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Aul Celsus
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Date of Birth:

6 ABY (age 32)

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1.83 m


77 kg





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Lightsaber Color(s):

Light Blue

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Naga Sadow



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"There are few things that can't be measured. Of those, the Force is the only one that matters."
―Aul Celsus

Dr. Aul Celsus is a Human Force Disciple who is a former member of Clan Naga Sadow. Celsus' quest for truth has resulted in his travel across the galaxy and landed him in the rolls of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He is a former Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.

Character History

6 ABY to 32 ABY: Pre-Brotherhood

Childhood on Coruscant: Exploring the Lower Levels

Aul had a good relationship with his mother Astrid, a medical doctor at a local hospital. He knew little of his father, who was not present for his birth or childhood.

As Celsus' mother was rarely home, he spent much of his childhood alone, exploring the humid, lower levels of Coruscant. In contrast to the clean and well-maintained upper levels of Coruscant, he found that the lower levels held much more mystery to unlock. Aul found particular interest in the ability for life to thrive in conditions of such little light and seemingly no nutrient source. At an early age, he begin to build a significant knowledge of how to guide and cultivate living organisms and would often take small microbial collections from the run-off of buildings and, using simple techniques he learned from books checked out at his sector's library, isolated purified clones of bacteria in food gelatin. The end goal was always amusement; Celsus found particular joy pondering on the nature of the minuscule world he looked down on with a microscope given to him for a New Year's gift.

University: Growing Wings

Aul Celsus attended the University of Coruscant in 24 ABY, where he studied molecular and cellular biology and graduated with a doctorate in 30 ABY with a dissertation on improved cloning methods, built on the work of famed cloner Nala Se.

A Journey of Discovery: Learning to Fly

After his graduate studies, Aul found he needed to leave the lab behind. During his last years of studies, he found himself constantly distracted, his experiments never being quite good enough to leave him satisfied. Never one to leave a loose end, he finished his schooling and booked the first ship he could off Coruscant. He spent the next two years traveling from world to world, criss-crossing the galaxy studying the complex life forms that sprung up on the seemingly endless diversity of planets. He traveled with a small, mobile lab that allowed him basic genetic and protein analysis, a compact, high-powered microscope, and a digital notebook that he considered nearly as important as his own life and never spent too much time in one place.

The Dream: A Call from the Cosmos

Celsus recalls a life-changing dream he had in the early part of 32 ABY. He was sleeping in the mess bay of a small, dingy cargo ship, having barely fallen asleep after pouring over a week's worth of notes trying to link up his observations with a feeling of urgency he felt whenever he touched a small, brightly colored crystal he collected days earlier. The stone seemed to vibrate, though it held no power source. In his dream, he was balancing on a single-plane threshold of a blaring white light and an endless, pitch darkness, staring an orb of energy that contain both no color and every color; no sound and every sound; radiating both incredibly hot and unbearably cold bursts of wind. He woke with the word "Truth" on the tip of his tongue. He vowed to commit the rest of his life to finding an explanation for this dream.

33 ABY to Present: Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Dlarit and Reassignment: Finding New Brothers

As Aul’s search grew ever more demanding, he found he needed funding. He turned to the Dlarit Corporation in 33 ABY and quickly rose in the ranks of their medical manufacturing division orbiting Tarthos, becoming a project manager for a number of highly confidential projects. It was during his time in Dlarit that he was identified as Force-sensitive by a member of Clan Naga Sadow, for which Dlarit is the public front, and was reassigned immediately to the Shadow Academy on Lyspair.

Shadow Academy: Back in the Ivory Tower

Celsus found himself again in Academia, though this time he was not at the same advantage as his previous life. So engrossed in the observable universe up until now, he found himself challenged by the concept of utilizing the unseen "energy" of the Force. He pushed forward with immense commitment, however, as he had never felt so close to the answer he so desperately sought: an explanation for the Dream. Celsus quickly completed his Novitiate training and was transferred back to Aeotheran on assignment to House Shar Dakhan.

