Ge'tal Gaan

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Ge'tal Gaan
Unit Information

Free Company affiliated with Clan Ordo


Mercenary Army


Approximately 6000


Behot Manda’yaim, behot Mand'alor, dar behot burc'ya

  • Primary: Red
Notable commanders:
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One of the Free Companies of Mandalore, the Ge'tal Gaan (Red Hand in Basic) are among the premiere mercenary organisations in the galaxy. Their success stems from their state of the art technology, willingness to take on nearly any job and their charismatic leader, Mav Ordo. The Ge'tal Gaan deviate from the standard concept of a mercenary group with their fundamental loyalty to the Mandalorians Ordo and their reverence for Canderous Ordo (Mandalore the Preserver/Te Taylir Mand'alor). Although Ordo loyalists, Ge’tal Gaan are not necessarily restricted to that clan; it is fair to assume that most Ge’tal Gaan are indeed of the Ordo Clan, however, they do accept others from different corners of the galaxy.



Formed in 553 BBY, the Ge'tal Gaan were a small group of disenfranchised Mandalorians who, disgusted with the lack of direction their species displayed, formed their own specialised cadre to revive the former glory of Manda'yaim, but without the draconian measures the Death Watch would later display. Jax Brulor, a young Mandalorian from Clan Ordo, rallied a small contingent to oppose the authoritarian and politically oriented mandate in early 557 BBY. They soon gained notoriety and developed from an insurgent group, using guerrilla tactics to oppose the oppressive government, into a long-standing, highly-respected unit utilised specifically for their avant-garde approach to warfare.

Jax Brulor gained infamy during his tenure as Alor of the Ge'tal Gaan, for his outwardly opposing views and his innate disposition to undermine any form of authoritarian rule. His political philosophy, although rooted in military conquest, contradicted the rather splintered and disorganised approach to politics most Mandalorians took at the time, and as a result went widely unnoticed in Keldabe. Disgusted with the antipathy his people displayed, he began to roam the galaxy, looking to recruit promising mercenaries together to form a powerful military order capable of challenging the Republic.

Jax Brulor soon travelled off-world, attempting to form connections with the other Mandalorian Clans, and succeeded in acquiring a sizable force, capable of spreading their cause to the surrounding systems. Soon, the Ge’tal Gaan had established a foothold in the Mandalore, Ojoster, Demetras, Belsmuth and Meerian sectors, developing strong political bonds with those who adhered to their beliefs. This was, however, met by resistance. Initially, the Mandalorian Clans who opposed the Ge’tal Gaan had issued warnings as to their hostility. Later, however, the opposing force soon grew tired of the Ge’tal Gaan’s preaching and attacked their operating bases in all five sectors. Yet, these attacks caused minimal issues for the Ge’tal Gaan; their military prowess and foundation within the systems were too strong to eradicate with a single blow. This led to the involvement of the Jedi in 301 BBY.

A Jedi task force, at the command of the Jedi Council, was sent to eradicate the increasing threat of the Ge’tal Gaan. Due to the increasing dominance of the Ge’tal Gaan’s anarchic political views, they were marked as a threat to the Galactic Republic. The intervention of the Jedi became integral to the toppling of the Ge’tal Gaan chain of command when, in a land battle on the planet of Xartun, Jax Brulor was killed. The highly militaristic nature of the Ge’tal Gaan fragmented with the death of Brulor and the superior military might of their forces soon filtered back into the Mandalorian culture.


The Ge’tal Gaan were all but dead to the universe in the centuries that followed, their political and military might shrouded by the veil of the past. However, during the Clone Wars, as a result of the switch to the Confederacy by Mandalore, the resurgence of the Ge’tal Gaan began, partly through the influence of Mandalore the Resurrector and partly through the leadership of Talin Ordo. Talin was a gifted soldier from Clan Ordo, and his inspiring ability as a battle tactician and military leader shot him to the fore of the Ge’tal Gaan during the small attacks on the invading forces. The group soon began to expand once more, but with a greater emphasis on independence, as opposed to the politically-motivated operation of the past. With their new-found vigour, the Ge’tal Gaan once again became a name to remember - though not for the reasons their ancestors gained infamy.

