Rins'zler Sang-Kalinor

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Rins’zler Sang-Kalinor
Biographical Information

Star Ship - The Deceiver: Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray (Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft)

Date of Birth:

40years BBY

Physical Description

Half Human, Half Sephi Sephi (Mandalorian)




1.8288 meters


108 kg





Personal Information

Meree Kalinor


Jaga Kalinor

Known Children:

Jor’ell, Edema and Kandos Kalinor (Jor'ell and Kandos were reported MIA/KIA)


Jen’ika Kalinor / Princes Olvar


Ood Bnar Sythe'rae, Kandos Katarn, Atyiru Caesura Entar

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):



The Phantom Blade (Lightsaber), Blastech Dur-24 Wrist Laser twined with a Flame Projector (paired weapons mounted on twin Mandalorian gauntlets), Various Throwing Blades (custom designed), Synergy S5 Slugthrower Rifle

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Assassin


Mystic, Member of the GMRG and the Inquisitorus, Former Magistrate to the Office of the Headmaster


Clan Arcona, House Qel-Droma

Personal Ship:

The Deceiver: Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray (Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft)

Known masters:

Wuntila Arconae

Known apprentices:

Xander Reforged



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Rins'zler Sang-Kalinor

Rins'zler is a strange individual. He was born half Human, half Sephi, the newest member of the Mandalorian Clan of Kalinor. He has had a tumultuous life so far, with both joy and sorrow impacting on him in many ways. Rins'zler was formerly a mercenary and hired gun, excelling at everything from hostage rescue to assassination. Since joining the Brotherhood Rins’zler has semi-retired from the mercenary and bounty hunting profession, preferring to spend his time focusing on Force studies.

Character History

In the Beginning

The Arconan, known as Rins'zler, didn't always go by that name; it was during the end of the Empire era, that a young Mandalorian was born and so it was that Jandos Phyleus Kalinor, son of a well-known Mandalorian Mercenary Jaga Kalinor, came into the galaxy. Jandos had no homeworld to speak of. He was born on-board his families vessel during a quiet period in the hunting season. However he soon came to know many worlds as his home, primarily those of his uncle's armaments factories.

The Kalinor family were successful Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters. Their son wanted for nothing growing up. Jandos had the finest education that any Mandalorian could hope for. As soon as he was able to hold a blaster, Jaga began to teach him the family trade.

By the age of 13 Jandos entered the Mandalorian Training Program. His goal was to become a fully-fledged Super Commando like his parents. The training was long and arduous but Jandos excelled at it and revelled at the challenges it offered him. It took him three long years, but he graduated from the academy and was granted his own suit of Mandalorian Armour.

Super Commando’s

Jandos took the handle of Shadow Stalker upon entering the ranks of the Super Commandos. His first, of many, set of Mandalorian Armour was hand-crafted by himself with pride. It was during those early days that he discovered his interest and talent in armour and weapon smithing.

Jandos entered into the commandos but a child. The experiences that he had during his early years built him into the man he is today. Shadow Stalker soon found his feet after 2 years of fighting in some of the most brutal conflicts he thought he would ever see. Jandos began to enjoy to life as a soldier, he was able to explore so many worlds and so many different weapons, tactics and all manner of things. By the age of 18 the young man was gone, replaced by a seasoned veteran of countless wars and conflicts. It was time for a change, being a mercenary was great, but it offered very few challenges to him. It was at this point in his life that he decided to venture into the field of Bounty Hunting.

The Hunter

Shadow Stalker decided he wanted to make a name for himself. Mandalorians had engaged in both mercenary activities and Bounty Hunting for many hundreds of years, his family was no exception. Both his parents were very successfully hunters and had increased the family wealth significantly. It was now time for Jandos to take this mantle and carry on the family tradition.

His time spent as a mercenary had taught him many things. Throughout his years of experience he had developed a very balanced strategy towards combat. He had developed a specific combat style based around his years of experience, balancing knowledge and experience in a variety of skills and techniques, this way he could call upon them as required. He followed the same train of thought when it came to weapons and equipment. In the beginning, never settling on a single specific weapon, however as his life and experience evolved he found himself using a specific group of weapons that fit his balanced approach. These skills and choices would serve him well in his role as a bounty hunter. Jandos soon enrolled with the Bounty Hunting guilds that his family had used for generations and it wasn’t long before jobs began to come his way.

Veteran of many wars

Jandos spent the next several years floating around the galaxy. He hunted everyone from criminals to high value kill on sight targets. In the spare time between jobs, he fought in several campaigns alongside allied Clans and various other mercenary groups. His downtime was usually spent and with his Uncle, learning the tricks of the arms trade and perfecting his crafting skills further. it was at the age 28 that his life began to unravel.


It was around his 28th birthday that disaster struck. His parents were employed to hunt a criminal but things went wrong. The contract had been false; the person they were hunting was a former Jedi Knight, one who had specifically vowed to rid the galaxy of Mandalorian filth. The Jedi slew Jaga and Meree Kalinor and vanished into the star. Jandos was distraught, his life began to unravel around him and his path became blurred.

