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Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae
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15 BBY

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2.0 m


124.73 kg


Dark Brown


Dark Brown

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Clan Tarentum, Khyron, Chi-Long

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Military Officer


Clan Tarentum



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"It is skill, not power, that wins wars. Learn all you want of your arcane craft, just remember that when the fighting starts you need a General at the head of your armies, not a Warlock."
―Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae

Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae, Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum, Death Dealer of Clan Tarentum and Executor of the will of the Sith King, Justinian Arcanious Khyron. In the span of his life, Maxamillian has spilled enough blood to fill the oceans of Yridia II three times over. In defense of his Clan or upon the will of his Master, it matters little. His hands are stained as red as the blade of his lightsaber, and he revels in it.

Character History


Born into one of the older families of Chandrila, Maxamillian grew up balking at the democratic nature of the planet. Every citizen had a direct vote in government affairs. Such democracy destroyed the power of the old aristocratic houses, such as his. What he found worst was the way in which most of those families didn't care, believing fully in their Democracy. This outraged the young Oberst and led him to many extremes. Already seen as an outsider in Chandrilan political and social circles, Oberst distanced himself further from what were proscribed norms. As one of the old families, he was expected to act with decorum - instead Oberst entered into fiery diatribes. As an aspiring officer, he was expected to know the niceties of riding, shooting, hunting and swordplay, these were the only accepted forms of recreation in the Chandrilan Military Tradition. Oberst learned these, but also became a follower of smashball, shockball and limmie.

An advocate for force, Maxamillian was seen as an oddity. He had the same arrogant and argumentative nature as his fellow Chandrilans. His break from the norm shocked many in society, and even further in his acceptance to the Caridan Military Academy. Near outright fights erupted regularly between the senior and junior Oberst when the latter informed the former of his application. Never resolved, the matter was dropped and Maxamillian attended. Upon returning from the Imperial Academy on Caridia, gazzetted a Lieutenant in the Navy, Maxamillian quickly worked to bring the family's finances under his control. He contracted the murder of his brother, sisters, and personally saw to the deaths of his mother and father. Although the circumstances of their deaths were peculiar, the government was unable to find evidence against him and the Oberst family fortune was his.

Live By The Sword...

Three years after the death of his parents, already a Commander in the Imperial Navy, Oberst was charged with the torture, and subsequent deaths, of several members of the Oberst Household Staff – the oldest case dating back to when was only thirteen. With his options limited to imprisonment and running, he ran. Quickly moving large sums of money into numbered accounts, he fled Chandrila and the Imperial Navy. A marked man, he had few options and for the longest time flew between outback settlement to outback settlement in the Outer Rim.

Eight months into his flight, Maxamillian was approached by an acquaintance who knew vague details of his background: that he was an ex-Imperial Officer on the run. The man offered him a job, and a chance to flex his military muscle. Maxamillian joined the Rebel Alliance and became a fleet strategist. Quickly training and bringing the pilots of the Rebellion's Y and B-Wings into top shape, he became a strategist and planner in the Alliance for his ability to conduct bombing raids on installations and torpedo runs on convoys with marked success.

Following the Rebellion's victory at the Battle of Endor, Oberst found himself tied to the, newly christened, New Republic's Second Fleet, in charge of coordinating bomber and heavy assault units. His past, however, quickly caught up with him. Upon liberating the Core Worlds from Imperial control, Chandrillan authorities sought to arrest and imprison the man who was tried in absentia. Oberst ran once more. Leaving a bloody swath of dead Republic officers behind him.

Imperial Remnant & Infiltrator Wing

This time, his escape took him back towards the Outer Rim, and the border sectors between the nascent New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. The area was rife with engagements and skirmishes. It proved profitable for the young fugitive, who had escaped with a B-Wing Heavy Assault Fighter. Although not a fast ship, the armaments made it something to be sought after, and he found work as a mercenary. Flying for whatever pirate captain or private contractor needing that little extra firepower. It was in one of these engagements, serving as an escorting for a convoy carrying munitions to a Republic friendly station. The convoy was hit, and hit hard. The puzzling thing about the raid was that the raiders jumped in a MC80 Star Cruiser, which the convoy had mistaken for a Republic escort…until the X- and Y-Wings opened fire. Seeing that the convoy was outgunned and outclassed, Oberst prepared to make the jump only to get hit with several ion blasts. His ship disabled and floating dead in space, he could only watch as the Y-Wings disabled more craft, including some of the X- and Y-Wings that were also guarding the convoy. As the MC80 came closer, he felt his B-Wing snatched up by a tractor beam and pulled towards the metal behemoth.

