Krayiss II

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Krayiss II

Sith Worlds


Krayiss System


2: Hakagram, Nakgru



Rotation period:

25 Hours

Orbital period:

162 Days





Primary Terrain:

Mountainous, Barren

Points of interest:


Immigrated species:

Sith Purebloods

Primary language(s):

Sith language


Sith Empire

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"Other Jedi have come here before you. Do not think you are the first, or will be the last."
―A Sith spirit, to Vara Nreem[src]

Krayiss II was a planet in the Outer Rim, in the remote Sith Worlds region of the Stygian Caldera nebula. Connected to other nearby worlds by the Nache Bhelfia hyperlane, Krayiss II was considered one of the five sacred Sith planets that formed the heart of the Sith Empire. In ancient times, Krayiss II was home to a massive library-temple that was a place of meditation and study for Sith sorcerers. However, after 14,000 BBY it was buried and largely forgotten, with its large obelisk being all that remained above ground. Still, Krayiss II attracted a number of Jedi seeking to learn the secrets of the ancient temple.

Krayis II was the site of an early battle of the Crusade. After the One Sith's attempts to disable the Brotherhood through a large-scale terrorist assault failed, the Dark Brotherhood's en-massed forces struck back. The two factions fought for possession of the library-temple, intent on obtaining the precious Sith artifacts that could turn the balance of their secret war.


Ancient History

Sith Empire

Krayiss II was originally settled during the time of the ancient Sith Empire. The pureblooded Sith constructed a great library-temple to house and protect their most precious artifacts, and dark secrets. Founded before 14,000 BBY, the library-temple served as a pilgrimage for those who wished to push the limits of the Dark Side and conduct sinister experiments with the Force.

Events that have been lost to history led to the abandonment of the library-temple and its concealment within the Dark Side of the Force. Over the centuries, many attempted to gain access to the library-temple to no avail. Unlike some other libraries that were uncovered by explorers and treasure-seekers, the secrets of the Krayiss II library were never uncovered prior to the Brotherhood's invasion. It is believed that the sheer power of the knowledge held within the library was the reasoning for the great efforts to hide the resource.

Galactic Republic

By 4,000 BBY the library-temple was completely entombed below the surface of Krayiss II, except for a massive obelisk that extended from the top of the structure. Accessible only through meditation and incantations, the obelisk serves as the gateway to elevating the library-temple from Krayiss IIs surface. Many travelers have perished in their attempts to gain access to the library-temple, as failure to properly approach the obelisk or recite the incantations would lead to the explorer's destruction.

The mysteries of the library-temple made it infamous among knowledge-seekers. Over the course of ten thousand years, the library-temple served as a beacon for all those who could sense the Force. Jedi and Sith alike traveled to the obelisk monument. Some succeeded in reciting incantations and elevating the library-temple to Krayiss II's surface. However, Each attempt was met with failure as the Sith spirit guarding the structure deemed those attempting to access the library-temple's secret unworthy. As of 4,000 BBY the structure was known to be guarded by a black cloaked Sith spirit of Lord Malignous, the spirit of Jedi Master Jev Sunrider, and two additional disposed Jedi Masters.

Dark Crusade

Galactic Alliance

In 34 ABY, elements of the One Sith occupied Krayiss II in an attempt to unearth the secrets of the ancient library-temple. The One Sith expedition was led by a human Sith Lord, his Nagai acolyte, and two dozen Sith aspirants. Unable to bypass the Sith Spirit guarding the library-temple, the One Sith established a base camp and small starport to sustain operations on the planet's surface. As of 36 ABY, the One Sith expedition had scoured Krayiss II and uncovered several Sith scrolls and artifacts. Possessed with the knowledge provided by these relics, the One Sith anticipated accessing the library-temple within months.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

"You think you deserve to inherit the legacy of the Sith?!"
―Darth Malignous, spirit of the library-temple[src]

In response to the One Sith's attacks against both Dark Councillors and Brotherhood Elders, the Grand Master and Dark Council decided to strike back with "Operation Just Vengeance". Based on intelligence gathered by the Voice, Lord Pravus, a bounty was placed on the Sith Lady known as Tor Siva, who was said to be active on Krayiss II. Siva, an apprentice of Darth Sinagar, was said to be a deadly assassin and one of the Sith responsible for killing Brotherhood members. While on a mission to secure the ancient library-temple of Krayiss II, Dark Jedi Master Shadow Taldrya received word about the mission to eliminate Siva. With his partner, Dark Adept Benevolent Taldrya Whiner, the Dark Jedi lured Tor Siva away from the library-temple and confronted her. While Shadow engaged the Sith in a lightsaber battle, Benevolent disabled the Sith Acolytes accompanying her with a combination of explosives and Force illusions.[1]