The Dark Master Arrives

Anger filled the young man. So much anger that he thought it would kill him. He vowed to have revenge on the Jedi who had murdered his parents, regardless to the cost. Such vengeance would be hard as he was a mess and in no state to fight a womp rat let alone a Jedi.

It was at this point in his life that the mysterious man arrived to see him. A man, cloaked in black and darkness arrived at his uncle's facility that he was residing in at the time. Without any opposition he walked passed the guards and directly towards the accommodation block. Within his room Rins’zler sensed something was wrong. He had no idea how, but he felt a presence coming towards him. The door to his room opened and there stood a man garbed in black. The man's face was covered with a hood, his body shrouded in flowing, dark robes.

The man spoke, asking if he was Jandos. The young man nodded. The man then asked if he could help him. Without any warning, Kalinor felt his anger rise to the surface, his loss and hatred bubbled up to the surface and Jandos cried out that he wanted to kill a Jedi. He screamed letting his anger burst out, waves of hatred flowed from him. The metal walls began to warp and shelves in his room crumpled and snapped. This surge of power lasted for only a moment and then it dissipated; the hatred and anger returned to where Jandos kept in check and Jandos simply sat on the remains of his bed and cried.

The Mysterious man spoke again and introduced himself as Darth Jarod. He extended an offer to take Jandos with him and give him the chance to exact his revenge against this Jedi. The decision was an easy one and Jandos took the offer of Darth Jarod, left his past behind him and moved down a different path, The Path of the Dark Jedi.

Walking the New Path

Many years went by. Jandos had a clear strength in the force, and the anger that welled inside him. This internal reserve provided him with an easy way to access to the Darkside of the force.

He was trained by the mysterious Darth Jarod in the dark arts. The Rogue Jedi put Jandos through many trials. The young man was brought to the brink of death on several occasions. Each time death loomed, Darth Jarod reminded him of his parents. The hate flowed through the young apprentice, keeping him alive.

By the age of 33 Jandos Phyleus Kalinor was no more. In his place stood a new Dark Jedi, Rins'zler. His hatred of the Jedi had opened him up to more dark energy than any of Jarod's previous apprentices. Rins'zler flew through the training program laid before him, impressing his mysterious master. He now felt drawn to revenge. The desire to hunt down and eradicate the Jedi who had caused him so much pain and suffering was in the forefront of his mind. With his master's blessing, he left and began the hunt.


The Jedi was a man named Arctrus; he had been expelled from the Jedi order for his actions against the Mandalorians. This however did not stop him from going around the galaxy, attempting to carry out what he saw was his task. It was on Coruscant that he encountered his end.

Rins’zler had prepared for this moment. Planning had been done down to the smallest detail; every aspect of it was designed to destroy the Jedi. Rins'zler had paid a significant sum of credits to the owner of the space dock that was frequented by Arctrus, this was to compensate the owner for the significant damage that would happen to it. This was only the first of many steps. The second was to lay the trap.

Rins’zler fuelled the Jedi’s hatred for Mandalorians. He had sent him an open challenge over the holonet, giving him an opportunity he could not pass up. The Landing bay was however a death-trap. The whole area was rigged with multiple explosives ranging from Thermal Detonators to Flechette Mines. If this was not enough to eradicate the Jedi, Rins’zler was prepared with a multitude of small arms and proven anti-Jedi weapons.

The Trap is Set

The Trap was sprung. Four days post of the message, Arctrus arrived. His small shuttle settled on the landing pad. He appeared to have very little fore-knowledge of what was going to happen. The ramp lowered and he calmly left his vessel.

He didn't seem surprised when, before him stood four Mandalorian Mercenaries. Arctrus muttered something beneath his breath and grabbed for his Lightsaber. Rins’zler watched all of this from his chosen position, aloft and well out of sight; he observed events through the scope of a slugthrower rifle.

Arctrus engaged the Mandalorian Warriors only to find they were nothing more than fakes, pseudo armour placed over steel frames. The force triggered a warning, but it was too late. Rins'zler watched with glee as Arctrus engaged his fake Mandalorians.

He had positioned the various explosives in such a way that wherever he stood, Arctrus would be within the optimum kill zone. Rins’zler smiled with a sense of glee as he depressed the detonator. The resulting explosion was a work of art. First the Flechette mines detonated above and below Arctrus, releasing thousands of lethal barbs. Despite his skill with the force, Arctrus found himself the victim of hundreds of these lethal barbs. Erected a defensive field with the force stopped many of them, but it was too little too late. Rins’zler watched from his perch.

He could see Arctrus almost breathing a sigh of relief as his shield absorbed the majority of the flechettes. It was then that the second wave of explosions went off. Rings of anti-personnel mines popped up and sprayed their lethal cargo around the room. Thousands of ball bearings shredding everything not armoured. The field of energy around Arctrus began to shatter and crackle. The volume of impacts created an immense strain being placed upon it, draining his strength. It was at this point the final surprise was instigated. The floor beneath Arctrus’s feet vaporised in superheated energy as fifteen thermal detonators activated their fusion cores. Their energy fields turned everything around him to dust and his shield failed.


