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Satsi Tameike
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0 ABY (age 41)

Physical Description





1.73 m




Black (naturally)


Chocolate brown



Personal Information

Mioko Tameike


Hantei Tameike


Uji Tameike

Known Children:

Samantha Tameike (daughter)

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Don't you have any principles?!"
"I have a family."
―Satsi to Atyiru Caesura Entar

Born Satsugai Tameike, Satsi Tameike is a sister, saboteur, and spy specializing in martial and weapons combat and manipulation. A former Black Sun commander and enforcer, she formerly operated in Arcona's Fade Initiative and currently operates as a Lotus agent while maintaining a gang of her own in Dajorran space. Satsi is the identical twin of Uji Tameike, discovered by Arcona's own Atyiru, who reconnected her with her brother. She was marked as KIA after one of Arcona's many military operations, but later returned to the Clan. Satsi briefly served as the Consul of Clan Arcona, acting as their chief in command to guide them through the Twelfth Great Jedi War, before retiring to aid her brother and Battleteam in rebuilding Estle City.

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Mandalorian Soldier -- Fade Initiative - Operative #018

Physical Description


Most people wouldn't know quite what to make of her when looking at Satsi. Is she a Dark Jedi's servant? A merc leader? A streetwalker? It's hard to tell. Especially since she has a habit of encouraging people to look at places other than her eyes.

Satsi has a ruffle of short-cropped, messy hair, naturally black though she dyes it frequently to a rainbow of colors and back for various disguises. Currently, her frayed bangs fall messily over her forehead above her cheekbones at their longest, short enough for her edgy tastes but long enough to have something to grab on to — just the way she likes it. The woman's face is stubbornly vital for her thirty-something years, giving a mischievous glint to her mature features. Her sharp, angular eyes are chocolate brown, nearly always lined with dark, flashy makeup, and her skin is an oriental tan. She can always be found with a classic, red-painted smirk flashing bright as blood over her bone-white, perfectly straight synthetic teeth. She has a dull, thick horizontal scar slashed across the bridge of her nose that flatters her bold appearance, and two smaller scars on her cheek and chin.

Satsi has many other scars besides, varying from small to large marks over her entire body: both her hands, arms and shoulders, on her collarbone and across her sides, around her neck and down her torso, down each leg, and the bottoms of her feet.

Her most notable scar, though, is the thick rope of disfigured tissue that yawns down her back, a result of the cybernetic spine installed to replace her own.

Another notable, though often hidden marking, is the waxy weal of burn tissue on the left side of her abdomen, just over her lowest ribs: a brand of the Black Sun Cartel logo. She has three tattoos, a trio of multicolored butterflies on her left shoulder, the crest of a Arconan Fade on the inside of her left wrist in red and black, and the typically invisible mark of a high-ranking Inquisitor on her inner right forearm.

Her normal outfits consist of just about anything immodestly tight and modestly functional: tank tops, corset tops, dresses, torn shorts or clingy pants, and knee-high boots or heels. She favors reds and blacks most, but has everything save pink in her wardrobe, including many articles of clothing stolen from her brother. Innumerable and varied piercings decorate her ears, while a stud or three may appear in her brows, lip, or tongue depending on her mood. Her standard knives and pistols, including her Inquisitor Dagger, are always belted to or hidden on her person somewhere, and she has begun carrying a spare lightsaber from her brother, whereas other weapons come and go. These days, she is never found without a silver wedding ring on a chain around her neck.

During an event or con, Satsi will slip into the skin — and corresponding attire — of whatever suits her role's needs, whether male or female, rich or poor, alien or familiar. For specific combat purposes or operations, she wears a lightly padded full-body suit, typically in black and decorated with the symbol of whatever organization she's operating under, with many holsters.

Biographical History


Together / Alone

Satsi as a child
The twins as toddlers

Satsi was born on Coruscant, the younger twin of the boy that would eventually grow to become Arcona's own Uji. From the moment of their birth, the two seemed irrevocably connected, thick as thieves, even in infancy. As they grew, their toddling times were full of mischief and secret laughter, and the tots could always be found with tiny hands clasped.

