Jeax Zirv

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Jeax Zirv
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





6 foot 5 inches or 2 meters


190 lbs or 86 kgs





Personal Information

Ethran Sayre Isradia, Daemon Syn, Mako Henymory, Isradia

Lightsaber Form(s):

Soresu, Shii-Cho

Fighting Style(s):

Jar'Kai, Shyarn-ado, Kartranin, Dulon, Tu'rek

Chronology & Political Information





Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Soulfire Strike Team, Clan Satal Keto, Clan Arcona, Antei Combat Center

Personal Ship:




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Jeax Zirv is a rogue Krath Priest with ties to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, especially his former clan, Clan Satal Keto, and he is also an aspiring Bondsman with the Imperial House Isradia.

Character History

A child created of twisted hate and lust, Jeax was born to a powerful Jedi Sage Master when she was raped by an unknown Sith warrior after losing to him in a battle. After many intense debates by the Council, it was decided that the child would be allowed to be born and live his life free to choose his own path, but the Mother refused to raise him, instead opting to give him up immediately after birth.

As he grew up, Jeax was a normal child, running and playing with others, but his abilities with the Force quickly began to show themselves and he was placed into the Academy along with some of his friends, much to the dismay of many Jedi who knew of the child’s secret origins.

Despite Jeax’s great talents and abilities, no one would take him on as a Padawan due to the blood that flowed through his veins tainting their opinions of him. It wasn’t until after he had reached the age of 11 that someone finally took him on, a Jedi Master who hoped to keep the boy sided with the Light and avoid the darkness that others feared would swallow him.

As years went by, the child proved himself time and time again as his training pushed his mind and body, honing his skills with the Force and expanding his knowledge until even those who were weary of him began to respect his forte. Building his own Lightsaber by the age of 13, Jeax began training heavily in the art of the saber now that he possessed a true blade.

As Jeax’s body, mind, and abilities grew, his Master requested the Jedi Council for his Knighthood Trial, but continuously he was denied. The Master understood the Council’s decision, their fear of his tainted blood, but was disappointed nonetheless as he knew the boy to be worthy of the title. After much meditation, the Master took the Padawan with him on a mission for the first time, revealing to Jeax that his Master was indeed a Jedi Shadow, a warrior trained to hunt down and destroy anything relating to the Dark Side.

As the pair traversed the universe, Jeax’s skills were honed as obstacles built in their way, whether it was fighting a bounty hunter sent for them, gathering information, or having to hide and keep secret. His Master was impressed and proud of the way his Student was growing, but he felt weary, as even his own suspicions were tested as they came across Sith remnants, hopeful that his Padawan would not be tempted to the ways of the Dark Side.

What awaited Jeax was far worse.

Around the age of 16, following the trail of a Sith Inquisitor, the pair instead came upon a Sith Marauder. Sensing the superior skill of the warrior, Jeax and his Master attempted to retreat, but before they could reach their ship, a detonator was set off, destroying their one means of escape. Realizing the sole choice that laid before them, Jeax’s Master attempted to take the Sith on by himself, using the Force to prevent Jeax from engaging as well, and dooming him to being unable to do anything but sit and watch. While the two at first were evenly matched, the Marauder soon showed his true abilities with the saber, overtaking his Master in seconds, the difference in Force becoming almost obsolete with the warrior’s incredible speed and strength.

As the battle quickly became too overwhelming, Jeax was finally able to move and rushed in to try to help his Master, but was knocked unconscious just as he reached the pair, his last sight that of the crison saber burning through his Master’s chest.

Unbeknownst to Jeax, as he laid upon the ground, the Marauder examined his mind, delving into it, determined to find out if he could use this Jedi to his own twisted advantage before killing him, when he discovered the child’s identity. Realizing the boy’s usefulness, the Sith began to implant memories and emotions into the Padawan’s mind, to allow easier manipulations of him.

Soon enough, Jeax awoke to the Marauder standing over him, his Master’s Lightsaber, as well as his own, attached to the Sith’s belt. While he made no attempt to keep the Padawan there, he realized that he was simply allowed to live and that he had no chance of escape, let alone winning in a fight. As the Sith began to talk, the Jedi listened, as something new within him compelled him to without his knowledge.

The Sith Marauder revealed to the Jedi Padawan that he was in fact his Father, telling him the circumstances of his conception, the likes of which had been hidden from Jeax his entire life. The final realization of why everything in his life had happened, his delayed choosing as a Padawan, the refusals for Knighthood trials, all of it hit him like a thunderstorm, invoking a deep anger and wrath within him for not only the fact that they treated him differently for something that wasn't his own fault, but because they didn’t trust in him enough to tell the truth.

As an offer of proof for his words, the Marauder allowed Jeax to send a call for his Mother and within days, she arrived at the planet to find Jeax and the Marauder, and much to Jeax’s dismay, the truth finally came out. Hate, fear, betrayal, it all built up within him until he lost his mind, a terrible rage taking over him and knocking him unconscious, waking to find his Mother’s corpse a few feet away, the longest piece of the woman barely half a foot long. Picking up her Saber and crying softly, he turned to his Father, wondering what he was to do.

