Aru Law

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Aru Law
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

11 ABY (Age 27)

Physical Description





1.83 m


82.0 kg


Long black hair


Dark yellow

Personal Information

Dariah Sproom


Vethed Law


Sage "The Boss" Cormac


Hutt Cartel

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate

Chronology & Political Information

House Qel-Droma Aedile


Clan Arcona

Personal Ship:

Star Commuter 2000

Known masters:

Alaisy Tir'eivra

Known apprentices:

Kaled Atros



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Aru is a Gray Jedi from Clan Arcona. He is part of House Qel-Droma and a member of the Battle Team Voidbreaker. He joined the Brotherhood after his ship crashed in Port Ol'val and was found by Alaisy Tir'eivra.

Character History

Childhood (11 ABY - 23 ABY)

First steps on the Smuggler's Moon (11 ABY - 16 ABY)

Aru Law was born to a poor family in Nar Shaddaa on the Year 11 ABY.

His father, Vethed Law, worked as a courier for the Hutt cartel, delivering and fetching cargo from hangars to storage houses. His mother, Dariah Sproom, worked as a bartender on one of the Hutt cartel’s casinos in a lower section of Nar Shaddaa.

Although poor, his family always made sure to give him a proper education as far as it was possible and therefore, Aru learned how to read and write, simple math and basic informatics. His house was in the mid-upper section of Nar Shaddaa, a gift from the Hutt cartel, and also a way to ensure loyalty since there was now a debt towards the Hutt’s.

Vethed had a close friend, Durata, that worked as a smuggler outside of Nar Shaddaa. Durata sometimes pulled jobs for the Hutts, but most of the times he kept away from them. Despite several warnings from his close friend, Vethed never found a way of distancing himself and his family from the cartel’s control.

Durata and Aru were also close, Aru seeing him as somewhat of an uncle. Aru loved to hear his stories about the vast space beyond Nar Shaddaa. He would listen to him for hours until he fell asleep in his arms. The gifts he received from Durata were his favorites: a holodisc with projections of spaceships in battle, a toy replica of a blaster and his favorite, a miniature R2 unit that beeped every now and then.

Working for the Hutts (16 ABY - 23 ABY)

As Aru grew, it was demanded to his father, Vethed, that his son started working for the cartel in the refineries of spice, a most profitable endeavor in the Cartel. Although against the idea, his mother, Dariah Sproom felt powerless as she saw her son being taken to work at a young age.

In the refineries, Aru was mistreated and starved during the day as a way of breaking his rebellious nature. He soon concluded that there was no fighting against the Hutts and that if he wanted to live, he would have to abide to every order.

Escaping Nar Shaddaa (23 ABY)

One day, Aru already at the age of 12, after coming home, his father ran inside the house with despair in his eyes. His mother, asked him what seemed to be the problem and Vethed, almost bursting into tears, admitted that he had stolen from the Hutts.

As it all sank in, even Aru knew how bad the situation was, Dariah immediately called Durata via Comlink and pleaded for help. Since he was on Nar Shaddaa, he told them to head for the hangar his ship was parked and that he was waiting for them.

As they made their way to the hangar, Cartel soldiers began pursuing them, since the Hutts had all communications in Nar Shaddaa wired. Seeing that they wouldn’t make it, Vethed, in a desperate attempt to stop his pursuers, urged his wife and son to carry on. With no time for goodbyes, Aru and his mother ran. Vethed was then shot down by the Cartel soldiers. But some of them kept on pursuing Aru and his mother.

Having made it into the hangar’s doors, Durata awaited them with a blaster ready to fire. Although, when they were about to enter, Dariah fell on the ground, her chest with a big blaster hole right in the middle.

Seeing his mom get killed right in front of him made Aru go static while a tsunami of emotions flooded his mind. Durata grabbed the boy and dragged him aboard his ship. Then he got him out of Nar Shaddaa the fastest he could and headed to the Outer Rim.

Youth (23 ABY - 30 ABY)

Learning the Tricks of the Trade (23 ABY – 30 ABY)

After escaping Nar Shaddaa, Durata took Aru to Pamarthe, a small planet on the Outer Rim where human colonies existed. Being his home planet, Durata stressed that they would be safe there.

Mourning his parents, Aru spent the first days in Pamarthe closed inside Durata’s house, reviewing the shooting of his mother over and over.

As the days went by, Durata grew tired of Aru’s inaction. So, he dragged him out of the house and sent him to learn how to pilot a ship with the local instructor. Pamarthe was known throughout the Outer Rim for producing some of the Galaxy’s finest pilots.

While training, Aru gained skills in piloting, astrogation and basic mechanics. After he was deemed worthy of flying a ship, he was taken aboard Durata’s smuggling crew. There, he was seen as the chore boy by the other crew members.

Having reignited his passion for all things technological, Aru began learning everything he could about starships and soon, he became a valuable asset in the crew by keeping their ship running in the harshest of conditions or by fixing devices deemed useless.

During his time working in the smuggling business with Durata, Aru visited several different planets, such as Tatooine, Corellia, Coruscant, Dathomir, etc… learning a lot about the races there, their cultures and most importantly, how to haggle with each of them.

Being among mostly outlaws, smugglers and pirates, Aru quickly learned about Sabacc, the legendary gambling game. After playing it for a couple times, he was addicted, and found himself betting larger amounts of credits every time. Being rather successful, he quickly gained a name as the “Lawless Gambler”, which Durata didn’t like at all.

Against his own will, Durata forced himself to send Aru away from his business, as his fame in the gambling world would sure to cause him problems in the future. Aru didn’t take it well at first, but he soon came to realize that this would be an opportunity to start his own business.

