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Docent is the name applied to the position held by members in the Shadow Academy who serve as teachers for a single course, rather than entire Departments headed by Professors. After the Shadow Academy Reformation of 31 ABY, docents took over the positions previously held by Eclectic Pedagogues. Docents are charged with keeping their courses graded and up to date in content, while also being available to help those members who request it. To qualify to become a Docent, one must meet the following requirements:

A docent's work is never-ending...
  • Rank of Guardian.
  • 72 hour email turnaround.
  • Have passed the desired course with at least a 90%.
  • Have ideas on how to improve the course, as well as what to keep in the course.

Currently there are 9 courses that have Docents watching over them. The list below shows you which class and which Docent watches over them.


Docent Halls Member List
Name Course
Celahir Erinos Cryptography 101, Cryptography 201
Casper Vrikaurvan Debate I: Argumentation, Debate II: Refutation
Solari Wiki Basics, Wiki Editing
Meleu Karthdo Markdown 101, Markdown 201
Krataa HTML Primer