Upon the MC80 he was offered a choice, die there or serve one of the many factions that the Empire had splintered into. He chose to join the Empire once more. This time, he would do so using the Republic's own ships against them. The faction used Rebel/Republic ships in an effort to sow confusion in the Outer Rim. Named "The Infiltrator Wing," the ships duties were to conduct the same commerce and supply raids that the Rebellion once conducted upon Imperial shipping. Only, in the process of their raids, many sectors in the Outer Rim became wary of Republic forces, thinking them to be little more than pirates.

In his new "home," Maxamillian advanced once more. He came to command a bomber squadron, and his knack for taking down the big capital ships while avoiding the fast fighters became legendary within the Infiltrator Wing. In his time in the Infiltrator Wing, he came to train, serve with and serve under some of the finest that the Infiltrator Wing had to offer. Everyone from Fleet Admiral "Pappy" Renegade to War Marshal Stephan von Reinthaler, arguably the best Infiltrator Wing Commander. Oberst, too, would serve as IWCOM. The hallmark of his time in the IW was to make it leaner, and prepare it for Reinthaler's return.

During this time, too, Maxamillian was recruited into the Brotherhood. His talent for plotting bombing raids, and for picking an opening in the heat of a run stemmed from a connection to the Force. Here, his gains would be more moderate and modest in comparison with his IW career. Helping to found Clan Ar'Kell, the Clan that would defect from the Brotherhood. Serving as Aedile of House Tarentum under Zero, who would later become Deputy Grand Master, and helping to lead it to dominance in the first House Wars. Finally, helping to found House Ektrosis, which would later give birth to Clan Taldryan.

Exile & Return

Unfortunately, his steady rise did nothing to curb his more sadistic appetites. With mounting crimes of an ever increasingly perverse nature, the Imperial Remnant exiled him upon many charges. Little is known of his time in exile. All that is known is that he spent many years conducting operations for, and acting as an agent of, Grand Master Justinian Khyron. Upon the Brotherhood's Exodus, Oberst's presence was once more felt in the Brotherhood. Now standing as the Beast of Tarentum, his rage and his sadism has once more been unleashed, only now upon those who stand against Clan Tarentum.

The Iron Marshal

His return to Clan Tarentum would not be uneventful. The arrogant aristocrat stroked no egos and minced few words. His criticism of the Dark Council was unrelenting. However, his strategic ability would not be dismissed. During the Civil War that encompassed the Brotherhood, Oberst would be present on the field for the so-called "Red Faction," counter-marching and making liberal use of the "maneuver sur les derrieres" at the strategic level. Although unable to force a decisive battle or gain a decisive win, the method of deployment and counter deployment kept the enemy faction on the defensive.

Not long after the conclusion of the Civil War, with distrust still rampant around the Brotherhood, Oberst would be tapped to serve as Proconsul of Tarentum. Utilizing personal contacts, Oberst would lend himself towards a more favorable outlook between Clans Arcona and Tarentum. The second hallmark of his tenure as Proconsul would be the engagement of war games between the two Houses of Clan Tarentum. The outcome of these wargames would be the creation of a new Chivalric Order within the Clan - The Knights of Tarentum, and the filling of long vacant Prefectures. Oberst took careful note of many young members of the Clan, earmarking many as possible future military commanders.

But, his disdain of many would not be quelled. When the Clans would be called upon to take part in archaic exercises by the Brotherhood, Oberst refused to take part. Portions of the Clan's Navy would be present, and many Clansmen would participate, but he himself sneered at the outdated maneuvers and lack of adaptation to modern technology. His undermining of the Iron Throne and the Council would lead to his dismissal as Proconsul.

