Draken Elariël

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Draken Elariël
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

Approx. 13972 BBY

Date of Death:

Approx. 13950 BBY

Physical Description







92 kg



  • Serpent eyes
  • Emerald colored
Personal Information
  • The Valkyri
  • The Vong
Fighting Style(s):
  • Swords
  • Close Combat
Chronology & Political Information
  • Swordsmith

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Draken is the ancient spirit of a Valheru Warrior who lived in a time before the Old Republic had grown to it's full size. Born and raised on the planet Shi he lived a primitive life in solitude from the other sentient races in the Galaxy. He died in a war between the two sentient species on the planet, the Valheru and the Valkyri. As he died his spirit was sealed into his blade by an Alchemic reaction and continued to live through millennia with the use of the blade and various host bodies during this time.

"Death took me, Death let me fall and in time, Death forgot about me.."

Character History Draken-Korin Elariël

Draken-Korin's Spirit

Draken's Life


"Heir of the Elariël Bloodline, my firstborn son "
―Draken's Father

The History of Draken starts approximately 50,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Though no one knows exactly how long ago it truly was as the ways that years were counted changed over the millennia in between. Draken was born and raised within the Citadel city of Erundwyr, which was positioned near the middle of Ceria Isliana, the bigger of the two continents on the planet.

Once a year, at the dawn of the Season of the Sun, the Festival of Life would be celebrated for a span of two weeks. The festival will begin by a large campfire at night, where the Sharan Heren, lord of the Valheru, would show his kindness to the people. Everyone could throw something old and useless into the fire and get enough gold to buy a new one from one of the merchants in town. It was a sacred tradition, upheld by the people and they wouldn’t even consider trying to abuse it.

After the Ritual of Renewal, as the starting of the Festival is often called, start the Days of Sun’s Blessing. Two weeks of festivities and to the time to prepare for coming season. A time for merchants to show their newest wears, for the young girls to participate in the rite of adulthood and for the young boys to enroll onto the army.

Draken's father was in the military as long as he could remember, sometimes he would be out on the battlefield against the Valkyri for weeks and the other time he would either train Draken or teach his son the art of warfare and Valheru strategies. Covering from the diamond trenches to the Dragon's razor. Draken was fascinated by his father, to be such a wise man and still be unmatched by anyone on the battlefield. It was a feature Draken would only hope to receive one day.

On the sixth day of the Festival of Life, the boys nearing adulthood within the Valheru race would be presented upon the main square. All dressed in ceremonial outfits made of velvet to resemble the ceremonial battle armors the guards of the Sharan Heren. At this test, the boys had to step into a large ring, marked by the stones on the square itself as by wooden poles tied together by rope to mark the edges of the ring.

The rules were simple, ten boys would enter the ring, each wearing a golden medallion on which was a dragon symbol on it. The test was to see who has the most wits and strength and the smarts to lead. The one who could acquire all, or most, medallions from the other boys would be the winner, and would be presented with the lowest leadership rank before he would be officially enlisted into the army itself, which was after the Festival of Life.

Draken used his wits, street smarts and superior strength to acquire all ten amulets and was bestowed the honor of being Urshiël Tyv of the Valheru. Which was about the same rank as a 'Second Lieutenant', and started his career within the military ranks of the Valheru with pride and honor, with his father watching him grow along the way.


"That boy is either a fool or a genius."
―Shara Aran of the Valheru

Draken was wild an uncontrollable in his teen years. During his training he would often defy the main orders and use his own ways to get the job done. He got praised because of this, but also hated for being the one who took all the attention. He had his own personal squad of friends he had found during the end of his childhood years in the first year of military training.

Dreshan and Rumar were the first two friends he made. He met them during the boyhood trails which made him a Lieutenant. They were both amazed by Drakens natural way of noticing things that they decided to hang around with him. They are twins and known to be quite the troublemakers, if it were not for Draken, they would have been punished for lack of dicipline more than they had actual training.

