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February 2021 - Fourteenth Great Jedi War


After months of discussion, The Severian Principate has requested the Brotherhood take on a number of their criminal population, including captured Collective agents from the events in the Lyra system. During the prisoner transfer, the Collective created a riot on the Principate’s prison planet of Tenixir. Brotherhood forces were sent to restore order and prevent the Collective from escaping. Additional information was relayed to the Brotherhood from prisoners within the complex itself, not wishing to be killed in the conflict.

The Collective succeeded in freeing some of their scientists from the facility, but just barely. Their remaining forces were either killed in recaptured as the Brotherhood quickly shut down the prison riot. While the Collective was focused on freeing their people, the Brotherhood launched their own rescue mission, recovering the captured Deputy Grand Master, Evant Taelyan, alongside three of the clan representatives that were lost in the Lyra system. Heavily tortured and in need of medical attention, they returned home to the Arx system.

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