Apprenticeship Under Darkblade: Don't Anger the Anzat

Aul at the time of his Journeyman Trials
In 34 ABY, as a new graduate of Novitiate Hall, Aul Celsus was selected as the Apprentice of Darkblade, Quaestor of Shar Dakhan. Aul followed a strictly Gray path, in that he did not lean towards the Dark or Light aspects of the Force, in an effort to accept all of what the Universe revealed. Because of this, Aul was often uncomfortable when his Anzat Master would reveal his Dark Jedi leanings and expressed a heavy, dark presence. Despite this, they made for a good pair and Aul quickly gained in power and skill under the tutelage of Darkblade.

Operation Firestorm: Finding Clarity

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Ascension to Knighthood: Rising in the Field

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Battleteam Leader of Shadow's Bane: In the Hot Seat

Aul in his combat medic gear as a Knight
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Journeyman Tournament: Trial by Fire

Aul was the sole representative of Clan Naga Sadow in the Antei Combat Chamber Journeyman Tournament of 34 ABY. He was declared Gladius of the tournament, having placed second to tournament Champion, Blade Ta'var.

The following is a summary of Aul's matches in the tournament:

Shattered Ties: Survival in the Face of Betrayal

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Battleteam Leader of Devil's Shroud: The Return

The Student Becomes the Master: Coas Jewell

Shortly after returning to House Shar Dakhan, Aul received notice from Rollmaster Darius Tu'kul of a new recruit, Coas Jewell. The young novitiate showed great promise in intellectual pursuits and had quickly made a name for himself within the Shadow Academy. Despite Coas' leanings towards the Dark Side, Aul kept his promise to the Force to accept both sides and took on the apprentice, hoping to guide him towards greater understanding.

Important Fictional Developments

A Cause to Fight For

As a young Acolyte, Aul found himself in a training duel against Sanguinius Tsucyra organized by his Master, Darkblade. Prior to this match, Aul had eschewed all forms of combat, seeing them as a waste of time when he could be doing research and searching for answers greater universal questions. In this pivotal match, Sanguinius opened Aul's eyes and revealed to him a greater appreciation for combat.

""A-ha," Sanguinius laughed as he leaned back on his wrists, extending his feet out in front of him. “That, my friend, is where you’re mistaken. You don’t have to kill. You don’t even have to fight, if that is the path you choose. Using a lightsaber doesn’t mean you have to destroy, to cause harm or to go headlong into battle. A lightsaber is simply a tool; it isn’t a requirement to be used for harm or even defense, for that matter. You say you want the Truth, and that maybe you’ll find it in the Force. Study with your lightsaber will bring you closer to the Force. You will learn to move through the Force, to harness it, to know it like your oldest friend. You don’t have to use it for offense; you don’t have to use it for defense. As you said, you want to know the Force. Well, that is your cause to fight for, and lying over there is possible the most accessible tool on this moon for getting you to that point... It is up to you, of course. You don’t have to take my advice, you can continue to go through the motions and pass your exams, getting higher in the ranks and probably someday achieve Knight. You are an excellent student; that is something everyone knows. But I can tell you for certain, you will miss out on the answers you seek if all you do is go through the motions. Only through full expression and study, even its application to combat, can you truly grow to know the Force.""
Sanguinius Tsucyra


A rare field promotion to Knight following the events of Operation: Firestorm, wherein the Dominion attacked Agua'tah. The event was bittersweet in its memory of the death of Tarryyhn in combat, which was also a major source of motivation and encouragement to the new Knight.

"Today we honor the loss of a brother. Whilst he had only been with us shortly, Tarryyhn sacrificed himself in order to ensure the survival of Tasha Vel’Versea, Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. He is one with the Force now, and we must remember that sacrifices must be made in war to ensure our victory."
Marcus Kiriyu

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Aexod Burgoo Battleteam Leader of Shadow's Bane
24 APR 2016 - 25 JUL 2016
Qyreia Arronen Battleteam Leader of Devil's Shroud
25 JUL 2016 to 24 OCT 2016
Bentre Stahoes Aedile of House Shar Dakhan
25 OCT 2016 to Present

Character Trivia

  • Aul has a real-life PhD in molecular and cellular biology.
  • "Aul Celsus" is a turn of the name Aulus Celsus, the 1st century physician who identified the hallmark symptoms of inflammation.