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January 2011 - Scion Altera


Scion Altera is a Sith Battlemaster in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Aedile of House Tarentum. Formerly known as V-Scion on his homeworld Kegan and later known by his nickname Firebird, Scion served honorably within the Emperor's Hammer before returning to the Brotherhood several years after the Exodus. A hardened pilot, captain, and commander, Scion is seen by his fellow Tarenti as an example of true power and leadership.

February 2011 - 2. Brigade "Children of Heq"


The 2. Brigade "Children of Heq" was a brigade in the 2nd Division of the Clan Tarentum I Corps. It had a darkly religious background due to members of a cult, the Children of Heq, comprising a notable part of the troops. It was run with the same military standards but still carried out religious customs. The brigade was later dissolved when the I Corps was replaced with the Yridian Surface Command.

March 2011 - New Tython


New Tython, known as Harakoa to the native people, is the home planet of House Odan-Urr.

April 2011 - Eden City

Eden City landscape.jpg
Eden City is the capital city of Yridia IX, a sprawling metropolis housing over 19 million citizens. It is one of the most active trading centers in the Minos Cluster, serving economic as well as corporate interests to the Yridia system and to Tarentum. Eden is divided into seven districts, all distinctly different, and subsequently is the home of immense criminal activity and corporate manipulation.

May 2011 - The Mirage

The Mirage.jpg
The Mirage is a luxury hotel in Eden City that secretly houses the headquarters of both the Reckoners and the Yridian Security Bureau, as well as serving as a major center of gambling, multi-class housing, and office space.

June 2011 - Giovanni Palermo

Giovanni Palermo is a Jedi Hunter in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and a loyal member of House Tarentum. A native of Commenor, he spent his early years as a lawyer before being initiated into the Emperor's Hammer. Years later, he fled to the Yridia system and joined the Brotherhood, where he has stayed to this day.

July 2011 - No Article


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August 2011 - Old Folks' Home


In 26 ABY, a crack unit of venerable Dark Jedi were AWOLed by their anal retentive Clan leaders. These men promptly escaped from the Rogues to House Dinaari, in the Karufr underground. Today, inactive and cranky, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can actually convince them to be active, maybe you can hire... The Old Folks' Home.

September 2011 - Arcona Army Corps


The Army Corps is the division of the Arconan Armed Forces that is directly responsible for ground assault and defensive actions. As the largest part of the military, garrisons can be found on every world in the Dajorra System. Currently commanded by Major-General Sashar Erinos Arconae and his deputy, General Jaco'be'lexo, the Army consists of four fully functional divisions, or commands. These include the Infantry Command, the Cavalry Command, the Training Command, and the famous Special Operations Command; each command has its own heirarchy of subordinate units, making inter-Corps cooperation essential to the success of the AAC's mission.

October 2011 - GJW Event Articles


Week 1 - The Nephilim

Week 2 - Ge'tal Gaan - Red Hand

Week 3 - The Holocron of Antiquities

Week 4 - Eos Holocron

November 2011 - No Article

December 2011 - No Article