The two began to travel together and his Father began to teach him about the Sith, but far more importantly, the Krath Order and their great talents with the Force. While the Marauder did indeed possess a great amount of Force power, he knew in his heart of hearts that it was not in the Force where he should draw his strength, but his Blade. He had chosen Jeax’s Mother for her Force power, deciding and hoping that somehow the fates would grant him a child with intense strength in the Force and in the Saber.

Jeax delved into the powers of the Dark Side, opening his mind to more and more aspects of the Force, soon beginning to learn the darker applications of it.

As the years went by and Jeax turned 19, the former Jedi Padawan grew into a powerful Sith Warrior, but as he was instructed by his Father, the warrior found himself discouraged by the ways of the Sith, for while they were more open and free than many Jedi ways, they required far stronger emotions than he often felt since the emotional wreckage of his earlier years.

Deciding that the ways of the Sith, and of the Jedi, were not for him, Jeax attempted to leave his Father to begin his own research and studies, but his Father, surprised and hateful at the thought of his son turning his back on him filled him with anger, forcing the two into combat. The battle was hard and long, for while Jeax had a larger variety of techniques and abilities, his Father was much more proficient after his many, many years as a Marauder. Soon, Jeax began to tire, his strength waning against his parent’s, but the battle was decisive with the observation of one detail. Noting the Lightsaber of his Master still within his Father’s belt, a trophy the Marauder had kept, Jeax used the Force to active it, the blade slicing through the warrior’s side and cutting off his arm, greatly harming the Marauder and distracting him. This not only granted Jeax the chance he needed to decapitate his Father and save his life, but, unbeknownst to him, kept with the Sith ways.

Taking the sabers of his Father, Mother, and Master for his own as reminders, Jeax started his journey as a Gray Jedi, walking down the middle path of Light and Shadow, growing stronger as the weeks and months passed, expanding his knowledge and talents. Jeax Zirv toured the universe, learning of the path of Twilight, of the compromise between Light and Dark.

This, however, was for nothing.

Upon joining the Dark Brotherhood and becoming acquainted with various members and smaller sects within it, Jeax's powers grew and his training furthered. While he believed that being involved with Dark Jedi would prove to be a solid middle ground between Jedi and Sith, the truth that he was so blind to was much less kind. Roaming through the universe under the banners of Satal Keto and Arcona, the boy who held hope of peace was slowly morphed into a man of conquest. Proving himself to be a formidable warrior, even under the designation of "Scholar" and "Priest", and a great leader, lacking a true position as such, Zirv took his brethren and led them to numerous victories through sheer tenacity and undying ambition.

His time spent in the Brotherhood earned him much beyond the simple medals and awards that he acquired with a surprising speed, he earned himself many companions that he would work with for some time and superiors who would look to him to lead the charge in times of combat. Within weeks of joining and getting sent to the front lines Clan battle within Satal Keto, he found himself in league with Selket, a great warrior and his direct superior, amidst the bloody arenas that their leaders had designed for them, earning the two of them special recognition above the rest, and affirming a strong relationship between them as they became Master and Apprentice.

Further down the line, achieving higher and higher ranks within the Brotherhood, Jeax began to make a name for himself as he was sent on mission after mission to prove the superiority of the Clan, each adding names to his growing list of victims, and none aiding to help the man in realizing what he was becoming. Regarded as the "Battle Priest" by Dalthid, the leader of not only his clan, but of the Antei Combat Center that held the official battle arenas of the Brotherhood, Jeax proved his combat prowess and unstoppable eagerness as he fight battle after battle against all who would accept his challenge, including not only Dalthid himself, but at one time, the very Grand Master and leader of the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Jac Cotelin.

Among many that would follow Zirv, and others that would be downright dragged along by him, he would find himself surrounded by four others whom he would call his blood brothers; Daemon Syn, Esca Teiko, Mako Henymory, and Seru Kaienn. With these men by his side, working together under the name "Zinor", the warrior began to achieve even greater strength and power.

Unfortunately, the tides of power sway in ways that cannot be touched by a single man, and, against his best attempts to prevent it, his beloved Satal Keto was eventually disbanded, the Dark Jedi being assimilated to other clans and spread out. Though he remained in touch with his brethren and a few others, he found himself within untouched territory of the new Clan Plagueis, formed from the remains of Satal Keto and their rival, Clan Exar Kun.

While his previous energy and tenacity was still abound, the friction of the two forces grounded his attempts of pushing for more power. Regardless, the man continued striving, fighting for every inch he could get in the world, until it was eventually noticed by a new ally of his, Ethran Sayre Isradia. Noting the man's skill and drive, as well as his potential, he brought him before the leader of the Isradia, Jonaleth Isradia. Sensing that Zirv could prove an assert to his family, Jonaleth tested the Krath's determination and ability for many months, pushing him beyond his limit, even after he had broken, and all the while, attempted to hasten his descent into the darkness.

However, eventually, ignorance comes with a cost.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Former Roll Master of House Aleema of Clan Satal Keto.

Outstanding Achievements

Two Steel Crosses, both for incredible activity.


Interesting or important facts that do not fall under the other two categories.

Jeax had over 5 Masters on his path to become a Dark Jedi Knight, including Dalthid, Gord, and Selket.