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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Gui Sol
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

14 ABY - 27 years old

Physical Description





1.5 m


Black - Dreads




Right arm and both legs below knee

Personal Information

Sera Tesola-Sol


Niko Sol

Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Double Bladed - Orange
  • Single Shoto Hilt - Blue
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
Personal Ship:
Known masters:

Xirini Kurai

Known apprentices:
  • Chub Wub


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"Barry, grab me ol'trusty!"
―Gui commanding his DUM Pit droid to grab his Hydrospanner

A Jedi Ranger and tech-junkie, the guru of gadgetry, owner of the Sacred Heap and purveyor of relics and artifacts, Gui Sol is the product of a Kiffar Freedom Fighter, operating under the banner of the KUDF and a beautiful Human Colonist's love. A survivor of the bloody reign of Cy Thuron, Gui was discovered on New Tython by a Jedi with an affinity for finding orphaned younglings, his name, Liam Torun-Urr. Trained under the tutelage of his Master Xirini Kurai and his new family, the Knights of Allusis, he has secured his place among the Order of Sentinels. Because of his valiant effort and bravery when standing in the face of Darth Pravus' conquering warriors, Gui now sits on the Summit of Clan Odan-Urr, training younglings and new recruits as the Clan's Rollmaster on the planet Kiast.

Character History

Finding A Home

New Tython

New Tython had been ravaged and the face of the Planet was left in ruin. Niko Sol, a Kiffar warrior and high ranking official of the KUDF was a thorn in Cy Thuron’s side throughout the duration of his dark campaign. Utilizing guerilla tactics, Niko was able to strike and evade, weakening the resolve of the opposing forces. This, of course was enough to paint a target on his head as Thuron's henchmen hired Assassins and Bounty Hunters alike to track and kill him. Naturally elusive and cunning, Niko was able to fly under the enemy radar. These same skills were used when he smuggled his pregnant wife to New Tython in order to escape the clutches of the Galactic Empire shortly before its fall. But alas, the freedom fighter’s luck had run out.

For shortly after the war, Niko was gunned down in the streets and would leave behind a wife and child. Her name was Sera and while she was not a Soldier or Freedom Fighter she was in her own right very wise. She was the perfect mother but was sadly unable to make due with no true source of income, just managing to ‘get by’ after her Husband’s murder. Her entire world was turned upside down and all she wanted was to provide for her son. Fortunately, the hope that she longed for was on the horizon as a group of Jedi Knights descended upon the planet and with them brought peace.

Leaving It to Chance

It was 35 ABY, The young boy named Gui, after his great-great grandfather and founder of the Sol Clan, was just turning thirteen years of age. He and his mother were caught in a struggle for survival but despite that, they remained happy. They had each other and that's all that mattered in the scheme of things. Sera took care of the household, while Gui, a droid craftsman and hacker, did whatever he could to scrape together the credits needed to survive. It wasn't a luxurious life but it was a comfortable one.

The boy was special and even before he was born, Sera could feel the Force turning within her Force sensitive but untrained belly. She knew that one day he would achieve more than she could ever provide. She knew that one day someone would find him and take him away from her so when the Jedi arrived, she knew that it was divine intervention. Her decision was seemingly made for her when a man named Liam Torun-Urr, by chance, visited their hovel.

The Jedi would go on to speak of great things, sensing the Force within Sera and Gui before even uttering a word. While she turned down the offer he proposed, to train them both, Sera declined, realizing that her moment to shine had passed. She was still mourning the death of her husband and feared the possibilities of what could happen to her and others if she were to accept. Instead, she relinquished her rights to Gui and reluctantly sent him away with the old stranger.

The Prodigy

Padawan Gui, training exercise

"I admire the Kid's skills, but he's reckless"
Sa Ool, speaking to Liam Torun-Urr

At first the Jedi of Odan-Urr didn't want to train Gui because of his childish attitude but saw within him a great potential and grew to admire his skills. A technical prodigy, they eventually softened their stance on one condition. He was to be trained by Xirini Kurai and the Knights of Allusis. Gui would have many teachers over the course of his training, taking with him a piece of every K.O.A member. They were the best of the best and Gui was able to excel under their tutelage. While rough around the edges, impatient, cocky, and headstrong, Gui was being shaped into a Sentinel; to become a bastion of light, a candle in the darkness.

