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January 2013 - Orian Incursion

Sepros assault.jpg

The Orian Incursion, also known as the Summer Invasion, was a conflict between Clan Naga Sadow and the allied Houses Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis in 36 ABY. The two houses sought to bring their combined forces to bear against Naga Sadow's holdings with the goal of showing the Dark Council that the two houses could stand with the Clans of the Brotherhood.

Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis devised an invasion plan to simultaneously attack both Sepros and Aeotheran. The landings on Aeotheran were secondary to the primary attack on Sepros, with the latter meant to seize the Temple of Sorrow. Initially the assault proceeded well, but the conflict degenerated into a three way battle following the betrayal of Plagueis by the forces of Scholae Palatinae. Neither of the two houses were able to secure their objectives while also fighting one another, and the formerly allied houses were driven out of the Orian system by a renewed attacks by Naga Sadowan forces.

February 2013 - Horizon - The Cure

Infected sith.jpg

The Horizons plague was a disease created by Lysu Thren, a Je'daii follower of the Bogan. One of the few Bogan disciples to survive the Force Wars on Tython, Thren was sentenced to exile on the moon Bogan to ponder the Ashla. Escaping from Tython and eventually the system, Thren eventually settled on Drongar. There he would work to create a plague that would destroy Force users completely.

The plague itself was an extremely virulent example of Bogan magics, predating even the most ancient Sith Alchemy by thousands of years. Specifically targeting wielders of the Force, the plague initially greatly increased Force ability before stripping it from its victims and leaving them to die. Thren was never able to deploy his weapon against the Jedi, dying before he saw the chance to use it. Throughout the millennia, it would remain unknown to the rest of the galaxy at large save for a chance encounter by explorers from the Sith Empire. It would eventually be re-discovered by Archibald Zoraan and used by the former Grand Master against the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

March 2013 - Wardens of Unity


The Wardens of Unity, also known as The Wardens, are a Battleteam of Taldryan. The team was formed in 36 ABY as a special force within the House led by rookie commander, Mirus Cavataio. The Wardens are trained to handle the day-to-day tasks for the House Summit, which are either too difficult or too sensitive for the regular military to deal with. Under the guidance of their commander, the Wardens are proving to be an exceptional unit with the training and skills to tackle assignments both locally and throughout the Galaxy.

April 2013 - Krayiss II

Krayiss II team buffalo.jpg

Krayiss II was a planet in the Outer Rim, in the remote Sith Worlds region of the Stygian Caldera nebula. Connected to other nearby worlds by the Nache Bhelfia hyperlane, Krayiss II was considered one of the five sacred Sith planets that formed the heart of the Sith Empire. In ancient times, Krayiss II was home to a massive library-temple that was a place of meditation and study for Sith sorcerers. However, after 14,000 BBY it was buried and largely forgotten, with its large obelisk being all that remained above ground. Still, Krayiss II attracted a number of Jedi seeking to learn the secrets of the ancient temple.

Krayiss II was the site of an early battle of the Crusade. After the One Sith's attempts to disable the Brotherhood through a large-scale terrorist assault failed, the Dark Brotherhood's en-massed forces struck back. The two factions fought for possession of the library-temple, intent on obtaining the precious Sith artifacts that could turn the balance of their secret war.

May 2013 - Nfolgai

Nfolgai PLA alpha.jpg

Nfolgai is an arid world and the only habitable planet in the Nfolgai system. Occupied at various points throughout history by the Sith Empire, Nfolgai served as a mausoleum world for the followers of Sorzus Syn. Abandoned by the Sith as their Empire fell into chaos, the slave populations were left to fend for themselves. The world was rediscovered in 35 ABY by the One Sith, and eventually became site of one of the first clashes between their order and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

June 2013 - Atra Ventus

Atra Jan2013 small.png

Atra Ventus (pronounced at-tra) was born on Corellia, where he spent most of his youth getting in trouble. A bit of a smart-Alec he tended to open his mouth when he shouldn't. Gaining the reputation as a hooligan the authorities weren't overly surprised to be called to the home of the Ventus family, yet they were surprised upon arriving. As the only survivor of the bloodbath one would think he'd be at the center of the media. This was not the case, in fact he fell off the grid completely. At least, until he woke up in a holding cell staring at Methyas and Locke.

August 2013 - Kazmir Natas

Kazmir Natas infobox.jpg

Kazmir "Tyre" Natas, is a Force-sensitive Echani male who serves Taldryan as an Obelisk Templar. Born on Thyrsus in 15 ABY - in anything but ideal situations - to a Thyrsian father and Echani mother, parents he has never met, or known. The young boy was left for dead on the streets until he was found, and raised as heir to a local Thyrsian nobleman. His life on Thyrsus was unremarkable, and he was quickly drawn to exploring the galaxy in search of an understanding for his abnormal powers. Finding his way to the Brotherhood where he was taken in by Taldryan, Kazmir quickly rose to become a trusted and highly decorated Taldryanite and that despite lacking years of formal training in the Jedi way.

September 2013 - Liu Van Dae


Liu Van Dae was a Jedi who desired to purge all disciples of the dark side. First brought up within the New Jedi Order under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker, he grew to idolize the fallen Omancor Crask, who had challenged the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 30 ABY and died doing so. Liu was most noted for both altering his ship's hyperdrive and using the Force to manipulate time travel, a rare but possible phenomenon in the galaxy. Traveling from 50 ABY back to 33 ABY in order to execute Muz Ashen and subsequently end the rise of the Brotherhood, he was later killed in 35 ABY by Taigikori Aybara during the Invasion of New Tython.

October 2013 - Void Squadron


Void Squadron is a battleteam attached to House Qel-Droma serving Clan Arcona. Founded in 35 ABY , the squadron was created in order to address perceived shortcomings on the part of Arcona’s starfighter units exposed during the Dark Brotherhood's invasion of New Tython. The unit is stationed aboard Arcona’s Cardan-class battlestation, Dusk Station, and usually operates from the Nebula-class star destroyer Invicta during combined fleet operations.

November 2013 - Stanson Rend


Stanson Yohan Rend was a politician and criminal boss. He was once the governor of Yridia IX and the esteemed Ethnarc of the Yridian Kratocracy, harboring a strong alliance with the Dark Jedi and leaders of Tarentum. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he became affiliated with Arcona, working with the leaders of House Qel-Droma and Shadow Gate within the shadowport of Ol'val. His subsequent betrayal of the Brotherhood and attempted partnership with Odan-Urr would later cost him his life at the hands of Ronovi Tavisaen in 36 ABY.

December 2013 - V'yr Vorsa

V'yr Vorsa.png

V'yr Vorsa is a Neti Consular and Scholar from House Odan-Urr. After her long exile on Kashyyyk she has finally resumed her search for a reorganized Jedi order, finding a suitable spiritual successor in House Odan-Urr. Her true purpose in the troubles to come is yet to be revealed.