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Real World Perspective.

Almost all Dark Jedi are selfish at heart, and motivated little by loyalty or honor. Instead, Dark Jedi seek power, influence, and control over others. It is for that reason, that a system of Prestige is to be implemented into the Dark Brotherhood. This system is designed to represent an individual (and, indeed, a Unit's) influence over others.

What is Prestige?

The need for power and influence is what drives a Dark Jedi. For the purposes of the Brotherhood, the representation of the influence of a particular Dark Jedi (or Clan) is represented by their Prestige. The amount of influence (Prestige) a character has is based on his rank, his position, and any medals he has earned. Prestige would accumulate in a number of ways, through systems already existent in the Dark Brotherhood. Whenever a member is awarded a medal, they receive prestige appropriate to the medal (or add-on). Whenever a member is appointed to a position, they gain the prestige of that position. Whenever a member is promoted, they gain the prestige of that rank. Members can also lose prestige by transferring clans, leaving positions or through CoJ convictions.

What Can Prestige Be Used For?

Prestige is never "used." Right now Prestige is merely ornamental, however there are plans in the very near future to allow Prestige to influence various items that you have access to.

Prestige and Units

Units, as well as individuals, will have a Prestige rating. A unit's prestige rating will be based upon an influence multiplier and the average of the unit members' prestige using the following formula:

Unit Prestige = (Influence Modifier) * (Members' Average Prestige)
Unit Influence Modifier
Dark Council 15
Clan 30
House 20
Battle Team 10

Rank Prestige Values

Rank Prestige
GM 500
DP 390
DJM 290
DA 215
EQ4 170
EQ3 135
EQ2 110
EQ1 90
JM4 60
JM3 40
JM2 30
JM1 20
NV4 10
NV3 5
NV1 0