When it was discovered that the older boy had a strong connection to the Force, the mysterious and scattered remnants of the old Jedi Order approached the family of the young twins and convinced their parents to give up their four-year-old son. Satsi was traumatized as he was taken away, and soon after her parents stopped mentioning her brother, intending for the family to move on as though he had never existed in the first place and hoping the girl would forget her sibling in her young age. However, Satsi was always aware of his presence, no matter how far away he was, because of a Force link they shared. She would constantly ask about her brother, where he was, and her parents would deny knowing any such boy. Satsi soon became ill, mentally and physically, in her grief over her missing brother, and was an enormous strain on her already-exhausted parents. Doctors could not help her, beyond to offer her parents sedatives to knock the girl unconscious. From there, it was not a far step for their forced care of their near-catatonic daughter to turn to resentment, hate, and abuse.

At one point, after four years of the same day in and day out, Satsi's fed-up parents abandoned her and their home. The girl languished there for nearly a week, starving and fevered where she lay unmoving on the floor. She dreamed of her brother and of strange things, and when she woke next in a hospital, brought there by her guilt-returned parents, she knew beyond a doubt that he did still live, and that she had to find him. Satsi returned home to find all her brother's things missing, as if he'd never been. Understanding that mention of him pained her parents and understanding that her cooperation would earn her fewer abuses, Satsi stopped mentioning the boy altogether. She went along with the game, began relearning how to speak, how to walk and eat on her own, how to dress herself, all the basic functions that for so long she had squandered. At one point in her recovery, Satsi's mother gave her a pet rat to take care of that the young girl named Fluffy Thing.

Years passed, and with them so did the lives of both Satsi's pet and her parents. Though she talks about them very little, Satsi has admitted to the fact that they were murdered in their home, but has never given any indication as to how or by whom. Left with little to nothing from her mother and father, the eleven-year old girl fled her former home for the streets and turned to the less savory aspects of Coruscant's populace to get by.

Embers to Ashes

Satsi's first year as a street urchin was a brutal one that she speaks or thinks little of. In her time she lost many things and gained many more, most paramount of them a survival instinct that left a hard, wild edge to her that would never quite fade away. She found the best places to beg in her little swathe of Coruscant, learned to pick a pocket and whose pockets, in particular, not to pick, how to make herself small and unnoticeable, and how to fight in the most doggedly feral and untrained of senses. She learned not to trust or care, because doing so would only get her hurt, and that the only one she could look out for was herself. She might've lost her heart completely, had it not been for the constant calling in her mind, the faraway, fleeting hope that somewhere out in the galaxy, her brother - her family - was waiting for her.

Such was her life until she met the man who would be her Master.

The Demon's Doll

The Demon’s Way

During the earliest of her teenage years, no more than twelve, Satsi came into contact with an aspiring member of the Black Sun Cartel. If asked, she will refuse to identify the individual to anyone, and will only admit that this individual changed her forever. In addition, after a supposedly severe injury left Satsi nearly crippled, the Black Sun associate offered to replace her spine with cybernetics. With her rehabilitation completed, the Cartel sent her back to work extorting contacts and eliminating those who refused to comply with her demands. Though often willing and happy to resort to violence as necessary, the girl’s reputation remained hidden behind the image of her youth and appearance, her craft in bloodshed equaled only by her seductive deceptions. For twenty-two years she lived as such, growing in that time from a drug-runner to the deputy commander of the Coruscanti Black Sun division and taking the name of the Demon's Doll, second only to their leader, the very individual who first discovered her.

The deeper, truer story, though, is a dark one, told in bits and pieces to a few and evidenced in the scars that make up more of her than does skin.

All Roads Lead to You

The twins fighting together

In 33 ABY, Satsi was given a mission - in collaboration with her Black Sun master - by an old associate of her brother's, T'Vara: she was to kill the man and former Jedi known only as Uji. Not letting on about her relation to her target, Satsi accepted the job, seeing that it would be her best and only opportunity to get off Coruscant and find the family she had lost. Bidding her master and fellow gangsters and whores behind, she departed the Core worlds and followed that sense of him in her mind, slowly making her way to the Dajorra system by hopping ships and trading whatever she needed to, be they creds or punches, to buy passage.

