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Outer Rim Territories


Caelus System



  • 6 major moons
  • 8 minor moons
  • 13 moonlets


Rotation period:

14 standard hours

Orbital period:

1742 standard days


Gas Giant


Around 160,000km

  • Temperate (in the life stratum)
  • Hostile with chemical and magnetic storms
  • Standard (in the life stratum)
  • 1.5 at the surface
Primary Terrain:


Surface Water:


Points of interest:
Native species:
Immigrated species:
Primary language(s):


  • 85% Droids
  • 10% Ugnaughts
  • 5% Humans

Cartel control

Major imports:
  • Technology
  • Foodstuffs
Major exports:


Possession Item:

ID 79905

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Perune is a blue-green colored gas giant, about 160,000 kilometers in diameter, located in the Outer Rim, with a solid core followed by layers of metallic gases that were home to Purrgils until the system’s discovery and colonization by the Galactic Empire in 5 BBY.


Perune is a blue-green colored gas giant, about 160,000 kilometers in diameter, located in the Outer Rim. Like most gas giants, it has a solid core made of metal (7,800 kilometers in diameter) followed by layers of metallic gases. Most of the layers of gas are poisonous, and the pressure and temperature are far above what a Human could tolerate. Despite this, approximately 118 to 163 kilometers down from space there is a 27 kilometer thick habitable layer. This layer has an oxygen rich atmosphere that is poisonous over long durations, temperatures and pressure are suitable for Human life. It is in this layer that three gas mining stations are located. As with many gas giants, Perune is orbited by 6 major moons, of which three are habitable by Humans, as well as several small moons that are just barren rocks that orbit the planet.

Notable Landmarks

Halo Station

Halo Station is a mostly automated depot station located on the planet Perune that is used with the Caelus-System Government to store unrefined Chlouzon-36.

Some time after the imperial colonization of the Caelus-System, a number of automated fueling depots were build to store the unrefined Chlouzon-36 harvested from the planet before it would be transferred to Iosan for refinement.



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A type-I moon, 7259 km in diameter. The largest moon orbiting Perune. It was the focus of a Moon-wide city development during the height of the Empire. It is however far from complete and parts of the artificial landscape are being reclaimed by nature.

As the major hub in the system, it will remain the primary seat of power of any and all forces who wish the control the Caelus System.


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A type-I moon, 5182 km in diameter. With its icy surface, one might wonder why its name implies an image of heaven. But geothermal activity gives rise to sinkholes of such width and depth that a temperate microclimate exists in these rift pockets. Its use as a hunting moon has left a dangerous biosphere however.


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A type-II moon, 5172 km in diameter. Largely covered by water save for a single supercontinent. Its ammonia rich seas make life without technical aid hard. High ranking officials of the Caelus Cartel have private retreats in its biodomes.


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A type-I moon, 6800 km in diameter. The final moon in the system that supports standard life. Its overgrown jungles and snaking rivers are home to savage predators and small insect life. High moisture levels prevent any long term, high-technology settlements from being established.


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A type-III moon, 6530 km in diameter. A barren world of ice and rock. Its atmosphere beyond polluted due to gas and metal refining plants dotting its equatorial region.


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A type-III moon, 3710 km in diameter. A nitrogen rich atmosphere prevents unaided habitation. A prison facility was constructed decades ago and continues to see use by the Caelus Cartel to draft forced labor.



The Planet was first discovered by the Empire around 5 BBY when several Imperial light cruisers were lost during exploration missions in the Outer Rim Territories. Upon further investigation, Purrgils were found to be the cause of these incidents. Because Purrgils migrated between Clouzon-36 rich planets, the Empire discovered Perune shortly after and proceeded to establish a gas mining operation in the planet’s atmosphere, the gaseous fuel being put to good use for their vast fleet. During the following years, the offside location of the system hid it from the eyes of the Rebellion. It was only after the fall of the Empire and the transformation of the occupying Imperial forces into a privatized cartel that the New Republic took note of the system, though it was largely left to itself as it remained in an independent situation, affiliated with neither the New Republic, nor the Imperial remnant factions.

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