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34 BBY (age 75)

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125 kg





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Kelviin is... trying his best.

Character History


Kelviin was born to two very loving, supportive parents, who coddled him and did their best to prevent any harm. He had a happy, comfortable childhood, but longed for a broader sense of purpose outside of his Wookiee bubble.

Coming of Age

Kelviin, full of curiousity

At the age of 41, Kelviin journeyed to a local Kashyyyk marketplace, only to discover a new, visiting trader. Kelviin had never seen any other humanoid person before, and was fascinated by his behavior and equipment. Namely, the stranger’s unusual clothing, assistant droid, and datapad for processing transactions.

The Trader was a scrap dealer, selling all manner of defunct electronics, and stayed on Kashyyyk for a little over 3 months. During that time, Kelviin visited every day, asking questions about every single part and piece for sale, and listening to stories from throughout the universe. By the time The Trader moved on, Kelviin was no longer satisfied with life on his planet, and became fixated on exploring the galaxy and learning more about humanoid cultures. Whenever he wasn’t hunting or tending to his family, he spent his time trying to fashion his own human-like clothing, and awkward gadgets in case they might one day come in handy.

Leaving Home

After spending his adolescent years trying to prepare for humanoid society, Kelviin discovered a budding Wookiee diplomat program. Despite having moderately limited social skills or experience, he seized this opportunity to leave the planet and meet humans and their technology. He was assigned to a young Human diplomat, where he acted as escort and errand-boy. Little did he know, his newfound boss was corrupt and made the majority of his wealth by promoting new slave trades, often selling his own Wookiee recruits to the highest bidder.

Stumbling into Shadow Gate

Kelviin’s first experience in Human negotiations did not go exactly as planned. During the meeting while he was shadowing his diplomat, a white-haired officer suddenly drew an electrostaff and began to attack the other officers. While Kelviin’s entourage ran for cover, he stood his ground, assuming this was a common combat ritual of some kind, which was not uncommon in Wookiee politics.

He immediately became entranced by the woman’s weapon and clothing, however, and approached her to ask more about it despite the ongoing scuffle. Another officer assumed he was another traitor and struck him in the side with a baton. Kelviin’s large frame barely registered the hit but he did disarm the attacker out of reflex. Unfortunately for the officer, Kelviin did not account for the fragility of human limbs.

With a sickening tearing sound, Kelviin removed the officer's arm. While surprised with how easy it came off, Kelviin really didn’t register the impact of this action because he had once heard a Wookie tall-tale that Humans could regenerate limbs. Plus, they also had a spare limb, so he really didn’t think too much about it. [Later on, when reflecting on the situation, Kelviin realized with horror what he had done and made a conscious vow not to violently harm people if it could be avoided.]

Before more security could arrive, Kelviin tried to ask the woman about her weapon, and discovered the hard way that most people don’t speak Shyriiwook. The woman answered with only a quizzical look and mild nausea. They were interrupted by a swarm of approaching footsteps down the hallway. Frustrated, but still concerned, she grabbed his hand and quickly led him away to her escape vessel. Kelviin did not protest, as he thought this was all a part of what simply happened during Human negotiations. They flew back to Port Ol’val, together, and she introduced herself as Zujenia, Gatewarden of Shadow Gate.

Utilizing her datapad and a nifty text-to-speech translation program, Zujenia was able to communicate with Kelviin and gave him a choice: he could either leave and go on his way, or he could come with her and learn more about “fitting” in with Humans. Kelviin agreed to go with her, and that’s how he ended up on Port Ol’val.

Physical Description

Kelviin is a gray-haired Wookiee, slowly coming into his own as an adult. He has the typical claws and fangs seen in most Wookiees, as well as brown eyes. His distinctive markings include white hair around the eyes, and a white stripe extending from his left eye past his ear.

For clothing, he tries to blend in by wearing a cloak similar to the humans he's seen. However his always end up too small and only cover one shoulder, instead of both, according to his limited understanding of galactic fashion. His cloaks are all paw-made to hold innumerable pockets inside, where he keeps his cobbled-together gadgets. He also wears a utility belt, with various odds and ends.