Dreshan, the older of the two is the smart one, knowing to plot strategies and often adds steps into Draken's plans in order to achieve their goal faster. Ruman is slightly smaller than Dreshan and stronger with running. His wits lie with speed, and can dash easily through twin goatpaths and can run for miles without trouble. He is often used as a messenger or as a scout.

Rashur and Aran were two boyhood friends who joined the three boys later on. Rashur was a son of a blacksmith within the city, and knew about various metals and armors. He was the one who kept the equipment in top shape and often came with new equipment ideas to help ease Draken's strategies. Aran was the son of a farmer outside the city walls. He has been carrying heavy objects ever since he was able to stand and is the strongest one within the group. If there was something heavy to lift, he was the one to ask.

Yren and Frenar were two outsiders, coming from the neighboring villages of Gradur and Grewen, which both were south-east from Erundwyr. They both have a passion for stealth, as is custom by the inhabitants of those villages. They can't have a large guard force to guard the village as it would make them an easy prey. They have a daywatch and a nightwatch which lie hidden within the lands surrounding it, unseen by the normal eye, they are the natural masters of camouflage.

The last two boys were from the capital city of Erasiël, a trade system that allowed few boys from Erundwyr to be traded with Erasiël so that the knowledge was spread evenly. Reman and Archan were their names. They were both from a different class and standard and had a hard time fitting into Draken's group as they often defy him. Although Draken has a hight sense of leadership and low tolerance in doing what he must, he does appreciate the two from keeping him at bay sometimes. Reman uses common sense to judge things aside from how Draken sees things while Archan uses logic to predict next strategic moves.

All in all, the 9 boys became close friends and covered mission after mission, earning credit along the way. On their final mission they found an advanced scouting party of a large Valkyri army making its way through Valheru lands towards Erundwyr. It is then when they found out that a large army of Valkyri was on the move towards the Citadel city and had to warn the neighboring villages, the Silivren Amlug and the city itself.


"Your Destiny will not end with death..."
―The Oracle

Draken reached the Citadel city in time and warned the Shara Aran about the incoming Valkyri army and prepared a defensive perimeter. Though the young leader was an adult for a short time, he was already treated like one. He used his strategic skills to set up a reliable defensive perimeter around the city, using trenches in different shapes to break their lines, and small wooden towers from which longbow archers could quickly take their targets out.

Behind the towers were barricades, tree trunks with spikes pointing outwards to keep the Valkyri at back, with swordsmen and archers behind them in care they broke through the trenches and towers. Young men ran through the trenches with sacks of water, bread and cheese to supply the men.

As a last possible line of defense, the city was emptied. The women and children were led into the mountains in the back of Erundwyr. These hollow mountains were the highlighted feat of the city. It was there where the Dragons were born and base of the absent Silivren Amlug, the elite Dragon Riders. When the city was completely deserted, archers were placed on top of the roofs, with wooden boards between them where they can quickly run over and remove when they were trapped on the roof itself. This way they turned the whole city into a fortress. Another strategic point was the second citadel wall, which was placed around the city's castle. Within these wall were archers stationed, who could fire their arrows through thin lines in the wall itself, allowing them to aim properly, but outsiders couldn't even imagine hitting them.

When Draken oversaw the strategic strongpoints and used his insights to improve them, he was suddenly summoned by the Shara Aran, who advised Draken to see the Oracle, as she had him summoned to her hut to the west of the city. He went there straight away, not wishing to miss the great battle to defend his beloved Erundwyr. The Oracle told Draken of his fate, of his worst fears. And in the end she presented him the tool to erase those fears. The Valheru Sword of Darkness, forged by the first Oracle with the capability to hold the spirit of the one whose destiny it is to wield it. The Oracle also chanted a verse to Draken, his destiny.

"Forgotten memories of ages past,

Future holds no apple of kin.

Seen as the ultimate sin,

None of us shall last.

Young and forsaken,

Sought and taken.

One shall master your strength.

For time holds no pace,

On your dying race,

Not through the ultimate length.

One will take all,

Large and still small,

This cannot be undone,

When your dying day be,

You will too see,

Two of one kind shall be one."


