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Farrin Xies
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Shien and Jar'Kai

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Previously: Courier; Currently: Administrator




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Dark Council, Clan Tarentum



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"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it."
― Farrin Xies' Motto

Farrin Xies is the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy and former Consul of Clan Tarentum. He currently holds the rank of Warlord. He is qualified for the Antei Combat Center, is a member of the Grand Master's Royal Guard (ninth rank), is a egregia cum laude graduate (twelfth rank) of the Shadow Academy Society, and is a Chief Inquisitor (tenth rank) of the Inquisitorius.


Birth (4 ABY) Through Childhood

An artist's rendition of Farrin's homeland.

Farrin was born to Cristobal and Irena Xies in Coronet City, the capital city of Corellia. An only child, his younger years were very happy as his parents constantly strove to provide the best of everything and, as fairly high-ranking Corellian Security Force (or CorSec) officers, there were certainly credits to spare for the task. His early childhood was filled with toys and playdates with other children that lived in their apartment complex. All in all, it was a mostly idyllic childhood, as Farrin's parents made every effort to shield him from the dangerous world that as CorSec (and later, after CorSec's dissolution, its successor the Public Safety Service) officers they worked in.

Teen (16 ABY)

Farrin's teen life, much like his earlier childhood, was one of comfort. He attended some of the better public schools, was fairly popular amongst his peers, and continued to be well provided for by his parents. However, his fairly sheltered and pampered upbringing caused him to begin acting out in his mid-teenage years, experimenting with drugs such as spice, alcohol, and other illegal endeavors that attracted many like him from his school. Though he would "out grow" the other illegal diversions shortly, Farrin would continue to use and, for some time in his early adult years abuse, alcohol. By his late twenties, however, he had seemed to gain control of his habit, limiting his drinking to social occasions.

During his childhood and especially continuing into his teenage years, Farrin was a rather ambivalent member of the Sub-Adult Group, a division of the COMPNOR.

Adulthood (21 ABY)

Example of uniform worn during courier missions for the ISB.

"I used to be a... 'simple' freighter captain like you."
― Farrin Xies, reflecting on his time as a courier and runner for the Council of Moffs.

Due to his membership in the Sub-Adult Group, unenthusiastic as it was, as well as his stellar marks in school, the Imperial Security Bureau sought Farrin to join their ranks. Due to the impressive signing bonus as well as the esteem he felt that they were held in, the decision was an easy one of Farrin's part. He eventually rose to become one of the most trusted couriers of ISB Central Command, later followed by the Council of Moffs.

It was on a routine run for the Council of Moffs that Farrin's unmarked shuttle was disabled by New Republic forces an hour's flight outside Theed on the planet of Naboo. The flight crew and the four stormtroopers assigned to guard him were killed in front of him, but Farrin was taken for questioning and tortured. After four days of this horrible treatment, trying to gain the information safely ensconced in his head, Farrin reached his breaking point. Using The Force for the first time, he broke from his bonds and lashed out at his attackers before fleeing.

The Emperor's Hammer (21 ABY - 29 ABY)

Logo of the Emperor's Hammer

On the run and attempting to teach himself the ways of the Dark Side of the Force, Farrin ran afoul of the Intelligence Directorate of an Imperial breakaway fleet known as the Emperor's Hammer. Because of his budding Force powers, instead of being tortured yet again Farrin was allowed to enroll in the Shadow Academy of the (Emperor's Hammer) Dark Brotherhood - he did not know at this time of the distinction between it and the post-Exodus Dark Brotherhood. He quickly grew in power and prestige, eventually rising to lead this Dark Brotherhood's Shadow Academy as its Headmaster and obtaining the rank of Dark Side Adept. Additionally, using the Dark Side to aid him along the way, he took on various positions within the Emperor's Hammer Directorate that oversaw the various planetary holdings within the Strike Fleet, rising rapidly through the ranks of this organization as well to become a Duke and lead it as its Grand Moff. Because of his station, he was also given the honorary rank of Admiral within the Emperor's Hammer. For someone who had previously served as a simple courier for Moffs, to command entire systems was a heady task, especially for someone who had not yet seen thirty.

