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Ood Bnar
Biographical Information

Myrkr (born on Ossus)

Date of Birth:

2462 BBY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





2.18 meters




thin whiplike branches


Black (beady)

Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Old Republic, Galactic Civil War, Dark Brotherhood Era


Shadow Academy, Clan Arcona, Krath, Sith

Personal Ship:

J-Type 327 Nubian Starship



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Ood Bnar is a Neti who is approximately between 2000 and 3000 years old. Being born in 2462 BBY from a seed harvested from Neti Jedi Master Ood Bnar in 4001 BBY but only planted and allowed to grow millennia later. Ood Bnar has an insatiable thirst for knowledge which is only surpassed by his endeavouring to attain said knowledge by studying under various masters, sects, ...

Being born in the Republic Classic Era (more precisely during the Great Reunification), and being Force-sensitive like all Neti, in the year 210 BBY Ood was sent to the Jedi Temple to study the Force alongside other future Jedi. Attaining the rank of Knight quite fast, Ood never achieved the position of Jedi Master. this not through failing the prerequisites but thanks to his arguing with Council members and his unorthodox stance on the Force and a Jedi's role in it. It is also said that his views on the Jedi Code could be considered heretical at best.

During the time of the Galactic Empire, Ood moved into the shady Galactic underworld and became a smuggler, trader, information-broker who was characteristically seen wearing at least five Ysalamiri in his long rootlike hair. He only removed the Ysalamiri's influence once he encountered the Dark Brotherhood in order to show his skill and ability to the gathered Dark Jedi.

Ood Bnar currently serves as Praetor to the Headmaster.

Character History

Ood's Prehistory

""Tell me, Cade, have you ever met a Neti?","Hard to meet a myth, Shado.""
―By Shado Vao and Cade Skywalker

To fully understand the Neti, one needs to understand how they procreate. Once every century a Neti produces some seeds, sometimes only one, on other accords up to four at once. Nothing can guarantee procreation at that point. As far as is known, only some seeds carry viable life. This ratio is completely random. What is known is that on worlds with a force-dampening effect the seeds have about 25% chance of growing into a Neti. This could be a good indication of why Myrkr was their place of origin.

The story of Ood Bnar started in the year 3997 BBY. The old Jedi Master Ood Bnar grew a seed. It was subsequently sent to his relatives on Myrkr for safekeeping after the old master claimed to foresee a conflict that could possibly result in his loss of life.

One year later, Exar Kun attacked Ossus. During the Fall of Ossus, Ood Bnar transformed into a tree and barely survived the supernova blast which hit the planet. To all written sources, he died a hero, defending the remaining Jedi artefacts from Kun.

As to this transformation, Neti are defined by the IIC as Mythical Treelike shape-shifters capable of appearing in three distinct forms: the Bipedal Neti, the Treelike being and a Quadripedal creature which is only rumored to exist seeing as no images or records of this particular shape where ever recorded. Later, T'ra Saa would change this when, upon reaching the rank of Master, she started a study and file on her dying species.

The seed was passed on through the Jedi Order, kept as a relic. Before the Last Battle of Ruusan, votes arose to plant it and bring another Bnar into the galaxy to hold the Sith at bay. The battle of Ruusan, erupting right before a conclusion is reached, ends the debate. The seed was given to the last Neti of the Bnar line, a Jedi Master called T'ra Saa. A daughter of one of other Ood's seedlings.

Jedi Master T'ra Saa, Clone Wars

Birth into a divided universe

In the year 380 BBY, T'ra Saa had a vision while deeply immersed the force. Hard times were on the horizon, she might not even live to see them. To protect the Neti heritage, she ventured oncemore to the planet that saw the birth of her species, Myrkr, to secretly plant the seed of the wise Jedi Master Ood deep in the forests which cover this world. Ood Bnar II is born.

Ten years later, T'ra Saa returned to Myrkr to educate the small Neti. He's powerful in the Force and the Ysalamiri's presence only strengthened his innate power, but for another 90 years he was to remain oblivious to its presence. For while the Neti are a long-lived race, they are not a race that matures rapidly. In the year 210 BBY, Ood Bnar is taken from the dark forests of Myrkr to be trained in the Temple on Coruscant. The change of location startles the young seedling, the calmth of the jungle, replaced by Galactic City and in specific it's thriving Temple Precinct. This was also coupled with a sudden overwhelming connection to the Force which appeared to stunt his access to the Force. Later in life, the young neti would compare it with swimming in a puddle, only to be thrown into the middle of an ocean without warning. While on Myrkr, only isolated small groves offered any connection to the force, Coruscant flows with life and the minds of a trillion sentients assaulted his tender mind.

The youngling received training in the beginnings of Lightsaber combat with the other younglings by a 600 year old Jedi Master named Yoda. Others teach him the ways of the force. All agree though, the Neti is in possession of an enormous potential. Just like his father, Ood is destined for greatness, but could he fulfill his potential?. Another 13 years later, Ood became the Padawan learner of T'ra Saa. The two last known Neti being paired for obvious reasons as a Neti has a unique affinity in the force, the ability to study the darkness without being consumed by it.

