Lion's Tooth

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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The Lion’s Tooth
General information

32 ABY


36 ABY


Seng Karash, Aeotheran


Clan Naga Sadow

Physical specifications

300m (984ft)


200m (656ft)

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Before it's destruction the Lion's Tooth was the headquarters of House Shar Dakhan, located in the city of Seng Karash upon the planet Aeotheran. It served as the official seat of the House's Summit.


Following the events of the Great Jedi War and the Dark Crusade, this citadel was constructed as the headquarters of House Shar Dahkan. This gave the occupants a location in which to barrack and train loyalist forces within the walled city. The stucture was first concieved by former Quaestor, Galleros Sjl in 32 ABY. He alone spearheaded the project in an effort to construct a monolithic spectacle for the entire city to revere and fear.

About halfway through it's construction, the Consul of Naga Sadow introduced Sjl to his new Aedile. Inarya Tiberius Entar. The two worked together to ensure the success of the project. Once completed the building was just as imposing as intended, blocking out sunlight for the southern side of the city and covering the entire district in perpetual darkness. The dome which sat at the topmost tower leaned forward, as if to remind the inhabitants their true masters were ever vigilant, ever watching.


Main Hall

The main hall is a vast open room directly in the heart of the citadel. The roof of the room is supported on several large black marble pillars, each draped with the heraldry of both the House and Clan Naga Sadow. Pillars line the walkway to a large central staging area, used by the Quaestor and Aedile for any official House announcements. It is in this large space that the many relics the House has gathered since its inception are displayed. Among these is the infamous Sword of Shar Dakhan. The room is mainly used for formal events, but it has been known to be used as a general meeting area, depend on who occupies the seat of power.


The path out of the main hall leads into a large, central courtyard. The courtyard is flat, giving the lush green vegetation direct sunlight. The flower beds planted by the former Quaestor Sjl are still filled with a rich selection of local tropical flora and fauna tended to by a number of garden attendants. Even after Galleros departure from the House, a few exotic specimens remain, in addition to a few species planted by other members of the House.

The courtyard is filled with the sound of the native wildlife and the sound of trickling water which pours from the large central fountain. This sculpture is composed of three bowls, organized vertically with the smaller bowls pouring into the larger bowls below. The outside of the highest bowl is are engraved with the marking of the Order of the Black Guard. The next bowl holds a native Aetheran etching, with the highest symbols clearly seen as the House symbol. The lowest and widest bowl is of a subtly different style. The inside of the bowl is engraved of the Clan’s insignia, chiseled into the surface and overlaid with a darker slate. The arms of the clan insignia reach out to four lips that drop for water to flow through. This stream flows off into different directions towards the preserved clusters of gardens within the courtyards. Within each garden cluster, the streams feed the flower beds, trees and the shrubs that naturally grow there. Wildlife can sometimes be found here, drinking of the water and gathering from the vegetation. The streams flow onward toward the cliff edge which drops down into Seng Karash, where it is collected into large bathing areas.

Holocron Library

Holocron Library

Branching off from one of the many corridors of the main hall is the Holocron Library. The room is carved almost entirely from obsidian glass giving the room a black-purple hue. Towards the middle of the room are several large white marble statues of great dark side scholars which appear to stare down upon the room's occupants. Beyond the statues, desks litter the empty spaces. Each was carved out of a single piece of Gallian Firestone, with a black high back chair pushed neatly into each one.

The walls of the room are covered from floor to ceiling with Holocron storage banks, each one documenting thousands of years of knowledge ranging from legends of the Ancient Sith Empire to data collected about far-off planets and systems. Scholars and historians of House Shar Dakhan can often be found here, as though guarding the ancient wisdom within. Large shards of Glow Stone hanging from the ceiling illuminate the room with a warm light as the crystal nature of the Firestone desk catch the light, causing them to shimmer slightly. What the Glow Stone doesn’t illuminate, the harsh artificial light of the storage bank does, giving the room a odd mix of the natural world and the technological. While the information kept within the library is officially accessible to any Brotherhood member, there are several tomes documenting secretive history of Clan Naga Sadow. These secrets and hidden rituals are kept locked away from the anyone but the eyes from Sons & Daughters of Sadow and the Clan's Upper Summit.


Citadel Barracks

Near the back of the complex are the living quarters of the members of House Shar Dakhan and the barracks of the House's Ground Forces. Each room has been equipped with all the basic amenities needed for comfort. Utilitarian in nature, the individual rooms are big enough to house a bed, desk and chair. A small storage unit is also provided for the occupant, accessible below the bed. While primarily used to house the 2,000 troop attachment of House Shar Dakhan’s flagship the VSDII Covenant, it is capable holding extra personnel that may need be deployed there. A section of the barracks is also segregated to hold some simple training facilities and storage for weapons and equipment for official House use.