Typical Ge'tal Gaan Soldiers

They used the noted military prowess of the early Ge’tal Gaan and slowly sculpted the group into an impeccably organised mercenary unit, boasting many of the attributes - such as size, strength, equipment and history - that were in short supply throughout the galaxy. They became synonymous with the Hutt Crime Lords and, more specifically, Borvo the Hutt. Even so, the Ge’tal Gaan had a solid belief in military warfare and continued to strive for jobs that were focused more on operation than subterfuge. With this outlook, contracts soon began to flourish with their Hutt affiliates as a result of the Galactic Civil War. The war enabled easy smuggling and, as the Imperial Remnant focused their efforts on quelling the Rebellion, the Ge’tal Gaan set to work on creating elaborate smuggling lanes and outposts, mainly through brute strength and annexation, which earned them the nickname: Hodaryc Gaan (Deceiving Hand in Basic), through much of the Mandalorian Sector. The profits they acquire during the Hutt contracts went towards further recruitment and the purchasing of up-to-date weaponry and armour.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War of 25 ABY, the Ge’tal Gaan were commissioned by the New Republic as a special operations unit, tasked with the defence of the Core Worlds. They took on the role and proved instrumental in repelling the invaders during the Second Battle of Coruscant. Adaptable and versatile, they soon evolved to combat the Yuuzhan Vong threat; above all else, this was a testament to their Mandalorian heritage. Although the war effort was a success, their leader, Talin Ordo was killed on Coruscant - rumour has it, by Mav Ordo herself. This led his daughter and second-in-command, Mav Ordo, to take the reins of the unit. Soon after, the Ge’tal Gaan fought for their home world of Mandalore, eradicating the previous belief that they were outcasts from the culture and redeeming their lost honour. They were thrust into the spotlight, along with Clan Ordo, and played a significant role in the effort to rebuild Mandalore. By defeating the Yuuzhan Vong, they became one of the main covertly outsourced private military contractors loyal to the New Republic.

Clan Ordo soon moved to take the position of the defenders of Mandalore, whilst the Ge’taal Gaan revelled in their position of prosperity, growth and reverence as the New Republic’s arm of retribution. Occupying this position until 34 ABY, the Ge’tal Gaan remained loyal to their cause until their multi-faceted agenda attracted the attention of Michael Halcyon. The Jedi had allied with House Odan-Urr and soon contracted the Ge’tal Gaan to defend New Tython from the Dark Brotherhood’s Invasion.


"You all join on the understanding that the only time you leave the Ge'tal Gaan is in a body bag. If you attempt to desert, I'll kill you myself. Is that clear?"
Mav Ordo

Ge’tal Gaan have high standards of excellence for every member and conduct rigorous testing before contemplating the acceptance of a potential recruit. They operate on the policy of not what they can give a member of their Company, but what the member can contribute to the Company, be it a skill in high explosives, being able to provide decent sniper overwatch during a blizzard or even just a knack for making a good tiingilar. Whatever their talent, the prospective member is expected to have worked that out on their own before petitioning to join the Ge’tal Gaan.

Another potential way of gaining membership is to be sponsored by an existing member, however this method is rare. Many of the rank and file of the Ge’tal Gaan wouldn’t want to attach their name to an outsider for fear of looking shoddy or unworthy by association.

Once their application has been approved, inductees are then branded on the left shoulder with a five-fingered hand (regardless of species) and are considered members for life. The only way you leave is in a body bag.



Ge'tal Gaan is among the largest active mercenary units in the outer rim. Census data taken following the successful repeal of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion force suggests that one in every 1000 Mandalorians is a member of the band. Despite this, at roughly six thousand strong, they remain small by traditional army corps standards. Accordingly, their strategy and armament have been carefully selected to suit small-unit tactics and play to the mobility and audacity that is key to their success.