First Exile on Myrkr

It's the year 190 BBY, Ood Bnar II moves into self-enforced exile. The Jedi Knight tells the Order he wants to meditate and learn to know himself by going into exile. He travels to Myrkr after talking to Yoda about the fact that Jedi rely too much on the force. Little is known of this period, some claim Ood became a hermit for 50 years and spent the rest earning money as smuggler and information broker. Other rumours spin a tale of how the Neti found a pirate base, looted it to the foundations and then fled back to the safety of the Temple.

All we know as fact is that he returned after 160 years of exile as a wealthy man. After meeting Yoda and T'ra Saa again, he is assigned to the Temple Archives where he quickly ascends to the position of chief aide to the Chief Librarian. His work mainly consisted of collating the construction blueprints of the Temple and creating a single holographic program detailing the Temple from its rebuilding between 2,519 BBY and 1,019 BBY. Based on this program, the Neti formed several research expeditions into the bowels of the Temple. Searching for remains of the old archives, artefacts and anything else that might have survived the Sacking of Coruscant. From records, 12 expeditions were organized in total. Finds included statuaries, artwork, lightsabers, tactical information. However, the find that skyrocketed his career was discovered in the final expedition. 1/7th of the destroyed archives were recovered and re-integrated into the Jedi Archives, leading to small changes in teaching practices. Ood spent the next few years becoming an authority on this ancient knowledge.

For the next 8 years, he will educate younglings, using the ancient methods related to meditation that he recovered from the Temple undercroft. The remarkable feature is that Ood Bnar II's life and views are almost identical to his father's who learned every aspect of the force, light and dark before traveling to Myrkr and meditating, after which ending up on Ossus teaching and imparting knowledge to the Jedi Padawans and Apprentices of the time. Ood even befriended a Tchuukthai Jedi named Fhron who is about 400 years older than him. Their friendship is quite similar to the one between Ood Bnar I and Jedi Master Thon.

Ood Bnar and his childhood friend Fhron

Conflict arises

In the year 22 BBY, the First Battle of Geonosis opens the Clone Wars. Ood, still a Jedi Knight, wasn't personally present on Geonosis, but his old Master T'ra Saa informed him of what happened. For the first few years of the war, Ood joined the war effort as a Jedi general, though unhappy in this new position. When Ood was promoted to Admiral and received a battle-group to defend the Alderaan System and it's sector. While not enjoying his new occupation, Ood showed he has a keen tactical mind by keeping Alderaan relatively safe throughout the Conflict.

While Ood always remained a pacifist, trying to reason with the Confederacy, his master T'ra Saa is seen actively fighting them. As a Senior General of the Republic army, she led forces on Geonosis, Devaron and other battlefields. Together with her Old Friend Master Tholme she travelled the galaxy. When the two fall in love, a love not corruptible by the dark side, Ood sees the time to leave the order is nigh, further disillusioned by its dependence on a Code that by its very definition excluded life.

Second Exile on Myrkr

In the year 20 BBY, upon receiving word of the Battle of Jabiim, the Neti takes a small cruiser and ventures into exile on Myrkr. Taking with him a few copies from holocrons, data-files and other training equipment. Never will the Neti heritage depend on the benevolence of the Jedi Order again. At first T'ra Saa is angry for his leaving and travels to Myrkr to reason with him. After hearing his side of the story, she seemingly agrees that this choice was best for him and leaves (thinking her old student would eventually return to the fold). Still slightly feeling betrayed, but seeing the young one's reasons, she throws herself into her work as a Jedi and a General until she finally goes into hiding with her lover Jedi Master Tholme around the time Order 66 was issued. Rumor has she still lives on in tree-form, having rooted herself near to her lover's grave. Ood often wonders whether or not he'll ever see her again and whether or not she'd be disappointed or proud by his drive to master all aspects of the force and live in peace, like his father before him.

During this Exile, the Republic falls, the Order is decimated and the Emperor started his reign of fear. Ood is visited by Yoda himself right before he himself ventures into exile himself, Yoda explained to the young Neti the way to remain conscious after death but the Neti refuted the knowledge, stating that life is too long for a Neti to think about continuing on after death and asks Yoda to leave him be in his ascetic contemplation. He does however gift the old Master a single Ysalamir so he can travel to his new home safely.

Return to the wrong side of the law

After growing weary even on Myrkr, and growing curious as to the state of affairs in the wider universe, Ood returns to public life. Setting up business in the Obroa-Skai system he transforms from Jedi knight into smuggler, Pirate, Spice Trader, and Alliance Broker. During this time he earns fortunes. He becomes a familiar face in the underworld, known for trading everything except slaves. He's most recognized by the Ysalamiri he carries in his hair, keeping himself safe from Force-users and the likes by doing this.

