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Unknown (8 ABY)

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1m 85


70 kg





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Flight leader


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Clan Scholae Palatinae



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Character History

The lines I record into this Holocron come mostly from my old master, and from my experiences.

My name was Rade Perhi, son of a Jedi knight and an ordinary woman. They died a short time after my birth. How it happened, I don't know. My Master was hiding on the same planet where I was born. He was hunted by the Jedi - "for his beliefs", he said. He told me he felt my scream in the force, and he knew I must become his new apprentice.

I don't know if it's true or not, but I know one thing. I never knew anyone else closer to the definition of "father" as he was. And that day I became known as Zeron. My training was brutal and knew no mercy. I was always pushed to my limits - I couldn't rest for a second. I knew nothing except numerous tests and trials. I studied the Dark Side, and the process of Sith Alchemy. I learned the basics of how to use a lightsaber. My primary role, however, was to become a Dark Side Assassin. As my powers grew, so did my rage and anger. He used it well - those who opposed him died. I was his blade, and a well-forged one. That was his fatal mistake.

At the age of 16, I reached a point where the presence of my master became unwanted. In fear of his power, I couldn't try a direct attack. I had to wait, wait for the perfect opportunity. It came in a form of a group of thugs who attacked our hideout - while they subdued my master I broke his spine with a single blow - his death was instantaneous. The attackers were caught off-balance by my actions, giving me the 2 second advantage I needed. I killed them all then fled, leaving behind everything I had become in the last 16 years.

In the upcoming weeks, without purpose or goal, I wandered the galaxy. I killed for survival, for money, for food. I had no moral doubts - the value of life was nothing to me. But then I ran into an another Force user. Due to my arrogance, I didn't realize just how powerful he was - I was defeated in mere seconds. Why he spared my life will be always a mystery to me, but instead of killing me, he spoke about the Dark Brotherhood, where my raw abilities could be perfected. Soon I joined the Shadow Academy, and in this place, my true journey started.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements


  • Zeron became Protector after one day in the Brotherhood.
  • Received his first merit award (Dark Cross) two days after he joined the Brotherhood.
  • Four months and two days after joining, he was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.
  • He was the first PIN#8000+ member to reach the rank of DJK.