After serving with distinction as the leader of the Emperor's Hammer Directorate for some time, Farrin grew disillusioned with politics and sought to deepen his study of the dark side. The Dark Brotherhood of the Emperor's Hammer, however, was on the decline, and it was for that reason that when he heard reports that the "rebel" Dark Brotherhood was thriving after the "Split" (their term for the Exodus), he secretly boarded his private shuttle and piloted it himself to Antei

Joining the Brethren and Exile (29 ABY-38 ABY)

The symbol of Farrin's former home, House Marka Ragnos

Once he reached Antei, Farrin assumed the name of Nassin Zye to mask who he was - relations between the Emperor's Hammer and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood at this time were still uneasy, and he didn't want his budding career to be jeopardized. He made the decision early on to treat this as a chance to start his life anew, and so began working his way up from the ranks of Apprentice just as any "normal" new recruit would. As a member of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow, he moved swiftly through the ranks to Jedi Hunter, serving along the way briefly as a Battleteam Sergeant of the Shadow's Bane Battleteam and also as a Battleteam Leader of the now-defunct Night Falcons Battleteam. In late 31 ABY, Farrin resigned his positions and left his House and Clan, exiling himself to the swamp planet of Dagobah. He had received the troubling news of the death of his beloved parents on Corellia, and in his mourning he felt it necessary to make a break from everything which he knew. Dagobah, most famous for being the former home of the exiled Jedi Grand Master Yoda, served as a welcome place for Farrin to come to terms with his losses and where he was in his life.

Return from Exile (38 ABY-Present)

"My name is Farrin Xies, and I am a Dark Jedi. I serve the Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood in Antei, and that is our destination. Come, it's time for us to leave Dagobah."
― Farrin, to the Rodian smugglers who would take him back to Antei
The Sword's Sheath, Farrin's current quarters under his Master, Hades.

After nine years on Dagobah, a leaner and wiser Farrin decided that it was time to rejoin the galaxy after continuously having visions of his dead mother instructing him to return "home." Therefore he took it as a nudge of fate when his exile on the swampy planet was disturbed for the first time by off-worlders - two Rodians who had crash-landed on Dagobah during a smuggling run gone awry. Using parts from the shuttle that had brought him to the planet years previously that he had dismantled shortly after his arrival, Farrin was able to assist the smugglers with repairing the hyperdrive and other critical components of their freighter that had been damaged. In return for his assistance, the Rodians agreed to take him off the planet.

After navigating the Shroud, Farrin headed immediately to the Dark Hall on Antei to petition the Master at Arms for readmittance into the Brotherhood to renew his training. Accepted back, he threw off the mantle of his assumed name and joined his former Clan, Tarentum, now an independent House. Tarentum was in fact the same Clan he had been a part of in his younger years in the Dark Brotherhood which remained behind under the Emperor's Hammer. Farrin threw himself into his studies in an effort to make up for the time lost on his Trials of Knighthood, spending a significant amount of time in the halls of the Shadow Academy and working hard to become a valuable member of his Clan.

Though he felt that he was close, he knew that the road to finally achieving his lightsaber and the title of Dark Jedi Knight would take still more effort on his part; in order to assist, after much meditation and conversation with his then-Quaestor, Scion Altera, Farrin contacted a grizzled veteran of both the Emperor's Hammer and the Dark Brotherhood, Apollo. Known more commonly as Hades, he agreed to take Farrin on as a student in order to push him to succeed in the last of his requirements. Together with his Master, Farrin was a common sight among the other Journeymen of Tarentum training, but also spent a significant amount of time in meditation and study on The Sword's Sheath, the former headquarters of House Gladius and Hades' home.

After deeming him ready, Hades and Scion recommended him for his promotion to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. His Trials of Knighthood complete, Farrin began to prepare himself for taking on a student of his own as well as continue serving his Clan and the Brotherhood.

