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House Gladius
General information



Itanna Belt, Yridia System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Tarentum


15 ABY

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Notable members:

Clan Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Gladius is one of the two original houses of Clan Tarentum. Originally a multi-order house, Gladius was aligned to the Krath Order and has served as home to some of the most creative minds in the Brotherhood. After the Fifth Great Jedi War, House Gladius once again became a multi-order house and continues to add to the success of Clan Tarentum to this day.


House Tarentum continued to grow as more Dark Jedi continued to attempt to meet their High standards and enter their hallowed halls, their underwater castle stared to get crowded, the atmosphere started to get volatile (it is not wise to keep Dark Jedi so cramped). It is unconfirmed, but rumors of fighting and even deaths were heard to have seeped from their castle. Grand Master Justinian Khyron decreed House Tarentum should form itself into Clan Tarentum and two new Houses should be formed under Clan Tarentum. Quaestor, SBM Torquemada and Aedile Jammin were promoted to Consul and Proconsul of the new Clan. Then came the formidable task of creating the two new Houses, finding Quaestors and Aedils for both, and the most pressing problem, finding a new world for one of the Houses to move to.

As the new Clan Consul and Proconsul were trying to decide who the two new Quaestors should be, at the urging and support of the entire Hammerhead Squadron and many Obelisk and Krath members whom had fought side by side with him, Sith Battlemaster Shadow, then commander of the formidable House Squadron Hammerhead stepped forward and claimed one of the New Houses. As it is said from ancient times, a Warrior lives and dies by his sword, thus was born House Gladius (Sword)! Sith Warrior Bull, another Jedi of great renown, claimed the other House as his own, and thus was born House Tridens!

SBM Shadow had had enough of the in-House fighting. He was a member of the Order of the Sith, he was born to space, as were all the members of Hammerhead who had followed him. Thus taking the Clans’s Victory Class Star Destroyer Corsair and all that would follow him, he set out to find a new Home for House Gladius. As they were preparing to leave the Yridia system, Aedile Silver Fox informed Shadow that a small group of pirates were attacking an incoming freighter. As Hammerhead Squadron was dispatched to take care of the pirates a memory surfaced from years earlier of a large band of pirates that had plagued the Yridia system for years. Tarentum had tried for a long time to rid the system of the pirates, but they always disappeared into the Itanna Belt on the edge of the Yridia system. Then Hammerhead was taken over by the legendary Dark Jedi, Dark Side Adept Renell "Pappy" Gar. On one sortie against the pirates Pappy used his eminence dark side powers to allow him to follow one of the escaping pirates, undetected, back to there base in the Itanna Belt. Pappy later led Hammerhead Squadron and the House Obelisk Brigade back to the pirate hideout, it was a large asteroid, hidden in the middle of the belt. The asteroid was well defended, but the forces of Tarentum prevailed. Most of the pirates died, and those that were not killed, were taken for questioning by the Dark Jedi, a destiny by some considered worse than death. Tarentum had been lucky, that asteroid had been equipped with a very powerful planetary shield and an ancient cloaking device. Both had been inoperable at the time, parts were so scarce for these antiques; they were always breaking down according to the pirates. He remembered walking through those ancient corridors with the other members of Tarentum. He had learned from the pirates that they had found the base by accident. They had not build it. They walked fascinated through the halls and corridors, they could almost feel that the place was ancient during the Old Republic Era; it had a power to it that seemed to radiate from the walls. None wanted to leave.

As Shadow stood on the deck of the Corsair he knew he had found Gladius a new home. Over the years, as members grew and went on to other pursuits, the memory and the actual location of the asteroid were all but forgotten, but to a few members of Hammerhead who could never forget the place or the power it seemed to have. They remembered! Shadow called a House conference of all members of House Gladius in the main hangar bay of the Corsair, he, and other members told the House of the asteroid and that they wished to make it there new home. After hearing the entire story and the memories of the one’s who had been there, they all voted unanimously to make it their new Home. Thus was born The Sword's Sheath, the name of the new home of Gladius!

With time, the Dark Jedi Knights residing in The Sword's Sheath rose in power. Especially the Krath liked the ancient base. With its stronghold, Star Destroyer, and skilled pilots and warriors, Gladius became a powerful House of The Dark Brotherhood. Shadow performed an excellent duty in running the House, and his superiors noticed his efforts. One day, an Imperial Shuttle requested permission to land in the base. Many members were surprised, since it’s location was only known to a few outside House Gladius. This was no ordinary shuttle, though. It was carrying an envoy from the Grand Master. Shadow was to immediately travel to the Dark Hall, and bring a young Jedi Hunter named Mandrax. The whole House saluted Shadow when he left, and the Hammerhead Squadron flew with him until he entered hyperspace.