While a strong command structure is necessary for long-term military success, Ge'tal Gaan encourages a fluidity in the structure of its units. The exact number of units remains relatively consistent, but the number of individuals in a given unit can vary significantly.

Ground Forces

Ground forces - including infantry, mechanized, and artillery - number roughly 4,000 soldiers. These are broken up into four Batallions, each let by an Al'verde who receives orders directly from the mercenary band's Alor'verde (overarching leader).

Typical Ge'tal Gaan Squad

Eschewing the widely-accepted practice of Fire Teams, the smallest organization unit among the Ge'tal Gaan is the Squad. Consisting of 7-15 soldiers - Verde more often than not - squads are led by an Alor'uus or Ruus'alor.

Each group of four Squads forms a Platoon under the command of an Ver'alor. Ver'alor serve as mid-level line officers and are given a great deal of autonomy in interpreting their orders.

Five Platoons combine to make a Company lead by an Alor'ad. The four Companies are given significantly broader sets of orders than Platoons and can accomplish goals that most enemy forces find surprising given their small numbers. A Company might be tasks with successfully pacifying a metropolitan area or neutralizing an enemy military base. Their mobility and blitzkrieg tactics give them the ability to succeed where a larger, more organized effort might fail.


Goor’verd Akaata

Link to Graphical Representation of: Goor’Verd Akaata

Goor’verd Akaata - roughly translated as the Grenadier Battalion in Basic - is the fundamental unit of the Ge’tal Gaan. Through their simplicity and core composition of infantrymen, the Goor’verd are the main bulk of any attack. Within the other battalions, many of the Verde are retained for support and reinforcement, however, within Goor’verd only the 15th and 16th Verde act as support. The rest of Goor’verd Akaata can always be found in the field.

The 1st Ori'ramikad - Special Forces Platoon - are the apex of the battalion, boasting Ge’tal Gaan’s best warriors. The Ori’ramikad were once the ‘supercommandos’ of the Mandalorian culture; Mav Ordo wished to return to these ancient Mandalorian roots on her succession to alor’verde, leading to the creation of ‘The First’ - as they are known throughout the organisation. She established a semi-autonomous unit, based on the premise that they would risk their lives in the most dangerous of missions for the greater good of the Ge’tal Gaan. This, coupled with their nickname as ‘The First’ has led to an informal motto within the troops: “The First in, the last to die.”

Mar'eyce Akaata

Link to Graphical Representation of: Mar'eyce Akaata

Mar'eyce Akaata - roughly translated as the Discovery Battalion in Basic - is the primary scouting battalion. They are generally the first onto the field and perform reconnaissance before the Goor’Verd enter the battle. Next to that, Mar'eyce Akaata focuses primarily on hit-and-run tactics. They are largely comprised of light infantry and to better facilitate these goals, with a handful of assault platoons to cover any unforeseen exigencies.

Orar Akaata

Link to Graphical Representation of: Orar Akaata

Orar Akaata - roughly translated as the Thunder Battalion in Basic - is used primarily as a reserve force when the unexpected arises. Less mobile than Mar'eyce and without the balanced makeup of Goor’verd, Orar nonetheless manages to be incredibly effective. With additional assault teams, they can be thrown in where the fighting is heaviest and quickly turn the tide of most battles. Though they see combat more seldom than other units - and, consequently, have a higher percentage of veterans - their higher survival rate means they are excellently trained to handle any situation.

Bes’bavar Akaata

Link to Graphical Representation of: Bes’bavar Akaata

Bes’Bavar Akaata - roughly translated as the Cavalry Battalion in Basic - contains the vast majority of Ge’tal Gaan’s artillery. As such, they are not a forward unit. The infantry are specially trained in the defense of the heavier, but significantly less mobile, bombardiers. They are primarily utilized to destroy, or prevent the construction of, fortified positions. Additionally, Bes’Bavar houses the mercenary company’s sole Company of combat medics. While structurally a separate Batallion, Bes’Bavar is generally subsumed within parallel command structures as expected resistance and casualties dictate.

