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Dark Voice
Political Information
Founding Document:

Standards of Publication, Mission Statement

Commander in Chief:

Dark Voice Tribune

De Facto Leader:

Dark Voice Senior Editor, Dark Voice Senior Correspondent

Societal information
Official Language:

Galactic Basic

Historical information
Date of Establishment:


Date of Reorganization:

27 ABY

Date of Dissolution:

28 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Dark Voice was the Official Newsletter of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and was led by the Dark Voice Tribune under the authority of the Iron Throne. The Dark Voice published 8 issues per Volume, and each volume ran the span of two years (Star Wars Timeline).

The Dark Voice is no longer an active part of the Dark Brotherhood having since been closed down.

Dark Voice History


The Dark Voice published 29 issues, from 1995 until 2004 prior to the Exodus from the Emperor's Hammer. Jac Cotelin will add additional history here.


The Dark Voice published 18 issues from April of 2004 until June 15th of 2007, prior to the reformation of the Dark Voice by Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth.

The Reformation

After being named Dark Voice Tribune in May of 2007, Sith Battlemaster Derev Niroth quickly sought to make what seemed as drastic changes to the Dark Voice, under the distant guidance of the Iron Throne. After publishing a single issue following the "status quo", Derev began to make massive changes to every aspect of the Dark Voice. Deciding to start a new Volume, the first issue of Volume 5 led the new revival of the Dark Voice.


With only a few issues under his belt, the Dark Voice Tribune could no longer handle the criticisms brought down by those in the Brotherhood. Leaving the Brotherhood permanently, the Grand Master found that the Dark Voice had served its purpose, but could do so no longer and so had it removed from the rest of the organization.

Roll of Past Editors

This is an inclusive list of every member who has served as "Editor-in-Chief" of the Dark Voice, going back to the first issue of the Dark Voice, to the present day. Where available, dates are also provided.