Uji and Satsi

Upon arriving in Dajorra, Satsi made contact not with her twin, but with a woman she knew from dreams of him, through their bond: Atyiru. Luckily, the Miraluka had recently ascended to leadership of the clan of Dark Jedi she resided in, and was able to bring Satsi safely and secretly into Dajorra upon hearing of her objective to find her sibling. Atyiru took Satsi to the home planet of House Galeres, Eldar, and summoned Uji there under the pretense of a meeting for the old friends to catch up. There, Satsi and Uji at last met, the latter obviously having no memory of a sibling or any time before he had begun his Jedi path as a child. Atyiru installed Satsi as a part of the Fade Initiative and forged her membership in the Arconan Armed Forces, so that she might stay close to Uji, and spent her time trying to coax the pair into training their Force bond.

At first, the twins' relationship was extremely contentious, Uji suspicious and wary, particularly of the strange comfort he felt around his supposed sister. Satsi, meanwhile, quickly grew frustrated, and found herself often tired of and angry at the Jedi - Dark or otherwise - she was now surrounded by. However, as time progressed over the course of the next year, the two siblings became nearly inseparable, their bond strengthening both in the Force and emotionally. They fight almost seamlessly side by side, and though always to be found squabbling or taunting one another, they are still a perfectly matched pair. Satsi's time in Arcona grew into a well-liked - if often dangerous - one, particularly as she grew closer to some of Uji's friends and associates, like Kordath Bleu d'Tana, Atyiru, Celevon Erinos, Jax Erinos, the soldiers and crew of the Nighthawk and Galeres, and even some few in Clan Odan-Urr, like Turel Sorenn and his sister, Morgan, and then-Herald Vorsa. Although Uji is unable to sense his sister’s presence in the Force, as it is equivalent to attempting to see himself within the Force or looking at a mirror of his own presence within the Force, others do not have this same difficulty.

Most days, when not following her brother around - which was more often than not - or begrudgingly performing the duties he gave her, Satsi could be found spending most of her time in a training room, maintaining her body as a weapon, or relaxing in one of the Clan's cantinas with a drink and a cigarra. In Arcona's last confrontation with the rogue militant group Perdition, Satsi was reportedly killed in action during the fighting due to Kordath Bleu's involvement with the enemy.

To Build a Home


Combat Specializations

All people have a price...

Satsi is all too aware of the base nature of most sentient species within the Galaxy, and is a master of numerous methods of taking advantage of it: a deadly manipulator and shrewd negotiator, her dangerous cunning and stunning looks combine to give her the ability to seduce or charm nearly anyone she comes across. Further, her skills in intimidation, augmented by her natural temper and criminal background, are often useful. However, though locally reputable, well-known on Coruscant and somewhat in criminal areas around the Core worlds, Satsi's alias as "Doll" only went so far in a galaxy so large, and these days, she keeps her Black Sun ties very quiet. Still, if for all that she can’t manage to get what she wants, there’s her other skill set.

...the cost is your life

Death is no stranger to Satsi: she has a body count higher than most Courscanti office buildings. In a face to face confrontation, she is trained in Corellian Kickboxing and its electrically-gloved variant Shock Boxing as well as Mandalorian Core, and is capable of holding her own in nearly any fight with her strength, endurance, and weapons savvy. She also rigorously trains to combat the Force-users around her and is well-trained in the use of knives, batons, pistols, and blasters as part of her repertoire.


The twins
Holo of Satsi and her friend Morgan

Satsi dislikes most people who aren't her brother, particularly around so many high-and-mighty Force-users, whom she inherently distrusts and disdains. She finds most people to be cowardly or stupid, and is happy to tell them as much. In contrast, she gets along best with straightforward and typically "rough" people, finding familiarity in those who practice criminal arts, came up in more vagrant backgrounds, or otherwise just know how to have a good time and let the rules be damned. However, the most important thing to her is - ironically enough, given her penchant for lying and swindling - honesty, specifically honesty with oneself. Anyone possessing this quality is tolerable in her book, and anyone without it or who is afraid of their own faults will be treated with disdain. She thinks very little of duty and honor herself, and finds religiosity to be idiocy, though she's since warmed up to a certain degree of faith in observing her brother's devotion to "the Shadows."

