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Caelus System

Outer Rim Territories


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Caelus Asteroid Belt

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Corellian Trade Spine

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± 30 billion

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The Caelus system is a collection of three planets and several moons orbiting a single A-type main-sequence star called Caelus, located just outside the edges of the Outer Rim Territories. It became the new home of Clan Taldryan following the devastation of the Kr'Tal and Rybanloth systems.

Stellar Bodies


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Caelus is the primary star of the Caelus System, classed as an A6V-type main-sequence star with a surface temperature of 7672 K and an age of roughly 250 million years. Caelus is orbited by three planets and is currently controlled by Taldryan of the Dark Brotherhood.

Orbits around Caelus


Grannus and Huracan

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  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Geographic: Volcanic
  • Environment: Type-IV
  • Distance: 99.5 million km
  • Orbital Period: 402.19 standard days
  • Rotation Period: 7 standard hours
  • Diameter: 4018 km
  • Gravity: 2.1G
  • Temperature: 598K (325°C)
  • Population: None
  • Moons: None

Main article: Huracan

  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Geographic: Volcanic
  • Environment: Type-IV
  • Distance: 99.5 million km
  • Orbital Period: 402 standard days
  • Rotation Period: 4 standard hours
  • Diameter: 5076 km
  • Gravity: 2.1G
  • Temperature: 598K (325°C)
  • Population: None
  • Moons: None

Grannus and Huracan are type-IV planets locked in a horseshoe orbit around Caelus star. They are the closest planets, averaging 99.5 million km orbits. Brutal heat, high tectonic activity, crushing gravity, and a constant downpour of sulfuric acid rain makes them not suited for any sort of habitation. Efforts in the past have proven fruitless due to an occurrence, nicknamed “The Convergence”, that happens every 4 standard years where the planets will share their atmosphere for several days - their gravitational pull sending each other’s volcanic nature into overdrive.


Main article: Perune

  • Type: Gaseous
  • Geographic: Gaseous body
  • Environment: Type-IV to Type II
  • Distance: 200.5 million km
  • Orbital Period: 1742 standard days
  • Rotation Period: 14 standard hours
  • Diameter: Around 160,000km
  • Gravity: 1.5x to standard.
  • Temperature: 105K to 268K (-168°C to -5°C)
  • Population: 5,000 (A little over 15 billion if one includes all the moons)
  • Moons: Chyron, Elysia, Ostara, Kasiya, Iosan and Orth

Perune is a blue-green colored gas giant. A source for Clouzon-36, a gas-based ship fuel, it was discovered during the height of the Galactic Empire due to accidents with migratory Purrgils. Not soon after, several gas-mining platforms were constructed to exploit the planet’s resources by the Empire. After the collapse of the Empire, the occupying force became a criminal cartel focused on amassing wealth through the export of the valuable gas.

Caelus Asteroid Belt

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The Caelus asteroid belt is a widespread belt of orbiting rocks in the system. It rotates around Caelus as the star's outermost orbit. Several outposts and supply depots have been hewn in its rocks to serve the pilots of the Syndicate for flight training based on small asteroid bases.


The Caelus System was first discovered during the reign of the Empire, when the Imperial Survey Corps offered contracts to cartographers to explore the farthest reaches of uncharted space. It is assumed to once have been part of a larger star system, but those stars went supernova, consuming the nearer planets of the system, forming the the asteroid field cluster separating it from the Corellian Trade Spine.

During the following years, the Empire constructed three mining facilities to harvest the fields of rare Clouzon-36 gas in its atmosphere. The Empire also colonized one of the nearest moons to house imperial workers. However, with the Empire's defeat at Endor, the local administrators of the mining facility separated from both the other former imperial leaders that eventually formed the First Order and the New Republic.

Now unaffiliated, the former imperial administration formed into a crime syndicate that managed to defend itself against all major threats until 35 ABY, when the forces of Clan Taldryan arrived in the Caelus System, hoping to negotiate for new resources and a safe haven to recover itself from the recent losses.

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