Steps into Leadership

While previously serving in Clan Naga Sadow, Farrin had served as a Flight Leader (or Sergeant, to use the more common-place terminology) of the Shadow's Bane Squadron (Sith) and then the Tetrarch of the Night Falcons Phyle. Upon his return from his exile, Farrin petitioned the House Tarentum leadership to allow him to showcase his leadership talents anew, so he was pleased when Tarentum Quaestor Scion Altera offered him the leadership of the Jen Kaari Battleteam. He worked hard to continue the legacy of solid leadership that Jen Kaari had shown under its previous leader, Dark Jedi Master Anshar Kahn Tarentae. After serving for a short time in this position, he applied for and was accepted for ascension to the House Summit proper as Rollmaster of Tarentum, a position that had been vacant for some time. In this role, he was the Summit's liaison to the journeymen of Tarentum. After the rise of Grand Master Darth Pravus, Tarentum once more became a Clan. Scion and Hades, who Farrin considered friends after having worked with closely with them for some time, were removed from their posts; in their place stepped former Tarenti Raiju Kang and Tarentae Darth Aeternus. Though traditionally such a clean sweep of the rest of the Clan Summit would entail removing the Rollmaster as well, Farrin was kept in his post.

Farrin continued his excellent work with Tarentum's Journeymen as the Clan's Rollmaster and was increasingly considered a true part of Tarentum's leadership team, rather than a junior leader. When Darth Aeternus stepped down from the position of Proconsul, Raiju elevated Farrin to take over. During the Reanimated Plague in Tarentum's home system of Yridia, Raiju betrayed his Tarenti comrades and defected from the Clan; at the order of the Grand Master, Farrin moved up yet again to take the mantle of Consul of Clan Tarentum.

As a relatively young leader, he knew he had his work cut out for him. To assist him in turning Tarentum around, Farrin selected two steady hands from the ranks of the Tarentae to assist him - Sith Bloodfyre became his Proconsul and Frosty Romanae Tarentae became the Clan's Rollmaster. Together, the three formed a tight bond and their Clan's prestige and power were solidly on the rise. Toward the end of his Consulship, Farrin had to turn more and more to the rest of his Summit as his responsibilities in the Shadow Academy grew. Eventually, upon his elevation to the Headmastership of the Shadow Academy, he was forced to step down as Tarentum's Consul and cede control of the Clan to his friend and former Rollmaster, Frosty.

Duty to the Shadow Academy

In addition to his duties within his Clan, Farrin had his sights on service to the Brotherhood at large. Shortly after returning from his exile, Farrin learned that the newly-named Headmaster of the Shadow Academy was an old acquaintance of his from the Emperor's Hammer, Dacien Victae. He reached out to the new Headmaster in an effort to offer his assistance with whatever menial task Dacien had, and after a series of conversations was surprised to be taken on as a Magistrate. Under the authority of the Praetor to the Headmaster, Ood Bnar, Farrin assisted with Dacien's continued upkeep and revitalization of the Shadow Academy as the premier institution of dark side knowledge in the known galaxy. After a long and vital career as Praetor, Ood chose to step down from his position in the waning months of Dacien's Headmastership, and Farrin was pleased to be selected to replace him.

In 34 ABY, Dacien stepped down as Headmaster after two years of service. Out of numerous highly qualified individuals, Grand Master Darth Pravus selected Farrin to succeed his friend and mentor as Headmaster. Farrin supported Pravus' crackdown on Undesirables but was unsure when the Grand Master's actions led to some of the Clans - including his former home of Tarentum - beginning to move against the Iron Throne. His loyalties were further called into conflict when Farrin was named as a Tarentae; Tarentum was his family but he knew he could make no move that would allow the Grand Master to even begin to question Farrin's allegiances. This conflict came to a head during the war against The Collective when Pravus forced Farrin to stand aside and watch the destruction of Tarentum's fleet without being able to aid them. Forced to board his shuttle to return to the Shadow Academy's new campus on the planet Arx, he began to plot anew.