Aerial Forces

Unlike Ge'tal Gaan's ground-based war machine, the mercenary band's aerial forces are strictly regimented. The primary unit is, as with the Rusur, the Squadron. Unlike the Squad, though, a fighter Squadron is subdivided into three units led by an Alor. The Alor reports to the Squadron's Alor'ad, and each group of five Alor'ad fall under the authority of the Wing Commander - typically an Al'verde.

At present, Ge'tal Gaan consists of four Wings that report directly to the Al'verde.


Bakura star destroyer.jpg
Beskaryc Beviin
Production information

Bakuran Shipyards

Product line:

Star Destroyer


Bakura-Class Destroyer


Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

850 Meters

Engine unit(s):

SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 8.0
Fire Arc: 20 front, 20 left, 20 right
Crew: 1 (20), 2 (40)
Space Range: 75 km
Atmospheric Range: 150 km
Fire Arc: 20 front, 15 left, 15 right, 10 back
Crew: 1 (15), 2 (45)
Space Range: 50 km
Atmospheric Range: 100 km
Fire Arc: 6 front, 2 left, 2 right
Crew: 1 (2), 4 (2), 10 (6)
Space Range: 30 km
Atmospheric Range: 60 km
  • Droid Crew (8,250)
  • Gunners (275)
Minimum crew:
  • 5000
  • 2000 (Troops)
Cargo capacity:

36,000 Metric Tonnes


6 Years

Other systems:

Hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer

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The Beskaryc Beviin is the flagship of the Ge’tal Gaan. Acquired in 29 ABY by Mav Ordo, this ship acts as the forward operating base for the mercenary group. The Beskaryc Beviin was procured after the Second Battle of Coruscant, and is a testament to the profits acquired during this relatively short period. While the purchase of Capital Ships were restricted to planetary governments, legality has always been a flexible concept to the Mandalorian armies. Following the successful defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, Mav Ordo was able to use the annexed profits of the attack to fake a Ssi-Ruuk invasion. In response, the Bakuran Ship yards made space-worthy any ships nearing completion. Several ships, lacking a fully trained complement to crew them, were quickly retrofitted with droid crews to compensate. Given the minimal number of personnel they knew would be aboard, the Mandalorian Raiders were able to exploit the deception. Their elaborate scam paid off and they emerged in the possession of a new capital ship and several second-line vessels.

The concept of a droid-crew soon moved throughout the Ge’tal Gaan and by 31 ABY the majority of their fleet had adopted the idea. This goes a long way in explaining how the Ge’tal Gaan are so extensive, as most other Mandalorian Clans have neither the resources nor the numbers to sustain such a large force - they are limited by the small number of Mandalorians left in the Galaxy. They have adapted and evolved with the times and the Beskaryc Beviin is the totem behind the concept. The Ship itself is the main transport for the Ge’tal Gaan and primary bastion of the Mandalorian contingent. It is usually flanked by its two support ships:

These ships act as the main fleet of the Ge’tal Gaan, providing artillery support, transportation and consumables to both the ground and naval forces of the Ge’tal Gaan. Mav Ordo, along with acting as General of the ground forces, also holds the title of acting Admiral within the fleet.

Support Fleet

The support fleet of the Ge’tal Gaan is considerable. It acts as a ‘first wave’ of attack; the second being land assault. As a result, the Mandalorian mercenaries tend to opt for a more offensive allocation than most others.

Ori'ramikad Squadrons

The Ori'ramikad Squadrons are the best squadrons within the fleet. Their skill is unrivalled and, as a result, they are used to supplement the other squadrons in space combat. If not acting in a support role, the Ori'ramikad squadrons are generally the spearhead of the Ge’tal Gaan’s squadrons, flying ahead of all other squadrons to drastically reduce the enemy numbers, enabling the more ordinary to pick off those that remain.

