Zul Zorrander

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Zul Zorrander
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7 BBY (age 49)

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2.00m / 6ft 5in


88.6kg / 195lbs





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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Thyferra was the homeworld of the Vratix people. The Vratix had already colonized many celestial bodies in the Polith system when they were in first contact with the Galactic Republic around 4,100 years ago.

Early Life (7 BBY to 12ABY)

Growing up on Thyferra

As night rolls from dusk to dawn, the Sun of Thyferra shines brightly upon Zul Zorrander This is his story, his life. Zul is a tall well built man who grew up as an outcast not by choice or because his family was without status and note. Just the opposite. his parents were very Infamous. His mother is a revolutionary and his father, deemed a traitor and terrorist.

His father was executed for crimes against Thyferra. His mother exiled to lands forbidden. Growing up as a young child on Thyferra was demanding and not easy. As like most families of note are. Since his was not, he was constantly picked on as a child because he didn't have any status. This made him bitter. Zul had eventually come a custom to life in the wilderness. He was but 10 years old when his Mother was exiled. Enforcement agents came for Zul after his mother was taken. As a clever young lad, Zul was able to scurry off into the tightest of places as to avoid capture. He lived on the streets for some time until he found a mentor of sorts. Someone who saw his potential. Old man Yaz, a junker as he was known. Never begged for anything always made his way. He was fond of saying "One mans trash is another's treasure my boy. You would do well to learn that."

It was then Zul would learn a great deal. Yaz, as it turns out had an impressive life. He was the son of a foreign dignitary turned one his self. Bit of a loyalist. Had it all until his untimely meeting with the Trade Federation. Now, lost in his ways. still knowledgable though. He brought Zul to his humble home in the Rural land. It was filled with trinkets and the such found from his "treasure hunts". Zul studied with Yaz for some time until he felt he could learn no more. He had just built up the courage to tell old man Yaz that he was leaving when he found him on the floor half dying. Age and bad health had caught up to Yaz. He passed not long after. Zul was nearly 18 years old then.

Zul values his knowledge. For him knowledge is power, power is used to reshape worlds. Thyferra taught him a harsh lesson. Notability and Nobility are two very different things. He had to live his life as an outcast. Eventually moving into the more rural lands. Zul can come off as a very serious person but one has to break through the outer shell that he has built over time. When he was old enough to to leave the planet he did so with out regret.

Young Adult Zul, circa 18 BBY leaving Thyferra on a Simiyiar Light Freighter to destination "I don't care!"

Seeker of Knowledge

Young Adult (12 ABY - 34 ABY)

Two years on board a light freighter will change your life. Flying around the galaxy had its perks. Zul had been to nearly 20 planets now. Learned many customs and loved every bit of it. Zul was 20 now. Still scrawny but muscular in a wiry sense. He was a deckmate, his task was working operating deck gear, standing mooring details, and working cargo. He also stood a navigational watch, generally as a lookout or helmsman. Not bad for a boy of 20, especially coming on board as a do boy and cook. Zul felt he had more to offer the galaxy then him being a deckmate on a light freighter. He had heard on the holo several times when Coruscant came up and their university studies. He had asked the Captain if he would stop off so that Zul could learn life in another fashion, exclaiming he was very gracious for the the hospitality of the Captain and his crew. After thinking on it for some time the Captain had agreed; all the while upset over the loss of a good crewman. The Captain explained that he understood and that every man deserves his own destiny.

  • Coruscant Studies: went to college studied ancient history and lore. Learned basic medicine
    • Archeology: History and ancient lore; used basic medicine while out on many digs
      • Sith Temple recovery efforts and catacomb searches

Coruscant (pronounced /'kɔɹəsɑnt/), also known as Imperial Center during the reign of the Galactic Empire, was arguably the most influential planet in the entire galaxy, located in the Inner Core. At various times in its history, it was the galactic capital and seat of government for the Old Republic, Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire, and was the homeworld of the human species. After the signing of the Galactic Concordance on Coruscant, the New Republic opted to have both its capital and Senate rotate among member worlds rather than remain stationary to avoid repeating centuries of economic exploitation.

Coruscant was notable for its ecumenopolis called Galactic City, which had developed over thousands of years. Owing to its importance in galactic history, the galaxy used a dating system standardized on Coruscant.[18] Having a cosmopolitan atmosphere owing to its import in galactic government, it was also the center of galactic culture, producing many famous celebrities, politicians and composers. For most of history, laws and galactic policies were decided by the Galactic Senate, and the Supreme Chancellor had his residence on Coruscant.

Coruscant City
Near the University
Old Jedi Temple
Zul as a young adventurer

Now defunct; The Academy of Jedi Archaeology was an academy that studied the history of the Jedi and Sith. Made up of Jedi Researchers, the Academy sponsored studies on Ossus and Onderon during the Great Sith War. Working closely with the Exploration Corps, the Academy's members would decipher texts and uncover artifacts before turning it over their peers in the Educational Corps.

Under the watchful eye of the Coruscant University the Academy of Jedi Archeology now just Academy of Archeological Studies had been resurrected. All things artifact that were deemed dangerous or too powerful had been removed scanned, replicated as non working pieces and archived. It was here Zul learned his passion for the Ancient History Lore and Archeology. He studied Theology in great depths for many planets learning about the different gods. Zul felt to know a thing was to be a thing. "With great wisdom come great responsibility" his instructor once told him. Zul was 35 when he left the Academy of Archeological Studies in pursuit of his own accord as a freelance Archaeologist. Zul would obtain grants from governmental institutions on each planet he was on at the time. He would give the government all rights therein as long as he got credit for the find and a good wage with an occasional trinket to show for his hard work.

Clan Arcona and the Brotherhood (34 ABY)

Zul, 41 years old now thought he had made his mark on the galaxy. His life long pursuit of knowledge led him to this day. He has done a great many things. It wasn't until he met Callindra, a nice young woman who would change the rest of his life. It was she who introduced him to the brotherhood. Until his 40'th day he had never heard of them and had no sense of being or brethren until then. He reached out to some of her contacts as instructed and met a member of the Dark Council Braecen Kaeth who welcomed him into the Brotherhood. Other members along with Farrin Xies and Kordath Bleu d'Tana took a liking to Zul whom showed him that there is still family yet to be found in their clan.

Proud Grey Jedi

(35 ABY)

Newly promoted to the Rank of Hunter Zul prepares for the upcoming 12th Great Jedi War. As a newly joined member of a Battle Team he is invigorated and eager to prove his metal to himself and his colleagues.

(The Great Jedi War XII)