"The Talon of Elariël, Valheru Sword of Darkness, stand here silently, testament to one of the greatest Valheru Warriors. "
―Draken's Tombstone, where the Valheru Sword of Darkness was held
Draken upon seeing his father's arrival.

Draken took the words of the Oracle with him in his heart and mind as he moved back towards the battlefield. After a few days the situation looked grim. The defensive lines in front of the city had fallen and the Valkyri were at the city gates, trying to break through. With newfound courage after his meeting with the Oracle and the knowledge that his father, along with the Silivren Amlug, would arrive soon, he took a group of two hundred men and charged through the city gates to meet the enemy Valkyri host head on.

Hours went by and his numbers ran thin, wave after wave of Valkyri warriors were smashed upon Draken and his men, who were now only thirty men strong. Suddenly, at dawn of the next day, the Silivren Amlug appeared under leadership of his father and smashed through the first lines of Valkyri soldiers and made a perimeter around the broken city gates. Drakens father brought grim news about another regiment marching to be added to the already massive Valkyri army, nullifying the numbers the Valheru warriors killed off so far. With pain in his heart his father claimed the city of Erundwyr to be lost and called all Valheru warriors to retreat to the capital city, where the Valheru main army already amassed and was ready to counter the Valkyri onslaught

The young Valheru adult felt infuriated, anger and rage taking the better off him and he leaped into the Valkyri host as the Silivren Amlug attacked as well to buy the city time to evacuate. While he fought with everything he had, his squad was overwhelmed and even Draken was slain within the battle. His father retrieved his son and heard his last words, to have his Valheru Sword of Darkness to be kept at the Capital City for safekeeping, as the next one who shall wield the blade be the one who will bring him back into the world.

And so, Draken's spirit left his body and was sealed within the legendary blade.

Known Hosts

"What is this? A Sword? This will bring me a fortune..."
―The Lone Man

Vykor Sha'id

Vykor was the last Valheru host to ever wield the Valheru Sword of Darkness. Though Draken was not reborn into the body of Vykor during that time. He chose to linger into Vykors mind and learn what had changed during the time. The Valkyri were near extinction and there were strange vessels hanging in the sky. This dawned the day that the Old Republic was formed and found Shi purely per accident and took interest of it due to it's minerals and other supplies it could bring.

During Vykor's lifetime, Draken witnessed how the Valheru were mostly wiped off of the face of Shi, and when even Vykor himself died due to this, he vowed himself to take revenge to the Republic for what they have done, and silently waited, gathering more information when the 'Lone Man', a man who wore a mask to cover his face and identity.

The Lone Man

Years after Vykor, the Lone Man took the Valheru Sword of Darkness from Shi and took it with him. He was a space pirate and a smuggler, and would often go to deserted planets to look for lost treasures, like the Valheru Sword of Darkness. He wanted to sell the sword originally but Draken's spirit, who was silently lingering in the man's mind made him choose not to sell the blade and carry it around with him.

This way, Draken used the Lone Man as his guide through the still alienated galaxy. They were on board various ships through the yeard and Draken learned how the 'aliens' fought. With blaster rifles from a distance trying to hit each other. It was without honor - Draken thought within himself. As a smuggler, the Lone Man also had access to special information and goods that wouldnt normally be found anywhere on legal markets. Draken became familiar with the scenery and figured out a way to deceive the aliens, a nice trick to remember. However, Draken knew he would need more than just a smuggler if he wanted to gain his revenge upon losing his race. In a final note he made the Lone Man bring the sword back to Shi where he found it and left the Sword of Darkness in solitude upon the planet of Shi.


Thousands of years later, at twenty-four years after the battle of Yavin, Ylith found one of the Valheru scrolls inside the Shadow Academy library. Though he was only a Jedi Hunter back then, the stories involving the Valheru always entrigued him. He would spent hours upon hours inside the library reading and deciphering scrolls and writings that were found on black markets or found by coincidence on other planets.