Tor Siva turned out to be a powerful opponent. Despite taking on two Elders simultaneously, she was able to fight to a stand-still. However, Benevolent's aptitude for trickery managed to catch the Sith off-guard, as he blanketed the desert with a thin layer of frost. Shadow took advantage of Siva's monetary loss of balance, and impaled her with a thrust from his assassin lightsaber. The two Dark Jedi had landed the first solid blow against the One Sith on Krayiss II, but had no time for rest.[1]

The ancient library-temple of Krayiss II was - raised by Sinagar -team of One Sith in first, followed by Dark Jedi - inside, the ancient relics are possessing whoever touches them -remnants of the DB team meet before special chamber - while five of the Dark Jedi combine their power to open the doors, Shadow, Ben, Skye enter to confront Sinagar[1]

- Sinagar is possessed and has killed his own minions - The spirit of the Sith Lord, Darth Malignous, controls Sinagar - The three Dark Jedi battle the Sith Lord, but he's totally badass and physical wounds don't stop him - Ben and Skye knocked out, Shadow down - Spirits of the temple guardians arrive and attack Malignous - Gaining power from their Force meld, Shadow attacks the weakened Malignous with Force Lightning coupled with the spirit's attack and Malignous is destroyed. Sinagar is already dead from the mortal wounds he suffered earlier - The Brotherhood has captured the library-temple[1]


Satellite Description

Hakagram and Nakru

Hakagram and Nakru are twin satellites in near-synchronous rotation with Krayiss II. The moons orbit Krayiss II at a distance of 247,000km and 249,000km respectively. During Krayiss II's night cycle, the two moons provide a small amount of illumination on the planet's surface. The moons roughly measure 3,150 km in diameter, are devoid of life, and are completely exposed to vacuum. At present, there are no geological studies of the planet's surface indicating any form of mineral deposits.


Krayiss II is a desolate and pitiless world pocked with rocky badlands, black sand desert wastes, and mountainous regions. Once home to outposts and small settlements, Krayiss II has become an uncivilized world littered with ruins and the telltale signs of the cataclysmic event that led to the abandonment of the world.

Points of Interest

Ancient Library-temple

Library-temple of Krayiss II
Main article: Ancient Library-temple

Located near the planet's equator, the Ancient Sith Library-temple remains entombed in the rocky surface of Krayiss II. The lone indicator of the temple's existence appears in the form of a narrow tapering monument with a pyramid-like shape at the top. Covered in Sith runes, the obelisk serves as the gateway to elevating the library-temple from the planet's surface. Once raised, the library-temple consists of angled walls, pyramidal towers, and massive wooden doors at the structure's center. The massive wooden doors are carved with ancient Sith runic scripture and writings and protected by a Sith spirit and three Jedi Masters.

The interior of the library-temple holds the results of over ten thousand years of Sith experimentation by Sorcerers. Scrolls, Holocrons, and legendary heirlooms litter the halls of the immaculately preserved facility. Steeped in the Dark Side of the Force, many of the items are tainted with the power of their originator's soul and possess the capability to consume the will of treasure hunters and Sith alike.

Darth Zash's Outpost

Main article: Darth Zash's Outpost
Darth Zash's Outpost

Unearthed in 35 ABY by the One Sith, Darth Zash's Outpost was originally established as a hidden base in the event the Sith Lord needed to vanish from the galaxy. Protected by automated defense systems and maintained by maintenance droids, the outpost operated independent of the galaxy for over 3600 years. During the initial discovery of Darth Zash's Outpost, the One Sith uncovered four Fury-class Imperial Interceptor before abandoning their search due to heavy casualties resulting from the outpost's defense systems.

One Sith Spaceport

Erected in 34 ABY, the One Sith Spaceport was created to support the One Sith's expedition on Krayiss II. Designed to provide resupply and off world transport, the spaceport can support one corvette-class ship and multiple starfighters. The facility is supported by two FPC 6.7 Anti-Aircraft Batteries.


In ancient times, many pureblood Sith sorcerers called Krayiss II home, studying and meditating at the library-temple. However, after around 14,000 BBY, the temple was forgotten, only inhabited by the spirits of those who came before. Over time, a number of Jedi, including Vara Nreem, would join them as their search for knowledge ended in disaster.

Lord Malignous

Spirit of Lord Malignous
Main article: [[Lord Malignous|Lord Malignous]]

"You have awakened us from our ten-thousand-year slumber.... Do you believe you can truly defeat us this time?"
―Guardian spirits of the temple

The disciples of the Sith Order discovered the secrets of eternal life countless millennia ago. Incapable of maintaining their corporeal form, these Sith masters developed the power to maintain their consciousness as ghostly manifestations.

