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In addition to the normal Clan activities, the Brotherhood also offers a more unique experience to its members. These groups are called societies. Each society offers a unique and fun way to experience the Brotherhood and interact with your fellow members.

Primary Societies

Grand Master's Royal Guard (GMRG)

The Grand Master's Royal Guard revolves around the gaming aspects of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Fictionally they are sworn to protect the Grand Master for any threats or attempts on their life. Gaining ranks within the GMRG requires steady activity and earning Cluster's of Fire on a regular basis. The GMRG is looked after by the Fist of the Brotherhood.

Inquisitorius (INQ)

The Inquisitorius is a society focused on all aspects of fiction writing in the Brotherhood. Fictionally, the society was formed by Grand Master Pravus, and is made up of agents from the ranks of the Clans given tasks to hunt down and eliminate threats to the Brotherhood. The INQ is looked after by the Voice of the Brotherhood.

Aurora Collegium of Sciences (SA)

The Aurora Collegium of Sciences is a society based on the knowledge acquired by the members of the Brotherhood. Divided in ranks that mimic other scholarship systems, the Aurora Collegium rewards the members that are dedicated to go through the different courses the Shadow Academy offers. The Aurora Collegium is under the guidance of the Headmaster of the Dark Brotherhood.

Shroud Syndicate (SYN)

The Shroud Syndicate serves as a society focused around graphical and artistic pursuits. Fictionally, the Shroud Syndicate is the premiere criminal organization operating in Dark Brotherhood space. It involves many smaller gangs, crews, and criminal combines within its area of operation, it is lead by the Herald, and operates from the Shroud Nebula where their massive ship, the Godless Matron, makes berth. The organization is involved in almost every major black market deal that happens in Dark Brotherhood space.

Secondary Societies

Antei Combat Center (ACC)

The Antei Combat Center is a 'combat based' writing society. There are no games involved, all combat being performed 'in-character' using the written word. There are various rules one must learn and adhere to when participating in the ACC. The ACC is looked after by the Combat Master with oversight by the Voice of the Brotherhood.

Envoy Corps

The Envoy Corps is the Brotherhood's roleplaying-focused society. Envoy Corps members, called Envoys, organize and participate in Discord-based roleplaying sessions. The Exarch oversees the Envoy Corps' day-to-day operations, with oversight from the Voice of the Brotherhood.

Inactive Societies

Society of Envoys

A highly specialized society, the Society of Envoys were tasked with looking after all new members as they entered a House or Clan. This system was phased out over time, all of the duties now falling under the leadership of a House or Clan. Envoys were looked after by the Knight Commander of the Brotherhood with oversight by the Headmaster

Dark Brotherhood Player's Assocation (DBPA)

The DBPA was associated with the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. It was one of the more volatile societies, often changing in structure, and was totally independent, at least in roleplaying terms. This society was disbanded in early 2008 following a decline in interest in the game and issues with DBPA management.