All fighter Squadrons - Can'gal Traat'aliiteare - are made up of three irude - or ‘arms’ - of four Gladiator-Class Assault Fighters. However, due to the lack of a nav computer on the Starfighters, each irud was slaved to a Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ship for hyperspace travel when necessary. Even though the Mandalorian ethos is generally focused around land combat, with very little approbation given to piloting, the Ge’tal Gaan, as an interstellar task-force, require not only skilled ground combatants, but those who are skilled in piloting. It is for this reason, and for the protection of their fleet, that the Ge’tal Gaan are more accepting of pilots within their organisation.

Solus Squadron

Solus Squadron is reserved for the most proficient pilots within the Ge’tal Gaan. They are the apex of piloting skill and generally fly point. Solus have stringent acceptance codes of conduct, and, as a result, their roster is second to none. They contain some of the best Mandalorian pilots in the galaxy who specialise in dogfighting and slashing attacks.

12x Gladiator-Class Assault Fighters

  • Wing Commander: Zarn Droe
T’ad Squadron

T’ad Squadron was established after the resurgence of the Ge’tal Gaan. Generally considered as the second branch of the attack force, T’ad are usually deployed with Solus in combat. The prerequisites for acceptance are just as difficult as those of Solus, however, the difference is, T’ad tend to act as support for Cuir Squadron during bombing runs, thus the pilots are generally more suited to ground/capital ship attack, rather than dogfights, which is the main emphasis of Solus.

12x Gladiator-Class Assault Fighters

  • Wing Commander: Vun Tilla
Ehn Squadron

Ehn Squadron are the fundamental support squadron of the fleet. Their primary role is to act as a reinforcement, if required, and provide attack vectors and tactics through the interlinked computer systems of their fighters. In essence, the Ehn only engage when necessary, but this is not to say they are not skilled pilots. Being only three fighter squadrons within the fleet makes for tough competition, which sees Ehn, more often than not, at the fore of battle, alongside Solus and T’ad. Their secondary role was to oversee Cuir Squadron on bombing runs.

12x Gladiator-Class Assault Fighters

  • Wing Commander: Marr Rik
Cuir Squadron

Cuir Squadron are the main ‘bombers’ of the Ge’tal Gaan fleet. They utilise heavily modified concussion missile launchers which replace the ion cannons of the Gladiator-Class Assault Fighter’s standard loadout. As a result, the bombers are much more effective in disabling and destroying targets, but they retain the manoeuvrability of the fighters.

12x Heavily Modified Gladiator-Class Assault Fighters

  • Wing Commander: Iniv Iktuss
Rayshe'a Squadron

Rayshe'a is the defintion of support. This squadron, consisting of twelve Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ships, act as the main vessel for hyperspace jumps and squadron support. Due to the size of the Pursuer-Class, the squadron is often absent from dogfights, as they have limited manoeuvrability. This does not mean to say Rayshe’a has not seen its fair amount of combat, but their continued success relies on their survival.

Each individual member of Rayshe’a is assigned to support one irude within another squadron. Thus, three members of Rayshe’a are in each squadron, therefore creating their own irud. The pilots often think of themselves as part of their assigned squadron, rather than Rayshe’a, creating a great amount of competition within the squadron proper.

12x Pursuer-Class Enforcement Ships

  • Wing Commander: Tiem Eross


Ge’tal Gaan commandos, being premier special forces-for-hire, are trained in a variety of special tactics that the police forces of the galaxy, and even some HoloNet action stars, could only imagine. While these tactics are numerous, the most important (and, indeed, the most daring) are listed below.

Arrival By Fire

"Haha, this osik never gets old!"
―Ge’tal Gaan Commando

The Arrival By Fire is the colloquial term for when some formation of Ge’tal Gaan, be it team, squad, platoon, and so on, conduct an airborne jump and land straight in the thick of the action Due to the fact that the commandos are literally jumping straight into danger, the “Arrival” is one of the Ge’tal Gaan’s more dangerous maneuvers. However, due to the unpredictability of the move, it is also one of the Free Company’s most successful as it can have absolutely devastating consequences on the enemy.