Everyone Satsi meets tends to receive a nickname, more often simple and mocking than clever. Her method of speaking with others changes depending on her mood and goal, as she's been trained to use her speech to suit her role. Her regular speech pattern involves lots of expletives, bit-off words, general pet names like "sugah" and "darlin'", and nicknames. When she is angry, distant, or unfamiliar with someone, she tends to speak much more clearly and formally (the better to make her threats understandable). Only when truly incensed or inebriated does she slip back into the worst of her gutter-speak from her childhood on the street.


Demon's Doll

Some of Doll's many supposed sightings

The Demon's Doll was the often reverently whispered moniker of the first bride, the matron and right hand, of the Blood God, Vigo Jashin. When her king rose to power, he did so on the blood and sacrifices of the woman he kept by his side; he trained her to seduce, kill or disable any and every threat that stood before him. When other gangs and even the authorities of Coruscant spoke of Jashin, their first fear was of a visit from his Doll. A visit from her meant either death, the best sex of one's life, both, or far worse fates.

The people who knew of him or his reputation once referred to Jashin as the Blood God, the Blood King, his throne covered in the blood of all those he used to attain his status. They say that no matter how often his wives would scrub him, no matter the clothes he would don, the King could never wash the blood from his eyes. And while he was the Blood God, the King of Coruscant, it is said he was never seen without a girl beside him, first small, then grown. No one knew where she came from, or their relation, save that she was his. His servant, his pet guard-vornskr, his pretty little plaything. And in time, such was she readily recognized, standing ever by the rising Vigo's side as his second, his toy: the Demon's Doll.

Doll was rumored to be any number of Near-Human races, even at times monster or immortal, though in actuality she was Human and Coruscant-born. She wore many faces, of any gender or stature or species, seen in any manner of appearance, but often appeared on her Lord's arm well-dressed and near to divine. She could be anything and anyone her God needed her to be: an enforcer, assassin, murderer; a thief, a spy, a diplomat; a courtesan, a whore, a noble lady; a mentor, a caretaker, a commander. She could fight, and perform, and seduce. Lie and steal and scheme. She could blend into any dirtball planet's backwater gutters, speaking barely a gap-toothed, idiot's slur, or charming flawlessly in an Imperial or Senate ballroom holding court. If he asked it, she made it happen. And anyone smart knew to worry if the Demon's Doll was involved. Though her reputation was terrible and her supposed body count higher than the cityplanet's skyscrapers, charges never seemed to stick, not in the Core Worlds where she operated and was known.

The Demon's Doll was last known to be active on Coruscant in 33 ABY, but rumors are still fierce, and often, horrific crimes or unfortunate accidents are attributed to her name, murmurs of her presence spreading even to this day in anything from the mystery of lighter pockets on a busy street to the passing kiss from a lady of the night or promises of some upcoming politician.

Yoi Rosa

Yoi Rosa

Yoi Rosa is Human woman in her forties with olive skin, lots of birthmarks, moles, and rampant freckles, dark navy blue eyes, round, thin lips, and long, layered, wavy pale brown hair. She wears no cosmetics and has large, wide, thick glasses or "magnifocals" and is always covered head to toe in clothes - with scarf and jacket, pants and boots - and always wears gloves. She speaks with a heavy High Galactic accent, always in complete sentences with extensive vocabulary, always polite, with no contractions. She tends to discuss science.

Yoi is a former Imperial scientist and marksman turned spy for the Inquisitorious. She was once an only child who had had beloved grandparents, parents, a fiancee, and a sole remaining cousin whom had all died when the Lotus blew the Arx manufacturing platform where they worked out of existence in the midst of their rebellion against the Iron Legion. After that, when Yoi had lost everything, she found purpose in religion amidst the Stygian cult and in stopping people like the rebel Brethren who she knew were too caught up in their own revenge to be responsible in the world around them. Yoi's only desire is to have an orderly galaxy back, and to serve well her new partners in the Stygian.

Yoi rose through the ranks of the Inquisitorious, stationed aboard the Godless Matron, until she reached mastery as a Grand Inquisitor. She lisasioned most with then-Herald Morgan Sorenn, and later reported to the woman when she became Deputy Grand Master.



