Vornskr Battalion

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Vornskr Battalion
Unit Information

Mercenary Company

  • Infantry
  • Special Forces
  • Tactical Assault
  • Reconnaisance
  • Espionage
  • 3 Line Companies
  • 1 Assault Company
  • 1 Attack Armour Company
  • 1 Special Missions Company

Perune Orbital Business District




We fight to win.

Possession Item:

General Zentru'la

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The Vornskr Battalion is a private military company that’s not officially connected to Taldryan; they lease their equipment from the Clan in exchange for a share of the profits and give Taldryan “preferred client” status, but are otherwise a fully independent mercenary unit that takes its own contracts. Members who are willing to fight for Taldryan but would prefer not to fly the Clan’s colours can serve with the Vornskrs instead. The battalion is led by General Zentru'la under agreement with Chancellor Cassandra El'sin.



Following Zentru'la's discharge from the Imperial Scholae Army with the loss of all ranks and titles as a result of participating in a Battleteam Tavros raid on Sentinel Station, the General was in a period of flux with a lack of available funding, and contacted Erinyes to try to work something out. Erinyes was looking into creating a private military company, officially an independent group that would treat Taldryan as a priority client in exchange for the provision of funding and military hardware.

In practice, the Vornskrs were given virtually free rein to manage its day-to-day operations as it saw fit; the only condition that Taldryan's Clan Summit imposed was that the unit refused contracts to strike at known Taldryan assets. Beyond that limitation, the unit readily accepted contracts from other clients in any region of the galaxy they saw fit, and sometimes sub-contracted other mercenary groups to assist them in their operations. He contracted venerable tactician and Clone Wars veteran Colonel Shin to serve as his executive officer - an old comrade from Scholae Palatinae.

Fourteenth Great Jedi War

In the Fourteenth Great Jedi War, the Vornskr Battalion were stationed in the City of Eos, protecting it from Seige at the hands of the Collective's Hive Mind Marines, under their commander, General Zentru'la.

Rite of Supremacy: Escalation

When the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation pit numerous factions against each other, a woman claiming to be Triumvir of Steel, Kamlin Xarel, contracted The Vornskr Battalion to capture the Screeching Osprey, a Tenixir Revenants Quasar-Fire class carrier. Zentru'la and a handful of Vornskr Battalion soldiers raided the Osprey. However, the call was a fake, an imposter luring Zentru'la into a trap. Masakado and Lilina were captured and Zentru'la escaped. Zentru'la assembled all four sentinel-class shuttles in the Vornskr Battalion Navy and swarmed the ship in a counter-attack deploying 300 soldiers, and captured the Screeching Osprey.

Fifteenth Great Jedi War

The Fifteenth Great Jedi War saw the Vornskr Battalion once again called into action to defend Kasiya. General Zentru'la was stationed aboard the Kasiya shield gate, along with the Mudhorn Company and the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae, which he was temporary commander of as the Taldryan Warbringer. A crystalline asteroid from the Children of Mortis struck, destroying the shield gate. Zentru'la escaped with a handful of Mudhorns, including their commander, Mudhorn One, Cohors soldiers and Colonel Shin, aboard a Sentinel-Class Shuttle. All other Sentinels in the Vornskr Battalion Navy were destroyed aboard the shield gate.

Alongside with the Cohors under Zentru'la as a unifying commander, the Mudhorn Company successfully raided a Quasar-Fire Carrier which was being used as a refuelling station, disrupting Mortis supply lines to Kasiya. Zentru'la took direct control of the Mudhorn Company and left command of the Cohors to Colonel Shin in a pincer movement. However, the Cohors refusal to follow Shin's orders as he was not the incumbent Warbringer led to the Colonel's death.

Sixteenth Great Jedi War

The Vornskr Battalion played a supporting role in the attack on the Citadel in the Ethereal Realm.



The Vornskr Battalion headquarters is based on the Perune Orbital Business District, a XQ1 space station in orbit above Perune that functions as a trading hub. In exchange for reduced rates, The Vornskr Battalion occupy the core of the station and provide security and protection for the other tenants.

The Vornskr Battalion Naval Fleet, featuring The Spear, The Shell, and The Harbinger

Naval Forces

  • [1] The Spear - A Marauder-class Corvette previously assigned to Battleteam Tavros, The Spear is the heaviest and most powerful warship available to the Vornskr Battalion, armed with 8 dual turbolaser cannons and 3 tractor beams, capable of carrying 80 passengers
    • [2] Shriek-Hawk Squadron - Docked in The Spear is a squadron of 12 T-70 X-Wing starfighters
  • [3] The Shell - A salvaged CR-90 Correlian Corvette, The Shell is currently in poor condition, with one dual and one single turbolaser turret, weak engines and shielding, but greater troop transport capabilities than The Spear with space for 265 troops.
  • [4] The Harbinger - The command ship of the Vornskr Battalion, the Harbinger is a state-of-the-art upgraded Upsilon-class shuttle that also acts as the home of Zentru'la's team. The ship is primarily used for getting Zentru'la's team in and out of hostile locations, but with Rohla Trugaim at the helm it is also an effective fighting craft.
  • [5] Sentinel-class Landing Craft Flight - Four shuttles capable of carrying 75 troops each, the Sentinel-class landing crafts are the Vornskr Battalion's main vehicle for infantry deployment
  • [6] Y-85 Titan Dropship Flight - Four dropships capable of carrying an armoured platoon each, the Titan Dropships are the Vornskr Battalion's main vehicle for armour deployment