While the training was far from easy, Gui never allowed difficulty to sour his mood and was often able to cheer up even the most disgruntled Masters of his Clan. He was not only a rising star but a shining one. While he may have been a bit naive, he always seemed to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. The wise old Masters attributed this to his rough upbringing and his innate ability to make a good thing out of nothing. To always move forward without looking back. The future was always in motion, as was Gui's motivation and progress. He pressed on, even when things fell apart, he was eager to put the pieces back together. Not just physically but emotionally.

The Unorthodox

War Of Attrition

Muz Ashen felt that allowing the Jedi into the Brotherhood would enable him to keep them under his thumb. Darth Pravus, on the other hand, had different plans entirely. He laid waste to New Tython, scattering the Order, destroyed its cities and used the darkness to devour whomever he could in the massacre. Gui, was one of many valiant Jedi who fought back and did not allow the darkness to overcome him. Yet, he was devastated to find that many of his close friends were slain in the raids. He personally protected the younglings for an extended period of time and never let his light burn out as he became an inspiration in perilous times. A collector of ancient lore and artifacts, after the bulk of the attacks and before escaping to the Glorious Jewel, where he continued to train the younglings he had saved, he managed to gather pieces of the fallen temple which would later be used as tools for training. His psychometry allowed him to unlock memories and lessons which would prove to be an asset as he went into self-exile, atleast for a time.

Swooping In

Video feed of Gui's first race

Fleeing to Nar Shadaa, soon after arriving, Gui met a dark skinned swindler named Abe Vinton. The man was street savvy and wise, albeit dishonest and selfish. Seeing a great opportunity to utilize Gui's reflexes for his own gains, Abe promised to keep Gui's lineage and Force sensitivity a secret as long as he agreed to dance with the devil and become a Swooper. In return for making him credits, Abe would take him under his wing and teach him the necessary evils of the planet's crime laden streets and operations. Agreeing to the terms, Gui became a member of the Volant Fleet which was more of a gang than it was a racing team.

The exhilarating new lifestyle was something Gui clung to. It not only helped him amass wealth, fame, and useful knowledge. It kept his mind busy and was therapeutic after witnessing his friend's extermination. The track was his new home and the streets of the underworld became his stomping grounds. Fortunately for Gui, he never forgot where he came from and often got into trouble when trying to insert himself into the affairs of others. Whether he was trying to save someone from a petty thief or ousting a corrupt dealing, Abe would scold him for drawing too much attention to himself and the crew.


Gui rescuing Shaza

Nar Shaddaa, being the hub of galactic dregs that it is, had a government that approved many activities deemed inhumane by your typical being. The Slaughterhouse was one of these places in particular, where gladiatorial styles of entertainment were hosted daily. Champions were typically survivors and tasked with battling would-be challengers to the death, or they would be pit against beasts collected from various worlds throughout the Galaxy. Prisoners were also punished by being forced to compete for their freedom, unfortunately, not everyone being contained in prisons on Nar Shaddaa were guilty of legitimate crimes. The land was lawless, save for the Hutt Cartel and the minions who served them.

(Detail Gui's rescue of children before they were fed to a Wampa. Perhaps where Gui gets swallowed by the Hutt)

A Life Debt

The Light And The Knight


Once earning enough credits and feeling that tensions had eased. Three years after he fled the (Tython System), he and the remaining younglings would go in search of what was left. (Went back to Tython to gather artifacts and important pieces of rubble)

Diplomatic Strife

Vatali negotiations.