Destroyed in unknown events, Lord Malignous returned to the Sith library-temple on Krayiss II to seek revenge on those who would steal the Sith's secrets within the facility's archives. Cloaked in black on black robes with at horny crown upon his head, the Dark Lord stands as a gatekeeper at the great wooden doors of the library-temple. Summoned through the use of incantations, Lord Malignous only appears if the library-temple rises from the rocky surface of Krayiss II.

Lord Malignous is a powerful avatar possessing many of the abilities he controlled during life. A deceased Sith Lord, Malignous' spirit has grown in power over the millennia and seeks to collect additional souls to defend the library-temple. Incapable of being defeated through physical conflicts, Malignous remains anchored to a power source unknown at this time.

Jev Sunrider

Main article: [[Jev Sunrider|Jev Sunrider]]

"[…] do not resist the role the Force wishes you to play, for things are not always what they seem"
―Jev Sunrider
Spirit of Jev Sunrider

In life, the Jedi Master Jev Sunrider was a human male who served as a Watchman of the Darada System. In death, Sunrider was defeated by Lord Malignous in 4,009 BBY and bound to the library-temple of Krayiss II.

Jev Sunrider is a slave to the will of Lord Malignous and will protect the library-temple at the command of his master; however, the former Jedi Master will extend extreme effort in maintaining the library-temple's secrets against Sith knowledge seekers.

Vara Nreem

Main article: [[Vara Nreem|Vara Nreem]]

"I do not believe in this distinction between the dark and the light. To me they are but one and the same."
―Vara Nreem, attempting to access the Library-Temple.

Vara Nreem was a human female who served as a Jedi Knight during the days of the Old Republic. Believing she could learn the secrets of the Sith without allowing herself to fall to the Dark Side, Nreem traveled to the planet of Krayiss II in the year 4,000 BBY, where it had been previously discovered that an ancient Sith presence was located somewhere on the planet. Eventually finding her way to an age-old Sith obelisk, Nreem was able to make contact with a 10,000 year old Sith spirit. This spirit resided within the walls of a library-temple, which had been confined with the circular walls of the obelisk. Managing to communicate with the Sith specter, Nreem believed that she had been able to fool the spirit into telling her its secrets; however, the Sith had not been fooled and proceeded to attack Nreem. Just before being killed by the Sith ghost, Nreem realized that she had underestimated the dark side of the Force, and that it had been her own disparaging attitude toward her enemy that had led to her death.

The One Sith

Darth Sinagar

Darth Sinagar
Main article: [[Darth Sinagar|Darth Sinagar]]

Bog Hayden is a human fifty year old Sith Lord from the planet of Prakith. Originally trained as a member of The Malevolence, Bog was captured by the One Sith on Korriban in 30 ABY. Confronted with the overwhelming power of the One Sith, Bog relinquished his lightsaber and acquiesced to death at the hands of his captors. Subjected to psychological abuse and physical torture, Bog was turned over to the One Sith's inquisitors and re-indoctrinated in ways of the Sith.

Born again as Darth Sinagar, the new member of the One Sith committed himself to total obedience to Darth Krayt and the study of the Dark Side of the Force. Adorned in white and black tattoos detailing his passage from cult member to One Sith, Darth Sinagar eschews any connection to his past.

Tor Siva

Main article: [[Tor Siva|Tor Siva]]
Tor Siva

Tor Siva is a forty-two year old female Nagai who participated in the Nagai's invasion of the known galaxy. Operating under the command of the Dark Lady Lumiya, Tor conducted early reconnaissance operations on the planet of Kinooine and Zeltros. Identified as a Force-sensitive, Tor received rudimentary training from Lumiya until the conclusion of Nagai operations on Saiko. Left to her own devices following the Nagai treaty with the Alliance of Free Planets, Tor traveled the galaxy as a bounty hunter before being recruited in to the One Sith.

Trained to hone he unique skills, Tor adapted quickly to the life of the Sith Assassin. Utilizing a short lightsaber in combination with her Tehk'la blade, the Nagai female rose quickly through the One Sith ranks before assuming the role as Darth Sinagar's apprentice.

Sith Aspirants and Acolytes

Main article: [[Sith Acolyte|Sith Acolyte]]

The One Sith expedition to Krayiss II required a multitude of support and security personnel. Collected from across the galaxy, these aspirants range from the force-sensitive to sycophants of the Sith cause. Trained in combat, the One Sith support personnel's competency is on par with elite military special forces across the galaxy.

Behind the scenes

Krayiss II was one of the contested planets of Phase I of the Dark Crusade. The wiki entry was designed by the winning team to become canon. Based on the results of Phase I, Taldryan was awarded the right to govern Krayiss II.

Participating Units: Arcona, Odan-Urr, Taldryan

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