Ge’tal Gaan’s deadliest combat tactic is aptly named ‘entrapment’. To successfully execute this move, a high concentration of the Ge’tal Gaan’s commandos are needed (minimum of a company). The Mandalorians attack an objective in such mass that from a bystander’s view, it appears as if the commandos are blanketing their target in a hail of blaster fire and colored armor, so much so that among the men and women of the Ge’tal Gaan, this move is referred to as the “Blanket of Colored Doom”.

When a Mandalorian officer orders an “Entrapment”, there is no complexity to the reason why; “Entrapments” are designed for complete elimination of the opposition.

Shield Square

"Form up around the auretii. We’re getting out of here"
Al’verde Khyrik Ordo

Described as the exact opposite of an Entrapment”, the manoeuvre called a Shield Square is best implemented by a smaller force of the Ge’tal Gaan; the ideal size is 6 commandos, but theoretically it could be conducted by four elite Mandalorians. The practice of a Shield Square is to get someone, or something, out of a danger zone by having the Mandos literally form a square around the VIP/VII with their own bodies and by facing outwards. This allows the commandos to provide four separate sectors of fire (one on point, one on rear, and two to either side).


The Mandalorians of Ge’tal Gaan utilize many of the same tools that are common with any bounty hunter or mercenary faction; these primarily include jetpacks, grappling hooks, first aid supplies, rations, and a suite of gadgets of within their helmet such as a macrobinocular viewplate, water dispenser, backup air supply, and more.

The concept of a Mandalorian wearing a jetpack has practically become the norm; indeed, it would be more foreign for a Mando to be seen without one. In addition to fueling the iconic image of Mandalorians, jetpacks serve a wide array of practical purposes, such as allowing their wearers to cross battlefields quickly, gain an advantage on their enemy, conduct quick reconnaissance, and enter a battle via “unorthodox” means.

The Ge’tal Gaan warriors mainly utilize two different types of jetpacks, both with their own advantages and disadvantages; the Z-6 model is used for longer-distance flights/combat jumps and when a more powerful or versatile missile is needed. The other model, Merr-Sonn’sJT-12 is ideal for short-range flights, such as quickly closing on an enemy.

Gear such as the grappling hooks, first aid supplies, and rations are most commonly kept in a utility belt worn around the waist. This belt allows the Ge’tal Gaan commandos ease-of-access, something especially useful in the heat of battle, and in the event that a commando would die, the belt can be easily detached and taken with a surviving member.

Finally, it deserves mention that many of a Mandalorian’s gadgets are those that are not seen directly seen by the naked eye, as most are concealed within the helmet, or buy’ce; standard items that can be found in a Mando’s helmet is a complex Heads-Up-Display (HUD), a viewplate that not only provides zoom enhancement but 360 degree vision as well, a water dispenser, communications array, HoloNet access, and the ability for the helmet to seal itself and provide the wearer with 20-30 minutes of backup oxygen.

On the exterior of the helmet, one can most often find a rangefinder, which links directly with the helmet’s HUD and provides “on-site” information about a target, be it a person or structure.


A unit member's armor.

The warriors of Ge’tal Gaan are about as hardline Mandalorian as any that have come before them; as such, they religiously wear the iconic armor of their people, the beskar'gam, literally meaning “iron-skin”. However, due to the present-day rarity of actual beskar ore, the majority of Ge’tal Gaan wear armor in the classic design of the Shock Trooper, but have substituted the rare beskar with other materials, such as durasteel, plasteel, or in rare cases, duraplast.

Underneath the armor plates of every Ge’tal Gaan is a black electromagnetic flight suit that, in addition to being fire and waterproof, is used to hold the armor’s individual metal plates; this allows the wearer maximum mobility while not sacrificing much in the way of protection.

