Yridia IX

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Yridia IX

Outer Rim


Minos Cluster


Yridia system


1: Yridiae



Distance from Core:

7.0 AU

Orbital period:

4015 Standard Days




3,600 km




Light (0.16 Standard)

Primary Terrain:

Barren, rocky

Points of interest:
Native species:


Immigrated species:

Various Species

Primary language(s):




Major cities:

Eden City (Capital)

Major imports:

Foodstuffs, medicine, luxury goods

Major exports:

Minerals, ores


House Tarentum

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The small, barren world of Yridia IX serves as the center for commerce - both legitimate and illegal - for the Yridia System and House Tarentum, making it one of the major economic centers in Minos Cluster connecting to the Trition Trade Route via the Orendai Trade Route. The planet's population is congregated into the sprawling metropolis know as Eden, which supports over 19 million denizens.


A very barren world, Yridia IX is heavily cratered, very cold, rocky, and icy. It has no atmosphere and no hydrosphere. However, the planet is made habitable by a huge artificial support system in the southern hemisphere. Effectively a force field, an energy barrier contains an artificially created atmosphere and keeps out dangerous radiation. It also acts as an effective insulator between the more temperate interior and the chilling, lifeless exterior. Several colossal solar mirrors held in geosynchronous orbit provide a semblance of daylight to those who live on the surface.


Yrida IX was colonized by speculative miners interested into tapping into the wealth of the lommite in the nearby Itaana Asteroid Belt. Unfortunately for the several smaller corporations that established themselves around the central starport, the cost of transporting the lommite back to the Inner Rim precluded them from making a significant profit. The majority of the corporate customers are primarily individuals, small Outer Rim based corporations, planetary governments, etc. When the Minos-Mestra Corporation was sold to regional holders, the Yridian corporations were able to set their own pricing and clientèle, earning a better profit when most of the Cluster was falling into an economic depression.

The conglomeration of cooperations on Yridia IX, along with their supporting residential and entertainment areas, developed around a starport of exceptional quality and facilities, considering its remote location in the galaxy. Almost every few minutes, various freighters, tugs, mining vehicles, pirate or smuggler ships can be found arriving or departing Eden, making Yridia IX one of the most active trading centers in the Minos Cluster. The Stellar-class starport serves corporate interests as well as the needs of illegitimate spacefarers; making it no surprise that Eden is attractive to organized crime which strongly contributed to the prosperity and growth of Yridia IX.

Over the past decade, a growing trend of high volume trade contacts and lucrative business opportunities have ushered Yridia into a new era of prosperity. Significant development and expansion has occurred, bringing financial institutions and increased urbanization to the growing metropolis.


Originally a participatory democracy, Yridia IX was later annexed into the Principality of Yridia, then into the Yridian Kratocracy, and later into a one-person government led by the Quaestor of Tarentum. It was once overseen primarily by a governor, appointed by the leaders of Tarentum. Yridia IX consisted of one prefecture, which was solely comprised of the metropolis of Eden. The city itself is separated into seven distinct boroughs, each with its own character and highlights.


Because of its status as an popular trading hub, Yridia IX has developed a diverse array of entertainment; mostly in the form of a nightlife. The citizens of Yridia IX - as well as all of underworld visitors - have been know to regularly frequent the various bars, nightclubs, brothels (serving a variety of tastes) and gambling centers present in Eden. One of the more pupolar bars, the Flailed Wookiee, even has a signed picture of Han Solo and Chewbacca from their early days.

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