Rins’zler walked down into the mass of destruction he had created; at the base of the small crater his explosives had formed lay the broken form of the former Jedi. The broken Jedi watched as the Sith approached him. The Dark Jedi looked upon his form, the mad Jedi, expecting him to lash out with violence. But there was nothing. There, before him, lay a broken man. The faint movements of his chest faded and then, without warning, his body vanished, leaving only his ruined robes.

Rins’zler suddenly became aware that he was not alone. Stood beside him was the glowing ethereal ghost of Arctrus. The Force ghost turned to Rins’zler and spoke

“Young man, I am saddened that it had to come to this. But more so I am more saddened that it was I who caused this. I was wrong and my actions were wrong. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive. While I suspect you will find it hard, I still sense some good in you. However I cannot stay. The Force calls me. I leave you with some final words, I forgive you”.

And with that the ghost of the former Jedi faded. Now one with the Force, his insanity addled mind was set free from its mortal prison, and he was once again the Jedi he had been before. Rins’zler examined the chaos he had created; it was a good thing he had effectively paid enough to buy the landing bay. Without a second thought, he left the destruction and headed back to his ship.

The New Form, a Great Change

Many years had passed since the Emperor had been killed and the Deathstar destroyed. The galaxy was undergoing a great many changes. Rins'zler had hid his presence from the Jedi Hunters by reverting to his heritage. During the Emperor's rule, there had only been two Sith. He had heard tales of how Vader would hunt down and kill other Sith and he did not want this to be his fate. It was during this period he met his first wife, Jen'ika. Together they took on the roles of Mercenary and Bounty Hunter, providing them with a good income and a way to keep the Emperors dogs at bay.


Jen'ika before the incident

Jen'ika was a unique individual, born a Sephi-human hybrid like husband. She had also trained for many years in the Dark arts of the Force. She had been granted the title of Dark Jedi, under the tutelage of a fallen Jedi. The true identity of this master was hidden, even from her pupils.

She met Rins'zler during the period after his revenge. They had both come from shattered pasts and found a connection with each other. It was not long before they fell in love and together they blazed a trail of Glory across the stars. The two were married within two years. They brought several children into the Galaxy. Two of whom were force sensitive and went onto join the mysterious Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The third left to train in the ways of the Mandalorian, as his father had.

The Darkside seemed to revolve around Rins'zler and his family. Passion after all was one of the greatest facets of the Dark Side of the Force, and the pair had plenty of that. However it was around this time that their lives would change dramatically. It would all happen during a battle with the misguided forces of the Republic.

Their three children were reported as KIA. Supposedly slain by the Republic while on upon the forest world of Korinus. This act sent ripples through the force, reaching both Rins'zler and Jen'ika. The sensation that their children were lost drove them into a furious rage. A blazing trail of destruction spread out through the galaxy as Rins'zler and Jen'ika sought out those responsible. Along with their allies, they slaughtered many of the Republics followers. The slaughter only stopped when their forces were reluctantly made to retreat from the world under the cover of friendly cruisers. Rins'zler and Jen'ika were distraught by the loss of their children, and began researching into ways of bringing the dead back through the Darkside.

Their research finally struck gold upon the discovery of an ancient Sith artefact. This device was said to have been created centuries ago by a Sith who had an interest in the arcane. Supposedly the device had the ability to bind the Soul of one who was strong in the Darkside into a Force Based Circuitry Device, similar to that used in Holocrons. The Pair gathered their forces, and with assistance from friends and family, they set out to locate this mysterious device. Within weeks it had been located. Soon, within their grasp, would be a way to bring their children back. It was not to be it the will of the force, fate or just galactic bad luck, their plans went sour early on. The New Republic had got wind of the search for the artefact and they had dispatched several infantry companies as well as other support elements. Their goal was to destroy this item of blasphemy and prevent it falling into the hands of the Empire or The First Order.

The Orrund Incident

Orrund after the Disaster

The world on which the artefact was located was known as Orrund. It was a verdant and green world that thrived with life. On the planet surface, hidden among its verdant landscape laid a place, surrounded by myth, a Dark Foreboding Temple. Constructed over two centuries ago by long forgotten group of Sith. It was said to have been a workshop, where they practiced their arts of combining the Darkside with various arcane devices. It was said in myth, that the temple itself was able to focus the power of the Darkside.

Within the temple, legends told of many different arcane devices and mysterious technologies. All of the devices were the results of ancient experiments. Not all of which weresuccessful. It was among these Items that the artefact was hidden.

The Sith and his wife made planet fall, but they were met by multiple New Republic fighter squadrons. The wings of mercenary pilots who had joined Rins'zler began to duel with the Republic, buying time for the Sith to make it to the temple. Rins'zler landed his shuttle as close to the outside of the temple as he could. Immediately he and his wife sensed that the Republic's troops had beaten them to their prize. To their horror they saw their worst fears come true. Walking proudly from the temple emerged five armoured men along with several Republic troopers and assistants. With them they carried the artefact. It was clear they were getting ready to destroy it.

