Edema R'uh-Kalinor

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Edema R’uh-Kalinor
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 years BBY

Physical Description

Sephi Sephi (Mandalorian)




1.4 meters


97 kg




Light Green

Personal Information

Jen’ika Kalinor


Jandos Kalinor

Known Children:





Ood Bnar Sythe'rae, Kandos Katarn, Atyiru Caesura Entar

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



The Siren Blades (Lightsabers), Blastech Dur-24 Wrist Laser, Flame Projector, Various Throwing Blades (custom designed), Sith Lanvarok

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Assassin


Savant, Member of the GMRG and the Inquisitorus, Former Magistrate to the Office of the Headmaster and member of the Shadow Academy


Clan Arcona, House Qel-Droma

Known masters:

Wuntila Arconae



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Edema R’uh-Kalinor

Edema R’uh Kalinor, Daughter of Rins’zler. Edema is a complicated individual who bears many scars, both physical and emotional. She is well known for her odd temperament and slight instability, but is respected for her impressive skills in combat. Her drive to engage her enemy in close quarters has led to suffer great injury in the past, cumulating in the recent pirate assault on the Shadow port. During this incident she was critically wounded and lost her remaining arm. She now possesses two cybernetic arms and a cybernetic leg.

Character History

Edema, upon reaching Equite

Born Edema Kalinor, she is the daughter of the Arcona Mystic, Rins'zler Sang-Kalinor. Tall yet lithe and muscular, she is a powerful figure to behold, as a child she was described as being angelic and people always said she would grow up to be a stunning beauty. She has many of her mother's traits, including her red hair and beautiful Sephi features.

Young Edema

She, like her two brothers followed the path of their parents and ended up within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She trained for many years and moved through the ranks of the Brotherhood, but unable to settle on a clan to join. Her Mandalorian training and heritage gave her an interesting perspective on her training, and she would often utilise a blend of both close combat and ranged weapons to achieve her goals. More than once it was noted that she had a lust for combat, on occasion she would dive headlong into battle to save her friends, without a care for her safety, relying on her skill and abilities to carry her through.

Fallen in Action

It was when she was 30 that disaster struck. Along with her Brothers and a company of Iron Legion troops, she had been sent to dislodge a group of fanatics from a world on the edge of Brotherhood territory. The mission when well until the Republic decided to intervene. Their troops landed under cover of X-wings and Y-wing Bombers. The Unit to which Edema was attached was strafed by the fighter support, many of the troopers were felled and Edema took a blast to the right arm. Before she could recover a proton bomb went off near her, sending her flying through the air. She must have blacked out, for when she came to she was being carried on an emergency stretcher by Arconan Militia forces, they had deployed upon receiving a distress call.

Edema as she tries to deal with her injuries

Recovery and a New Name

Over the next six months she slowly recovered from her ordeal. The Arconan med techs were amazed that she was still alive, the laser blast had done significant damage to her right arm and the explosion has shattered her left leg and right arm, both had been removed and she was being fitted with the best prosthetics Arcona could provide. The physical injuries healed slowly, the psychological ones were more serious. She had lost access to large sections of her memory, she could barely remember her own name let alone information about her family, the med techs gave her the name of R’uh, which in ancient Arconan meant Lost, Edema R’uh was born. Her mood had also been affected by her injuries, the explosion had caused massive cerebral shock, mainly from the concussive force of the blast, her already fiery temper had increased, and she would blow up into fits of rage. She told the med techs that this was mostly caused by frustration and as the months went by she began to learn how to moderate it.

Fifteen months went by, but by the end of it she was fit enough to return to duty. Her memory was still affected by her injuries, but she was determined to get back on track. Having been rescued by the Clan, she decided that this was the place she wanted to be, she was offered much support by her new clan and found its members to be very welcoming. She was run through an accelerated refresher course, and apart from a few minor issues she blew through it. Her training got harder as she approached the last stages of the Journeyman path; she pushed herself, mentally and physically and was rewarded for her efforts. At her Knighting ceremony there stood a mysterious Individual, robed in black and red, his face covered with a haunting mask. The image of the mask brought flashes of memory, she stumbled as her vision was suddenly clouded with glimpses of someone from her past, when her vision returned she was greeted by this masked man helping her to her feet, she thanked him, he nodded and returned to his place. When the ceremony was over she spoke to one of her fellow Journeyman and asked who the masked man was, the reply chilled her.

