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Outer Rim


Zsoldos System


Abercrombie 1



Rotation period:

24 hours

Orbital period:

194 Days



  • Planet: 6000KM
  • w/atmosphere: 6800KM

Type II




0.99 Factors

Primary Terrain:


Native species:


Immigrated species:


Primary language(s):



2.2 Million

Major cities:


Major imports:


Major exports:


Possession Item:

ID 79913

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Zsoldos is one of three inhabited planets in the Zsoldos System and is the current headquarters of Vizsla, a Mandalorian style Clan of the Brotherhood that formed just before Great Jedi War XIII. The planet is multi-Biomed with varied terrain, sprawling planetary oceans, scorching deserts, and vast rainforests with an atmosphere capable of supporting most sentient life. Located within Wild Space, Zsoldos is inhabited by a motley collection of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells spread across the planet in small trading villages, gambling dens such as Ebon Ridge, and great drinking halls such as Saga. Zsoldos has served as Clan Vizsla's remote outpost since the conclusion of RoS: Meridian. Zsoldos has one moon, Daemunn. Which orbits the planet every twenty-four hours.


The earliest recorded instance of sentient life on Zsoldos is the arrival of the smuggler/explorer Gefion and her crew in 519 BBY. The diverse crew of Gefion’s ship, ​Luck’s End,​ were fleeing the chains of the civilized galaxy and sought new safe havens in Wild Space. Initially keeping the hyperspace route to the relatively unexplored system a close secret, Gefion eventually sought to bring in more settlers to help establish a discreet stop for those in the galaxy wishing to be left alone. The diverse outlaws scoured the planet for potential settlement locations and began establishing a rudimentary spaceport in what would later become known as Jasper. Over the years, the crew would add families, backwater merchants, and individuals who sought the freedom a remote planet offered. Small and diverse communities began to form from these initial settlers as some even began to chafe under the ​civilized​ nature of Jasper. The most prominent of these new settlements were Ullr and Du Kang. Ullr and Du Kang were founded around 437 BBY in different regions of the planet. The founders of Ullr were rowdy bounty hunters with a rustic and revelrous warrior culture who took refuge in the colder northern regions of Zsoldos’ largest continent. Du Kang was established on a large island just north of the planet’s equator by a formidable group of assassins with a strict honor code. The cultures of the “big three” settlements led to small quarrels over the planets meager resources, but a persistent peace through disassociation often marked the years. What did unite the factions of Zsoldos was a desire to remain independent and thus they consistently rebuffed the advances of the Rebellion and the Empire throughout the Galactic Civil War period. The tenuous stalemate continued with the arrival of Clan Vizsla in 36ABY. The members of Clan Vizsla have integrated in the diverse communities and many have adopted their cultures. The descendants of the original settlers have equally accepted the Clan, in large part due to the credits and commodities that Vizsla has brought to the planet.

Native Inhabitants

Being a planet that is home to those who look to escape the shackles and restrictions of Galactic law, Zsoldos naturally is mostly populated by humans of varying backgrounds and trades. However, Zsoldos' lawlessness appeals to any race and it is not uncommon to see other species come to set up home. Twi'leks, Togruta, Chiss and even Zabraks and Zygerrians are just a few of the many varying small pockets of species that arrive in order to make new lives for themselves or try to forget their old ones. This is especially true since the arrival of Clan Vizsla in 36 ABY since they care not about race or alignment to the Force within their own ranks and instead value an individual on their ability to bring in credits.


The geography of Zsoldos varies from region to region. The majority of the landmass consists of desert expanses that would be better described as blasted lands. Not much grows within these biomes, save for the mountainous terrain, leaving a dust-storm-covered harsh wilderness. Within more vibrant regions, grasslands and tropical forests can be found with all the flora that comes with it. Thick canopies blot out the sky within the forested areas while the grasslands are the realm of hunters and prey. Tundras can be found at each pole, with massive glacial shelves creating a network of hidden plateaus hidden from view. More than half the planet is covered by oceans, offering up fathomless unexplored depths pockmarked by islands where some say artifacts from the planet's natural inhabitants are buried.

Key Locations


Located in the forested crags of Ullr, Saga overlooks the great northern oceans of Zsoldos. The great drinking hall was established shortly after Ullr’s founding and serves as the communities central hub for gossip, drink, and debauchery. Built from the strong timber in the nearby forested region, Saga is a rustic structure harkening back to a time before prefabricated buildings and the comforts of modern living. Great dining tables line the hall and are often occupied by Ullr’s warrior elite, mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and anyone looking to celebrate the joy of surviving another miserable day. While the Drinking hall is the main focus there is a small community that has developed around it.

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Located on the remote island of Du Kang, Yuanming serves as one of the few civilized locations on the planet. Technically superior to any other structure on the planet, Yuanming is a hotel complex with a strict code that must be adhered to by its residents and guests. This hotel is one of three locations on Zsoldos that members of Clan Vizsla can obtain bounties, and it is the lone location on the planet where weapons are prohibited. Built as a large resort complex it has two large gleaming towers full of rooms to rent. Several pools dot the island with bars and casinos throughout. The only true spaceport on the planet is located next to the resort.

