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January 2012 - Cotelin-class Star Destroyer


The Cotelin-class Star Destroyer is one of the five classes of warships gained by the Dark Brotherhood through Operation Tempest Bravo in 27 ABY. One of the premier force projection tools in the arsenal of the Dark Brotherhood, the class is designed primarily for ship to ship combat, and carries a fearsome array of weapons and starfighters. A truly unique vessel, the Cotelin is one of the only capital ships in the Brotherhood’s fleet that is not based upon a previously deployed starship design. It instead has its origin as an unproduced Star Destroyer design originating from Sienar Fleet Systems.

February 2012 - Jeric Cyrin


A Disciple of Ragnos, Jeric Cyrin is one of two Executive Directors for the Dlarit Corporation and current Quaestor of House Marka Ragnos. Before being positioned on the Board of Directors, Jeric was issued a letter of marque by the Corporation, thus allowing him to perform acts of piracy against enemies of the corporation. Even as an Executive Director, Jeric still performs acts of piracy on behalf of the Corporation, though most are unaware. Jeric was a former member of the Obelisk Order and Tapani Noble, however in 35 ABY he lost everything, filled with hatred he allowed the dark side to fully consume him. He currently holds the rank of Sith Battlemaster and serves on the Dark Summit as the Right Hand of Justice. Jeric is best known in the Brotherhood for being a close family friend of the Pepoi's along with being their personal armorer.

March 2012 - Teu Pepoi


Teu Pepoi, formerly Teu, is the wife of Fremoc Pepoi and the mother of Thomas, Darra and Thonas Pepoi. She was born to one of the millions of rich families. Teu is currently the Rollmaster for Clan Naga Sadow, her current rank being Obelisk Exarch.

April 2012 - Brotherhood-class Star Battlecruiser

The Brotherhood-class Star Dreadnought is the largest of the five classes of warships gained by the Dark Brotherhood through Operation Tempest Bravo in 24 ABY. Based on the hull of the Clone Wars era Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser, the class is an excellent multi-role platform and can easily standing toe to toe with similar vessels fielded by the Galactic Alliance. The single Brotherhood-class vessel constructed, Nightfall, serves as command ship of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

May 2012 - Xathia Tugrina

Xathia II 2.jpg

"To underestimate me Arconan, is to turn your back on death itself."
―Xathia to Juda

Xathia is a Krath Archpriest and the former Quaestor of House Galeres of Clan Arcona. She is a strong character and regular participant, and a Judge and a former Trainer in the ACC. Despite her fierce temper and her recklessness at times, she is unwaveringly loyal to her house, clan and allies. She was also a Serpent's Fang - adviser to the House Summit, and to anyone who requires her help.

September 2012 - Roxas Buurenaar

Roxas nohelmet redeyes.jpg

"The path I walk is paved with the corpses of the people that I have killed."

Roxas is a dedicated Mandalorian warrior, who eventually learned the Force after the death of his friends and family. He fell to the dark side and was waiting to be tried by the Jedi until he escaped. He then joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. His only reason for using the Force is to get revenge for the death of his Mandalorian Clan. Roxas is the former battle team leader of The Regulators. Roxas is also bartender of The Crossroads. He is known as Fremoc's only failed apprentice.

November 2012 - Socorra Erinos


"Manui Dat Cognitio Vires - Knowledge gives strength to the arm."
―Socorra's Creed

Socorra Erinos, born as Nim Naja, is from the Bharhulai, a tribe of savage desert nomads of the Black Sands of Socorro. In late adolescence she was exiled from her tribe and taken in by and apprenticed to a failed Jedi on the path of atonement. After his subsequent fall and sudden death years later, she became a member of the Black Bha’lir smuggler’s society. Over time she earned the rank of Master Smuggler and the prestige of an information broker, having fulfilled apprenticeship in everything except smuggling. Years later she traveled to the Shadow Academy on Lyspair to broker a deal on information regarding the whereabouts of Michael Halcyon, during which her Force sensitivity was discovered and she was offered further training in the Force.

December 2012 - Eiko

Eikoavi mask.png

"From Sigma Horizon to Sigma Horizon--achuta. We are Revan"
―Eiko Lanzer, 33 ABY

Eiko Lanzer, commonly known only by his first name, is a Obelisk Templar. He served as the second Quaestor of Indepedent House Revan, leading from 33 ABY until the House's closure in 35 ABY. He serves as part of the Dark Council's staff as Praetor to DGM Halcyon Taldrya. While regarded as a capable fighter, he has gained a stronger reputation as a subtle manipulator, information broker, and even-tempered councilor.