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Exodus era.New Order era.

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Scarlet Agna
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5' 5"


115 lbs.


Long and Red



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BTL of Sapphire Squadron

Known masters:
  • Galleros Sjl (former)
  • Armad


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Scarlet is a Krath Inquisitor for Clan Naga Sadow. She has served, and is still serving, them for a short period of time, during which she has faced many trials, overcoming them all, many of which changed her life. During the later periods of her training, as a Jedi Hunter, she became the Battle Team Leader for Sapphire Squadron.

Character History

Early Life

During her early days as a Force-sensitive, Scarlet was taken to the Jedi, learning the basics of the Force. However, her feelings betrayed her and the Jedi exiled her. She was found by a Zelosian who took her to the Brotherhood. Here she trained further, honing her skills and perfecting herself as a Krath. Eventually, she was taken as an Apprentice, where she was taught about leadership. It was as Sergeant of Sapphire Squadron that she flourished.

Joining The Brotherhood

Upon joining The Dark Brotherhood, many new things and challenges lay ahead.

When she initially joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Scarlet had issues relating to the people around her. Her initial light side training put her at odds with many, including her first Master, Galleros Sjl. As time passed, however, the somewhat skittish Journeyman that came to the Brotherhood, quickly evolved into a true Sith. As her proficiency in the Force and with the blade increased, so did her friends. Eventually she was surrounded by friends and, despite her dark heritage, she felt at home.

Continuing The Journey

The more the young Bpfasshi learned the easier everything came to her. Eventually she made her first kill, reveling in the bloodshed. When she later looked back she would say that that was the point where she truly felt like a Dark Jedi, and where her blood lust began.

She was noticed by Robert Sadow, who took her into the newly reformed Sapphire Squadron, eventually rising up to its position of Sergeant. Here she aided the Sith Warlord known as Bob, learning from him as well as from her own Master, Armad, what it is to lead. With Robert Sadow take on leaving Sapphire Squadron, and of his Absence. Remembering of his teachings, Scarlet climbed her way up to Battle Team Leader.

Soon her training will come to an end, and she will join the ranks of the Dark Jedi Knights.


Scarlet is rather short at 5'5", has long flowing red hair and green piercing eyes. A very slender body and Light pink skin. She carries herself with the attitude of a true Sith: nothing gets in her way. Most of the times she wears a smirk on her face, smiling at her good fortune.