Without a word the Dark Jedi ignited their blades and charged. The battle was brutal, without mercy or hesitation the Sith fought their way to the Artefact. Despite the fact that they were outnumbered two to one, they fought like they were possessed. Alas, despite all their skill, fervour and hatred, it seemed that this battle would not be won. Fearing this Jen'ika charged. Screaming curses at the troopers with murder in her heart. She cut down two of the armoured warriors and a score of their assistants, but was caught by the barrage of blaster fire that responded. Little did the republic troops know, but this was to be their undoing.


Rins'zler not only heard, but physically felt Jen'ika's scream in the force. He could sense her energy dwindling away. He could not bear to have the death of his wife and love on his hands.

Despite the consequences to himself, he opened himself fully to the Darkside of the force. The Temple began to glow and vibrate as if it was sensing this action. Atop the edifice sat a giant crystal. The crystal began to glow and thrum with energy, dark energy. Black lightning arced across its surface and wave dark energy enveloped the structure.

The skies darkened and black lightning began to fork from the sky. A whirlwind of anger, fury and malevolence began to swirl around the combatants. Standing in the middle, arms stretched to the sky stood Rins'zler. Dark energy visibly flowed into him, bolts of blackness striking him, leaving him unharmed.

The Force Storm grew exponentially and quickly began to engulf the planet stripping the world of its very life force and channelling it into the Dark storm of energy. The remaining troopers looked terrified. Foolishly they decided to attack the Dark Jedi. Their attempts were short lived as were their lives, the storm devouring their living essence to fuel its destruction. Rins'zler was engulfed in a cyclone of dark energy. Lightning blasted from all areas incinerating several troopers. The sheer force of the energy dragged the life force from everything around it.

After some considerable time, the force storm Rins'zler had forged abated and dissipated. in its wake it left a scored barren landscape. The storm had devoured all life of the planet bar Rins'zler and his wife's mortally wounded form. Rins'zler dropped to his knees. His body was exhausted and he could no longer stay upright. He looked down to see that even his clothing had been devoured by the storm. His skin was lacerated in several places and he could feel blood coming from his face. The scars of this event both physical and psychological would remain with him for the rest of his life.

After a while, Rins'zler rose to his feet and walked over to the artefact. It glowed with an unnatural life, and he could sense a presence within. He picked up the device and carried it over to where his wife lay, but she was gone. Her physical form remained but her force essence was no longer there. Rins'zler lay the artefact on the ground and as he did so, it came to life. An image began to be projected above the device, akin to that on a holocron. He jumped back in shock, for the image that resolved was of Jen'ika. Somehow during the force storm he had created, the device had absorbed his wife's energy. She was now entombed within the crystalline matrices of the device. Rins'zler felt joy, and could feel his life force returning, all was not lost.

The Artefact


Orrund was reduced to a barren wasteland. Its life force ended with the end of the Force Storm that had consumed it. Despite the horrific damage, Rins'zler was alive. He had however, not survived the event unscathed. His body bore multiple scars, both internally and externally, damage caused by channelling and interacting with that much dark energy. However it had opened his eyes to the possibilities that could be gained through the Dark Side and he wanted to learn more.


But what of Jen'ika what life did she have now, after all that had happened? She remained within the artefact. There she would remain for eternity, safely with her husband. The device along with her energy force was incorporated into Rins'zler's ship. Her life force inhabited its many electronic pathways, becoming more than she could ever have achieved in life.

New Choices

Rins'zler decided that he required a new home and guidance. He chose the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as the group to join. Utilizing his resources he commissioned a modified Gozanti-class Cruiser to be built. This ship would be unique for it would incorporate force circuitry into its design, allowing Jen'ika the freedom of the ship. Alongside this vessel he had a score of 40 droids custom built. Each would function as a crew member for this ship. The droids aided in the operation of the ships many functions, all under the guidance of Jen'ika. Each droid was given a level of intelligence, akin to that of an astromech. This would allow them to function with greater efficiency, giving them the freedom to carry out their tasks effectively and with flexibility. It took three long months and many credits but at the end of it The Shadowborn was finally ready and they left for the journey to their new home.

Joining the Brotherhood

Rins'zler had been aware of the Brotherhood for some time. Two of his children had joined the mysterious order. He entered its ranks and began to progress through his training. However he was still dealing with events surrounding his past. This gave him cause to take an extended leave from the group.

The Return

Rins'zler spent several long years wandering the galaxy. With his skills in the force only part trained he focused on honing the skills he had learned through years of warfare and conflict. Sharpening his combat skills until his balanced style was as lethal as it could be. In the force however, he required true guidance. The time had come to return to the Dark Brotherhood and resume his training. Perhaps with their help he would even be able to learn more about what had happened during the Orrund incident. Rins'zler set course once again for the Dark Brotherhood, communicating his intentions ahead of him. He was able to speak to former friends and allies, each of whom sent welcoming responses to his forthcoming return.