As far as the color and design of the armor plates go, each member of the Ge’tal Gaan is allowed to paint and decorate their armor as they see fit and as such, there is no regulated apperance (this to is in line with Mandalorian culture). A caveat exists however and it relates directly to the armor decoration itself: under Ge’tal Gaan’s code of honor, each member must have 1) the bloody handprint and 2) the symbol of Clan Ordo displayed in a prominent place on the armor.

As far as distinguishment of rank and position goes, the Ge’tal Gaan implemented a “augilette” system, in which the command positions within the Free Company are denoted by a colored loop of paracord that is worn on the right shoulder. Not every rank or position has an augilette, so as to cut down on confusion and chain-of-command issues when in the heat of battle, but the ones which do are listed below in ascending order.

  • Gray Cord -- Squad Leader (Alor’uus)
  • Orange Cord -- Platoon Sergeant (Ruus’alor)
  • Blue Cord -- Platoon Leader (Ver’alor)
  • Blue Cord /w Orange piping -- Company Commander (Alor’ad)
  • Red Cord w/ Silver piping-- Battalion Commander (Al’verde)
  • Red Cord w/ Green piping -- Wing Commander (Al’verde)
  • Black Cord w/ Silver and Orange piping -- Ge’tal Gaan Commander (Alor’verde)

Notable Persons

Alor'verde Mav Ordo

Mav Ordo

"In my dreams I hear the crash of guns and the mournful cries of a battlefield, but Ge’tal Gaan will always stand strong and we shall fight ‘til the end of days."
―Mav Ordo
  • Role: Commander of Ge’tal Gaan
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 1.76 meters
  • Weight: 162 lbs.
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Born: 4 ABY
  • Distinguishing Features: A Black Cord with a silver and orange piping is looped around her right shoulder. Mav is known to wear traditional shock trooper armor that has golden plating and a bloody handprint stained on her left shoulder pad.


As the daughter to the great Talin Ordo, Mav is known to be a strict woman and a wise leader, who rarely disregards any of her members for their loyalty and service to Ge’tal Gaan. She also looks upon the memory of her father for guidance and strength for the future path of the company of Ordo.

Mav was born into the Ordo bloodline as the daughter of Talin Ordo, the renowned and historic leader of Ge’tal Gaan. Although her father had longed for a son, she still looked up to him as her idol. Her childhood wasn’t that of a normal girl, partially due to the constraints of a Mandalorian life, but mostly because of the constant dismissal and lack of acknowledgement from her father which made her strive for his approval even more. Growing up, maturity and responsibility were quickly forced on her, and by the age of twelve she had requested to study combat tactics and the art of weaponry.

By the time she had entered her teenage years, Mav had become a skilled combatant and was inducted into the rigorous training program of Ge’tal Gaan. She trained alongside other potential recruits, among them Khyrik Ordo, and ensured her skills and accomplishments would well exceed her father’s expectations, and draw his attention. By the time the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Mav had grown into a veteran of some renown. She had fought in many grueling battles, and played a vital part in the conflicts Ge’tal Gaan had against the Vong. It wasn’t until this time when her father truly recognized his daughter’s potential, and for her courageous achievements and leadership, Mav was promoted to the second-in-command of the company.

By the time of the Second Battle of Coruscant, Mav controlled many of the forces of Ge’tal Gaan and led them into the storm alongside her father. However, when the news of Talin Ordo’s falling in the intense incursion reached her ears, Mav fled to be by her father’s side in his last moments. In his dying breath he whispered to her: “I wanted a son.” Enraged and betrayed, Mav sank her knife into her father’s throat, and assumed command of the Ge’tal Gaan forces. This caused uproar within the company as many believed a female leader was immoral for them. However, no serious challengers appeared, and as Mav led Ge’tal Gaan through many victories during the last days of the Yuuzhan Vong War, many of the Mandalorians began to respect their new leader.

Mav Ordo risked everything when she and her men fought for Mandalore. The death toll was vast, but Ge’tal Gaan stood their ground until the end. They had restored a massive amount of Clan Ordo’s honour, and played a big part in the salvation of their homeworld. Mav gained a newfound respect from her men, and ensured the company played its part in loyal service to the New Republic.

