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Conflict: Clan civil war
Beginning: 33 ABY
End: 33 ABY
Location: Dentavii asteroid belt

a slightly pyrrhic victory by the supporters of Marcus Kiriyu

Major Battles:
  • in the Dentavii asteroid field
  • Dentavii Prime
  • Locke's Loyalists
  • Kiriyu's Rebels
  • supporters of the Apostate's vision
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Awakenings was a Clan conflict within Naga Sadow that occurred in 33 ABY. The Apostate, Xanos Zorrixor returned to the Orian System, announcing the end of times. Lines in the sand were drawn in the sand as Consul Locke Sonjie struggled to hold the Clan together as he moved against the Sith Lord. Not content to be caught between the two, in pursuit of his own power, Marcus Kiriyu made his own move for Dominion.

The Teams

The Conflict

Part I: Awakenings

"As it was written by my Master - the Oracle - in the Book of Doom, the Dark Side will turn upon those that serve it, and after the Darkness has consumed all, it will consume itself until nothing remains."
―Xanos Zorrixor to the Naga Sadow conclave
Xanos Zorrixor, the Prophet

Locke Sonjie called together the Naga Sadow conclave to discuss concerns related to a spread of pain and suffering among Force-sensitives with unknown etiology. Six days prior to the gathering, and immediately preceding reports of the effects on Force-sensitives, Marcus Kiriyu retold a vision wherein the crystalline planetoid Ombus suddenly shone, its surface liquifying. It was proposed the vision and the related effects may be due to a Force anomaly.

The gathering was interrupted by the Force Illusion of Xanos Zorrixor, the Prophet. The Illusion spoke of an end-of-days scenario as foretold by his Master, Trevarus Caerick, the Oracle of the Brotherhood. The prophecy, as recorded in the Chronicle of Dark Souls forecast events wherein the Dark Side would destroy all life and matter in the known Universe. Xanos claimed his interruption was in order to offer a coalition to "build an Ark to sustain us at the end of days." Locke Sonjie maintained mistrust in the Illusion's claims, but could not voice this to the conclave before Marcus was incapacitated by pain and visions of death and oblivion, including that of himself.

Part II: Visions

"When the tide of Doom
Touches the shores of peace
A great wall will rise
To fight the approaching storms
―Excerpt from the Chronicle of Dark Souls

In the wake of the interrupted Conclave, the members of Naga Sadow were divided between those loyal to Locke Sonjie and the Clan's survival, those who would follow Marcus Kiriyu in his quest for power, and those who would join Xanos Zorrixor's supposed cause for survival by turning the Orian system into an Ark of sorts. The divide was driven by visions of each commander:

  • Vision: The Consul: Locke did not believe the seismic events on Ombus were related to any events of a prophecy and viewed Xanos' interference in Naga Sadow gatherings as a deliberate act of aggression in an effort to tear the Clan apart. Locke delivered a message to his Clan, which he referred to as his vision, describing his views for the future of Naga Sadow as being strong and united. He would subsequently launch an effort to track down and apprehend Xanos Zorrixor.
  • Vision: The Seer: Marcus, aboard the ACC Absolution after losing consciousness at the Conclave, described a vision of a planet - likely Ombus - being torn apart and strangled by a fiery energy field. In the midst of the maelstrom he saw a gathering of seven dark figures, six arranged in a circle around the seventh in the center. The seventh figure was glowing with power, having swallowed the dark energies tearing apart the planet. Marcus' vision lead him to believe that he was the seventh figure and that he would play a role as the shatterpoint in the events that were transpiring. He determined to use this vision to convince others to follow him in his quest for power.
  • Vision: The Prophet: Xanos Zorrixor, from his place of hiding, recalled the events that lead to the destruction of Dentavii which left it a shattered world. He noted that most modern Astronomers and Sadowans had no memory of Urias Orian destroying the planet with an arcane fire that swallowed up its inhabitants and physically tore apart the world. Xanos believed the planet was destroyed in an attempt to turn the Orian system into an Ark, anchoring the planets of the system into the tapestry of the Force and thus ensuring their survival during events of the End times. He believed Ombus was the key to creating this Ark and would attempt to use this vision to convince others to join his cause, thereby completing the ritual Urias Orian had begun ages earlier.