Some time later, he changes profession and goes back into the information trading business. After building a spynet that spans the galaxy, for a while he becomes one of the biggest information dealers in existence. The year is 10 ABY. At this time the Neti disappears from the face of the Galaxy to study with various groups of Force-users. Regardless of Light or Dark Side Ood travels the Universe to learn all there is to know about the Force, following his father's path as a neutral scholar of the Force.

The Dark brotherhood

"It is not simply enough to know the light…a Jedi must feel the tension between the two sides of the Force…in himself and in the universe."
―by Jedi Master Thon

In 20 ABY the Neti hears of a group of Dark Jedi. Curious about their knowledge, he utilises all his resources to find them. after one year, in 21 ABY Ood discovers a suspicious presence in the Antei System. After traveling there, the Neti removes his Ysalamir. After killing the gentle creature, the Neti can show the assembled Dark Siders that his presence in the force is existing and that he wants to join the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. After swearing allegiance to the Iron Throne, Ood returns to his base of operations to take care of business. After 2 years, he automized the company and placed a trustee in command. Now he had the time to dedicate to the darkness.

New Beginnings

The Neti joined the ranks of Clan Scholae Palatinae in 23 ABY and remained there for 3 years, seeing this through 2 Great Jedi War, 2 house feuds and numerous smaller conflicts. After a little while, accidentally revealing his past as a Republican Admiral to the Headmaster of the time. Ood is offered the chance to teach a course in Sith Tactics, Impressed by his knowledge, further access is granted to him by the Headmaster, while enlisting him to teach a course on the History of the Pre-Republican Era. taking this chance, Ood gains access to the vast historical and ancient archives hidden by the preface of the Shadow Academy and deepens his knowledge of the past to include such topics as the Rakatan Empire and their Force-powered machinery. seeing his grow in knowledge the Quaestor of Caliburnus, at the time Impetus M'nar Palpatine, sees a chance and offers the Neti access to the House's stores of knowledge by offering him the position of Rollmaster and Envoy. during this time Ood also takes on an Apprentice, the promising Zeron. Training his Apprentice to take his place, Ood Bnar copies most tomes of the Caliburnus Archive he can get his hands on, like he did with the Krath Libraries and Shadow Academy Archives and stores them away for later viewing. Moving to Acclivis Draco to take over for the Rollmaster there, Ood promptly copies all files he can access there and after training some promising replacements steps back into the shadows as a Free Envoy.

Humanoid-form Neti

A New Home

After long a deciding process, 5 years after joining the brotherhood, Ood Bnar decides to make the move to Clan Plagueis for personal reasons that are somewhat clouded in mystery. Once there, the Young Neti flourishes and within the span of a year he has attained the rank of Archpriest and Quaestor of House Exar Kun. The longing for Home remains though and when the position of Scholae Palatinae's Proconsul opens up, the Krath applies for the job and gets appointed to it. Returning to Scholae Palatinae after little over a year, the Neti is hopefull as to what the future shall bring him in his original Clan.


Glorious Return




To War


DJB Facts

Positions Held

Unit Experience

Positions Held
Before Position After
Xan Be'lakor Azytzeen Rollmaster of House Caliburnus
19 ABY
Thran Occasus Rollmaster of House Acclivis Draco
19 ABY - 21 ABY
Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine
Ralph Vundu Aedile of House Exar Kun
25 ABY
Octavia Morgan Kuga
Cethgus Kuga Quaestor of House Exar Kun
25 ABY
Quejo Drakai
Angelo Dante Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae
25 ABY - 27 ABY
Position Removed
Position Created Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae
27 ABY - 29 ABY
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Shadow Academy

Positions Held
Before Position After
Unknown Eclectic Pedagogue for Starfighter Tactics
19 ABY - 21 ABY
Position Removed
Darknyte Eclectic Pedagogue for Pre-Republic History
20 ABY - 25 ABY
Position Removed
Position Created Professor of Philosophy
25 ABY - 28 ABY
Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Position Created Professor of Core Studies
28 ABY - 31 ABY
Teu Pepoi
Solus Gar Praetor to the Headmaster
31 ABY - 34 ABY
Farrin Xies
Unknown Docent of Markdown Studies
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Meleu Karthdo
Zagro Fenn Professor of Core Studies
33 ABY
Marcus Kiriyu
Position Created Special Magistrate to the Headmaster
34 ABY - 39 ABY
Position Removed


  • Dark Maven (Service) for his work as Eclectic Pedagogue of Starfighter Tactics
  • Dark Savant (Service) for his work as Eclectic Pedagogue of Starfighter Tactics and Pre-Republic History
  • Dark Sage (Service) for his work as Professor of Philosophy
  • Ruby Scepter for his overall Academy service


  • Doesn't like to be set on fire
  • During the GJW (RPG) his hair was used to make torches of
  • Had no legs between 37 ABY and 38 ABY - due to a training incident against Solari that took place on Lyspair. Even though his legs have grown back, he has grown accustomed to using a hover-chair.