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Fictional Information

In late 37 ABY, Consul Rian Taldrya and Proconsul Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama began reorganizing and expanding Clan Taldryan’s activities, to provide more opportunities for members to contribute in ways that suited their individual skills and interests, as well as extending the influence of the Clan itself. As the divisions solidified, the Clan Summit instructed each of them to send any requests they had for assistance from the Clan’s membership to the Summit, who then distributed the requests to the membership. Members were then free to choose which assignments they would undertake. Taldryanites were encouraged to affiliate themselves with a division within the Clan that reflected their skills and interests, but they were free to accept missions from any division they chose. As they gained experience, members who affiliated themselves with a division could be offered leadership opportunities within their division.




  • Clan Summit
  • House Summit (where relevant)
  • Battle-Team Leaders

Affiliated Members: see the Taldryan Roster

The Battle-Teams of Taldryan are special units assembled by the Clan Summit and tasked with a wide variety of missions to advance the Clan's interests. Although the Battle-Teams may work with Taldryan's other divisions (and Battle-Team members may, in fact, work with or even lead those divisions), Battle-Teams are independent units, answerable only to their Summits.

Suggested Disciplines: Any

Community Outreach


Affiliated Members: TBA

Following their arrival in the Caelus System and the expulsion of the Ky’Lian Cartel, Taldryan worked to build a strong relationship with the people of Caelus. Clan members worked with the local community in a variety of ways, from operating free medical clinics in disadvantaged areas to mediating disputes and assisting Caelus Security with investigating crimes.

Suggested Disciplines: Director, Field Medic, Scoundrel, Seeker

Force Mystics


Affiliated Members: TBA

The Force moves in mysterious ways, it’s often said, and Taldryan’s Force Mystics worked to solve those mysteries in whatever way they ccould. The Mystics served as a combination of seers, sorcerers, and librarians, often working in tandem with the Lorekeeper of Taldryan to recover lost knowledge and relics. Some Mystics also worked with Taldryan’s information network, using their Force visions to guide intelligence-gathering and defend the Clan from threats.

Suggested Disciplines: Arcanist, Seeker, Sorcerer, Techweaver

Military Prefecture


Affiliated Members: Crysenia Orainn

Military-minded Taldryanites were sometimes attached to Clan military units as "prefects", serving as a direct link between the unit and the Clan Summit that stood outside the regular chain of command while augmenting the unit's effectiveness with their own abilities. Prefects stood outside the normal chain of command, and in most cases, worked with the unit's commander rather than replacing them. The size of the unit to which the Taldryanite was attached varied by their rank. Novitiates nearly always accompanied a senior Clan member. Journeymen fought alongside company- or squadron-sized units or a small capital ship, Equites typically supported entire battalions or a larger capital ship, and Elders oversaw regiments or fleets.

Suggested Disciplines: Ace, Defender, Director, Juggernaut, Field Medic, Marauder, Weapons Specialist

Office of Secret Intelligence (OSI)


  • Spymaster (Division Head): TBA

Affiliated Members: Rakhai

Formed from the merger of Warlord Vodo Biask Taldrya's personal espionage network and SRI personnel responsible for gathering intelligence, the Office of Secret Intelligence (often shortened to OSI, or as Proconsul Ténama called it, “Vodo’s House of Shady Deals”) was Taldryan’s spy agency. OSI's primary duty was to gather information, and most OSI personnel spent the majority of their time watching, listening, and reporting their findings back to the Taldryan Summit, while leaving direct-action missions to Taldryan Military personnel. However, OSI did maintain a small wetwork division for times when an obstacle in the Clan's path needed to be permanently removed.

Suggested Disciplines: Infiltrator, Scoundrel, Seeker, Shadow

Sphere of Research and Intelligence (SRI)

Main Page: Sphere of Research and Intelligence


  • Supreme Director (Division Head): Xolarin

Affiliated Members: Nihlus Vexrii, Bale Andros (design consultant)

Historically, SRI served as Taldryan’s intelligence agency, having been founded as the successor to the former Taldryan Intelligence Directorate. Following their reorganisation, SRI’s covert-action function was transferred to other divisions of the Clan, leaving them free to work on technical research and development (leading some to refer to them as Taldryan’s “mad scientist cabal”). SRI maintains some of its intelligence functions, however; their technical expertise made them Taldryan's de facto signals-intelligence division, and they were responsible for reverse-engineering enemy technology and developing new tools for Taldryan personnel to use in the field.

Suggested Disciplines: Scavenger, Techweaver

TEAD Technologies


  • CEO (Division Head): TBA

Affiliated Members: TBA

TEAD Technologies was the "legitimate business" face of Taldryan for decades, and the Clan's move to the Caelus System only gave the corporation more opportunities for expansion. The first additions to their portfolio after their relocation were the Clouzon-36 extraction operations on Perune, and the development of mining operations in the Caelus asteroid belt. TEAD also offered logistical solutions for clients located in high-risk areas, and sometimes used independent contractors to fulfill those needs.

Suggested Disciplines: Ace, Director, Scavenger, Scoundrel, Techweaver

Vornskr Battalion (Private Military Company)


Affiliated Members: Rohla Trugaim, Masakado, Lilina Mirin

Officially, the Vornskr Battalion was an independent group of non-Force-using bounty hunters and mercenaries, and it was just a coincidence that many of their operations targeted entities that Taldryan's leadership considered dangerous or troublesome. Surprisingly, the official story was at least partly true. The PMC was created when a group of freelance military personnel signed an agreement with Taldryan's Clan Summit: Taldryan would provide the military hardware that the mercenaries needed to start their own unit, and in return, the Vornskr Battalion would treat Taldryan as a priority client.

In practice, the Vornskrs were given virtually free rein to manage its day-to-day operations as it saw fit; the only condition that Taldryan's Clan Summit imposed was that the unit refused contracts to strike at known Taldryan assets. Beyond that limitation, the unit readily accepted contracts from other clients in any region of the galaxy they saw fit, and sometimes sub-contracted other mercenary groups to assist them in their operations.

Suggested Disciplines: Ace, Director, Field Medic, Hunter, Infiltrator, Weapons Specialist

OOC Information

Taldryan's auxiliary divisions were created to give Clan members more opportunities to interact with their fictional universe. Each of Taldryan's divisions specialises in different fields, providing more depth for activities like fiction competitions, where members will be able to choose between "missions" offered by various divisions—and in some cases, favour certain divisions over another, in ways that will meaningfully affect Taldryan's fictional development. The original divisions system was developed by Erinyes with input from several other DB members (both inside and outside of Taldryan), and implemented by Rian and Erinyes in late 2019.

Member Affiliations

As mentioned in the fiction section, members are encouraged (but not required!) to affiliate themselves with a division. When a member chooses to affiliate with a division, it represents their "day job" within the Clan—the thing they spend most of their time doing, whether or not it's a "job" in the traditional sense. Members may change their affiliation at any time.

Being affiliated with a division will not prevent members from participating in activities that are fictionally sponsored by other divisions. In fact, the Clan Summit encourages members to use the interactions between divisions to tell interesting stories, like a Force Mystic butting heads with an SRI researcher or the Taldryan military having to work with the Clan's private-security arm.

Member alts and NPCs, being characters in their own right, may be affiliated with divisions in the same way as main characters are.

Division Structure and Advancement (WIP)

Each of Taldryan's divisions has its own fictional structure, styled according to its theme: military units for the Taldryan armed forces and Vornskr Battalion, "departments" for SRI and TEAD Technologies, "cells" for the Office of Secret Intelligence, and so on. The heads of the auxiliary divisions will be appointed by the Clan Summit, but members will have the opportunity to take on other leadership positions within the division they're affiliated with, if interested. Initially, the level of leadership a character may take on will depend on the character's Dark Brotherhood rank. As the divisions become more established, other criteria may be added, such as the number of times a character has supported a division during their activities.

Note: The positions and hierarchy listed on this page are purely unofficial, and to be used for fictional purposes only.

Example Titles

Community Outreach Force Mystics Military Prefecture Office of Secret
Sphere of Research
and Intelligence
TEAD Technologies Vornskr Battalion
Division Head Division Head Archpriest/Archpriestess Prefect Spymaster/Spymistress Supreme Director CEO Commandant
Elder/GM Division Leader Elder Regimental/Fleet Prefect Regional Head Director Vice President Battalion Staff Officer
Equite Branch Leader Circle Leader Battalion/Ship Prefect Network Leader Cell/Team Leader Director Company Commander
Journeyman Senior Member Disciple Company/Ship/
Squadron Prefect
Cell Leader Agent/Engineer Manager NCO/Officer
Novitiate Junior Member Initiate Assistant Prefect Cell Member Technician Employee Enlisted

Non-Taldryan Participation

While Taldryan's auxiliary divisions were designed to provide Taldryan members with greater fictional immersion, Brotherhood members from outside the Clan are welcome to interact with the divisions as independent affiliates: essentially, freelancers who treat Taldryan's divisions like any other client, such as a non-Taldryan smuggler who accepts a contract to haul cargo for TEAD Technologies, or a mercenary hired to reinforce the Vornskr Battalion.

Information on each division's relationship with non-Taldryan members is as follows.

  • Community Outreach: Open to non-members.
  • Force Mystics: Open to non-members wishing to share general knowledge of the Force. The Mystics' role as seers on behalf of Taldryan is restricted to Clan members, for obvious reasons.
  • Military Prefecture: Closed to non-members, as one of the primary functions of the Prefecture is to provide a link between the Clan Summit and the prefect's unit. However, non-Taldryan personnel may work alongside Taldryan military units as circumstances require.
  • Office of Secret Intelligence: Open to cooperation with non-members in pursuit of common goals. Non-members will be kept at a distance, however, and representatives of the OSI will be quick to point out that they don't work "for" anyone. (Technically, this is true; the OSI is Vodo Biask Taldrya's personal spynet that he chooses to employ to Taldryan's benefit, not an arm of the Clan itself.)
  • Sphere of Research and Intelligence: Open to cooperation with non-members in pursuit of common goals. Non-members will be kept at a distance, however, interacting with the network via go-betweens rather than direct communication with its leaders. Note: SRI maintains a high level of secrecy around both its existence and its operations. It's extremely rare for SRI personnel to identify themselves as such, or even as representatives of Taldryan.
  • TEAD Technologies: Open to non-members.
  • Vornskr Battalion: Open to non-members, both via recruitment as Vornskr Battalion personnel and as allied independent units.
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