Important Lessons

"Yeah, so Master Tavar wants me to learn patience. Naturally she gives me the younglings."
―Gui Sol, complaining about his assignment

Collective Checkmate

Whispers In The Dark


(Beckoned by tye Force. Follows the trail. Leads to his mother who he hadn't seen since he was a child. When Gui's father was killed. She became the very thing she feared as she was driven by vengeance. Gui stays with her for a time but when he refuses to bend the knee to the self proclaimed empress she tries to kill him. They fight and he thinks he kills her but can still feel her in the Force.)

The Ominous

(Detail Gui's first confirmed kill and how deeply it affected him. Continues sentinel training he started with the disbanded Knights of Allusis)



Kiffu gui.jpg

(Travels to the homeworld of his species for the first time. Learns how to harness the energy of electrical storms. Finds his ancestral tree. Learns alot from the Kiffar - including how to better control his psychometry.)

After the Homefront event, where Gui Sol had helped push back against the Collective. He was stricken with guilt over the fact that he had been forced to kill. A Collective officer was his first. A fellow who had a life to live, perhaps a family. It just so happened that he was fighting for the opposite cause. More would follow, but it would haunt the Kiffar, no longer the 'Kid' that everyone referred to him as.

During this time, his psychometry had become too much to bear as everything he touched seemed to stir memories of the war. A post traumatic stress that drove him towards depression. He couldn't even wield his lightsaber without seeing the faces of those he had slain. He needed to get away. To search himself and the Galaxy. To find the peace that had been eluding him. The peace that was promised.

He would go to the land of his ancestors. The first step of his journey would take him to the Kiffu System.

Yet, upon his arrival, he was met by a pirate vessel manned by an Ankuran Gungan Captain named Bled Cort and his Colo Claw Gangun. They opened fire on his shuttle, which was ill-equipped for a dogfight. Able to evade, he was saved by a mysterious freighter that swooped in and fired enough of a volley to make the Colo Claw Gangun to retreat through hyperspace. Relieved, Gui hailed the vessel and learned that the captain was also a Kiffar. His name was Kodi Vondee, the son of a Guardian serving the Sheyf.

Kodi Vondee, Captain of the Static Charge

Kodi escorted Gui to Kiffex where they would land at the Ven Karya Spaceport at the edge of the Trostlos Waste. Kodi worked out of the Busted Blaster Cantina, a Spacer's bar, filled with opportunity. He typically smuggled prisoners off-world but was partial to selling capacitors that harvested the energy from the mother planet Kiffu. While they didn't seem like a hot commodity, the energy harnessed was vital to those looking for alternative power sources for Spacecraft. In fact, the Colo Claw Gangun and Bled Cort weren't looking for Gui Sol. They were looking for Vondee. The young Jedi just be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Gui Sol.png

(Detail Gui's exploits in Wild Space. Gets swallowed by a Hutt.)

The Unknown

(Feels the Force calling to him. Travels into deep space. Finds remnants of a Celestial temple. Returns to Odan-Urr with his findings but COU has changed. Something strange is going on. Confronts Revak - gets cybernetics)

Councillor of War

Details of GJW XVI


Being a Kiffar, Gui doesn't perceive items in his collection the same as most others would. Whether he created it himself out of intricately pieced together components or acquired it. Things, to Gui, are memories. Windows into the past. A great Jedi once said that focusing on the present should be the key focal point. However, according to Gui, looking into the past is an important piece of life's greater puzzle. Learning from the past can improve your present and your future. These assets have done just that.

The Sacred Heap

"Tinkering, the best form of meditation."
―Gui Sol, important lesson
Gui's Droid Shop

Established in 37 ABY, Gui Sol's droid emporium at first glance is a rustic shop filled with parts and machinery that pour out into the streets. It is located in an area off the beaten trail but close enough to the City for convenience. It is adorned with antennae which cover the sod covered roof, rusted doors which are always open and a hospitality typical of a Jedi. If you venture deeper into the junk filled workshop you will approach a dorm with a ratty bed and an assortment of droids in different stages of completion. At the end of the hallway leading to this dorm, if you split to the left and descend in the turbo lift you will see a large and open underground hangar with a dome roof that opens up to the elements.