Ground Forces

The Vornskr Battalion is primarily a Battalion strength infantry unit, with one attached attack armour company. The line companies are a standard infantry unit of 152 troops primarily armed with E-11 blaster rifles, broken into 4 platoons (38 troops) which are then divided into squads of 8-12. The assault company has 80 soldiers (4 platoons of 20) usually equipped with BlasTech T-21 light repeating blasters and 72 soldiers broken into 24 different 3-man weapons details each usually operating a BlasTech E-Web heavy repeating blaster.

  • [7] Vornskr Infantry Battalion
    • Acklay Line Company - a standard infantry unit of 152 mercenary soldiers with blaster rifles.
    • Rancor Line Company - a standard infantry unit of 152 mercenary soldiers with blaster rifles.
    • Wampa Line Company - a standard infantry unit of 152 mercenary soldiers with blaster rifles.
    • Mudhorn Assault Company - a heavy assault unit 152 soldiers operating heavy repeating blasters. This unit saw significant action in the Fifteenth Great Jedi War under the command of Mudhorn One.
  • [8] Vornskr Attached Companies
    • Krayt Attack Armour Company - The Vorsnkr Battalion's only source of armour, this company is reserved for large open battlefield combat
      • ATST Platoon - 8 ATST walkers, used primarily for scouting the battlefield.
      • 2-M Hover Tank Platoon - 8 repulsor tanks, used primarily for supporting infantry in battle.
      • ATTE Platoon - 8 heavy walkers bringing the heaviest firepower available to the Vornskr Battalion.
    • Vornskr Special Missions Company - Mostly comprised of elite mercenaries who often have significant combat experience before joining the Vornskr Battalion, the special missions company are the best troops available to the Vornskr Battalion. Notable members include special agent Vornskr Seven.
      • Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) Squadron.

Eligibility and Rank Structure

Membership of the Vornskr Battalion is open to any members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and their associated crew (NPCs). While serving with the Vornskr Battalion, members are often referred to as their equivalent loyalist ranks.

Command of sub-units is not restricted to Taldryan personnel. Starting from the rank of journeyman, one can command a squad. From the equite ranks, command of an entire platoon is available, while command of a company is restricted to those of equite 3 or higher.


The Vornskr Battalion will provide new recruits with standard-issue gear: units in the line companies are equipped with Imperial Stormtrooper Armor and E-11 blaster rifles, while units in the assault company are equipped with Imperial Heavy Trooper Armor T-21 light repeating blasters. However, all Vornskr Battalion troops are permitted, even encouraged, to bring their own gear into battle as long as they can work with the troops around them. As a result, the force can look rather heterogeneous, with a mixture of armour types, weapons, and approaches to combat. No-one is sure exactly what to expect when fighting the Vornskr Battalion, or which random Private might be a Jedi with a lightsaber up their sleeve.

Gundark Squad

Gundark Squad is Zentru'la's personal elite crew. Stationed aboard the Harbinger, Gundark Squad consists of Masakado, Lilina Mirin, and Rohla Trugaim, and specialise in Tactical Assault. Gundark Squad is the point of the spear when the Vornskrs attack as a unit, but often run missions alone.

Known Clients

Clan Taldryan

The Vornskr Battalion is contractually obliged to treat Clan Taldryan as a priority client, and to not take on any contracts that directly or indirectly harm Clan Taldryan or its allies. In return, Clan Taldryan is the primary source of funding for the Vornskr Battalion.

Severian Principate

During the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation conflict, General Zentru'la aligned with the Severian Principate's Restorer faction, seeing the Severian Principate as the more stable source of income, and were contracted to take the Screeching Osprey.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

The Vornskr Battalion often take contracts from across the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and in the Fourteenth Great Jedi War were tasked with eliminating the Collective Hive Mind Marines.

The Voice of the Brotherhood

In the wake of the Rite of Supremacy: Escalation and the emergence of The Children of Mortis, Voice of the Brotherhood Idris Adenn contracted General Zentru'la and the Vornskr Battalion to learn more about the new threat.

The Shadow Academy

Following the Vornskr Battalion's performance in the Fifteenth Great Jedi War, the Shadow Academy began to subcontract Vornskr Battalion personnel as a security force, and offered General Zentru'la an honorary professorship in military theory.

Notable Members


Commanding officer, General Zentru'la is a twi'leki weapons specialist that places his trust in heavy weapons and heavy armour


Executive officer, Eminent Masakado is a cyborg infiltrator with Shistavenan blood, specialises in stealth and slicing, while skilled with bladed weapons

Lilina Mirin

Miralukan light side Jedi Defender, Vanguard Lilina Mirin is a talented medic and healer, also skilled with battle meditation and the Soresu lightsaber form

Rohla Trugaim

While a highly skilled Duros ace pilot, Captain Rohla Trugaim's alcohol dependence is not conducive to a more formal military role. Pilots the Harbinger