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Battleteam Exar's Shadow
General information

Commander: None


Aerun (former)

Historical information

19 ABY


33 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

House Exar Kun


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Brotherhood and Unity"
―Exar's Shadow Motto

Exar's Shadow was a battleteam within House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. When formed it was the fictional, scholarship-based battle team within the house while Blades of Kun took the gaming side. When the latter team closed, Exar's Shadow became the sole battle team in the house. After several years of noble service, including the capture of key Crimson Tide members, leadership determined the team to be on the decline and retired it from active service. Years later, when Clan Plagueis was downgraded into a house, two entirely new battle teams would be created.


Onderon’s Fist

An ancient Onderon city.

Four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Mandalorians attempted an invasion of the planet Onderon. Defeated by only a small margin, the leaders of Onderon recognized the need for an expert military force, so King Ommin commissioned the Onderon’s Fist strike force. The group would prove successful in thwarting future Mandalorian excursions, but their force sensitive leaders increasingly relied upon darker teachings in their quest for greater power. Peace came to Onderon, but the power of its Fist continued to grow.

The planet would again be thrown into dishevel when Lord General Vaklu, leader of Onderon’s military, declared a state of emergency against the Queen. War was coming, he claimed, and Onderon had grown weak during the years of peace. He struck against the capital and Queen, but Onderon’s Fist remained royalists and fought back. Months of fighting ended with the royalists regaining control. Onderon’s Fist was again placed on a pedestal for its role in the victory.


The entrance of Onderon into the Republic would change things. The Jedi Order cared little for the dark teachings of Onderon’s Fist and forced them to abandon the planet in self-exile. They landed on Yavin IV and within the tombs of the Massassi Temples discovered the etchings of Lord Exar Kun. They trained under his pseudo-guidance. Official history declares them to have awakened the spirit of Lord Kun, but modern historians have argued the effects were more psychological.

The effects were still real, and Onderon’s Fist, corrupted by the dark side, was reborn as Exar’s Shadow. They fled Yavin sometime before the Galactic Civil War and eventually disappeared completely.


When Clan Plagueis moved to the Sigil System around 19 ABY, House Exar Kun archeologists discovered wreckage on Aerun largely untouched by the environment. Files were recovered detailing the history of Onderon’s Fist and Exar’s Shadow, though no survivors were discovered. Recognizing the connection to their own namesake, the House determined Exar’s Shadow to be its first battle team, continuing its history of serving in the legacy of the Dark Lord. Battle Team Exar’s Shadow would serve the house loyally for over a decade, though the team also cycled through Commanders regularly sometimes due to promotion and other times removal. The team proved instrumental during the Battle of Byfrost with the pirate organization Crimson Tide. Exar’s Shadow would develop a fierce rivalry with fellow Battle Team Blades of Kun and assisted in the chase of pirate Alonzo Bodelle.

Restless Slumber

In 33 ABY, a newly elected House Summit determined the team, long since the sole battle team of the House, to have declined in both leadership and activity. The Brotherhood, Clan Plagueis, and House Exar Kun were changing as an uncertain future loomed. Quaestor Cassandra El'sin and Aedile Koga Kage elected to dissolve Exar’s Shadow in favor of reinventing the former Blades of Kun. Several years later, the House itself would be dissolved as Clan Plagueis became a House with two entirely new battle teams. Yet while the framework of Exar’s Shadow is gone forever, the spirit of its teachings and unity live on in prominent Brotherhood members.

Standard Equipment

Exar's Shadow Armor


  • Main (Rifle): SoroSuub GLX Firelance
  • Secondary (Pistol): Relby K-23
  • Close-Quarters-Combat (Blade): Litch blade
    • Flight Leaders: Force pike in addition to litch blade
    • Members at or above Dark Jedi Knight: Lightsaber in addition to litch blade
  • Other (Grenade): Plasma grenade


  • Regular: Standard robes for rank, with a small Exar's Shadow logo embroidered to the right breast.
  • Ground Combat: Stark white armor with black stripes running down the sides of the helmet and limbs. An Exar's Shadow insignia is painted on the breastplate.
  • Space Combat: Solid black TIE Pilot uniform with an Exar's Shadow logo on the right breast.

Roll of Commanders

Battleteam Exar's Shadow
Commander Service Dates
Schisca 08/02/2005 to 08/25/2005
Starrett 08/25/2005 to 09/25/2005
Scorpius 09/25/2005 to 11/18/2005
Drodik 11/18/2005 to 11/27/2005
Aabsdu 11/27/2005 to 04/23/2006
Vasily 'Paulikus' Zaitsev 04/23/2006 to 07/05/2006
Shirai Ryu Dupar 07/05/2006 to 09/27/2006
Dismal 09/27/2006 to 01/07/2007
Laigerick Sithelhood 01/07/2007 to 02/24/2007
Mayda Ferium 02/24/2007 to 04/03/2007
Anochiir 04/03/2007 to 06/08/2007
Sakh nhem 06/08/2007 to 07/10/2007
Dismal 07/10/2007 to 08/08/2007
Aalos Fier 08/08/2007 to 09/24/2007
Brema Sedul 09/24/2007 to 05/19/2008
Famosus Aspicio 05/19/2008 to 06/17/2008
Derev Niroth 06/17/2008 to 07/19/2008
Cipher K'oranian Isradia 07/19/2008 to 10/09/2008
Cethgus Incendia Zor-El 10/09/2008 to 01/06/2009
Octavia Morgan Kuga 01/06/2009 to 09/11/2009