“You mean man who hides behind the deathmask? Don’t you know who he is? That’s Rins’zler Sang- Kalinor; no-one has seen his face. There are some scary rumours that go around the barracks about him. The rumour is that he is a Mandalorian Merc, very scary”

That night Edema could not sleep, her mind was bringing up images of the masked man and the name Kalinor. She left her Dorm and went to the Clan Archives; she needed to find out who this man was. It was morning by the time she had finished her research, the archivist found her asleep on the workstation; she had taken pity on the young woman and left her to sleep. When Edema awoke she looked at the data she had compiled, as much information about the man called Rins’zler. The Revelation was a shock to her system, this man was clearly related to her in some way, but despite all of her efforts, she could not drag up the information from her malfunctioning brain. She decided to try and speak to the man, to see what he could tell her, however before that could happen he was blown up in an attack on Arcona, rumours began to spread that the Mysterious masked man had been killed, Edema had lost her chance.

The next year saw her pushing herself to even greater heights, she was determined to enter the ranks of the Equites and make up for the loss of the mysterious man, Rins’zler, perhaps then she would find something out about him. It was a proud day for her when she was invited into the Citadel and granted the title, rank and privileges of Equite, perhaps now she could find out who the mystery man was. The opportunity never arose.

Edema finds her Father

Edema as her father saw her, after thinking she was dead

It would be six months later when she would meet the man again. She had been recruited by an element within the inquisition and was deployed to meet up with another operative on the spaceport of Ol'val. The operative, the mysterious Sol Kahan was supposed to aid her in routing a Pirate group who had ties to the Lotus Terrorists. She was confronted by a man in a dark alleyway and nearly killed him. She probably would have if he had not removed his helmet and spoken to her, the flood of memories that came back to her upon him saying her name nearly overwhelmed her, her Father, the man she had lost, the man who had been hidden behind the mask, he was there in front of her. They spent some time catching up before carrying out the mission. She was overjoyed by finally seeing some of her life falling back into place; she allowed that to give her strength in the slaughter that would follow.

Edema returned with her father, a trusting partner in the situation they had now both been brought into. She met her Stepmother, who gave her a hug and welcomed her to the family; Olvar dragged her away from her father for some “Girl time”. The pair spent hours talking, Edema learned about her Stepmother and the relationship she had with her Father, she also learned of the fate of her biological mother, and without warning a hologram appeared in the room, it was an image of a beautiful Sephi, it was her mother. They spoke and the hours washed by, by the end of it she was in the arms of Olvar, tears running down her pale skin, the emotions and memories that this brought up were almost too much to handle and she had broken down into tears several times.

Recent events had hardened her personality, she still had instability deep down, the injuries she suffered would remain with her for many years to come, but she was determined to be a shining star in the shadows of Arcona.

For her role within the Inquisition, working alongside her Father, she uses the name An'ja Mao, a Sith Bounty Hunter of Mandalorian Heritage.


Jen’ika Kalinor

Edema’s biological mother, trapped within the arcane crystalline matrix of the arcane Sith device encountered on Orrund. She is interred into the computer systems of their hulk, forming a pseudo AI. She is able to communicate via the ship's systems of via hologram. But she can’t hug her daughter yet.

Princess Olvar

Princess Olvar when Rins'zler first met her

Princess Olvar is a humanoid Alien from a mysterious race known only as the Alant’ians. They are an ancient race, one that possess a natural beauty only marred by their tentacle like hair that comes from their heads and an exoskeleton covering on their bodies. Very little is known about this race as they have remained hidden for thousands of years. They choose very carefully who they reveal themselves to. It is said in ancient texts and spoken tales, that the Ancient Sith had a hand in their past and may explain their somewhat unique appearance. This may also be the origins of their skills with Biotechnology and the combination of mechanical and biological components.

The princess is Edema’s step mother and she has opened her heart to Edema, treating her as if she was her own daughter. She is helping Edema deal with her instability issues and trying to temper her almost suicidal lust for close quarters combat.