Many years had passed and Rins’zler had experienced much conflict since he left. His services to his Mandalorian Clan and various other employers had furnished him with both new skills and plenty of money. But now, more than ever, he was eager to learn and unlock whatever skills the force had to offer him. He could never leave his Mandalorian Heritage behind, but perhaps he could find a way of blending it with his new future.

Going Grey

Rins’zler had been through a lot. Turmoil, death and much darkness had been constant companions for him over the years. His eventual return to Arcona and its people slowly opened his eyes to many new concepts. He spent many hours listening to the wise words spoken by Atyiru Caesura Entar. She spoke of balance, and how darkness should not be allowed to linger for too long. Rins’zler absorbed these words and found he was changing. He renounced his vows to the ways of the Sith. Instead deciding to follow his gut feeling and his heart, allowing the force to guide him towards whatever path it had destined for him. He turned down the Grey Path, seeking a sense of balance. his decision was firmly ratified when he endured an induction process into the Inquisitorius. The ordeal almost broke him, but he vowed to use it to strengthen his resolve.

Taking up the Name

Since his life had taken him down a new path, Rins’zler decided that it was time for his name to reflect that new path. Rins’zler had no direct surviving family. His clan had been decimated by warfare and its surviving members had been graciously absorbed into the Fett clan.

Rins’zler contacted the clan chieftains to request permission to maintain the Kalinor clan name. His permission was granted; under the condition that he used the twinned clan surname. The Sang clan had been closely linked ever since Rins’zlers uncle married into the clan. Rins’zler was happy with the decision and proudly took on the new Clan name of Sang-Kalinor. A new name and a new path, perhaps more was going to change for him in the future.

Walking the Shadow Path

Sol Kahan

Many things have changed with Rins’zler over recent months and years. He has gradually found himself walking a path of Shadow. How this started is unknown, he simply lets the force guide him on his journey. This path has allowed him to focus on more stealthy forms of combat, from Sniping to close quarter's assassination. This change has also brought him into contact with the Inquisition, specifically the Voice himself Marick. Rins’zler has no loyalties to The Grand Master or the hated Jedi. This neutral standpoint is a useful tool for the inquisition, and as such, he has been inducted into their ranks. Rins’zlers actions within the Inquisition are shrouded by secrecy; he exists to them only under the name Sol Kahan, one of many pseudonyms he goes under.

The role of Sol Kahan has expanded greatly over time, he has been implicit with actions against Arcona including the recent fleet destruction. His actions are guided by a shadowy man who's identity remains unknown, but he is following a plan that has been devised at the highest levels of the Inquisition. As Sol Kahan, Rins'zler separates himself, creating a new persona that he exudes, both physically and within the, essentially they become two distinct people. The identity of Kahan is secretive and a heavily devised cover has been built to shroud him from both Arcona and other elements that may assail him.


Apart from his former wife, whose life essence is trapped within the crystalline matrix of a Sith artefact, Rins’zler has a few notable family members.

Edema R'uh-Kalinor

Edema, upon reaching Equite

Born Edema Kalinor, she is the daughter of the Arcona Mystic, Rins'zler Sang-Kalinor. Tall yet lithe and muscular, she is a powerful figure to behold, as a child she was described as being angelic and people always said she would grow up to be a stunning beauty. She has many of her mother's traits, including her red hair and beautiful Sephi features.

Young Edema

She, like her two brothers followed the path of their parents and ended up within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. She trained for many years and moved through the ranks of the Brotherhood, but unable to settle on a clan to join. Her Mandalorian training and heritage gave her an interesting perspective on her training, and she would often utilise a blend of both close combat and ranged weapons to achieve her goals. More than once it was noted that she had a lust for combat, on occasion she would dive headlong into battle to save her friends, without a care for her safety, relying on her skill and abilities to carry her through.

It was when she was 30 that disaster struck. Along with her Brothers and a company of Iron Legion troops, she had been sent to dislodge a group of fanatics from a world on the edge of Brotherhood territory. The mission when well until the Republic decided to intervene. Their troops landed under cover of X-wings and Y-wing Bombers. The Unit to which Edema was attached was strafed by the fighter support, many of the troopers were felled and Edema took a blast to the right arm. Before she could recover a proton bomb went off near her, sending her flying through the air. She must have blacked out, for when she came to she was being carried on an emergency stretcher by Arconan Militia forces, they had deployed upon receiving a distress call.

Edema as she tries to deal with her injuries

Over the next six months she slowly recovered from her ordeal. The Arconan med techs were amazed that she was still alive, the laser blast had done significant damage to her right arm and the explosion has shattered her left leg and right arm, both had been removed and she was being fitted with the best prosthetics Arcona could provide. The physical injuries healed slowly, the psychological ones were more serious. She had lost access to large sections of her memory, she could barely remember her own name let alone information about her family, the med techs gave her the name of R’uh, which in ancient Arconan meant Lost, Edema R’uh was born. Her mood had also been affected by her injuries, the explosion had caused massive cerebral shock, mainly from the concussive force of the blast, her already fiery temper had increased, and she would blow up into fits of rage. She told the med techs that this was mostly caused by frustration and as the months went by she began to learn how to moderate it.

