be the person that hurts them for he will stop at nothing to pay them back in kind even if he results in his death for in his mind he keep his honor and did what was right.

Serving Clan Arcona

While on his way to Knighthood Rrogon served in both houses in Arcona often switching over to the house that needed him the most at the time.This has led him to serving In both shadow Phile, and quartermaster on board the AVG NIghthawk.

During both tenures he fought in the long Dark crusade that had the Brotherhood seizing planets from the One Sith. Skar fought in both in space and on the ground, and it was during his time serving on the NIghthawk that Rrogon achieved the rank of Knight.

Assassination attempt

While the Brotherhood and Arcona recovered from its almost constant crusaded the One Sith attempted to kill the acting Aedile Atiryu while she was meeting with the many leaders of the clan, While he was serving aboard the Nighthawk at the time Skar assisted in the efforts to restore order and to help heal their wounded Aedile.

While in route to a nearby Galactic republic planit to gain medical supplies and equipment that was needed the Nighthawk was attacked and the captured and the crew subjected to confinement and torture to gather the information on the ship and the clan.

While others fared better than some Skar was not so lucky the solitary confinement and regular sessions to break him succeeded and his mind splintered in an effort to save itself. These splintered manifested themselves as the dead members of his family and they were the only thing keeping him from completely slipping into madness. At least until he was looked after by ood and Atiryu and it took them both to reconstruct his mind.

The rise of the new Shadow Gate

With Skar mind having been put back together he found his mood and taken a colder turn to things and the leaders of his house saw this and a new opportunity arose from it. With new members being added to Qel Droma the acting Adeil and Quaster saw it fit to place skar in command of the newly reformed Shadow gate.

During his command Skar lead his team in an undercover take over of Ovals Criminal underworld. While staying on the port each member creates a cover alias that they maintain so they don't draw attention to themselves.

Skars DCA while living on Port O`val

Name Ruva Saise


Ruva runs a small Bar/club call the Ruby's Perch where patrons can come and drink or gamble at their leisure and in peace from the gangs and other issues the plague the station there is only one rule in the club however, Don't screw with Ruva and take any fights outside those that have failed to follow this rule found out the hard way aren't seen to repeat the same mistake.

He has also taken to brewing his own special drinks from ingredients he imports from his home world Kalee while he as only perfected one or two he still tinkers with those that haven't been completed yet.

His completed brews consist of a light ale named Muirin Ban it has a rich honey flavor with hints of spice and cinnamon, his second finished brew is an aged whiskey named Uisce that comes from a special recipe his father gave to him before he passed it has a smoky taste with a light hint of spice to it and it goes down every smoothly with a nice burn.

Ruva only has a few bottles of this whisky in stock at a time due to it long aging time so few patrons know about and those that do only get small amounts of it because of how strong it is.

Only Ruva knows what goes into this whisky and ale blend and he keeps both recipes a closely guarded secret.


While at work Ruva can be seen wearing a well tailored midnight blue suit with a silver bow tie and the bone huk mask the he wears has been bleached pure white and when the bar is not busy he cares a old pipe that he likes to smoke on occasion, while working Ruva caires no visible weapons though he does have a concealed combat knife on him at all times and Dl-44 blaster under the bar as well.


Ruvs is a man of few words most patrons that come to his bar don't need to speak to him because he already has what they want or when he offers one of his personally crafted brews they never seem to have a problem with it. When he does speak Ruva commands the room with a deep baritone voice that resonates throughout the Bar.

The XI Great Jedi War

The time came at last when the supporters of the One sith and the mysterious Esoteric forces that set up their defences in the Old Sith homeworld of Korriban. Under the command of Apexs battle team leader the took a small team to the surface and engaged in heavy ground warfare until the Grand masters ritual for immortality was affected and rendered useless.

During the battle then raged on the sand blasted deserts Rrogon unlocked something deap within his mind A deep bestial rage at manifested itself when his mind was shattered and was rebuilt. This monster only seems to manifest itself in high stress situations were his rage boils over and consumes him

Changing tides

During the Arcona/Oden alliance Rrogon Skar was part of a small team that was to take out a military encampment that was set out on New Tython, During this mission Rrogon despised what he was being forced to do fighting alongside jedi it was sickening.

However during the last engagement one of Rrogon teammates seemed to be gravely wounded Skar lost himself into a murderous rage full letting the beast within him take full control and it took both Ktana and Celevon to subdew him before he killed someone but before they could Skar collapsed due to cardiac arrest and was immediately transported back to Slaen where he could proper receive medical attention.

Health complications

During this latest outburst it was discovered that Rrogon had grown deadly ill in his time in the brotherhood. In the past when he was a slave Rrogon was almost constantly abused and subjected to many unspeakable things during his five years as a slave the effects of this have never fully gone away.

And with his fall to the Dark side is long term decay effect on one body took rout in his heart literally this coupled with his overuse of the adrenalin that comes from the force induced rage and it began to decay slowly and it only began to affect him.

When he was brought back the doctors diagnosed him quickly and brought him in for immediate surgery. When Skar finally woke back up they told him that a small device had been placed on his heart and it would inject a special made bacta solution into his heart to slow the decay rate but there was not stopping it completely. Sadly they only gave Rrogon to his mid thirties before his heart fully gave out despite the bacta solution there was nothing more they could do as finding a donor for a replacement heart was impossible because of there being no blood relative left. And so he decided that it was best to step down from leading Shadow gate and let someone else take the rines, and so he has begun to detach himself from his team and ignoring anyone that ask for him the only places he has been seen is running his bar on O`val and at his home on the station.


Having a Master has never appealed to Skar due to him being a former slave but Nath was different that he thought it would be, her personality reflected off of Skar's and her training so far has helped him to grow and become stronger.

During his training they both began to have a Mother son relationship that only added to the strength of their bond

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