Operation: Firestorm

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Operation: Firestorm
Conflict: direct attack of the Dominion
Beginning: 34 ABY
End: 34 ABY
Location: Agua’tah

Clan victory?


Clan Naga Sadow


  • Dominion Ikotachi

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OPERATION: Firestorm was a Clan conflict within Naga Sadow that occurred in 34 ABY.


With Clan Naga Sadow being openly defiant against the Grand Master's purging order, they have placed themselves as a threat to the Iron Throne. Consul Locke Sonjie had to think fast about what to do in order to cement their loyalty in the eyes of the Grand Master and spare the Clan from his wrath. Members of the Clan were sent by Consul Locke Sonjie to the Dominion planet of Agua’tah. Forces were split for the operation, with Locke accompanying an attack on the ISD Hammer of Cha'kota and Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar accompanying an attack upon the skyhook over the Dominion planet.

Course of Events

The Skyhook and the 'Hammer' hanging over the planet.

After two failed attacks from the Inquisitorius, one on Locke at the Temple of Sorrow, thwarted by Sildrin, and another attempt on Sanguinius on Seng Karash, thwarted by Leeadra Halcyon and Janos Stormwind, the Sadowans realized that The Grand Master was no threat to ignore. Speared into action by the thwarted assassination attempts and highly likely backlash for killing two more of his agents, Locke and Sanguinius formed two teams and set course to Agua'tah.

Their first strike was against a communications outpost in high orbit above Agua'tah. Successfully destroying the outpost, the real attack on the Dominion world began. Fleet Admiral Ariac Simonetti issued the commands to mobilize the fleet whilst Locke oversaw Malik Sadow's preperation aboard the Damnation to use his battle meditation throughout the assualt. Morax Darkblade mobilizes the forces going with Locke to assualt the Hammar of Cha'kota. Together with his apprentices Aul Celsus and Aexod Burgoo, Morax is confident they will succeed alongside Locke and Bentre Stahoes.

After an intense space battle, the Sadowans force the Dominion fleet to retreat into the upper atmosphere of Agua'tah. The second phase of their attack begins as they send shuttles to board the enemy ship.

Meanwhile, the second assualt force led by Sanguinius boarded a skyhook in Agua'tah orbit. Janos, Macron, Tasha, Tarryyhn and Jade accompanied him on the skyhook. Shortly after boarding the skyhook, it became apparent that the Dominion had bombed their own station, in the hopes of taking down the assault party with it. As the team raced to capture a dignitary marked as their primary goal, they fought against amounting odds to capture their target.

Back at the Hammar of Cho'kata, Aexod Burgoo was the first to barge into the bridge section and fire off a salvo before diving for cover as the other Sadowan forces raced into the bridge. Darkblade battled against Arr'ka, an Iktotchi skilled warrior who knew the ways of the Force. As they entered the bridge, his sister and captain of the ship intervened and took over for Arr'ka, allowing him time to catch his breath. Against a fresh oponnent, Darkblade stood little chance. Aul joined the fight alongside his Master and proved a capable warrior in his own right.

Locke and Bentre had snuck their way into the engine room without much incident. They looked for a way to immobilize the Hammer of Cho'kota. Their plan succeded and as the ship began to rumble from deep within, they made their way to the extraction point.

The skyhook assualt team had been successful in capturing their target, Muz Ashen had entered the frey and quickly ended any resistance. As they raced to the Fallen Spear, Tasha and Tarryyhn made their way to the escape pods aboard the skyhook. Just as they were making their escape, they were assualted by a Trandoshan assualt squad. Tarryyhn sacrificed himself in order to ensure that Tasha escaped unscathed. Tasha watched through the viewport of her escape pod as the skyhook exploded with Tarryyhn still aboard it.

The battle for the Hammer of Cho'kota resulted in the capture of Arr'ka, whos capture remained a secret from the Clan Summit. His sister had escaped during the battle with Darkblade and the late coming of Methyas. Marcus rescues Locke and Bentre from the Hammer as the chain reaction they had set off earlier began to tear the ship apart. Qyreia swoops in to rescue Darkblade, Methyas, Aul, Aexod and the Warhost soldiers from the bridge. As the Hammer of Cha’kota exploded, it caused a tsunami that damaged nearby islands and left a crater in the shallow seas of Agua’tah.