Jakata Sang-Kalinor

Jakata is Edema’s Great-Uncle. A wily old Sephi, who has his fingers in more pockets than her father cares to know.

Officially Jakata runs Sang Enterprises. This is a highly respected arms manufacturing company, providing everything from small arms to starship grade turbolasers. With contracts to most of the major companies and factions in the Galaxy and also to whoever can afford his contract prices.

Unofficially he runs a large Black Market arms dealership; he has ties with various criminal groups and underground organisations and supplies several Mandalorian clans with a large proportion of their arms and equipment.

Sang Enterprises

Sang Enterprises: A well-established business, with facilities spread across the galaxy. It has contracts seeded out to some of the finest military organisations in the Galaxy. At least a dozen Mandalorian clans are said to have ties to this company. Rumours also place contracts with elements of the Empire and the Republic.

The Company provides Infantry grade small arms and heavy weapons systems, vehicle mounted medium and heavy weapons, artillery grade blasters, Turbolasers of various sizes and class, as well as a huge variety of explosive munitions and projectiles.

Sang Industries

Sang Industries is the company that doesn't exist. It is spread around the Galaxy on several worlds. A large portion of it is disguised beneath the cover of several religious organisations including the mysterious Order of Darknell who reside in their monastery on Qi Lozar.

Other covers include toy factories, food processing facilities and Chemical waste processors. Sang Industries produces a variety of semi-legal and illegal weapons and technology from disruptor weapons to several varieties of nerve gas as well as sensor cloaking systems and military grade combat shielding.

Qi Lozar, Home to the Order of Darknell, the front for the Headquarters of Sang Industries
Solus Prime, Headquarters of Sang Enterprises

Korat and Jor'ana Sang-Kalinor

The children of Jakata. Korat and Jor'ana were born to Jakata's first wife, who passed away some years ago. Both of them grew up longing to join the military, and at the age of 27, they both enlisted into the Iron Legion of the Dark Brotherhood. Both have served long and Illustrious carers, becoming members of the GMRG, and being assigned to Spec-War projects. Lately they have been assigned to the Office of the Voice, their transfer orders having been signed by a mysterious individual, who's identity seems to be a phenomenon. Jor'ana, or Shadow Raven as she is often known, is currently working closely with Edema, while technicaly not her Cousin, Edema and Jor'ana were rasied as such and to all intents and purposes are like sisters. In addition to her regular work with Edema, Jo'ana is assigned as the Personal Guard of An'ja Mao of the Inquisitorius.

Edema's Skills

Headlong Assault

Like her Mother, Edema worries not about the niceties of combat, she will always be the first to fling herself into combat and the last to walk away. If this means it saves her comrades, then the more the better.

Fathers Daughter

While she takes her combat feistiness from her mother, she inherited her father's skill at making things. She is by no means a craftsman, but she can fiddle with her Mandalorian armour and knows enough to get someone else to make more of them for her.


While her father prefers to use range first and combat last, Edmea is the polar opposite in many ways. She will gladly wield her lightsabers in combat over doing things from afar; however she will use her blasters and throwing weapons if they will give her an advantage.

Vehicles in Current Ownership

The Nightfall Prism: A heavily modified Delta class Shuttle (Delta-class T-3c shuttle) This ship houses her personal quarters along with guest quaters, a full armoury and weapons repair station as well as combat training spaces. Cargo space is limited to just enough space for her ULAV to fit inside. The Ship has been outfitted with Heavy Laser Cannons as well as a concealed missile launcher

Delta-class T-3c Shuttle "The Nightfall Prism".png

"The Night Reaper": An upgraded ULAV that Edema uses as her primary mode of transport when needing to get around the surface (ULAV). Well armed with twin Laser Cannons on the front and single turret mounted Laser at the rear. Edema has upgraded the protection package on this specific model, reducing its speed but allowing it to survive even heavy combat if needed.

Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle (ULAV) "Night Reaper".jpg

Physical Description and Equipment


Fine Robes

Edema, unlike her Father, is fond of fancy robes; she will often be seen wearing luxurious clothing that enhances her beauty. These robes hide a secret; they are designed for combat, yet still look fabulous. The robes have various pockets and mountings for her sabres, and throwing weapons. Even when at rest, she is always armed.