By 35 ABY and her early thirties, Mav had led many successful attacks on the Imperial Remnant for the Republic. She promoted her old acquaintance Khyrik Ordo to the rank of “Al’verde” for his achievements, and shortly afterwards made him her second-in-command. In that same year, Mav Ordo was approached by Michael Halcyon, who offered to give Ge’tal Gaan more power than they could ever hope to get in the service of the New Republic. His one condition: that they come to his aide in the near future. Swayed by his persuasive words and promises of power, Mav accepted his offer and swore that she would bring the full might of Ge’tal Gan to his side. Deep down, though, amid the prospects of power and battles, Mav worried about the strange challenges her men would face.

Al'verde Khyrik Ordo

Khyrik Ordo

"Keep your weapons ready; the fight’s only over when the last man falls."
―Khyrik Ordo
  • Role: Al'verde (Commander)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.82 meters
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Born: 2 ABY
  • Distinguishing Features: A Red Cord with silver piping is looped around his right shoulder. Khyrik also wears black and red trimmed shock trooper armor with a bloody handprint on his right pectoral, and a tally count upon his left shoulder plate. He proudly shows the symbol of Clan Ordo across his torso.


Khyrik Ordo began life aboard the Mandalorian-owned Venator Star Destroyer Bes'uliik, as the second son of a human-Mandalorian couple within Clan Ordo. From an early age, he responded well to the harsh rigors of Mandalorian life, pushing himself through every challenge that was brought before him by his trainers. Whether it was flying a ship or combat tactics, he excelled throughout. As he grew older, he mainly focused on achieving perfection in wielding a blade and using heavy repeating rifles.

At the age of 16, Khyrik began to take assignments from the leaders of the Clan, involving tracking and killing the Clan’s enemies, while also hunting rare and exotic beasts for personal glory. The young Mandalorian gained great prestige and honor within the Clan when he hunted down a fully-grown Bull Rancor on Felucia, and brought the beast’s tusks as evidence.

Khyrik joined the Ge’tal Gaan at the age of 22, after being recommended to the group by Talin Ordo himself, who had grown impressed with his ability to tackle extreme assignments with relative ease and had a need for more qualified recruits with the onset of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was instantly inducted into the strenuous training regimen, whereupon he proved his devotion by not only passing the tasks, but going above and beyond them. He would often attempt to help the other recruits, among them future Alor’verde Mav Ordo, to pass the tests in order to gain admittance as well.

Khyrik was promoted to squad leader after the Second Battle of Coruscant when Mav Ordo ascended to the leadership of the Ge'tal Gaan after the death of Talin Ordo. He was one of the youngest members to do so in the group’s history, and took his new role with profound importance, leading his squad ably and with minimal casualties throughout the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Unlike most of his fellow members, Khyrik supported Mav’s ascension to Alor'verde, in belief that she would truly be able to restore the full glory of the Ge’tal Gaan.

At the beginning of the year 35 ABY, while in his mid-thirties, Khyrik undertook a challenging mission that would earn him the title of Al’verde, or Commander, within the Ge’tal Gaan. He, along with several other potential candidates, were tasked with leading a two full regiments of Mandalorians into battle against Imperial Remnant forces on Muunilinst. Not only did the Ge’tal Gaan win the battle, but Khyrik proved his worth by having no casualties within his regiments. He was brought before Mav Ordo and given the rank immediately upon his return.

Khyrik would go on to win two more spectacular victories as Al’verde before the invasion of New Tython, as the Ge'tal Gaan began to work as an arm of the New Republic. One such victory was an attack against the Imperial Remnant, as the Ge'tal Gaan fought for the New Republic and defeated a large Remnant force on Fondor. The New Republic regained total control of the planet quickly afterwards and the Ge’tal Gaan, as well as Khyrik, earned praise and admiration. Shortly after this particular victory, Mav Ordo would honor Khyrik by making him second-in-command of the Ge’tal Gaan.