Once on Eos, Shadow was told that he had been promoted, to Proconsul of Clan Tarentum. Very honored by this, he left soon, to take on the duties of his new position. At this time, Mandrax was told that superiors had watched him, for his strength in the Force, and his rage and fury. He had been selected to take the position Shadow had left, as Quaestor of House Gladius. After this, Mandrax received very intense training in the force, and learned dimensions of it that he could never had imagined before. He was also taught how to create his own Lightsaber.

Mandrax then returned, now as an Obeliskan Warrior, to take his new position, and a new era of House Gladius began.

By, SBL Shadow

Modified and added to by, OW Mandrax

This era and the times that came after were filled with victories and glory for the House. Most of the chronicles of the Quaestors that came after Mandrax have been lost to time. Efforts are being made to correct this problem but the effects those Quaestors of the past had are visible even now. They added chambers for training, meditation, and learning. Halls for meeting, relaxing, and study. The Mystics of the Black Arts phyle became one of the best in the entire DB at one point in time and when the DB split away from the EH, the Quaestor of that time firmly held onto the asteroid base and its secrets. Only one Quaestor published his thoughts on Gladius. The Swords Sheath manuscript is both insightful to the power of the House and those within.

The House During the Ninth Great Jedi War

House Gladius has persevered through many hardships and the most recent was the Ninth Great Jedi War: Unification. During the travel through the Shroud, the House spent its days on board the Cocytus. The Quaestor at the time was Apollo while Scion Altera was the Aedile.

After landing on Antei, the Gladians contributed to the overall welfare of the Clan by using their members efficiently. Some guarded the AA Batteries while others were mobilized against the enemy. In all areas of the conflict, Gladius proved once again that it was one of the greatest of Clan Tarentum's houses.

Gladius suffered casualties during the war just as the other houses did. Many were wounded and some were killed or missing. Although greatly weakened, Gladius returned from the war a stronger and more closely knit House whose members loved their Quaestor (now Scion Altera) and their Aedile (Apollo). (Scion and Apollo had traded roles during the action).

A New Era

After Gladius emerged from the 9th GJW battered and scarred, the House Summit decided to reform the House. After weeks of planning the four new True Gladians came up with an informal ranking system and began a new era of Gladius.

Gladius Now

Gladius is a close knit House that relies on its leaders and members. While the Summit holds it together, the real House lies in its members.

Gladius Ranks

House Gladius has an informal ranking system that it has developed shortly after the GJW.

True Gladian- A Gladius member that has proven themselves loyal to the House through many hardships.

Full Gladian- A Gladius member who has proved themselves through a single trial as loyal.

Gladian- A member of House Gladius is automatically given this title.

There are 4 True Gladians: Scion, Apollo, Dralin and Severon.

There are no Full Gladians

By, Jedi Hunter Severon Vercingetorix, Rollmaster

House Summit

The current Quaestor of House Gladius is Scion Altera. The current Aedile is TBA. The current Rollmaster is Severon Vercingetorix.

Quaestors Emeritus

  1. Shadow
  2. Mandrax
  3. Dreadnaught
  4. Imp22
  5. SithSpawn
  6. Kartena
  7. Nazkeldu Cronhaven
  8. Kodiak Tonaloc
  9. Kartena
  10. Aari Nikus
  11. Sith Bloodfyre
  12. Telona Murrage
  13. Sith Bloodfyre
  14. Jason Hunter
  15. Anshar Kahn
  16. Welshman Corsair
  17. Frosty Romanae Tarentae
  18. Sato Tarentae
  19. Munesanzun Mitsukai Isradia
  20. Darknyte
  21. Telona Murrage
  22. Apollo

The Sword's Sheath

On the very outer orbit of the Yridia System lies an asteroid belt, known as Itaana Belt. On a cursory, or perhaps even a thorough inspection of the Itanna Belt, one wouldn't suspect that this asteroid belt was home to a powerful force indeed. It is unknown whether the enigmatic station known as the Sword's Sheath was based on the schematics found on Telos detailing the Peragus fuel station or if it was the other way around, but one thing that is for certain is the difficulty of finding a station that was built into an enormous asteroid. Unless you were looking at the hangar bay, you could overlook the asteroid entirely, only pointing out how large it is compared to the others surrounding it. Unlike Peragus, however, the asteroid that the Sword's Sheath has been built into doesn't have fuel deposits, which is an enormous improvement in the safety of the station, as opposed to Peragus' likelihood to explode. A reinforced inner shell and planetary-strength shielding doesn't hurt either.

Battle Teams

Gladius has no operating battleteams.

Notable teams of the past include the Keepers of the Night, Arcano Signum, the powerful Mystics of the Black Arts, the brotherly Daemoni, and the enigmatic Cabal.


The various House Gladius Titles are an honor for any member to receive. It is also an honor they must work hard for. They are the heroes and generals that help the Summit coordinate the Houses forces during an attack. With their help, the base gains glory and honor that draws more Dark Jedi to its ranks.

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Leadership Consul: Sith BloodfyreProconsul: Rax Von-Klug • Rollmaster: Darknyte

Quaestor: Thanadd MawgathAedile: Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn
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