Shrugging off the dismissal, Oberst prepared to turn the Task Force back to Yridia when the Aliens struck. Unable to make the jump to lightspeed due to interference by the Aliens, Oberst ordered his command into The Shroud. There, he would conduct a rear-guard effort. Keeping the Force-devoid Aliens at bay, Oberst was unable to link his force with that of Clan Arcona. Arcona, beset on three fronts by Aliens and Clan Scholae Palatinae, would take severe damage. Understandably, Clan Arcona would cool to Tarentum due to his failure to join the two Fleets. Oberst, however, would continue to conduct the withdrawal along Tarentum's wing of the front. The Aliens were never able to pin his fleet down, and Oberst was able to repay Scholae the damage dealt to Arcona. Oberst would continue to withdraw, fight, and keep a step ahead of the Aliens in hopes of circling around the left of the enemy fleet to finally link up with the force of Clan Arcona. Oberst's command never broke, the only loss being the Acheron.

Returning to Yridia, Oberst would scrap much of the damaged and aged fleet. Working closely with his military advisers, they would propose a new squadron, smaller but better able to project Clan Tarentum's military strength through modernity.

Physical Appearance

Large for a Human, Oberst towers over most others with ease. Add to this his sheer girth, and the man does not blend into his surroundings. If anything, his attitude enhances his nearly titan presence. Bull necked and thick armed, not only does Oberst appear capable of grappling with a fully-grown Wookiee, he has. And he has won. No one mistakes him for a simple tough guy. Looking into his eyes, you find yourself looking into a very calculating and very sadistic mind. The pools of dark brown can hide many secrets, but they can also hint at the horrors he has caused. It is often said that if you can bear to meet his gaze for long enough, you will see the faces of the millions of souls that he has dispatched to the grave.

People often hear and feel him before he arrives. His heavy boots will thump loudly along corridors, announcing his near arrival. In the dungeons of Castle Tarentum, or wherever he might be summoned by Master Zero or Grand Master Khyron, his footfalls against the stone floor are likened to the final beats of the condemned’s heart. He is almost always seen in his Infiltrator Wing uniform - the dark olive and gray imperial uniform with the green armband and green sash. He considers himself an officer first, a Sith second. The only consolation he makes to his standing within the Brotherhood are the lightsaber housed within his baton and the great coat he wears instead of the cloak favored by the rest of the Brotherhood.

The white marks of scars stand out against his tanned skin. Tanned from the hours he spends swimming the oceans of Yridia II around the Castle or at his private estate upon the Sea of Darkness. His left arm bears a spider’s web tattoo. The tattoo is the subject of much speculation between those who have seen it and those who have heard of it. What those who have seen it more than twice do know is that the design seems to change, a new thread is added from the last time they saw it. Many speculate that each thread upon the scarred, tanned and muscled skin symbolizes another life snuffed out by Tarentum’s own Field Marshal.


Oberst IS an aristocrat. Since a child, he was trained in the "approved" sports of his station. Real "sports" as some of his blue blooded compatriots would attest. Hunting, riding, shooting and fencing. As a youth, dueling was the vogue craze of the offpsring of the well to do, and Max took to it readily. Dueling became an almost fanatical pass time. Every insult was repaid with a slap and a challenge of "grass before breakfast." Max earned his scars and stripes, but never forgot his blue blooded heritage, and his style of fighting reflected this. He proved it with every thrust, every parry, every riposte and every strike. He became a competent duelist by utilizing every resource at his disposal : size, strength and intellect.

In addition to being a master fencer, Oberst has a background as a pit fighter from his underground days.

Oberst's Lightsaber


Most notable about Oberst's lightsaber is the hilt. The hilt is part of his Field Marshal's baton. The elongated hilt allows Oberst to easily switch between one- and two-handed styles, allowing him to make full use of his strength. The baton was fashioned when he was bestowed with the title of Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum. The lightsaber, in the silver shaft was placed in a hollowed piece of mahogany, which was inlayed with the Imperial Eagle of his family, and the cross of his Lord’s house. The baton was capped, on one end was the emitter for his blade, and on the end was his own personal seal, a rampant wolf. The baton is heavy and sturdy enough for him to use as a striking weapon. Which has happened often. Many an enemy, or even a failure of an officer, has had their skull caved-in by the heavy metal and wooden baton.