He finally took the trip to Shi, flying through the Emerald Veil with a small shuttle to avoid exposure to too much radiation and he found the Valheru Sword of Darkness among the ruins of the Capital City. He took the blade back to the Dark Brotherhood, and Draken, once more, lingered inside the mind of the young Dark Jedi, want watched him evolve into a powerful warrior. Upon seeing this, Draken used the Sword's powers to slowly alter Ylith's body from Human into Valheru, and ready for Draken to take over.

When Ylith reached Obelisk Templar, Draken made his move and took over Ylith's body, and with it, Ylith's mind turned to the background, lying dormand, accepting Draken's powers.

Dark Jedi

"The Force...magic?...Is what is their strength?"
―Draken Dormant
Draken-Korin Elariël reborn

Draken found himself in slumber for another two-thousand years before he suddenly was found by one he hoped for. A Dark Jedi set foot upon Valheru soil and the Obelisk Jedi Hunter carefully approached the flaming Valheru sword. Draken saw this as the prime oppertunity to extend his powers, but before he made his move he had to be carefull, not acting to fast. He knew enough about the Jedi and the Sith to ensure that they both knew how to block minds entering their own. Draken entered Ylith Romanae's mind and waited, watching for the time to strike.

During the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy, or also known as the Battle for Coratua IV, The Dark Jedi was hit and handicapped by a tank shell, losing his arm in the process. During this time of weakness Draken saw a prime opertunity to enter and take Ylith's body as a host for his spirit. However, the Jedi Hunter fought back, and with the honor shown, Draken saw that he could be a great ally to his cause. Ylith's fascination about the Valheru Race was enough for Draken to sign a pact.

He has been part of Ylith's life ever since until he had been brutally taken apart from him by Ylith's brother Tyren Atema. Draken now resides and teaches Ylith's son Aragan Atema.

Former Personalities


Draken's personality is complex, as he has lived throughout the ages and picked up traits throughout the time living through hosts. The Valheru has, like Ylith, a high sense of honor that has been embedded into him ever since he was a small boy by the way the Valheru lived. Unlike Ylith, Draken seems to be more rash, yet very ovservant and always plotting his next step. As he grew older, he became more and more patient, but still holds joy in moving faster than he is supposed to.

He is often found in the front lines, being the first to actually start the battle and often gets into a lot of trouble because of it. He stands out by his 'straight to the point' nature and by saying what is on his mind. Like with Ylith, his trust is hard to gain and once you gain it Draken will consider you a friend for life. Should one break this trust or his loyalty, Draken will be one to draw his sword at the next meeting.

Draken prefers Melee combat like Ylith and his Valheru strength has been a vital aid for this. Years of Training in the Valheru army caused Draken's physical strength to be above everage and his fierce conmbat strategies are testament to this. During the modern days, Draken found it hard to adjust to battle with blasters and armor that conseals the face. Although he sees why the future has need of these kind of warfares, he find sees it as an act of cowardism to fire a blaster instead of wielding a blade. Since the attack of the Vong, Draken has become silent and less present in Ylith's mind.

After the confrontation with Tyren Draken has been fully removed from Ylith's psyche and is now in the possession of Aragan Atema.

Summerized Personality

  • More forward
  • Speaks his mind
  • Strong
  • Observant
  • Strategizing
  • Loyal

  • High sense of Honor
  • Will never fight with anything other than a sword
  • Feels that Blaster Fights are acts of cowardism
  • Will never crumble in the face of a foe
  • Has been scarred heavily by the Vong Assault
  • Tyren has removed Draken from Ylith and given him to Ylith's son Aragan Atema

Ylith and Draken Combined

With these two personalities combined, Ylith ahs become more physically stronger than his Human self, though still drastically wounded by the Vong Asault, both him and Draken now wear the scars from this battle. Ylith rendered Mundane and Draken rendered Mortal, the combined spirit under the name of Ylith now fights for a way to regain what he has lost by fighting as hard as he can and to show no weakness in front of his peers, no matter how the strain bites into his weakened flesh.

Although his strength, mentally and physically has increased since then, he has been a prey to manipulation, and has been used as a pawn by Darth Vexatus during the Battle of Selen, though also his own wishes, he has been betrayed by him at the time of need and punished harshly. He had been granted his vengeance at the Battle at Lehon where he stabbed Darth Vexatus and initiated his demise.