Fifteen months went by, but by the end of it she was fit enough to return to duty. Her memory was still affected by her injuries, but she was determined to get back on track. Having been rescued by the Clan, she decided that this was the place she wanted to be, she was offered much support by her new clan and found its members to be very welcoming. She was run through an accelerated refresher course, and apart from a few minor issues she blew through it. Her training got harder as she approached the last stages of the Journeyman path; she pushed herself, mentally and physically and was rewarded for her efforts. At her Knighting ceremony there stood a mysterious Individual, robed in black and red, his face covered with a haunting mask. The image of the mask brought flashes of memory, she stumbled as her vision was suddenly clouded with glimpses of someone from her past, when her vision returned she was greeted by this masked man helping her to her feet, she thanked him, he nodded and returned to his place. When the ceremony was over she spoke to one of her fellow Journeyman and asked who the masked man was, the reply chilled her.

“You mean man who hides behind the deathmask? Don’t you know who he is? That’s Rins’zler Sang-Kalinor; no-one has seen his face. There are some scary rumours that go around the barracks about him. The rumour is that he is a Mandalorian Merc, very scary”

That night Edema could not sleep, her mind was bringing up images of the masked man and the name Kalinor. She left her Dorm and went to the Clan Archives; she needed to find out who this man was. It was morning by the time she had finished her research, the archivist found her asleep on the workstation; she had taken pity on the young woman and left her to sleep. When Edema awoke she looked at the data she had compiled, as much information about the man called Rins’zler. The Revelation was a shock to her system, this man was clearly related to her in some way, but despite all of her efforts, she could not drag up the information from her malfunctioning brain. She decided to try and speak to the man, to see what he could tell her, however before that could happen he was blown up in an attack on Arcona, rumours began to spread that the Mysterious masked man had been killed, Edema had lost her chance.

The next year saw her pushing herself to even greater heights, she was determined to enter the ranks of the Equites and make up for the loss of the mysterious man, Rins’zler, perhaps then she would find something out about him. It was a proud day for her when she was invited into the Citadel and granted the title, rank and privileges of Equite, perhaps now she could find out who the mystery man was. The opportunity never arose.

Edema as her father saw her, after thinking she was dead

It would be six months later when she would meet the man again. She had been recruited by an element within the inquisition and was deployed to meet up with another operative on the spaceport of Ol'val. The operative, the mysterious Sol Kahan was supposed to aid her in routing a Pirate group who had ties to the Lotus Terrorists. She was confronted by a man in a dark alleyway and nearly killed him. She probably would have if he had not removed his helmet and spoken to her, the flood of memories that came back to her upon him saying her name nearly overwhelmed her, her Father, the man she had lost, the man who had been hidden behind the mask, he was there in front of her. They spent some time catching up before carrying out the mission. She was overjoyed by finally seeing some of her life falling back into place; she allowed that to give her strength in the slaughter that would follow.

Edema returned with her father, a trusting partner in the situation they had now both been brought into. She met her Stepmother, who gave her a hug and welcomed her to the family; Olvar dragged her away from her father for some “Girl time”. The pair spent hours talking, Edema learned about her Stepmother and the relationship she had with her Father, she also learned of the fate of her biological mother, and without warning a hologram appeared in the room, it was an image of a beautiful Sephi, it was her mother. They spoke and the hours washed by, by the end of it she was in the arms of Olvar, tears running down her pale skin, The emotions and memories that this brought up were almost too much to handle and she had broken down into tears several times.

Recent events had hardened her personality, she still had instability deep down, the injuries she suffered would remain with her for many years to come, but she was determined to be a shining star in the shadows of Arcona.

Princess Olvar

Princess Olvar when Rins'zler first met her

Princess Olvar is a humanoid Alien from a mysterious race known only as the Alant’ians. They are an ancient race, one that possess a natural beauty only marred by their tentacle like hair that comes from their heads and an exoskeleton covering on their bodies. Very little is known about this race as they have remained hidden for thousands of years. They choose very carefully who they reveal themselves to. It is said in ancient texts and spoken tales, that the Ancient Sith had a hand in their past and may explain their somewhat unique appearance. This may also be the origins of their skills with Biotechnology and the combination of mechanical and biological components.

Rins'zler has known Princess Olvar for over ten years and the pair soon became close. It wasn't until the events around the first assault on Arcona in the recent conflict, that this relationship grew into something more. Rins'zler was grievously injured, losing most of his legs and his right arm during and explosion. Olvar never left his side during his recovery and she aided in his rehabilitation and the design of his new replacement arm. During this time their relationship flourished and evolved into something greater. Once he was recovered, Rins'zler and Olvar were wedded in a ceremony held by the Shadow Lady herself.

Jakata Sang-Kalinor

Jakata is Rins’zlers Uncle on his father side. A wily old sephi, who has his fingers in more pockets that Rins’zler cares to know.

Officially Jakata runs Sang Enterprises. This is a highly respected arms manufacturing company, providing everything from small arms to starship grade turbolasers. With contracts to most of the major companies and factions in the Galaxy and also to whoever can afford his contract prices.

