Kharoc Garrlan

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Kharoc Garrlan
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 BBY (age 56)

Physical Description





1.8 m


87 kg


Dark brown



Personal Information

Dr. Enalia Garrlan


Lt. Cdr. Markalin Garrlan

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Chronology & Political Information

Storm Commando


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Kharoc Garrlan is a former Imperial storm commando, now serving as part of the ground forces of the Arcona Expeditionary Force.

Character History

Born on Corulag and trained at the Imperial Academy, Kharoc Garrlan served as an Imperial storm commando for nearly a decade and achieved the rank of Captain before being abruptly separated from that service. When exploring his options for becoming a mercenary, Garrlan was contacted and interviewed by a Dajorra Defense Force recruiter before being commissioned at his former Imperial rank in the DDF's ground forces.

After a few weeks training up with his new special forces team, Garrlan led his team on a mission to a warehouse near the Estle City spaceport. According to the briefing they had been given, a terrorist cell was operating there, but it turned out to be a group of Undesireables and mercenary allies. In the ensuing firefight, only Garrlan managed to survive long enough for Arconan Consul Atyiru Caesura Entar to intervene. Garrlan was injured and knocked unconcsious protecting the Miraluka Grey Jedi from a grenade armed by a dying mercenary. After being treated for his injuries Garrlan was inducted as a non-Force sensitive member of Clan Arcona and was shortly thereafter advanced to the rank of Major, officially transferred to a classified Arcona Expeditionary Force unit that exists only on paper to disguise loyalist members of Clan Arcona in the military hierarchy.


This promotion came just before being recruited into the White Lotus resistance group. Accepting the offer as much as to protect the civilian populations of the Brotherhood-controlled systems from Darth Pravus' actions as much as for any other reason, Garrlan participated in one of the Lotus' early assaults on a Brotherhood shipyard.

Physical Description

Kharoc Garrlan's face is far more weathered than one might expect from someone who wore a full helmet for most of his life prior to joining the Dark Brotherhood, tanned and clean-shaven with a scar along his left cheekbone underneath light blue eyes. His dark hair is cut quite short, only a few centimeters in length on top and getting progressively shorter down the sides in a military fashion.


Kharoc Garrlan is a soldier, first, last, and always. This doesn't mean he's a robot and never relaxes, but it's not something he really could hide, even if he wanted. Other beings with military experience will see in him the dozen small mannerisms and speech patterns that denote him for what he is nearly instantly. Moreover, he sees his calling as a soldier in possibly one of the most idealistic manners he could. He sees what he does as manning the walls of civilization against those that would want to replace order with chaos. He has no real hate for the Republic, but he does see the order of Imperialistic society as more desirable. He sees himself as a protector of the citizens of the Dajorra System, though given some of the atrocities he saw in his last days in direct service to the Galactic Empire the shining armor isn't quite so shiny anymore.

In combat, Garrlan shows exactly how well-trained the Galactic Empire wanted its elite soldiers. A crack shot with almost any blaster weapon and just as good with all manner of explosive devices, Garrlan is just as dangerous on the battlefield as many Force users. While he can be stealthy and avoid contact, when combat starts he prefers to engage the enemy with maximum force, looking for the swift and decisive win. That being said, he will go to great lengths to avoid inflicting civilian casualties if at all possible. (According to rumor, this is what led to Captain Garrlan being dismissed from Imperial service in the first place, though he has never confirmed or denied it.)