Part III: Truths

"According to Dark Wisdom
A single shadow
Will rise above the others
This great Warrior, from a bygone age
Will turn the inferno
back to the Truth
―Excerpt from the Chronicle of Dark Souls

Clan Naga Sadow had splintered into three factions. The Clan has split between following Locke Sonjie aboard the VAC Turmoil), Marcus Kiriyu who sits aboard the ACC Absolution, or Xanos Zorrixor as he waits upon the remains of Dentavii. The three factions each closed in on the shattered world of Dentavii with the purpose of gathering shards released from the depths resulting from the seismic disturbances of the faux-star planetoid, Ombus. The shards, when collected in enough number had proven to provide a yet-unseen power.

On Denataavi, Xanos informed his followers that fear drove Locke to action. Even as they gathered around the Seal of Ombus, the Apostate told the tale of the failed ritual of Urias Orian in ages long past. He told of Urias' attempts to anchor himself in the Force, to survive the results of his own fate. Meanwhile, Locke's loyal few stood by awaiting the orders of their Consul. The man was unsure what exactly it was that they sought. History had told him that whatever their nature, the shards were not good for Naga Sadow. Sonjie confided with Atra his belief that Kiriyu was taken by madness and his next actions unpredictable. Believing Marcus only acted out of a lust for power, he vowed that neither Marcus' nor Xanos' parties would achieve their goals.

Part IV: Prophecy

"The Darkness will grow
but as a cancer out of control
stars shall be extinguished
whole systems laid to waste
―Excerpt from The Chronicle of Dark Souls

Part V: Unleashed

Part VI: Reflections

Event Results

Overall Individual Score

Weekly Results By Competition

Week One Results
Run-on Joint Fiction
  1. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
  2. Atra Ventus
  3. Macron Goura Sadow
  4. Maelous Ascarend
  5. Jades A Sadow
  1. Shi Long and Manji Keibatsu Sadow
  2. Atra Ventus and Maelous Ascarend
  3. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar and Bentre Stahoes
  4. Muz Ashen Keibatsu and Macron Goura Sadow
  5. Tasha’vel Versea and Scarlet
Week Two Results
Fiction 1: Divided Loyalties Gaming 1: The Art of Dueling (Jedi Academy) Graphics 1: Recon Trivia: The Legend
  1. Atra Ventus
  2. Bentre Stahoes
  3. Muz Ashen Keibatsu
  4. Armad
  5. TIED: Lexiconus Qor and Darkblade
  1. Atra Ventus
  2. Tasha’vel Versea
  3. Bentre Stahoes
  4. Lexiconus Qor
  5. Scarlet
  1. Lexiconus Qor
  2. Bentre Stahoes
  3. Atra Ventus
  4. Maelous Ascarend
  5. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
  1. Atra Ventus
  2. Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
  3. Malik
  4. Lexiconus Qor
  5. Muz Ashen Keibatsu
Week Three Results
Fiction 2: Difficult Decisions Graphics 2: Dentavii Prime Gaming 2: A Slight Distraction (Pazaak)
  1. Bentre Stahoes
  2. Atra Ventus
  3. Macron Goura Sadow
  4. Lexiconus Qor
  1. Atra Ventus
  2. Macron Goura Sadow
  3. Tasha’vel Versea
  4. Bentre Stahoes
  5. Lexiconus Qor
  1. Lexiconus Qor
  2. Bentre Stahoes
  3. Darkblade
  4. TIED: Tasha’vel Versea & Atra Ventus

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