Equite Offices

Located upon the first floor of the Lion’s Tooth are offices closed off to Journeyman, and rarely spoken of. This space stretches the entire diameter of the citadel and is layered with firestone desks, each desk supported with a comfortable chair stitched with leather. Given to more comforts than the common facilities, the room was designed for the Equite rank members of the House to work. Each desk holds a own personal console, a built-in holocommunicator and a bears a placard with a dossier number for its designated member. It is rare to see another inside here, as most Equites use the consoles in their rooms, or remain engaged in business away from the Lion's Tooth. Still, if an Equite wants privacy for meetings, or needs a place to study this is a prime location to achieve solitude. In past, it found most of its use from dedicated members of the Krath Order, and the occasional aspiring Sith pilot filing applications to the spaceport located near Kel Rasha.

Elder Luxury Lounge

This area was designed exclusively for Elders. No unauthorized members enter this area of the citadel, as a large gilded door fitted with a biometric scanner blocks the way into the lounge area. Behind the door is a long hallway that leads to a large ornate space lined with golden fixtures accented against deep-purple polished marble. On one side of the room is a large bar behind which is nearly every conceivable alcoholic beverage in the know galaxy can be found, each poured and served by any number of different service droids that flit busily round the room.

Opposite the bar is seating area, furnished with several large, soft chairs made from the finest fabrics that can be procured. These chairs are clustered together, positioned for members to be able to converse and discuss things both privately and comfortably. Each group of chairs holds its own sturdy wooden coffee table, stained to a bark brown. Tall oval windows sit just behind and around the bar which to the east, lined with pairs of chairs on either side of wooden tables. For reasons presumably traditional, this is supposedly the only place in the Lion’s Tooth you will find wooden furniture. Lined neatly across the southern walls where the entrance hall resides, alcoves contain statues of Elders of the House. A plaque beneath each statue holds titles and awards that each Elder has achieved.

Aedile Office

During Bentre Stahoes' Tenure

The official home of Bentre Stahoes while Aedile was far simpler than one might expect given his position. While adorned with a number of momentos along one wall. There was also a long metal desk situated there, with a mess of datapads and flimsiplast on its surface and a padded metal chair pushed underneath.

Left over from the former Aedile, a large painting of Ryloth hung from another wall. Beside it the Corellian had hung another painting, a picturesque landscape of the Versea Estates. Otherwise, the room was kept very open as a matter of personal taste. Like Inarya before him, Bentre kept the temperature of the office very warm and dry in contrast to the cool temperatures found throughout other sections of the Lion's Tooth. The far wall houses two large windows which gave the Aedile a clear view across the city of Seng Karash. The blue ocean can also be seen in the far distance, visible from both windows.

During Aul Celsus' Tenure

Aul Celsus inherited the office of Aedile from Bentre and made significant changes to the ambiance, accordingly. A large, overstuffed leather chair and ottoman was moved into the corner of the office where Aul is occasionally found staring at the ceiling, considering the results of his experiments when not in the Empiricalum. A broad, finely carved desk of beautifully engrained Mandalorian Veshok wood is centered squarely in the room and accompanied by a second leather chair, pointing such that Aul may gaze out of the large windows overlooking the city. Stacks of literature and datapads littered the desk, as well as small trinkets which Aul would ponder to let his mind wander.

In keeping with his predecessor, Aul preserved the painting of Ryloth hanging on the wall behind his desk. Other decorations adorning the walls included Aul's diplomas, various scientific society awards, and a large holo-board for sketching out ideas.

Quaestor Office

At one time, the former Quaestor, Galleros had reflected his love of everything green, by having the office filled with exotic and native flora decorating the office. The plants grew and flourished within the office under his tender care. Later, when [Darkblade]] served the House as Quaestor, the office was been cleaned up of the shrubs. Vines and tendrils of plants were carefully moved to the courtyard to allow further growth, and to serve as an slightly uncontrollable additional defense system for Lion's Tooth should anyone attempt to sneak through the courtyards.

The office was further transformed to utmost practicality, shunning almost any comfort as the office is usually empty. The Anzat preferred to operate from aboard the Sadowan ship, Covenant. When it was necessary to travel to the Lion's Tooth, the Quaestor prefered to make these visits as short as possible. The walls were bare except for drapery depicting the Quaestor's personal warbanner and a large metallic desk sat in the middle of the room. A heavy wooden padded chair was kept behind the desk to allows for some slight comfort during any meetings the Quaestor would endure.

At the back of the office area, there is a single window that overlooks Seng Karash and it’s beautiful glimmer from the sunshine.

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