Inquisitor Armour

As a Chief Inquisitor she often has to carry out jobs that can be seen as distasteful by others therefore retaining her anonymity is key, this was the primary reason for the creation of the Identity of An'ja Mao, the Identity she often operates under when carrying out her more shady assignments. She will often carry out these tasks wearing her lighter but more intimdating Inquisitor armour, outfitted with her various weapon systems she carries as standard.

Mandalorian Armour

Like her Father she owns several sets of Mandalorian Armour, each have been designed over the years and you can track her tastes in combat styles by the way they are designed and coloured.


As a Mandalorian, the Mandalorian Armour is part of who she is, while she does not always wear it all, she can both often be seen wearing parts of it beneath her robes. Edema has coloured her armour in black. Features are highlighted, with the outline present on the armour in purple. These colours blend in nicely with her robes her armour has a more purple base note that that of her father's.

Edema wearing one of her many suits of Mandalorian Armour

Mirror Mask

As part of her duties, she is a member of the Inquisition. Like her father, she has been brought into an intricate scheme that is slowly playing itself out. To hide her features she uses a mirror mask, similar to that worn by her father. The mask has a fully mirrored surface and incorporates similar systems that are found in her Mandalorian helmet, the systems are powered from a small unit mounted on her belt which is connected via a series of shielded cables that run over her spine.

Sith Lanvarok

With her recent elevation within the Shadow Academy, Edema has gained access to ancient weapons reserved only for those wise enough to wield them. She was gifted one of the Academy's ancient Sith Lanvarok's, a weapon designed by and for the ancient Sith themselves (Sith Lanvarok) This weapon launches razor thin blades, usually coated with lethal or debilitating poisons. Edema Currently carries the wrist mounted version, but has her eyes on the pole mounted version for some "custom work".

Sith Lanvarok.png

The Siren Blades

Wielded by Edema, this is the name she gave to her pair of lightsabres. Their purple blades grant death to her foes.

Edema's paired lightsabers, The Siren Blades, crafted by her and her father

Throwing Blades

Edema utilises custom forged throwing blades, of various designs and styles. Some are modified so as to be used as a close combat weapon, others are shuriken like blades. These blades are carried around her waist, hidden beneath his robes and fitted to hidden compartments around their clothing. Edema is able to utilise the force to send these towards their opponent, pinning unsuspecting targets to the wall.

Gauntlets with Blastech Dur-24 Wrist Lasers and Flame Projectors

Edema, like her father, uses a combination of Wrist laser and Flamethrower for her gauntlet weapons; however they are used individually rather than as a pair. She has used these weapons ever since they were given to her by her father; they have served her well over the years.


Edema suffered serious injuries during the assault on the rebel strong hold, she had to have her right arm and left leg replaced with cybernetics. Recently during the Hutt attack on the Shadow Port she suffered serious damage to her left arm, this had to be replaced by a cybernetic.

Edema’s leg was replaced from above the knee with a combat grade cybernetic, incorporating mag grips and various other combat features.

Both of Edema’s arms have been replaced with custom designed organo-cybernetic replacements courtesy of her step mother. Both of the arms appear mechanical but incorporate organic components such as hybrid muscle and flesh. The semi organic nature of the arms means she is still able to direct the force through the limb, however she has lost the ability to project force lighting, a loss she is feeling greatly. Its cybernetic nature also means she is able to attach various elements of her equipment to it.

Cybernetic Arm
Cybernetic Legs

Vocal Characteristics

When wearing her mask she utilises the built-in voice changer. This gives her a slightly warped and disturbing voice that emerges from the front of the mask. Her voice sounds as though it is being distorted through time and has a slightly reptilian sound to it, the words elongated and slithering. When typed, replace any "s" that isn't at the beginning of the word with a "z", and add an "h" after the second letter, this only need to be done if the words are being spoken through her mask, not via comlink or without the mask, it can be assumed the comlink is inside the mask.

Positions Held

Member of the Grand Masters Royal Guard GMRG

Member of the Inquisition Inquisitorius

Member of the Shadow Academy Shadow Academy

Member of the Shroud Syndicate Shroud Syndicate

Former Magistrate to the Office of the Headmaster

Former Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master

Former Magistrate to the Herald