YT-2400 Nightingale


Gui's vessel has seen its fair share of scuffles. While not an impressive piece of machinery on its own, Gui's obsession with tinkering has lead him to modifying certain aspects of the Ship. Used mainly for scavenging runs, Gui has an entire, small-scale workshop, personal quarters, and mounds of useful parts at his disposal. In the rear of the Ship is a locked compartment for more "valuable" finds. Seemingly cluttered and disorganized with Gui's personal flavor, the organized chaos is home away from home.

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As a kid, growing up on New Tython, Gui worked to help support his widowed mother. Naturally talented with all things mechanical, this left little room for socialization outside of his creations. Working in a droid shop for an Ithorian merchant, New Tython was visited by a scavenger that dumped an assortment of junk onto the table. The ramshackle merchandise was, for the most part, worthless save for one item in particular that caught Gui's eye. It was a DUM Pit Droid, a funny looking little thing that he had to have. The Ithorian, while stern and interested in credits and how to acquire more of them, had a soft spot for the young Sol so made him an offer. He promised the Kiffar local, that if he were able to complete repairs on a rather large order in a nearly impossible time frame, he would give Gui the droid. This offer was too good to pass up. He didn't actually have a droid to call his own, even though he had repaired hundreds in his short life. Setting out to make the Ithorian happy, Gui worked tirelessly, around the clock, until his fingers were bloody. Impressed with his employees' work, the Ithorian was true to his word and gave the tiny droid to Gui as payment for a job well done. He would call the droid Barry and would immediately begin repairs on it. Through the process, the droid began to trigger the Kiffar's inherent psychometry and Gui could see pieces of Barry's past. Where it had been. What it had done. Gui was intrigued when he saw a wild haired woman barking orders surrounded by desert and awestruck when he caught glimpses of a ship that, according to its identification placard, was called the Razor Crest. Gui didn't know what that meant, but the ship was amazing, from what he could make out anyway. Barry's past had always stirred questions, but few answers, even years later. The two would become a duo, an inseparable pair, the best of friends. It was Gui's first piece of machinery, the first thing he truly owned for himself. Even as a Jedi, he couldn't imagine his life without Barry in it.


Polarized Goggles

Goggles gui.png



Gui's Lightsaber

Gui saber.png

After Gui's first lightsaber exploded in his hand as a Padawan and jeopardized his Knighthood. He learned from his impatience and the shoddy craftsmanship of his first major failure as a Jedi.

Determined, his second lightsaber would be masterfully assembled, utilizing carefully thought out pieces acquired from very specific places of importance to him. While the hilt itself appears to be a randomly pieced together hunk of metal and wires. A Lot of thought went into the construction.

The emitter was taken from the optical lense of a droid, the pommel is a piece of folded and hammered out metal from Xirini Kurai's armor. Some of the finer tubing and wiring was taken from a former Consul Ji's respiratory apparatus. The activation switch was fabricated out of a piece of Liam Torun's training saber. The metal of the shaft was taken from pieces of superheated metal of the old Jedi temple on New Tython. Some of the aurodium inner workings are from a melted down hair clasp his father had given him before his death. But the crystal, the crystal is special. An obsidian shard, spewing dark energies was taken from the first Sith he ever defeated in combat. It was said to have originated from a shrine that paid homage to the Dark Lord Pravus. In an attempt to read its memories, Gui began to hear the shard 'sing' to him. At first it was overpowering and stirred fear, but having defeated the owner, its allegiance began to shift in Gui's favor. It began to heal. Through this process it no longer burned a bloody sanguine, but a warming amber, reflecting the fiery ember of the Kiffar's soul.


Fiction Pieces

Antei Combat Center


  • Ruka Tenbriss Ya-ir vs.





  • Celevon Werd'la vs.


Positions Held
Before Position After
  Battleteam Leader of Galeres
May 5, 2005 - May 20, 2005
  Rollmaster of Clan Odan-Urr
Feb 24, 2020 - Current
  Magistrate to the FIST
Jul 28, 2020 - Current
  Aedile of Guardian Corps
Dec, 2020 - Current
Tech Junkie