Oberst is a Master of Djem So.


In addition to his baton and lightsaber, Oberst has access to a plethora of bladed weapons. A particular favorite in his collection is a lightly curved scimitar.

Oberst also carries several iron spikes on his person measuring from 6 to 9 inches in length. Driving an iron spike through the skull is his favored method of execution. Lord Vader choked people, Grand Admiral Thrawn had his pet Noghri, Oberst has the iron spikes. The heads usually hang from the spike afterwards as a display of his brutality.

Oberst's Warbanner


Gules, a tower guarded on four sides by rampant wolves of sable, at the points of the saltire; upon the corners Death's Head and the crossed baton. The red represents Oberst's military fortitude. The four wolves represent "Captaincy" - command of Khyron's troops as well as the forces of Tarentum, the Infiltrator Wing and the Peerage. Placing the wolves, at the edges of the saltire, represent Oberst's willingness to endure any setback and hardship, to overcome and remain standing. The tower represents Oberst's unfailing loyalty to his King above all others. The Death's Head is the symbol of Tarentum's Death Dealers. The crossed batons his rank as Field Marshal.


Of the former Imperial military commanders of the Brotherhood, Oberst is one of the few to have held a field commission larger than either a Wing or Regiment. Technically an Admiral, Oberst has also conducted ground campaigns in addition to Naval exercises. As a Feldherren, his true talent lies in his ability to plan and stage entire theaters of war - leaving the front line fighting to colleagues and subordinates better able to rally and conduct troops and units in the thick of battle.

He currently commands the forces of Clan Tarentum and the private Army of the Sith King. During the most recent GJW, Oberst was called upon to plan and conduct the final stages of the so-called "Red Factions" military campaign on Antei. His contempt for the majority of the Brotherhood well known and document, it is unknown what compensation or coercion occurred for him to take Operational Command.

The Force

Unique amongst the Brotherhood, Maxamillian is a minimalist when it comes to direct use of the Force. All who study under him learn to rely first upon their physical strength, dexterity and their wits before resorting to flashy displays of lightning. Members of House Tridens learned quickly to work on physical skills. Anyone attempting to rely upon the force during his training sessions were quickly dismantled and taken out – broken bones and concussions serving as reminders to not cross him.

Once they have mastered control of their bodies and mind, then, and only then, do they being to learn to augment their physical abilities with the Force. Learning to endure greater strain upon their bodies, to continue fighting when fatigue creeps into their enemies. With mastery over themselves, mastery of the Force becomes all that much easier.

Upon his apprentices, an analytical mind is prized. Being a strategist, he imparts careful insight into both the movement of troops and the working of sentient minds. He has no problems losing, because he learns far more from a loss than he would from a win, and this is a trait his apprentices share with him.


While a minimalist of the Force, Oberst remains one of Clan Tarentum's foremost Necromancers. Embodying the very worst of the Clan's Death Dealers, Oberst uses his talents in life and death to torture and maim individuals, and to spread panic on the field.

His favored use for Necromancy is for torture. Never for information, but instead as punishment. His mastery of The Doom Within and The Tide of Life make full use of Oberst's background in infectious diseases. By scarring individuals through the onset of necrotizing fasciitis, or any other debilitating infection, and its acceleration - the beautiful and vain find themselves scarred, the strong and athletic have their bodies atrophied - the net effect is always the same. The destruction of the individual's psyche.

DJB Facts


  • Has a long history of turning down medals and promotions, much to the chagrin of many including, but not limited to Justinian Khyron, Dev, Yoni, Havok and Zero.
  • Putting himself at the disposal of friends is what led to his transfer to Tarentum (Zero and Kaerner's asking for help in organization) and Ektrosis (Shaitan).
  • Has never taken a Shadow Academy exam and is extremely proud of this fact.
  • Extensive and expansive knowledge of Biochemistry, Infectious Diseases, Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry.