Office of Secret Intelligence

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Office of Secret Intelligence
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Vodo Biask Taldrya


Vodo Biask


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ABY 36

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Clan Taldryan

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The Taldryan Office of Secret Intelligence is the successor to the Secret Intelligence Service. Upon settling in the Caelus System the Clan’s intelligence gathering and counter-intelligence operations were rebuilt under the direction and supervision of Vodo Biask Taldrya. After fleeing the Kr'Tal System and having been hunted by the Justicar and Son of Taldryan-turned enemy Jac Cotelin, the Clan’s many intel resources were in dire need of attention. Vodo, having organized the nativist Old Guard resistance cells that eventually lead to the ousting of then Clan Consul Rhylance, was directed by the incoming Consul, Rian Taldrya, to spearhead the reorganization.

In the short time since its inception the OSI has ingrained itself to the Clan, aiding both in domestic security operations to quell unrest as well as actions taken in foreign planetary systems.


The Office of Secret Intelligence is the foreign and domestic intelligence agency of Clan Taldryan and is the successor to the Secret Intelligence Service. It is overseen by Sith Warlord Vodo Biask Taldrya under the authority of Consul Rian Taldrya and his Proconsul Erinyes Tenama. The Office of Secret Intelligence (OSI) is responsible for protecting Clan interests in the Caelus System and across the Galaxy through passive surveillance, direct action, as well as the acquisition, training, and placement of covert agents in places of potential interest. While successful in helping quell unrest regarding Clan Taldryan's presence in Caelus its methods and actions have been criticized as draconian, authoritarian, and secretive by detractors. Supporters cite a record of actionable intelligence that has directly contributed to the safety of the Clan and success of its operations.

The Office of Secret Intelligence serves the Clan’s interests by collecting information on enemies and potential adversaries and by frustrating their attempts to gather the same information.

Intel gathered on other entities is handled by the Director of Foreign Intelligence (D:FI) who oversees the Sentient Intelligence, Signal Intelligence, and Zero-Desh departments. Counter-intelligence is handled by the Director of Counterintelligence (D:CoInt) who oversees the departments of Counter-Intel Ops, Sentient Intelligence, Surveillance, and Direct Operations. Both Directors report to the Director of Clan Intelligence (D:CI) who is Vodo Biask Taldrya. The D:CI works closely with the Clan Consul and Proconsul and often assists the House Summits with localized issues.

At present the Office of Secret Intelligence’s primary focus is countering the efforts of The Collective whose own covert apparatus has identified Caelus not only as a prime system for recruitment but as a valuable potential resource base. To that end The Collective has attempted to ferment social discord on Caelus between the native residents and the relatively new Clan Taldryan. It is Director Biask’s mission to ensure that The Collective’s efforts come to nothing. OSI works closely with Taldryan Military Intelligence, passing along relevant information to the Fleet and Ground Commands as required.

Directory of Foreign Intelligence

The Directory of Foreign Intelligence’s primary mission is the collection of information relating to adversaries and enemies of Clan Taldryan outside of the Caelus System and the Clan’s new area of influence. It is under the authority of the Devronian D:FI, Dasic Keyl. It is divided into several departments with specific mission focuses:

Foreign Sentient Intelligence (Forsenint)

People and Aliens of all stripes are prime sources for information and tip-offs to the goings-on of threats to the Clan. Highly trained agents and handlers work closely to identify persons whose loyalties can be turned or whose personal short-comings and/or financial needs can be exploited. Forsenint also seeks to place Taldryan operatives inside other organizations, Clans, and corporations to commit acts of espionage and intelligence gathering. Called the Silent Service the agents of Forsenint deal in face-to-face deals and deep cover operations but are not the Clan’s specialists in covert direct-action.

Signal Intelligence (Sigint)

The vast majority of communication in the Galaxy is conducted over electronic devices and means. Through dedicated observation, complex algorithmic analyzation, and AI assisted code breaking Sigint seeks to find intelligence transmitted by those opposing Clan Taldryan. Taping Hyperspace Beacons allows the monitoring of the destinations of ships, fleet compositions, and origins. It also enables the intercept and description of Holonet data traffic.

Zero-Desh (0-D)

The direct action department of the OSI. When the Consul determines that a Being poses a threat to Clan Taldryan, or whose continued good health poses a serious obstacle to Clan Operations, Cipher Agents are activated. Utilizing a variety of means to achieve their missions Ciphers are all certified lethal and have authority under their mission orders to neutralize any and all targets or obstacles. Cipher Agents are selected from among the Clan’s military personnel and are trained extensively. All records of their previous lives are erased and new ones created to match the place in which they will be embedded until activated. They act alone on missions. It is official Clan policy to disavow all Cipher missions regardless of outcome.

Directory of Counter-Intelligence

The Directory of Counter-Intelligence primary mission is the protection of the Clan from adversaries’ covert actions against the Clan inside the Caelus System. It operates under the authority of the Ryl D:CoInt, Abram Molskopo.

Taldryan Clan Members are on occasion called upon, depending on their skill sets and specializations, to assist in missions and operations. It is the Director of Clan Intelligence’s policy that these are handled on a case-by-case basis and only after his personal review, subject to the Consul’s approval, and only after a member has completed the requisite background screenings and training. Direct Action missions are restricted to Clan Members of the Equite Class and higher without the Consul’s specific order.

The Directory’s departments are as follows:

Operations (CoIntOp)

CoIntOps is responsible for coordinating the security apparatus of the Clan in the Caelus System with the Clan Summit and the Armed Forces Command.

Counter-Intelligence Sentient Intelligence (Cosenint)

Like Forsenint this department’s focus is on developing relationships with those beings who have information and access to information. Cosenint infiltrates protest movements, disrupts terror networks, and provides information on dissident groups by collecting disgruntled individuals, those whose loyalty can be bought or leveraged. Agents have taken to local media reports calling them Spooks, adopting the moniker for themselves.

Surveillance (Surv)

The Surveillance Department focuses on collecting intel by means of remote observation. The pervasive planetary holocam system provides detailed, high resolution live feeds of nearly every public space and government building on Caelus. Teams can be deployed to those places where the Holocams cannot see to provide on-the-ground coverage or can be directed to observe the interior of private buildings and private property. Utilizing drones, droids, and far-field holo-recorders there is no place they cannot get eyes on.

Direct Operations (DOps)

The Counter-Intelligence Direct Operations department’s mission is fairly straight forward. Comprised of squads of dangerous, highly trained and equipped, troopers the Direct Operations Teams conduct raids, crowd control, and target neutralization. Drawn from the Taldryan Army’s military police ranks the Troopers of DOps wear a distinctive all matte black armor that covers their face and provides protection from most civilian blaster weapons. Their combination of unique skills and specialized weapons and training make these teams highly effective Counter-terrorism specialists.

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