Traits and Information

Weapons and Gear

Farrin is not an overly violent man and prefers subterfuge and diplomacy to aggression. However, this should not be mistaken for pacifism, as he is well-trained and experienced in the use of blasters as well as lightsabers. Farrin's range weapon of choice is the DH-17 blaster pistol; he originally carried one on sensitive courier missions for the COMPNOR, and his high comfort level with the weapon led to him carrying it throughout the rest of his travels and he continues to do so. He has some training in martial arts as well, favoring specifically the Whiptree form for its versatility.

The lightsaber Farrin built upon reaching the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

When it comes to lightsabers, Farrin, when he served the Emperor's Hammer, had been a student of the Jar'Kai Niman style and proficient in Niman. However, after the many years of disuse coupled with his efforts to rise through the ranks of the Brotherhood in a new start untainted by previous knowledge, his abilities in both of these forms have largely disappeared. While preparing for his Trials of Knighthood using a simple green-bladed armory lightsaber, Farrin's master Hades drilled him repeatedly in various forms; they discovered that Farrin had an aptitude for Shien, the agility of which suited him well. Over time, Farrin began to study and train in Jar'Kai again, eventually gaining some moderate proficiency in the dual-saber style.

Upon attaining the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, he began construction of his own lightsaber. At its core is a rare Durindfire crystal, prized among Corellian Jedi for the silvery white blade it produces, as well as Opila focusing crystals. The hilt is a beautiful combination of alloys with an inset purple grip that he obtained from the Office of the Herald, and the assembly, done by hand by Farrin, took the better part of a week. The excellent workmanship of the weapon was a huge source of pride for the new Dark Jedi Knight. Upon attaining the rank of Battlemaster, Farrin constructed a second blade very similar to the first. It is with this second blade that he has begun training anew in the Jar'Kai style.


Before his self-exile to Dagobah, Farrin was marked by the typical Krath aloofness and tendency toward bookishness while still showing a love of life and passion. While he is generally ready with a quick joke, since his return to the Brotherhood he can sometimes charitably be called cold. The loss of his parents, who though he had become estranged from he still felt a close emotional connection to, had left him a changed man, and his isolation on Dagobah hadn't much helped. He is very loyal to his Clan and to the Brotherhood as a whole. In a fight, he is known to take the easiest way out; if there is a shortcut or some sort of "questionable" maneuver, he is not above utilizing it in an effort to ensure it's not a fair fight.

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From an out of character perspective, Farrin Xies and Nassin Zye, though (very) similar in name, were originally designed and written as two separate characters. Upon his return from a long stint in the Rogues, User:Farrin.Xies made the decision for simplicity's sake to combine them and a significant amount of retconning has been the result. The Wiki you see here reflects these changes, and this process is still a work in progress.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Preceded by: Dacien Victae Headmaster
36 ABY - current
Preceded by: Raiju Kang Consul of Clan Tarentum
33 ABY - 36 ABY
Succeeded by: Frosty Romanae Tarentae
Preceded by: Korras Proconsul of Clan Tarentum
33 ABY - 33 ABY
Succeeded by: Sith Bloodfyre
Position created Rollmaster of Clan Tarentum
32 ABY - 33 ABY
Succeeded by: Frosty Romanae Tarentae
Preceded by: Scion Altera Rollmaster of House Tarentum
32 ABY - 32 ABY
Transitioned to Clan RM
Preceded by: Anshar Kahn Tarentae Battleteam Leader of the Jen Kaari Battleteam
32 ABY - 32 ABY
Succeeded by: Korras
Preceded by: Ood Bnar Praetor of the Shadow Academy
36 ABY - 36 ABY
Succeeded by: Marcus Kiriyu
Preceded by: N/A Magistrate of the Shadow Academy
32 ABY - 36 ABY
Succeeded by: Rhace Tarrin
Preceded by: Unknown Tetrarch of the Night Falcons Phyle
24 ABY - 24 ABY
Succeeded by: Unknown
Preceded by: Unknown Flight Leader of the Shadow's Bane Squadron
24 ABY - 24 ABY
Succeeded by: Unknown