Rulvak Qurroc

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Rulvak Qurroc
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

14 BBY - Age: 53

Physical Description





1.8m / 5'11"


70.3kg / 155lbs




Leaf Green

Personal Information

Kardiara Qurroc



Known Children:





Dual Vibroswords

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Step

Chronology & Political Information

EQ4 - Warlord

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Arcia Cortel

Known apprentices:
  • Nimblemynx

Rulvak's Dossier

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"You enjoy your politics, and I'll enjoy watching you wither."
―Rulvak Qurroc

Rulvak Qurroc is a Warlord. He was member of Battleteam Spectre Cell of House Galeres of Clan Arcona from its inception after the fall of Battleteam Nighthawk, and a member of Battleteam Nighthawk since finding his way into the Dark Brotherhood. This was all before he went rogue. Not too long into his absence, he joined up with some bounty hunters to form a new clan, Clan Vizsla. He was a member of Battleteam Wren of Clan Vizsla from its inception, and continued to be when it transitioned to the first House of Clan Vizsla. After spending quite some time in leadership, he had to move on to otherworldly matters, leading him to a path of rogues.

Character History

Early Life

Rulvak Qurroc's childhood started out on Thustra. His mother was a beautiful young Sephi named Kardiara, and she had a passion for the stars so profound that it occasionally blinded her to reality. Rulvak's father was a Human bounty hunter that goes by the name of Zane. While on an extended stay after tracking down his mark on Thustra, Zane met Kardiara. He spent a few days telling her stories of his adventures, keeping out all the gory details, and whispering promises of travel to far off exotic worlds in an attempt to woo her. Taking full advantage of Kardiara's lust for the stars, he was finally able to seduce her. This, in turn, had lead to the conception of Rulvak. Zane realized his love was naught but lust before Rulvak was even born. He left Kardiara, returned to his ship, and never again stepped foot on Thustra. When Kardiara awoke from her afternoon nap, she was in disbelief. After some inquiry as to his ship, she knew what had happened and was heartbroken. Her mood quickly changed from sadness to happiness after she gave birth to Rulvak, as she had a vision that she would see the stars. The difference being that it was with her son by her side.

Growing up with a single parent wasn't bad for Rulvak, as he and his mother both worked to provide for each other. He learned the value of hard work whilst training to defend his mother and himself. Each day after they would both return from work, his mother would make the same promise to him; "We will get off this planet and go somewhere we can thrive!" Rulvak never thought much of it, but he knew his mother always dreamt of the stars. After saving up enough money, he decided to book transport to the nearest trade station for both his mother and himself. He believed that they would be able to fulfill her dream, and maybe even find his father.

It didn't take long for everything to take a turn for the worse. Upon reaching the station, they were introduced to a reality that they did not know even existed. Their perception of the galaxy was grossly incorrect, and every day they had to do whatever they could to feed themselves. After about a year of oddball jobs on the station, Kardiara fell ill by contracting the Blue Shadow Virus. Rulvak knew that the only way to get the credits to pay for the medicine that she needed, Reeksa root, was to take an assassination contract. Rulvak had expected to put all of his training to the test, but that was not the case. The target was drunk and had passed out in a refresher stall, so Rulvak was able to overcome his target with ease. He returned with the credits required to pay for the treatment, only to be tricked by a crooked herbalist. Shortly following Kardiara's death, he returned to the herbalist and slew him. Afterwards, feeling empty, Rulvak decided to continue his training and putting it to the test by taking additional contracts. Thus began Rulvak's career as a hired assassin.

Introduction to the Brotherhood

While 'working' out of the trade station within the Thustra system, he ran into a woman named Arcia Cortel, who then introduced him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Dajorra Intelligence Agency (DIA). (To be continued)

Alternative Plans

Rulvak accepted the invitation from Arcia, yet it was not due to his newfound companionship. He had realized that the DIA could give him access to a plethora of information that would help him track down his father. He was finally able to search for the man that had caused his mother and he so much heartache. He blamed his father for the fate that met his mother, and vowed to track him down by whatever means necessary. The entrance into the DIA, and access it provided, was a great stepping stone.

The Next Chapter

It was not long before the information he found while within the DIA allowed him to begin making money by selling said information. Using it to his own gain, he was able to take and create bounties. Lining his pockets with credits, he lost sight of his revenge. He continued to provide information to bounty hunters and take on contracts where he might have an edge. It eventually led to him joining a crew of Mandalorians and other bounty hunters on Zsoldos, which formed a bit of an alliance between the members. No longer with the DIA, but maintaining some contacts, he was able to lead the small group. Battleteam Wren quickly grew into a House under his, and Clan Vizsla's, leadership.

Physical Description

Rulvak is a half-human who stands tall with a slender, athletic build. Unlike the V-shaped hairline of other Sephi males, his hairline looks natural to that of a Human's. His hair is white, much like that of freshly fallen snow, and flows down just past his shoulder blades interrupted only by the point of his ears. He has thin, white eyebrows that almost go unnoticed. This is because people often find themselves staring at the unique combination of his hooded, leaf-green eyes that slightly contrast the pastel purple hue of his skin.


Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Co-founder of Clan Vizsla.
  • 2018 Overwatch Brotherhood Gaming League (OW BGL) Champion.
  • Co-founder of the Arconan Gaming Dominance competition series.


CAO: 25 May 2021 -Held for years before Rogue-