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Ebon Ridge

Ebon Ridge is the slums of Zsoldos full of down on their luck people. Gambling Dens and Casino's litter its streets. The oldest settlement on the planet it has become the denizen of thugs, criminals, and gangs. The dirt and grime from the desert region make cleanliness a near impossibility and patrons are as likely to pick up an infection as they are a drink. Located in Ebon ridge is the Scrap Pit which houses the Underground Fighting Ring. This is where individuals can sign up to compete in no holds barred matches for large sums of credits, the fights are broadcast system-wide with wagers taken on the combatants. Ebon Ridge is also one of the few locations on the planet that allows, and often sees, duels of dishonor. These duels occur when one patron shoots another in the back. These duels of dishonor can happen for any reason for the slightest argument can often lead to backstabbings and gunfights.

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The Scrap Pit

Located on the outskirts of Ebon Ridge is a scrap yard known as The Scrap Pit. Peering inside from beyond the neglected fence line this is just another scrap yard filled with junked speeders, fighters, and freighters. Hidden deep in the piles of discarded junk is a small warehouse. This warehouse is invisible from all directions as the scrap has been piled not only around the building but along the roof as well.

If you are one of the select few invited into the warehouse you would be greeted with a large orange backlit sign reading Adade Dar'yaim (Personal Hell) in Mando’a. Below this sign is a pit about 25 feet across and 8 feet deep. The rim of the pit has a 4-foot fence lining it. Just beyond the pit is a medium-sized office raised into the air with a large window on the front side to observe the action without the view being blocked by the special guests who are invited.

This pit is the reason the building exists. This lawless arena is situated underground and is a haven for those looking for blood-filled entertainment and looking to make a quick bet for some cash. Warriors and brawlers from all over Zsoldos compete either to show their superiority or satisfy their bloodlust. There are often no rules, and most of the time the fights are usually deathmatches where only one man is left standing. The arena itself is hexagonal in shape and caged with electrical wiring in order to keep would-be cowards from fleeing.

Roark-Cole-Tresor Research Station

Located at the southernmost point of Zsoldos, the Roark-Cole-Tresor Research Station was named aptly after Clan Vizsla's first leaders. The research facility is the only building constructed amidst the frozen tundra and is one of the few structures on Zsoldos constructed out of durasteel, necessary due to the harsh blizzards that often occur and the need to keep the cold on the outside. The facility is shaped like a cube, approximately 64 meters in height, length, and width, possibly due to the influence of the cubism movement of Mandalore. No one except Vizsla's members know what this research facility is for or even its existence in the first place.

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Graveyard of the Honoured Hunters

This hallowed area is not exactly part of the surface of the planet but is instead a designated location in orbit that is synced so that it is always facing the system’s sun, Abercrombie 1. It is considered sacred to all members of Clan Vizsla and is one of the few overtly clan-focused places in the whole system.

The aspiring hunters in their ranks know that, should they fall in the service to the clan, every possible effort will be made to return their corpses (or whatever pieces remain) to Zsoldos for a unique ceremony to honor their sacrifice. Their remains will be placed into simple caskets and lifted into space into this graveyard. From there, as a symbolic gesture, the caskets will be launched from the graveyard on a path towards the sun, returning the valiant hunter to the primordial forces that created the universe. The ceremony and the path of the fallen member is documented and archived for future hunters to observe and learn the rites.

This also, of course, serves a practical purpose in that it prevents any rival hunters from claiming any bounty on clan members and, on at least one occasion, has been used to sow disinformation about one of the clan’s hunter's untimely “death” in order to carry out a more elaborate hunt.

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Bounty on Nnelg Noswil

In 37 ABY, shortly after the formation of Clan Vizsla a woman was murdered and defiled outside the Saga drinking hall. Bounty Hunter Emminent Idris Adenn and his crew were some of the few Vizsla members that accepted the Nnelg Noswil contract.

Nnelg had made it difficult to be caught as he made a home within Saga's surrounding forest, only to come back into town for supplies when he needed them. He set traps around that captured both locals looking for revenge and hunters looking to cash in on his skull.

After an incident in Ullr where a shop's fuel canisters exploded after Noswil entered the town for supplies, he injured and killed several civilians on his way back into forest but not before leaving a blood trail for Idris to follow. The trail grew cold, but not before the Mandalorian noticed an arrow amongst the vines and foliage of the forest.

He and his crew retreated to the Saga drinking hall where they deduced the arrow was part of a trap in order to not hunt animals, but kill people.

The following morning whilst nursing a hangover, Idris learned from a local that they were several others that had tried to catch Noswil before him. Thinking there was a possibility of them being Vizsla initiates, he was able to track their Armor and bodies to where Nnelg was hiding. A battle ensued between the two which resulted in the death of Nnelg Noswil.

Idris claimed the bounty soon afterwards.

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