Adulthood (30 ABY - 37 ABY)

A friend for life (30 ABY – 34 ABY)

Although Aru had been dismissed from Durata’s crew, he hadn’t been left with nothing. With a great amount of generosity, Durata offered Aru a small freighter as a token of good will and parting.

During his endeavors, Aru found small smuggling jobs around the Outer Rim, which made him enough money to get by modestly.

During a pass by Tatooine, while negotiating with some Jawas, Aru laid eyes on an old R2 droid unit. This made him recall his favorite toy as a kid, an R2 unit replica. He simply had to buy it. The Jawas were more than happy to sell him the old droid for a more than its worth price, which Aru didn’t even mind paying. He only cared about taking it to his ship and fixing it.

After taking more than he anticipated fixing the droid, he finally managed to give it life. He named it Tinker and treated it as his son.

Tinker, soon began to grow affection for Aru, and a personality as well. It would often argue with some of his owner’s decisions and take matters into his own circuits when it had decided against his orders. But the two grew inseparable.

The past catches up (34 ABY – 37 ABY)

Accompanied everywhere by Tinker, Aru felt that it was time to return to his home, Nar Shaddaa. He missed the moon and he could feel something pulling him there. He had been feeling strange feelings before, that he could not explain.

Fully aware of the risk, in the year 37 ABY, Aru went to the Smuggler’s Moon, nonetheless. He was convinced that his slicing abilities would enable him to slip by the Hutts for a small amount of time, enough to let him enjoy his home once again.

The first place he went was his old home. He found it inhabited by a new family and couldn’t get inside. It was most likely empty of anything his family once possessed anyways. He then visited the Star Cluster Casino, famous in Nar Shaddaa and around the Galaxy. A few rounds of high stakes Sabacc later, he decided to leave. He had won too many rounds and people were gazing upon him with disdain.

On his way out of Nar Shaddaa he was intercepted by the Hutt Cartel’s security forces. They reached out to him via the commlink on his ship and ordered him to turn back and land. Aru didn’t abide to this order, which caused the cartel to send a Bounty Hunter after him.

Aru took evasive maneuvers while he left Nar Shaddaa’s atmosphere and Tinker, his droid, prepared a route away from there. Although, his ship was being heavily hit and, when they jumped to Faster Than Light travel speed, his ship’s hyperdrive started to malfunction, which caused his route to be altered significantly.

When his ship came out of hyperspace, Aru found himself in the middle of an asteroid field, on the Dajorra System, a system he didn’t possess the charts of. Struggling to dodge all the asteroids, he failed to evade a faster one that destroyed his ship.

Aru only had time to jump inside an escape pod with his droid and ejected himself. The pod crashed around the asteroid field several times, causing Aru to pass out. Eventually, his droid took over commands and barely managed to direct the pod to a bigger asteroid, Port Ol'val, that was passing by, after having felt a strong electric field around that asteroid.

Within the Brotherhood (37 ABY - Present Day)

Joining Arcona

After crashing on Port Ol'val, Aru's shipwreck was found by Warrior Alaisy Tir'eivra, whom had felt Aru's presence through the Force. She found Aru uncoscious, and took him to the port so that he could receive medical assistance.

3 days later, Aru woke up in a bed, covered in bandages with Tinker by his side. As soon as the medical droid noticed his awakening, a notice was sent. Soon afterwards, Aru was greeted by Seer Zujenia, the at the moment Rollmaster of Clan Arcona. She explained what had happened since his crashing. Aru, stressed that he was being pursued by a Bounty Hunter, but was immediately reassured that he was safe there, since they were on a distant system, almost unknown.

She then proceeded to explain to him about the Brotherhood territories that he had landed on, and about all the Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood. After hearing about all the smuggling that was done in Ol'val, which interested greatly Aru, and about the overall freedom that they had in the Brotherhood, Aru was convinced that he had found his new home.

A few days later, he had been assigned to House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona. After some initial testing, the Elders of the Clan discovered that Aru was Force sensitive. Although, he had never receive any training towards the use and harness of the Force. Zujenia, alongside some other members, felt it was important that he received proper training. So, they assigned him under the teachings of Alaisy Tir'eivra, the Sith Warrior who had found him in the first place.

Under Alaisy's training, Aru has developed severall skills in the use of the Force, although he hasn't fully embraced the way of the Sith. But he hasn't commited to the lightside as well, as he felt it too honorable for its own good.

His first days within his new family were of discovery. He enrolled in the Shadow Academy, which he loved from the beginning, and he commited himself to serious study there. His feats in the academy led to his clanmates nicknaming him the "Hell Mower". It was also there that Aru learned about Master Fay, the legendary Jedi which never wielded a lightsaber. With his own interpretation, he now aspires to be like her.

Great Jedi War XIII

Aru's joining to the Brotherhood was just a few months before the Great Jedi War XIII in which he took part on a special mission, alongside his Master and other clanmates, in order to negotiate peace between the Brotherhood and the Severian Principate.


After his participation in the GJWXIII, Aru was deemed worthy, by his Master Alaisy Tir'eivra and other elders of Clan Arcona, to receive the title of Knight.


After his Knighting, Aru found himself filling the role of Aedile in House Qel-Droma's summit. Not only that, he also fullfilled a goal of his when he was hired as a Magistrate in the Shadow Academy. Currently, he is the Master of Kaled Atros, tasked with teaching him the ways of the Force.

Physical Description

Aru is a slim man with some muscle lines the arms and legs. Cheekbones well defined and a medium sized mouth. Honey like dark yellow eyes and thin eyebrows. Very short, black hair with some gray hairs here and there. Well groomed beard all around the lower face and neck.