The Sadowans claim victory despite the loss of Tarryyhn.

Official Event Fiction

The Participants

The Results

Week One Results
Operation: Acronym Why Do Victors Write History? An Eye In the Sky Dangerous Skies and Explosive Battlefields Enemy Dossier: Iktochi
  1. Qyreia Arronen (1st)
  2. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (2nd)
  3. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind (3rd)
  4. Aul Celsus (4th)
  5. Aexod Burgoo (5th)
  6. Tasha'Vel Versea
  7. Macron Goura Sadow
  8. Bentre Stahoes
  9. Quo-Wing-Tzun
  10. Darkblade
  11. Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
  12. Ophelia Delacroix
  1. Qyreia Arronen (1st)
  2. Bentre Stahoes (2nd)
  3. Darkblade (3rd)
  4. Ophelia Delacroix (4th)
  5. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (5th)
  6. Tasha'Vel Versea
  1. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (1st)
  2. Tasha'Vel Versea (2nd)
  3. Bentre Stahoes (3rd)
  4. Ophelia Delacroix (4th)
  5. Darkblade (5th)
  1. Bentre Stahoes (1st)
  2. Darkblade (2nd)
  3. Aul Celsus (3rd)
  4. Aexod Burgoo (4th)
  5. Warrior Armad (5th)
  6. Tasha'Vel Versea
  7. Qyreia Arronen
  8. Privateer Ophelia Delacroix
  9. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind
  1. Aul Celsus (1st)
  2. Aexod Burgoo (2nd)
  3. Bentre Stahoes (3rd)
  4. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (4th)
  5. Qyreia Arronen (5th)
  6. Malik Sadow
  7. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind
  8. Darkblade
  9. Ophelia Delacroix
  10. Tasha'vel Versea
  11. Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
Week Two Results
The Hammer Falls Together We Prevail Cutting the Head Off The Snake Fun In The Sun The Hunt Is On The Past Haunts Us
  1. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (1st)
  2. Firith'rar J. Versea Stormwind (2nd)
  3. Bentre Stahoes (3rd)
  4. Darkblade (4th)
  5. Ophelia Delacroix (5th)
  1. Bentre Stahoes (1st)
  2. Darkblade (2nd)
  3. Aexod Burgoo (3rd)
  4. Ophelia Delacroix (4th)
  5. Tasha'vel Versea (5th)
  6. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
  7. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind
  8. Locke Sonjie
  1. Bentre Stahoes (1st)
  2. Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind (2nd)
  3. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind (3rd)
  4. Tasha'vel Versea (4th)
  5. Armad (5th)
  6. Darkblade (6th)
  7. Ophelia Delacroix (7th)
  8. Aul Celsus (8th)
  9. Aexod Burgoo (9th)
  1. Aexod Burgoo
  2. Muz Ashen Keibatsu
  3. Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
  4. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind
  5. Ophelia Delacroix
  6. Darkblade
  7. Aul Celsus
  8. Bentre Stahoes
  1. Bentre Stahoes (1st)
  2. Quo-Wing-Tzun (2nd)
  3. Darkblade (3rd)
  4. Ophelia Delacroix (4th)
  1. Muz Ashen (1st)
  2. Bentre Stahoes (2nd)
  3. Darkblade (3rd)
  4. Firith'rar J. Versea-Stormwind (4th)
  5. Ophelia Delaxcroix (5th)
Run-On Results
The World Is Not Enough (Run-On) For Your Eyes Only (2 man RO)
  1. Macron Goura Sadow (1st)
  2. Tasha'vel Versea (2nd)
  3. Muz Ashen Keibatsu (3rd)
  4. Bentre Stahoes (4th)
  5. Ophelia Delacroix (5th)
  6. Jade Sadow
  7. Aul Celsus
  8. Darkblade
  9. Armad
  10. Janos Braker
  11. Aexod Burgoo
  12. Darkhawk
  13. Qyreia Arronen
  14. Quo-Wing-Tzun
  15. Shirai Dupar
  1. Muz Ashen and Darkhawk (1st)
  2. Quo-Wing-Tzun and Qyreia Arronen (2nd)
  3. Aul Celsus and Tasha'Vel Versea (3rd)
  4. Bentre Stahoes and Janos Braker (4th)
  5. Darkblade and Shair Dupar (5th)
  6. Ophelia Delacroix and Armad

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