Santhen is a Kiffar woman born like the majority of her species with no psychometric ability. Her skin is a deep tangerine covered in scars upon scars, mostly of the whipping variety. Her brows, lashes, and hair are all a deep turquoise, bordering on sapphire, her face almost covered by the black ink symbol of Clan Plagueis, originally a slave brand of ownership. It is faded after attempts at removal. Her eyes are a vicious, bright green.

Santhen was a lifelong slave under the rod of Clan Plagueis of the Brotherhood. Her parents, cousins, and siblings were all enslaved or dead from slavery and servitude. She came to be free in 35 ABY when her masters stormed Nancora, fighting the Collective, and she and her fellow slaves and one of the Jedi they served were all lost in the deserts. Santhen was the only survivor, found by Technocratic leader Kerwin Drake. Though originally captured and interrogated as one of many prisoners of war, Santhen later plead with Kerwin Drake to take her with him and let her "kill them back," instead of abandoning her to Nancora's mercy like he did the other prisoners when the Collective fled the planet. Kerwin agreed, and she joined the ranks of the Collective as a Technocrat linesman.

Santhen is zealous, and strongly believes in the evil of all Force-Users, happily embracing Collective doctrine after being a slave for so long to the Brethren. She believes the only way to free the world is to destroy them all, not only saving all other people, but also saves the Users themselves. Their powers are corrupting and condemn their souls, and death releases them. Santhen is prone to outbursts of tirading between bouts of stymied silence. She flinches often, especially when voices are raised or when seeing Force Lightning, and tends to harm herself as a form of punishment, a habit entrenched in her by her Plaguein masters. She absolutely and utterly adores Kerwin Drake and deeply admires the Liberation Front, and would die for them ten times over, always happy to fawn over their greatness. Her time training in the Collective has taught her better, less broken speech, taught her to read, and started training her to fight for herself and stand tall instead of bowing like a beaten animal, but has not entirely erased the behaviors.

Natesa Panes

Santhen takes orders directly from the Technocratic Guild, though she obeys any Collective edict, and would defend them ruthlessly and rabidly with no prompting at all. She once bombed a Sevarian Principate vessel simply for the faction's refusal to welcome the Collective with open arms.

Natesa Panes

Natesa Panes claims to be a half-Enchani man, possessing pale skin, silver irises with normal pupils, and long wheat-blond hair; the only other tint to him is the dark crescents under his eyes, the reddish raw of his always-chewed lips, and the purple and yellow mottled pinpricks constantly bruising his inner arms, the backs of his hands, and his ankles and feet. His body is hard and lean, nothing but sinew and starved bone, his thin figure hidden often under layers and layers of oversized clothes.

Natesa has always lived and "worked" among cartels, slumming it from one gutter on shadowports and crime moons to another, following whatever trickle of customers he could -- and whatever supply of narcotics. He is an angel of "small deaths," the kind of drug highs and sweet, tarred oblivion in the Death Stick scene. Having spent a solid year or so - long, for him - with the Shroud Syndicate as one of their enforcers, he recently, in 37 ABY, moved his business to the holdings of the Sevarian Principate. There, he joined a small group calling themselves the Death Dealers, and continues to sell his favorite drug around Principate- and Hutt-approved spaces.

Lady Blood


Known as Blood, this Human woman waltzed onto the crime scene of Selen, of the Dajorra system, in 35 ABY -- miniscule, indeed, on a galactic or even planetary scale, but important to the people around Estle City, Selen's capital, and those in Korda, its industrial and underworld hub. Blood is a tan-skinned, dark-haired woman with brown eyes and innumerable scars, always wearing signature lipstick as red as her moniker. She carries herself with a highly relaxed, devil may care attitude but with a merciless trigger finger for anyone who questions her. Her initial takeover of Estle's gang scene was abrupt and complete, as she murdered her competition and quickly gave the surviving street runners the option of joining her in a more "Samaritan" operation or quitting the business on pain of a brutal death. Under her leadership, the gangs turned into a sort of self-policing force for the streets and people feeling abandoned by their governor's amidst famines, attacks, and riots. Gangsters became more welcome faces than the local military's; if for the modest price of silence and a willingness of spaceport authorities to move goods.

Blood is very secretive of her personal life, but assumed to live in Estle. Most of her dealings are done through her second, a Zabrak named Zarseem Kor who mostly goes by Zak. However, Blood is never far behind, always keeping a tight hold on hers.

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