Unofficially he runs a large Black Market arms dealership; he has ties with various criminal groups and underground organisations and supplies several Mandalorian clans with a large proportion of their arms and equipment.

Rins’zler spent many years under the tutelage of Uncle Jakata. During his youth he learned a huge amount about the processes involved in weapons design, creation and manufacturing. By the time he was 11, Rins’zler could strip an A280, clean it, build it and have it working at +10% efficiency. His skills in this area have only got better over time.

Sang Enterprises

Sang Enterprises: A well established business, with facilities spread across the galaxy. It has contracts seeded out to some of the finest military organisations in the Galaxy. At least a dozen Mandalorian clans are said to have ties to this company. Rumours also place contracts with elements of the Empire and the Republic.

The Company provides Infantry grade small arms and heavy weapons systems, vehicle mounted medium and heavy weapons, artillery grade blasters, Turbolasers of various sizes and class, as well as a huge variety of explosive munitions and projectiles.

Sang Industries

Sang Industries is the company that doesn't exist. It is spread around the Galaxy on several worlds. A large portion of it is disguised beneath the cover of several religious organisations including the mysterious Order of Darknell who reside in their monastery on Qi Lozar.

Other covers include toy factories, food processing facilities and Chemical waste processors. Sang Industries produces a variety of semi-legal and illegal weapons and technology from disruptor weapons to several varieties of nerve gas as well as sensor cloaking systems and military grade combat shielding.

Qi Lozar, Home to the Order of Darknell, the front for the Headquarters of Sang Industries
Solus Prime, Headquarters of Sang Enterprises


While he is but a child in the force, he has spent a vast amount of his life immersed in conflict and warfare; as such he has developed a rather unique skill set.

Weapons Technologist

the time he spent with his uncle was not wasted. Rins’zler has the skills and knowledge to be able to strip, build, repair and even design a variety of weapons systems. These range from infantry portable blasters to cruiser killing torpedoes. Rins'zler can often be found in the Clans workshops, tinkering with weapons, and coming up with new designs.


Rins’zler had always had a head for strategy. Even when he was a small boy his father would play games with him and Rins’zler would always come up with ingenious ways to out manoeuvre his father. This skill followed him through his adult life. He is often called upon by the clans to provide in depth battle plans and BDA reports. With luck he hopes that these skills will be expanded and utilized by his new family, Clan Arcona.

Balanced Combatant

Rins’zler has never been a fan of specializing too much when it comes to battlefield skills and weapons; he prefers to train himself to a decent standard with a wide variety of techniques, and weapons. This provides him with an answer for almost any obstacle.

Upon joining the Brotherhood and reaching the rank of Knight, he has begun to train his Saber skills. However he prefers not to engage in close combat unless absolutely necessary, but should he do so, then his opponent will be in for a shock.

Edema's Skills

Headlong Assault

Like her Mother, Edema worries not about the niceties of combat, she will be the first to fling herself into combat and the last to walk away. If this meens it saves her comrades, then the more the better.

Fathers Daughter

While she takes her combat feistyness from her mother, she inherited her fathers skill at making things. She is by no means a craftsman, but she can fiddle with her Mandalorian armour and knows enough to get someone else to make more of them for her.


While her father prefers to use range first and combat last, Edmea is the polar opposite in many ways. She will gladly wield her lightsabers in combat over doing things from afar, however she will use her blasters and throwing weapons if they will give her an advantage.

Inherited Wealth

Rins'zler is not poor by any means. His family is incredibly wealthy. Their family wealth came from the various bounties and jobs they had undertaken. Rins'zler himself had added even more to this wealth during his life. As such money was of little consequence to Rins'zler before coming to the brotherhood, and he would often spend it on elaborate ships and modifications, since he has been within Arcona, his money has been set aside, locked in investment accounts and held under various pseudonyms for use during operations.

Ships Currently in Ownership

The Shadowborn: A heavily modified Gozanti-class cruiser (Gozanti-class cruiser) (This Vessel is now Permanently Dry Docked due to damage sustained, Rins’zler utilises it as his personal living space, training areas and library)

The Deceiver: Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray (Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft) (Also in Dry Dock, awaiting repairs)

The Shadowborn in her glory days
The Deceiver, Family ship of his Clan

Physical Description and Equipment



Combat/Training Robes

Combat Robes

For day to day use and combat training, he wears a long black cloak over black inner robes with a crimson and black obi sash.

Rins'zler’s face is covered with a sinister mask in glossy black and rounded with a Mandalorian T-shaped Visor; the front is adorned with red painted tears, similar to those worn by elite Imperial pilots.

Official Robes

For formal events, meetings and Clan activities, he wears his newly acquired purple and black Krath robes. He has adorned these robes with a new mask, similar to his other but with the red design being replicated in purple. The glossy black surface of this mask bears Sith symbols in purple. Both versions of his mask incorporate a multitude of sensors and HUD systems within them, allowing Rins'zler to call up various pieces of information, as well as tactical displays and targeting for his wrist lasers.