In the aftermath of this battle the fused mind has been lost.

Former Physical Marks and Scars

Genetic Disease

The Valheru's immortality comes with a price, the fast degeneration of his host body. Draken calls this 'the Curse' and starts with sending black veins over the entire body. When Draken's spirit was severed from Ylith's body at the end of the Vong invasion, the growth of this curse was increasing rapidly over his arm and entire body, causing his lifespan to shorten down to only a few months.

After consulting Macron Goura Keibatsu about the matter, Ylith found a way together with his former Consul to alter his genetics in his blood, and his body along with it, using a vail of ancient Valheru blood hidden within the Amlug Aral Dagger Ylith was able to alter his blood with the help of Macron, and fully remove the curse.

Draken's Weapons

Valheru Sword of Darkness

Draken's Valheru Sword of Darkness


The origin of the blade was thought to be a family heirloom, through recent studies of various scrolls and other writings indicate that the Blade was forged out of one single piece of metal, then treated with alchemy and reforged into the Valheru Sword of Darkness. The sword has been said to date even back to before the Valheru even built its capital city - 'Erasiël'.

The Oracle, one of the most powerful women within the Valheru race, kept the sword hidden, she and her daughters after her kept the sword until it was called upon, until the bluish flames awake from their slumber. When the citadel city of Erundwyr was under attack by the Valkyri armies at the dawn of the Great War of Blessed Tears, Draken was bestowed the legendary blade by the Oracle and with it, was bestowed the gift of immortality, together with a great destiny before him.

Though his weapon was powerful, he did not hold it for long. Hours later while defending the city Draken was slain in battle, and told his father in his dying breath to keep the blade at Erasiël to be kept safe until one was worthy enough to hold it, and grant him life once more.


  • The sword has been treated with Alchemy, creating an everlasting blade which can never erode throughout time. The metal is a mixture of special irons and minerals only to be found on the planet Shi. The creates a golden yet metallic shine on the blade itself.
  • The bluish flames is also caused by the Alchemy treatment and ensures that those not honourable enough to hold the blade may never hold it. The flames themselves are cool to the touch and are strongly intimidating on the field of battle.
  • Another feat is that it can store the spirit of Draken-Korin after his death and re-insert his spirit into the minds of those who are honourable enough to hold to sword in their hands, it's believed that the Alchemy threatment was also infused with the powers of the force to contain the spirit, but it was never fully discovered.
  • The sword fell in the hands of the Vong at the end of the Vong War, and the Vong who chose to wield it corrupted Draken's mind and made Draken turn against Ylith. In a final battle on Shi, Ylith managed to sever the sword with his lightsaber, as well severing Draken's tie with the legendary blade, rendering him mortal again and resulting in Draken's mind fusing with Ylith's.

Amlug Aral

The Amlug Aral Dagger


The Amlug Aral (Dragonfang) Dagger was one of the prized weapons of the Silivren Amlug. This particular weapon was held by Draken's own father, who was the leader of this elite group of Dragon Riders. The weapon, mostly used for ceremonial reasons had a vial of the carrier's blood inside of it. It was said that only then it could be a true extension of your body, your own flesh and blood.

The Dagger itself was severed by Ylith after Draken had deserted his body at the finale of the Vong War. The Sith Battlemaster used toe prefectly preserved blood, with help from Macron's skills in alchemy, to turn his own blood into that of a Valheru, giving him all the treats of the Valheru, making him a pureblood.


  • The dagger itself was given to Drakens father as a sign of leadership within the Silivren Amlug, an elite group of Dragon Riders within the Valheru Armies.
  • The dagger has survived millennia because of it's special metal mixture. It's the same kind of mixture the Valheru Sword of Darkness was made of, yet more modern. It filtered out all the impurities to create on single metallic shine.
  • The dagger now hangs on the wall inside Ylith's private chambers, as a perfectly preserved artpiece from a one powerful species.
  • The blade of the dagger holds a vial of Valheru blood, possibly that of Draken's father, as a token of strength.


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