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Exodus era.New Order era.

Scarlet Agna
Biographical Information

Thel' Mara

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description





5' 5"


115 lbs.


Red (colour)

  • Free flowing (style)

Emerald green

Personal Information




Known Children:


  • Xuner Holst


Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Single-bladed Lightsaber
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Juyo
  • Lightsaber
  • Vibrodagger
Fighting Style(s):
  • Shadow Step
Chronology & Political Information
  • N/A
  • N/A

Clan Naga Sadow

  • Disciples of Dakhan
Personal Ship:


Known masters:
  • Galleros Sjl (former)
  • Armad (former)
  • Cethgus Tiberius Entar (former)
Known apprentices:


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Scarlet is a Human female Inquisitor for Clan Naga Sadow. The Force Disciple has served with distinction, during which she has faced many trials. Having overcome many, her life has been changed for both better and worse.

During the later periods of her early training, as a Jedi Hunter, she served in Sapphire Squadron with exceptional ability and steadily rose to become both its Sergeant and later the Battle Team Leader.

After her time with Sapphire Squardon, the now Equite had decided to return home to Thel’ Mara in order to recuperate after an incident that had caused the dissolution of her Squadron. It was only after Xuner Holst had met and convinced her to return, that she followed him back into active service of Clan Naga Sadow.

She is currently serving as a Disciple of Dakhan.

Character History

Early Life

Scarlet isn’t able to remember much about her childhood, both genuinely and as an excuse to not discuss the matter. But what can be known is that during her early days as a Force-sensitive, Scarlet was taken to the Jedi, learning the basics of the Force. However, an accident, of which to this day she still refuses to discuss, betrayed her and was subsequently exiled by the Jedi Order. An alien Jedi, who had already been disgruntled with the current path of the Jedi, saw what had become of Scarlet and offered to take her youngling to a place where her skills where to be better suited. It was then that the pair of now-former Jedi, traveled to the Brotherhood The two would later become master and student. True to his word, her skills were greatly improved as she trained under the Path of the Krath

Joining The Brotherhood

Upon joining The Dark Brotherhood, she would face many new challenges and experience new things that laid ahead.

When initially joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Scarlet had issues relating to the people around her. Her initial light side training put her at odds with many, including her first Master. As time passed, however, the somewhat skittish Journeyman that came to the Brotherhood, quickly evolved into a true Sith. As her proficiency in the Force and with the blade increased, so did her circle of friends. Despite her dark heritage, she felt at home, eventually being surrounded by many friends and allies.

Continuing The Journey

The more the young Human learned the easier everything became to her. Eventually she had the privilege of finally killing her first victim. At first, the Sith had revelled in the bloodshed, later when she looked back she would say that that was the point where she first truly felt like a Dark Jedi, and where her blood lust would begin to manifest beneath her.

She was noticed by Robert Sadow, known commonly by friends as ‘Bob’, who took her into the newly reformed Sapphire Squadron. Eventually she had learned enough about leadership through the actions of those above her and through what she had put into practice as Sergeant of Sapphire Squadron to become Battle Team Leader, having been chosen by the Sith Warlord as his successor.

During her time and BTL, she provided further aid to the Sith Warlord, having learned much in return from him as well as from her new master, Armad, it was made apparent that her training would come to an end. This was fully realized when she was inducted into the ranks of the Dark Jedi Knights.

Shortly after her departure from both her position as BTL and from Brotherhood Space, around 34 ABY, an incident caused the dissolution of Sapphire Squadron. Much to the dismay of Scarlet, there was little she could do. For the first time she felt powerless. In her frustration, she fled back to Thel’ Mara, vowing to never return.

An Unexpected Return

Having returned to her home, Scarlet did all she could to forget her past. From burying her lightsaber to changing her name, the Human distanced herself from the Dark Brotherhood for what she saw as ‘an unforgivable act.’ Around 37 ABY, while she was tending to her garden living a quiet, pacisftic lifestyle, she was approached by a Human male. This was a Knight by the name of Xuner Holst, serving as the Aedile of House Shar Dakhan.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the Aedile came to the topic of the Brotherhood. It was there that her anger quickly surfaced. It was made apparent that she still had not forgotten about the past. A short conversation quickly turned violent as Xuner tried to convince her to return, that Clan Naga Sadow needed her efforts more now than before. Not so easily swayed by his honeyed words, the former assassin remained steadfast in her assertion before kicking the Human out of her home.

Shortly before his disappearance, Morax Darkblade paid her a sudden visit during the night. Whatever the two had discussed, it was enough to convince the Human to heed the Aedile’s offer. Soon after, the Aedile returned to Brotherhood space with the assassin in tow.

Her efforts within saw her gifted with both praise and award by the leadership. Still, a feeling of unease remained with her mind, as the gentle nature of previous lifestyle called to her as she returned to active service. The events of the last two Great Jedi Wars was a bit of a shock to the female. More hesitant than before, she would only press on due to the influence that Xuner Holst was beginning to have on her. His fearlessness, to some while others would call it carelessness, inspired the Human to further strive for success. To him, she was another soldier conscripted into service. But to her, the Aedile was becoming more than just a leader to her.


Scarlet Agna stands at an average height of 1.6 metres (5’5’’) tall and is paired with an above average weight of 52.0 kg (115 lbs.). She bears a number of fairly common aspects for the race of humanity. Her pale skin is beautifully paired with a fiery red hair that drapes over her shoulders and down to her lower waist area. This is kept nicely in one of two hairstyles: a nice ponytail where it flows a bit outwards or in a series of braids that flow over her shoulder and onto her fairly large chest. This is all paired nicely with emerald green eyes that sings a song of soft pastures of her past homestead.

Her toned physique is due to the near constant activities. Her athleticism has kept her free of any scarring or other physical deformities that would mar her beautiful visage.

She carries herself with the attitude of a true Sith: that nothing gets in her way. Most of the times she wears a smirk on her face, smiling at her good fortune.