Fine Robes

Edema, unlike her Father, is fond of fancy robes, she will often be seen wearing luxurious clothing that enhances her beauty. These robes hide a secret, they are designed for combat, yet still look fabulous. the robes have various pickets and mountings for her sabers, and throwing weapons. Even when at rest, she is always armed.

Mandalorian Armour

Like her Father she owns several sets of Mandalorian Armour, each has been desiged ver the years and you can track her tastes in combat styles by the way their are designed and coloured.

Inquisitors Mask

upon being recruited into the ranks of the inquisition she had a mask created. the mask has a fully mirrored surface and incorporates the macrobinocular systems from a Mandalorian helmet, the power systems are mounted to a device she can wear on her person.


As Mandalorians, the Mandalorian Armour is part of who they are, while they do no always wear it all, they can both often be seen wearing parts of it beneath their robes. Rins’zler has coloured his armour in black. Features are highlighted, with the outline present on the armour in purple. These colours blend in nicely with his robes.

Rins'zler wearing one of his many suits of Mandalorian Armour

Edema has taken a similar colour scheme but a more purple base

Edema wearing one of her many suits of Mandalorian Armour

Mandalorian Death Mask

Mandalorian Deathmask

Rins'zler hides his features behind a mask of Mandalorian Durasteel. Custom crafted by him during the times gone by. The mask covers his face with only a Mandalorian T shaped visor piercing it. Darkness fills the space behind the mask causing fear among those who look upon him. The Mask also conceals a variety of sensors and tracking systems, each relaying data to the Macrobinocular viewplate built into the mask. Rins’zler currently owns two versions of these, differing only in their decoration. The mask has an armourweave cowl that is fitted to the rear but if needed, a matching durasteel back can be mag clamped on, forming a full helmet.

Krath Rune

Krath Rune is his chosen Lightsaber, picked from the selections he was offered upon attaining the rank of Knight, an ornate hilt with purple blade, the hilt has been coloured to match his Krath beliefs.

The Shadow Blade

Upon achieving the rank of Mystic, he was once again offered a selection of Lightsaber hilts. He has kept his Krath Rune, however he defers to his new Hilt for his daily use.

The Siren Blades

Wielded by Edema, this is the name she gave to her pair of lightsabers. Their purple blades grant death to her foes

Throwing Blades

Rins'zler and Edmea both utilise custom forged throwing blades, of various designs and styles. Some are hilted so as to be used as a close combat weapon, others are shuriken like blades. These blades are carried around their waist, hidden beneath his robes and fitted to hidden compartments around their clothing. Both Edema and Rins'zler are able to utilise the force to send these towards their opponent, pinning unsuspecting targets to the wall.

Pair of gauntlets with Blastech Dur-24 Wrist Lasers and Flame Projectors

Rins’zler has used these weapons ever since the were given to him by his uncle, they have served him well through many battles and conflicts, and continue to do so. Edema utilises a simlar combination of weapons however preferring a single one of each rather than a pair.

Synergy S-5 Slugthrower Rifle

Rins'zler has recently enhanced his armoury with a Slug thrower, choosing the powerful Synergy model, known for its reliability and accuracy.


Rins'zler suffered serious injuries during the first assault on Arcona during the recent war. Due to this he lost most of his legs and his right arm.

Likewise Edema suffered similar injuries and has had to have her right arm and left leg replaced by cybernetics.

Rins'zler's legs were replaced from above the knees with combat grade cybernetics, incorporating mag grips and various other combat features.

Rins'zler's arm was replaced by a custom designed organo-cybernetic replacement courtesy of his wife. The arm appears mechanical but incorporates organic components such as hybrid muscle and flesh. The semi organic nature of this arm means he is still able to direct the force through the limb. Its cybernetic nature also means he is able to attach various elements of his equipment to it.

Cybernetic Arm
Cybernetic Legs

Vocal Characteristics

When wearing either of his masks, Rins'zler utilises the built-in voice changer. This gives him a warped and disturbing voice that emerges from the front of the mask. His voice sounds as though it is being distorted through time and has a slightly reptilian sound to it, the words elongated and slithering. When typed, replace any "s" that isn't at the beginning of the word with a "z", and add an "h" after the second letter, this only need to be done if the words are being spoken through his mas, not via comlink or without the mask, it can be assumed the comlink is inside the mask.

Positions Held

Rins'zler was Tetrarch of the Qel-droma Battle team for a short time, until events called him away from the Brotherhood.

Member of the Grand Masters Royal Guard GMRG (Current)

Member of the Inquisition Inquisitorius (Current)

Former Magistrate to the Office of the Headmaster


Rins'zler has gone under a variety of names during his time with the Brotherhood, these are: Brother Kalinor, Jandos Kalinor, Jandos Phyleus Kalinor and Shadow Stalker.

Rins'zler was also a member of the Brotherhood of Spam, a sub group of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, this group maintains a place of rest and relaxation for members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood aboard a space station known as the Spamosa, Jandos was formerly Deputy Grand Master of Spam.